Ashraf Ezzat’s new ebook “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” published on Kindle

For the first time an independent Egyptian researcher and author is digging deep into the history of ancient Egypt and Israel. Dr. Ashraf Ezzat has embarked on his rare quest with daunting questions and growing doubts about the historical veracity of the Israelite Exodus

Egypt knew no Pharaohs cover art-32- kindle resizedThe book’s title is not misleading. The author not only means every word of it but will also substantiate his claim with strong evidences.

Dr. Ezzat, supported by a serious community of scholars and their amazing findings, will reveal one of the biggest acts of deception in history responsible for fabricating the myth of Egyptian Pharaohs. And yes, the whole story of Egypt ever being ruled by so called Pharaohs is nothing but a pure myth and a blatant deception.

The new evidence-based findings combined with the research carried out by the author of this book will help rid ancient Egypt of what otherwise seemed like a perpetual curse of (Jewish made) Pharaohs.  Ancient Egypt was ruled by kings and queens, not Pharaohs.  The king of Egypt had five titles none of them was Pharaoh nor sounded anything close to it.

Get ready to think the unthinkable and imagine the never thought imaginable, for if Egypt knew no Pharaohs then it goes without saying that Egypt never Knew Moses either. And if Moses never set foot in Egypt, then The Exodus’ road map into the Promised Land has to be redrawn.

Now take a deep breath, and try to digest that the Israelite’s Promised Land is not in Palestine where the modern day Israel has been established for nearly six decades now. How is that for a paradigm shift, pretty huge eh?
Not only is the author going to stop this far but he is going to hit the readers with more explosive revelations such as neither Abraham nor Joseph ever set foot in Egypt or even dreamed about it.

And if that’s not enough the readers will be in for a stunning surprise when they will find out that the true Pharaoh is not Egyptian and that he actually came from the arid and tribal land of Arabian desert.
And that’s not all, brace yourselves for more astonishing revelations uncovering the Arabic roots of Judaism and where the Jewish Patriarchs Abraham, Joseph and Moses lived and died.

Still the biggest surprises this book will reveal is that ancient Egypt never witnessed any of the stories of the Jewish patriarchs and that the land of the Nile valley knew neither Pharaohs nor any Israelites.

Egypt was never the land of the Israelites’ Exodus nor is Palestine their Promised Land.

Author’s note:

Egypt knew no Pharaohs cover art-15-1- resizedNo matter whom you are, no matter what you do and no matter what your beliefs are this book is bound to change your view on life. Peel away a two-thousand-year deception and get ready to meet the truth, brace yourself for a rare encounter that will set you free.

The book is available for purchase now on ‘Kindle Amazon’ for only $4.99

Click this link to buy a copy of Dr. Ezzat’s book “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites”


16 thoughts on “Ashraf Ezzat’s new ebook “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” published on Kindle

  1. On the surface the thesis sits on two linguistic conundrums.

    a. That the title Pharaoh refers to a Great House and not to Egyptian kings, and it is not connected to the biblical title Faraon. As if the British queen cannot be both Queen Elizabeth and also the head of the Great House of Windsor. More importantly, the Torah never mentions ‘Faraon’ once. According to the Leningrad Manuscript, which is the oldest extant Torah in Hebrew, the name for these Egyptian kings is Faraoh or Pharaoh, without the ’n’. (He makes a big thing about the ’n’ consonant.) And the Torah mentions Pharaoh (without the ’n’) meaning ‘Great House’ on 268 occasions. I fail to see the argument being made here.

    b. That the biblical Misraim for Egypt is not the same as the Greek Aegyptos for Egypt, as if a land can never have more than one name. He then misses that Manetho says that the Greek name Aegyptos came from Pharaoh Ramesses-Aegyptos, who I equate with Ramesses I. And so Aegyptos is a later New Kingdom name for Egypt. And while the Aramaic Misraim may mean ‘fortress’, it is more likely to be derived from ‘misery’. The ancient scribes loved word-play, and to call Egypt the “Two Lands of Misery” was quite fitting. The Israelites were, of course, said to have suffered in Egypt and been kicked out of Egypt, so it is no wonder they had another name for Egypt – that land that could not be mentioned had just been deleted from history.

    So there is no reason to locate Faraoh(n) or Misraim in the Arabias, no reason at all. This is merely cultural revisionism, which is typical of Islam – everything is co-opted into being Arab and Muslim even when it has no connection whatsoever. Like the Koran saying that Abraham and Moses were Muslims – they just did not realise it.

    On a more serious (but somehow secondary) note, the author then observes that the Torah never mentions the pyramids once, and that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever for the biblical Exodus. These are indeed troubling aspects of the Torah account of the Israelites. How could a people who had been in Egypt for 400 years not mention the pyramids? (I am Agnostic, btw, so this matters not to me either way….)

    But if the author had thought more laterally, instead of trying to prove that the Israelites were really Arabs, he might of noted that the primary sacred site for the Israelites was a very tall, sharp, yet seemingly small mountain with a cave inside it (for god) and a black pavement on one side. And if the truth be known, then Mt Sinai was actually the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Problem solved, and the Israelites were most definitely in Egypt at this time.

    And if the author had researched Egyptian history more carefully (he is, after all, Egyptian), he would have noticed that the Hyksos Exodus out of Egypt is exactly the same as the Israelite Exodus out of Egypt. And he would have also noticed that Josephus Flavius says that the Israelites were indeed the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt. Which is why one of the Hyksos pharaohs is called Yakob(a), the biblical Yakob or Jacob. So again the Israelites were most definitely in Egypt at the time of the Exodus.

    In which case this attempt at cultural revisionism – saying the Israelites were Arabs – falls flat on its face. Instead, they were the Hyksos pharaohs of Egypt, and there are several books out there that prove this as a fact. Try Tempest & Exodus.



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  3. The fact that you are considering that the whole ‘Pharaoh’ title was fabricated by ‘Manetho’ is quite interesting. And yes we could dig into that remote period of time, and try to find the true story behind this ‘Pharaoh’ deception. We will never know, only if we chose not to. If you are really a truth seeker/open minded try and read the book.


  4. Yes Clark I see your point. Actually In my book I revealed the Greek-Jewish conspiracy that had messed up with the Old Bible to control new territories like ancient Egypt and the whole Levant. Also I alluded to the Roman-Jewish complicity to manipulate the New Bible and control almost the whole ancient world. Tailoring and manipulating the faith of the Masses has always been the illuminati’s way to control them. Uneducated and gullible, as they have always been, the huddled Masses relentlessly cling to deception and subjugation.


    1. We hear much about “evil zionazism” and the need to totally defeat and eliminate the problem. When shall we start the purge??? They are open targets of our crosshairs. Why are we the only ones being murder by zionazism’s orders and they escape with impunity??? They have murdered some of the best character having human being from amongst us because they stood against the evils of zionazism. They murder our soldiers and our civilians, yet they are never held accountable with justifiable punishment. What’s the problem with us that we tolerate this??? These evil zionazis Jews are the human embodiment of Satan, their father Rabbi operating from the “Synagogue of Satan” – the devils mansion. We are dealing with an entrenched mindset that has no intent of reform or stopping it’s plans for a “Jew world order” at the expense of who knows how many more Gentile lives. As “WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE”, they deserve ultimate punishment for all the death and destruction they have caused our world community for far, far, far to long. Our world community must execute a 21st century “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” from little king zionazis Jew – NOW! Yes, they have the Samson option, therefore, it’s best we clear the earth of all their leadership around the globe. Though they may murder near the entire human race, we must ensure the leaders do not escape. Our plan for taking out the evil head must be absolute and thorough. Case closed!

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