Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites

If you think that history is all about the past …  you’d better think again.

If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt were true … you’d better think once again.

And if you believe that ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs … then you’d better read the next lines

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Egypt knew no Pharaohs cover art-15-3-blurred bakground-1-resized

Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs


The title might sound a bit strange and perplexing, but in my book (published on Kindle) i’ve elaborated on the historical reasons why the rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and not Pharaohs. The book reveals the (true) historical context that was responsible for creating/concocting the myth of Egyptian Pharaohs.

And yes, the whole story of Egypt ever being ruled by so called Pharaohs is nothing but a pure myth and a blatant deception. As a matter of fact the notorious story of Moses and Pharaoh never happened in ancient Egypt.

My research combined with a body of serious and academic investigations, and supported by evidence-based findings will expose a staggering two-thousand-year deception.

“Kings or pharaohs, what difference does it make?” some might argue. Well, it would make a world of difference if we discovered that for thousands of years we’ve been living a myth, another twisted/misinterpreted Jewish tale that we continue to cling to and hold dear as the only irrefutable truth till this very day. It would make a difference to discover that in a few centuries after the demise of the ancient world we had regrettably renounced its wisdom and mysticism and instead embraced falsehood and dogma.

It would make a world of difference if we knew that what took place at that remote time in the ancient Near East has shaped, over the long centuries and through our willful ignorance, the way we live today with all this web of political, ethnic and religious conflict and intolerance.

It is only by exposing the ancient deception and revealing the truth could we untangle this web of antagonism and belligerence we have long been enduring. Separating the truth from falsehood is what we hope to achieve by debunking this myth of Pharaoh/Moses in Egypt.

Ancient Egypt, the rise and demise

Egypt, a nation mistakenly known worldwide as the land of the pharaohs, is so embedded in history you can trace back its culture, spirituality and traditions for thousands of years.  While the world was still crawling out of its prehistoric ages, ancient Egypt was building the great pyramids under a powerful and highly organized central government .

The thing that makes Egypt stands out as a unique civilization in the ancient world, besides its legacy of colossal wonders is the fact that ancient Egyptians kept a solid and coherent documentation of their chronicles.

The Egyptian records covered the political, economic and military affairs in a way that left not much room for second guessing or speculation.

However, the Egyptian records and oral tradition are completely devoid of any mention of The Israelites and Moses or the so called Pharaoh.

Civilization long shrouded in silence – David Roberts 1838

With the demise of ancient Egypt, the language of that civilization – hieroglyphs – that kept intact and thriving for well over three millennia was gradually getting extinct during the Ptolemaic and Roman period (332 BC- 395 AD).

Afterwards, the ancient Egyptian monuments and texts had been shrouded in sheer silence and neglect. The great civilization that had once witnessed the first dawn of human conscience and helped shape the human code of moral conduct turned into oblivion.

For the following 1500 years too many narratives and stories had been spawned trying to retell the story of ancient Egypt, not as it actually occurred but through interpretations and manipulations that somehow served the interests of the story tellers.

The story of ancient Egypt (the Israelite version)

Of all the narratives that were told about ancient Egypt, the Hebrew Bible is the only one that somehow claimed to monopolize the truth about the history of ancient Egypt.

Thus, for more than two thousand years, most of the scholars of ancient Near East history relied primarily on the Bible as a scientific reference. And in doing so they simply followed what the Hebrew scribes wrote, or better yet tampered with in the history of ancient Egypt and blindly took it for granted. As for the common people, who were mostly illiterate and gullible, they simply fell prey to the distorted stories told by the new influx of Jewish immigration into Egypt and North Africa.

After the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, there was no stopping for the wide dissemination of the distorted stories of the Israelites, especially that of Pharaoh and Moses.

The world began to envision Egypt, according to the Hebrew’s distorted narrative, as the land where pharaohs brutally reigned and enslaved the ancient Hebrews. Biblical Egypt was the land that witnessed the alleged devastating ten plagues, the fictional parting of the sea and the exodus of the Israelites.

“Get ready to think the unthinkable and imagine the never thought imaginable, for if Egypt knew no Pharaohs then it goes without saying that Egypt never Knew Moses either”

So whenever Egypt was mentioned during the last two thousands of years, the word pharaoh would simultaneously pop up in the discourse adding more power, albeit deluding, to the Biblical designation of the rulers of ancient Egypt as pharaohs.

Ancient Egypt resurrected

Jean-François Champollion

It was not before 1822 when Jean-François Champollion, the French philologist managed to decipher the hieroglyphs in his arduous task and breakthrough of translating the Rosetta stone. Thanks to this brilliant Champollion, the long muted records and chronicles inscribed on stone and written on papyrus scrolls were resurrected and finally brought back to life.

What the predecessors thought of as mute masonry covered with some weird scribbling  and coffins haunted with eternal curse began to attract eager historians and modern archeologists .

Upon dusting off the ancient artifacts and temple inscriptions modern archeologists, and for the first time, began to listen to the stone uttering the truth about the genuine story of ancient Egypt.

In the mid-nineteenth century the genuine version of the history of ancient Egypt and the Near East began to unravel as its true stories were being retold again. Ironically, what the excavated records of ancient Egypt had told the modern historians and archeologists was totally different from what the Hebrew narrative said or claimed to have taken place on the land of Egypt.

But what struck historians as a total surprise is the fact that ancient Egyptian records had no mention of any Israelites in Egypt, non-whatsoever, whereas the Hebrew Bible is replete with epic tales about Egypt.

As the more of ancient Egypt texts and inscriptions were decoded, the remoter from truth the Biblical narrative looked. Interestingly, as the non- stop archeological discoveries were in the process of resurrecting the true story of ancient Egypt the Biblical narrative kept on decomposing subjecting some of the dominant Israelite stories, like the exodus, to scientific doubts and second thoughts.

For two thousand years the world has been indoctrinated into an unshakable belief that linked the Israelites with Egypt. As more chisels were unearthing the true story of ancient Egypt, the Biblical narrative kept on getting more unauthentic to the eyes of academics.

The Exodus story is currently refuted by prominent modern archeologists, many of whom are interestingly Israelis. Egyptologists now view the story of the Israelites’ exodus as a mere myth that does not reflect true history.

The amazing discovery

If we went back in time and tried to find how the word “Pharaoh” claimed that worldwide fame, we would undoubtedly have to stop before the Hebrew landmark story of the exodus from Egypt.

Was pharaoh the name of the Egyptian king, or was it his title or his epithet, that is one thing the Bible had not been clear about.

Tracing the etymology and the historicity of that word “Pharaoh” has taken me on a long journey back in time to ancient Egypt, where I stumbled upon the most amazing discovery.

I haven’t discovered a new royal mummy nor have I found the lost tomb of king Akhenaten, I simply found out, contrary to what everybody believed, that the (true) history and the chronicles of ancient Egypt had no mention of so called pharaohs.

History shows that ancient Egypt only knew kings and sometimes queens but never pharaohs nor any mention of the enslavement of Israelites.  As a matter of fact; slavery was not a common practice in ancient Egypt and it was only introduced into the late dynasties of ancient Egypt after the Persian and the Greek conquest.

The staggering truth is that the geography of the Hebrew Bible cannot and will not fit into the Egyptian nor the Palestinian lands. In other words, the Hebrew Bible and its stories is an enigmatic case of lost geography (as well explained in my book)

When it comes to decoding enigmas connected to Egyptian ancient history and traditions, believe me Egyptians know best (even though Egyptology is a western made scholarship) simply because Egyptian researchers are not alien to the cultural code of their native land and this is primarily where orientalists failed. Decoding the ancient Near Eastern history thru a western (Bible-oriented) cultural prism is why the whole thing went wrong.

“Now take a deep breath, and try to digest that the Israelite’s Promised Land is not in Palestine where the modern day Israel has been established for nearly six decades now. How is that for a paradigm shift, pretty huge eh?”

Western scholars have so far been preoccupied with unearthing not the historical truth, but the Biblical narrative of the ancient Near East as they were told happened. But what the orientalists believe and know happened is actually the flawed premise this book is exposing. We are revealing that the Biblical Israelites and their stories/history/book have more to do with ancient Arabian history and traditions than western culture and spirituality. In the book, I’m not only breaking the stereotype of linking Pharaohs to ancient Egypt but also that of Judaism to western spirituality.

Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites new cover art-7 Discover how the ancient myth of Egypt as the land of the Pharaohs was concocted. Find out why neither Egypt was the land of the Israelites’ stories nor Palestine their Promised Land.

Click the photo or the following link to download a copy of Dr. Ezzat’s ebook “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites”


392 thoughts on “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites

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  2. I must admit as I read the Quran, and go through several historical (official) narratives I came to realise that something is drastically wrong with most of these stories, I was wondering why, I am going to give you a clue that Dr Ashraf Ezzat might be right.
    Where did Moses (pbuh) perform his Hadj? In the Arabian Peninsula.
    Why do the followers of Abraham wear the called a phylacteries or Tefillin it looks like the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, they also wrap the leather strap on their right arm if my memory serves me right, which symbolises them going around the Kaaba 7 times.
    It has been noted by other researchers that Moses went north and that’s where he met another Prophet at that time called Shuaib.
    So yes it makes perfect sense.
    I could be wrong but I am doing my personal research to find out where the Pharaohs.
    And yes they did not live in Egypt.


  3. Hi Dr. Ashraf, I would appreciate it if you so kindly read my response.
    Regarding the term Pharaoh, that you said ancient Egyptians knew no Pharaoh.
    However, I would like to point out that the term Pharaoh originates from the Egyptian pr-ˤ3 and was used to mean Great House or Palace.
    Palace was first seen in the serekh of Narmer and was then used exclusively only with the rulers of ancient Egypt, as the household of the King.
    And around the start of the 19th dynasty, pr-ˤ3 was sometimes used as an epithet of ḥm to mean his majesty, this has become a contextual name to refer to the king without needing to address all the king’s formal titularies.
    The first dated inclusion of the title Pharaoh into the ruler’s name was in Year 17 of Siamun in Karnak.
    While Pharaoh had never been the formal royal titularies including Horus, Nesu and Bety, and in later dynasties Golden Horus and Nomen/Prenomen, Pharaoh was indeed a term used to contextually and conveniently refer to the monarch informally.
    The term pr-ˤ3 later made its way into Greek during the Ptolemaic rule of Egypt and was seen in Latin and later into the English form Pharaoh.
    If you are playing with words and specifically referring to the exact form “Pharaoh”, then no, nobody during that time knew this exact word written in a language that didn’t even exist.
    But if you are contextually talking about pr-ˤ3 and its lineage, then the ancient Egyptians did know about it and used it.
    Hence, it is questionable that you said ancient Egyptians knew no Pharaoh.
    Please let me know your thoughts.


    1. Raymond Clarke,
      Though you sound a bit agitated by my thesis, however you still seem (to me) like a nice guy who seeks the truth. What you have mentioned/copied in your comment is nothing but Wikipedia mainstream (distorted) information.
      I have dealt head on with that mainstream falsification in my book “Egypt Knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites”
      What you’re asking me right now is to divulge my new thesis that took me years of hard research. That I cannot do. But if you are keen on finding out the truth you can download my Kindle book and you will find the answers to all your thorny questions. Thank you.


      1. Thank you Dr. Ashraf for your response.
        I realize that your book focuses a lot on dealing with the bible. While the bible has never been any authentic historical source viewed by historians or archaeologists.
        On the other hand, the term pharaoh being known to the Egyptians, has been on the academic field for quite many years. There are many researchers using the term pharaoh to refer to ancient Egyptian rulers, and they did have a lot of years dedicated to their studies of ancient Egypt.
        The mainstream opinion or the one you see on wiki, is backed up by many academic sources and scholars.
        Don’t get me wrong, I respect your opinion.
        And I know people that have read your book, like it and consider it well written but disagree with your view.

        Your book seems more like a journalistic discussion of ancient Egypt instead of a formal academic paper. Do you plan on publishing formal papers on this matter?

        Also, what do you think of Islam and the Quran? Is it very erroneous like the Bible as well?


      2. Hello there,
        If you’re coming from an atheistic perspective, then anything is possible, nice move and it’s a good selling idea, to be controversial.


      3. Yes. Wikipedia is the modern day vehicle for distortion. Especially,in area of history of India and it’s languages. For example, Sanskrit was a refined language, they say, but it was the ancient language from which other languages originated, including Indo-European languages. How could it be? What a joke! a refined language gives birth to its source language. European linguists too acknowledge and admit that. That is the funny part.


  4. Richard Friedman believes that the Levites all were given Egyptian names. Some of his points to consider:

    Moses was adopted by an Egyptian princess. Question – why would an Egyptian women give their child, Moses a Hebrew name? Moses is derived from an Egyptian “royal” name. For example “Rameses” or “Rammsy” means “Son of Ra”, the “msy” part means “Son of.” Bible speaks that Moses was a son of an Egyptian King or a prince. Secondly why would Moses’ brother and sister have an Egyptian name? Moses had an older sister name Miriam and an older brother named Aaron. Miriam has an Egyptian root “myr” meaning “beloved.” Aaron comes from the Egyptian name “aha rw” which “warrior lion.” We also find some other Levites who left during the Exodus had Egyptian names: Hophni, Hur, Merari, Mushi, two named Phinehas, this along with Moses, Aaron and Miriam.


    1. JACK ! What EXODUS???!!!Didn’t you read what was being said here?
      Either you are very “distracted” , or you are one of the Manipulators.


  5. What the chances of Hyksos being called Pharaohs? Ralph Ellis has a book on this topic. He writes the similarities between the Israelites and Hyksos.

    They were known as shepherds.
    A king of theirs was called Jacoba.
    They were involved in a war with the Theban Egyptians.
    There were storms and darkness (Tempest stele)
    Some 500,000 were ejected from Egypt on a great exodus. (Manetho)
    They set off from Pi-Ramesse. (Avaris)
    They travelled to Jerusalem. (Manetho)
    They were a mighty military force.
    They destroyed Jericho.

    They were known as shepherds.
    A leader of theirs was called Jacob.
    They were involved in a war with the Egyptians.
    There were storms and darkness.
    Some 500,000 were ejected from Egypt on a great exodus.
    They set of from Pi-Ramesse.
    They travelled to Jerusalem.
    They were a mighty military force.
    They destroyed Jericho.


  6. The Torah described the region between west Arabia and Yemen , the real place where the Israelites lived, and not Palestine. Egypt knew no pharaohs, Moses or Israelites . Palestine knew no Israelites, David or Solomon . There is no connection between Israelites and jews, it is a big lie.Their claim is myth , the truth will be unveiled someday. We are witnessing the biggest robbery and fraud in the history.


  7. John, learning to “live in harmony with with each other” is among if not the oldest human religious pipedreams and the more success we have in that quest the less human we would become and I’m sure if you take your wish to it’s logical successful conclusion the huamn race would arrive at an end of growth. If we remove opposition we eliminate invention and standardize a blanket character which means the cessation of the art and beauty of the individuals absoluely required struggle for definintion against that vital nutriant of opposition in the material realm.


    1. As a Humanist and Co-operator, I do not agree with your thesis.
      Professor Stephen Pinker, in his book “The Better Angels of our Nature” charted the decline of violence ever since the beginning of recorded history – and before.
      His conclusion was that – as a species – we have gradually become kinder, gentler and more civilised.
      It is through reason, compassion and co-operation that we have transformed our world for the better.
      By working together, we achieve more than if we work alone or against one another.
      An orchestra only works when all the players work together.
      Alone, they are incapable of achieving the same results as a group.
      The same is true in all other walks of life.

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      1. As a fellow humanist and co-operator, I do not agree with you nor Professor Pinker, we have reached a state of civilized dis harmony. insert smiley


  8. I don’t believe there is any literal truth to the stories and myths of claimed ancient gods and prophets.
    How many people today believe in the literal truth of the Epic of Gilgamesh – from which many of the equally idiotic stories in the Torah (Old Testament) are drawn?
    How many people today still truly believe in the ancient pantheon of Greek, Roman, Persian, Assyrian, Nordic or Egyptian gods?
    Where today is the tangible evidence proving the claimed existences of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, John the Baptist, Jesus or Mohamed?
    All religions are fraudulent and it is equally fraudulent to base claims for national existence on them.
    Ultimately, we are all members of the human species.
    We should stop rowing and fighting with one another, and learn to live in harmony with one another.


  9. Maybe you should go back to Arabia and stop Muslim repression of Coptic, Kurkish, Phoenician, Assyrian, cultures and all the other too many to name cultures Muslim dogs destroyed in an effort to spread the word of the biggest mass murderer and warmonger to proceed Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

    The Jew may never have been in Egypt. But nobody asked the scummy Arab hordes there either. DeArabizaiton is what needs to be taught, not the legitimacy of ancient stories.


  10. It is such a good little book why can’t posters keep to the subject matter? Why must some overcome by thier ontruereligious belief interject entirely useless comment unrelated to the subject matter? There is one true religion for every one true person born in this world and that is the religion you build with your own conscious mind and we all must grow our religion or we cannot fuction here under the death sentence of material experiance. For you there is only one size. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you is a good start. Se if can remember old the very good and old perfections while earn your dayly bread.


  11. Several other coach inquired all of us to write down great
    dissertation that is related to %BT%. I read what you
    gave them about that. However, I still have an unanswered
    questions. Fish tank provide me support?


  12. I always question why so much time is spent on things that people are claiming here, that “never” existed. If they didn’t, then why waste your time with it? I can only think that the fear of covering what for many years has been preserved, is the reason. Ignorance is not knowing facts or information, but not wanting to see, not only with our eyes, but with your inner insight. A hardened heart will only seek to see what is convenient. In the end the truth will shine just as the sun does every morning, and then… No Ph.D titles or amount of earthly knowledge will matter. Humans have always tried to rebel against the one and only God. The God who not only has a plan for Israel, but also for those who humble, honor and obey him with their hearts. Call me blind if you wish. It does not matter to me. For I know whom I have believed, and I know he surpasses any knowledge, deity, power or belief. In the end we will all stand before him. Either you will stand on his right or his left. Where will you be? You have the choice today. At the end when Yeshua comes back and sets his feet on the Mount Zion, all eyes will see him and will kneel to him, whether you believe or not. Then, we will know whose truth was right. Seek him, while he can be found. No need to write any further or continue arguing with hardened hearts, which the god of this world (the devil) has hardened. My writing here has ended.

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    1. It sounds as if your clinging to the myth as a child to the story of Santa Claus. There’s a time to tell the children stories to keep them in line and then there’s a time for the truth when they began to mature. The Earth changes, everything on it changes, if you hang on to childish tales you will never go forward. I wonder if there is any time you will be willing to hear the truth or if there’s any proof that will convince you because of your delusions but at this very moment scientists are finding much truth through DNA, and that is going to separate the facts from fiction.


    2. Here’s another fecking blithering low I.q. moron.
      U will die and turn to dust.
      I bet u even think that you’re a intellectual.


      1. Judging from your comment etiquette, I shouldn’t care what you specifically think of me. I could have spammed/blocked you for good, but I will let your vulgarity and shallowness shame you (on this platform) forever.


    1. Dr. Ashraf Ezzat
      i dont mean to disrespect you but to share a kind view to my fellow mankind , talking of Egypt and the locality it is today i think i find it wise not calling Egypt a near East but frankly call it African. its a fact that we human know today that where African from mummified kings details . reading your work that i find amazing but id suggest you tour down the Nile and get to Sudan for more knowledge…

      being Egyptian national today doesnt make you any legitimate information or views expresser for native Egyptian are African and this is a story of their African Kings .
      you may get amazed to find people who are down that blood line .
      so dr . Ashraf Ezzar kindly you are not a native Egyptian you are not native to that locality so you have no clear history of that Locality thats why you call it near east and not Africa


      1. Ancient Near Eastern history is the ‘orthodox’ terminology for the history of that part of the ancient world. However, I do acknowledge the African roots of Ancient Egyptian culture. You’re absolutely right.


      1. True Israelites are black. The Jewish are Khazars. They are not Semites. Israeli means to dwell in the land of Israel. They are not Israelite descendants. They are Zionists/luciferians.

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      2. Thankyou for backing up TRUTH. I’ve read a book called From The Ashes of Angles, also telling of the true Saudi Arabian mount where murderous Moses took the 10 commandments. It’s still there heavily fenced if and guarded. It was visible on Google earth, but has been removed by the decievers of all. The most pathetic thing, masons use the word ma’at, Pffft, how dare they.


      3. Indeed your 100% correct. Another book called From The Ashes of Angles also agrees. It could be seen on Google earth in Saudi Arabia until the controllers removed it. How dare the freemason use the word ma’at, I see nothing but evil and murderous intent in today’s American Israeli world view.


  13. To Pretavitus: WHO was, as you say “…in Egypt, breeding at the same time.”? We do not take things on faith on this site. You condemn what Dr. Ezzat has posted, yet bring utterly unsupported tales I’ve never heard before… and I’ve read just about every “historical” book on Egypt published since the 1960’s and many long before that… To what do you refer? I’m completely mystified by the utter lack of intellectual integrity and moral honesty of so many, these days… once more, too, I “smell” the odor “religion” – not logic, or reason, or facts.


  14. Dr Ashraf Ezzat
    You make my mind change forever and 6 months I thinking about The Story of Moses & Israeli Become a Slave in the Ancient Egypt@ Kingdom of Fir’aun. If there is no evidence found in the land of egypt about thousand years ago the israeli becomes a slave to built the egyptian pyramids THAT MEAN ALL STORY ABOUT MOSES EXODUS & ISRAE_Lies IS A (false)+(Liar) +(MYTHOLOgY) AND MAKING THE CHRISTIAN/JUDAISME/ISLAM = (is a FALSE religions) Now after the proof of Israe_LIES become a slave and built the egyptian pyramids is not found in the Ancient Egyptian History, The Jews, making another story called ( Real Moses & Fake Exodus ) and at the Jews New Lie, they Change the story of israeli slave from building the pyramids into the story that israeli slave ( Built The Wall City for Fir’aun )…………..Yet another 1 of Jewish Lie has been aired at the Youtube Channel.but no matters that, cos’ I already know Who are Jews/Hebrews and their self making GOD (YAHUA/YAHWEH/YHWH and dotdotdotdot….)

    ragad qurdi@ gmail_dot_com
    08-08-2016@2037 Hrs.

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    1. It’s because the history of Egypt is not there. That is not the true location of Egypt. The biblical site of Jerusalem was Edinburgh, Scotland, and it was most likely the bigger and more majestic pyramids in the Bucegi mountains that are the location of ancient “Egypt”. The Catholic Church moved “Jerusalem” to its current site in 500 A.D. I’m guessing they most likely did the same with Egypt. I also believe that if we knew the truth we would know that London was the site of Ancient Rome, and that location was moved as well.


      1. Also, if people aren’t aware of who the true Hebrew Israelites are anyway, of course they won’t find the truth. The Greeks and Romans did a lot of altering to persuade confusion.


    2. When I tell people that the story of Moses did never happen, they laugh at me, but I knew that it was not true, it was a lie, just like the story of Jesus that was created in the year 325 by 318 bishops and Constantine by the Council of Nicea. Nowhere was there evidence found in Egypt of the story of the Jews and Moses!


  15. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this site.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and appearance.

    I must say you’ve done a amazing job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Internet explorer.
    Outstanding Blog!

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  16. Your book had excellent work in it. I left a comment before but did not see it. The only contention I have with the reading is over the name of KMT Kubt etc…. The book was written well and on point. Without going into the initiation system and showing the real holes in the Exodus story, I think you poked away quite tremendously. Great job, Ankh, Unja, Seneb.

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  17. DR. Ezzat. I have finally read your book. It was hard to stop for a break. Every page was stuffed with new insights.
    best regards Richard

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    1. Thank you Richard. I hope you’ll consider writing a good review on the book’s Amazon page. Good reviews boost readership. One more thing, I count on like-minded people to spread the word about my book.


  18. I’m glad Ezzat stated this:

    “Sorry, all DNA researches and studies are Zionist-tailored and forged. Actually they are carried out to influence people whose mind could be swayed by the lure of fake clinical trials.”

    He couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for acknowledging the power of the Zionists, at least to some degree. You’re almost there, though, because it’s not just Zionists. Nevertheless, I hope you really know and understand their agenda, too. Egyptology is merely a distraction and another set of lies that the weak-minded will fall privy, too. People you all need to wake up and stop being their toy puppets and humanoids, or human bots, who help them to push falsehoods onto other weak-minded individuals. These lies have been going on far too long.

    If you have children in school, just read their history books. Lies and hidden truths continue to be in their materials. Why the children? Oh, come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Everyone is their guinea pig, well at least those who don’t know any better and those who don’t mind being a plug into their system of lies. There are beta societies all over this planet and many of you are nothing but a da** plug like a plug that goes into a socket but with water on the outlet frying your brain cells. My family and I lived in one for almost a da** decade because my parents didn’t realize what was really happening until their eyes were opened much later in life. Am I making this up? Of course not. I actually lived in it to tell the story unlike many of you who ignorantly, blindly, and foolishly bicker and criticize the lives of ancient humanity. Lives, that I guess I have to remind you, you will never be able to verify. Never. And, if you honestly think you can, then you’re an even bigger fool.

    You need to remember that archaeologists lie, too, and for various reason with money being the top reason, egos being another top reason, and the list goes on. There is a selective group of people who run this world and you don’t need an archaeologist, scientist or other so-called expert to tell you that when proof is literally all around you. Wake up and stop being foolish. Money makes people do the most foolish, selfish, and dangerous things. People can be so extremely and masterfully cunning that you think evil is good and good is evil or a truth is a lie and a lie is a truth.

    The thing is, no one can even really get upset at the researcher(s) they choose to follow when it turns out to be a farce. And, it will turn out that way. So don’t be surprised when the winds of time uncovers those lies you chose to trust to the point where you continue to waste your time pushing them onto others for some silly reason. We already know this is bound to be the fate of this set of lies, too, because you people just refuse to get it.

    So don’t get upset when it happens. Remember you could’ve always did all of the legwork yourself if you really wanted. And, I’m not talking about building off of another person’s work. Interpreters can lie. Teachers can tell pupils that a letter means this when it actually means something else. How will you know if they, or anyone else for that matter, are lying when you have no real knowledge or truths? You won’t. All you can do is just make the same stupid conscious assumption and decision that source did when they were in your shoes seeking truth.

    Again, when doing the legwork don’t follow anyone’s claims to anything, just go to the god you believe in and wait until you are told spiritually. And, well, we know for sure no one will believe you then. So, I guess all you can do is pick a lie and run with it like it was a physical proof-supported truth. That’s what everyone is doing and have been doing all these centuries. Interpretations, translations, transliterations are a bunch of garbage more times than not; especially, when it relates to ancient of times. Many of the experts and non-experts just can’t stop living in the past. In order for them to feel like they are not a waste of space and matter, they choose to live their present filled through a world of ancient and prehistoric lives – the past. They are delusional and just sickly and grossly obsessed with it and need to seriously seek medical attention in isolation from the rest of the world who are sane. Let the past be the past and the present and future be the present and future. It really is not that hard to do.

    Moreover, what I find interesting is when people write articles, conduct documentaries, etc. they never tell you why they chose to seriously trust the information from a person and especially people they have never met. Like many generations of people, the information the researchers are gathering from different people could’ve easily been a bunch of garbage or lies. No, wait, I’d bet it was a bunch of passed down garbage and lies just like what’s happening now. The thing is you nor the researcher will never know.

    Last time I checked, comparing a lie to another lie doesn’t make the information true; it just makes it truly a lie. Yep, just constantly “fact-checking” a lie with another lie because everyone is singing the same song. It really is crazy how easily swayed and gullible researchers and followers can be. The stupidity of this world and the even more stupid are the so-called archaeologists, doctors, and scientists. Many of them disagree with one another; just foolishness. Why anyone believes them is pure ignorance.

    At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what lie you choose to believe in. No need to push your chosen belief onto others.

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    1. Look what happened to David Irving, for daring to question “der Mythos des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts,” (The “religion” of the 20th Century…) also known as the Holocaust! A holocaust was also perpetrated on the Germans after the war… but NO ONE knows about it, and those who report on it are scoffed at as “right wing lunatics” in the high minded, arrogant, self-righteous “west.”

      Argh! Imagine the Soviets judging “war crimes!” But, needing “sacrifices” they chose the heads of the German armies, a newspaper publisher in Muenchen, an obscure writer of intellectual bent, among others less “innocent” – and executed them in the most barbaric way possible. So much for their “morality.” Some day the truth of this will all get out one fine day… And my research indicates that in the 1950’s over 4.5 million “Jews” were collecting “reparations” from the West German Government… so just how MANY Jews were in Europe in 1939, one wonders… if the “sacred 6 million” is to be believed…the figures are out there for those who have the time and interest to research them.

      But I wander off subject here… except I’d like to add that you’ll commit “public recognition suicide” if you pursue and publish such information… or, an even greater “sin,” if you try to get the truth out, as Dr. Ezzat does, about ancient Egypt and the “Jewish persecution fantasy” which allegedly occurred there. I would wonder how people can believe such bilge water in a supposedly scientific age…
      Treading on people’s superstition-fantasies is dangerous business, indeed! Besides, there’s oceans of money and “pity” to be harvested. A salute to Dr. Ezzat for having the courage to do so!


    2. Wow, if it was up to you, no one would ever try to expose the truth and you would argue that no one is ever telling the truth. That’s a big old black hole in the game of life. For me the fun in life is to uncover the lies and to put together the puzzle of truths and see if I can find the truth. I believe there are some human beings who have found pieces of the truth, I certainly believe I have and I intend to stay in the game even if it is fatal according to you.


  19. I JUST READ IN THE WEB THAT “EGYPT{derived from greek}” was called ‘MI[i]S[ii]R[i]’ next to ‘KHUMAT’, IN “ANCIENT EGYPT”
    Thus the Quranic reference as Misr’ for “Egypt” is not a pseudonym, but his real name. In the bible it was referred to as MIZRAYIM, note the three main consonants ‘MSR’ in both hebraic and arabic, thus both descendants of Semitic language group. In todays arabic and Quran’s arabic ‘misr’ can also mean a city, a dwelling. Now you see the semitic influence in “ancient egypt’s” language. There are ancient stone tablets which depict amicably message exchanges between Akhenaton III and Hittit ruler.
    Thus original name and international name for Egypt was MISR!
    KHUMAT or KHEMET was used only by “ancient Egyptians” to define their motherland, whereby MISR was the STATE’S NAME! GOT IT?
    READ HERE MORE (with references to many authors and their findings on this);

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    1. @ Ardit (whatever that means)
      The same typical orientalist/Western misguided concept.
      Do you have any idea how many Misrims/Mizraims there were in the ancient Near East? The Arabian Jews/Muslims called every urban city “Misr/Mizraim”
      Damascus in Syria, and Kouffa and Mousl in Iraq were ‘Mizraim’ for the tribal Jewish Arabs.
      But the Israelite stories actually took place in one of the Mizraims of ancient Arabia, specifically near Northen Yemen. It was a transit city (caravan stop) along the ancient incense route.
      The ‘Misrim’ mentioned in one or two of the 340 plus Amarna letters is an ancient Akkadian (ancient dialect of the Arabic tongue) designation for the urban city and not specifically “Egypt” —- I believe that information you won’t stumble upon in Wikipedia.
      Besides, do you know how many ‘Paris’ cities there are in the US, let alone in the whole world. For crying out loud, there are 13 cities around the world called ‘Paris’. That of course doesn’t mean that Napoleon grew up in Texas. DID YOU GET IT??

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    2. When the Nabi Musa and his exodus/israeli slavery in egyptian history is doesn’t have the evidence that is ever happen in Ancient Egyptian history, That mean Islam & Al quran is a False.
      Universe & Earth is A to Z and it never be Z to A therefore, only Egypt can see Arab because Egypt is exist thousand over years before arab & Islam.


      1. This is only your opinion. Israel is Jacob. Jacob’s family did go to Egypt. His descendants are the Israelites. There was no migration, true. Only Jacob and members of his family went to Egypt to meet Joseph. The Arabs or Jews are the same people. Thus, the narration on Israelites is specific to just this family group. The hieroglyphs do not have to record the Israelites, they don’t write everything in hieroglyphs. “Absence” of “evidence” is not the issue here. If you follow a court hearing on a criminal case, you will see the problem. Evidence-base is not always the truth of the matter. Matter of truth may not leave any evidence. Thus, if a man murders, and you cannot find the evidence, then, technically, legally, he did not commit the murder. Thus, I do not find Dr Ezzat “thesis” acceptable. Who is he working for? Which group does he belong to? That’s the bottom line. Not what he writes. Note: As to political Zionism, this is another story. It does not have to be genuine Jewish. Thank you.


  20. Thankyou Silently
    You’ve written four paragraphs and remained completely silent about the threads subject leaving us completely ignorant of your position or thinking with respect to ancient Egypt. I think you may have a misunderstanding of the adage “Silence is Golden”. I freely admit to my ignorance, but it is that admission that must be made by the individual before any study would be undertaken. I fear remaining ignorant not be recognised as ignorant. It is so sad that you expressed no interest in the subject but rather enjoyed exhibiting your own ego from a loftier perch. insert smiley

    best regards Richard
    a desperate male


  21. Babel 2.0 ready to be lauched,

    Sad a so interesting subject and angle of vision been so much disturbed by a amount of personals and vindictive remarks, so much pretentious knowledges shared in a ego shadow form and accusative superiority mechanisms of male desperate to show how closer then other they are to GOD, or to knowledge ( all that verbs intent to wide a fear of be recognised as ignorant ).

    To much knowledge falsely accumulated ends in the ignorance field too.
    So many papagayos repeating here the sound of songs learned, have no idea of the content or message distillate in, unfortunately you are only pale repetitors and far to become thinkers or scholars searchers, so read learn and shut up. That will help your mind to think and operate properly till one day maybe understand. Is called the ¨Effect Eureka!

    The repetition even by spiral is the mark of history. ¨Repetition¨.

    Clean heart to study is a must need before any accumulation of data, numbers, names, dialectics and ideas. So clean it before you even penetrate dimension where facts means something can be prove in present without suppositions or interpretations. Do you have difficulties to understand how to clean? Try by penetrate the universe of humility that helps very much the mind to interconnect better the elements and the details..

    Thank you professor for your time and attention to that matters and for share it, questioning is the mark of the ones elevating, you obviously detain a certain heroism on it, the many ones around running to suppress curious minds are just blind ones describing the beauty of the sunrise in the horizon, and unfortunately clouding your interesting universe.



  22. Greetings;
    As much as I enjoy the intercourse with my fellows in discovery here, I will not proceed with further comment until such time as I have purchased and experianced the volume in question.
    best regards Richard


    1. I meant to include one further thought before I took my temporary leave.
      Exodus is not one escape from one physical location but perpetual escape from justice.


  23. Thankyou Wayne;
    I see that you’re skeptical about claims of recovered lost knowledge while at the same time involved in your own search for lost knowledge here at the good doctors very fine site. Your logic is inconsistant I think. I know full well that you don’t know how these enduring edifaces to excellence obtained and yet you accuse me of adhereing to new age blather. These volumes I have read and continue to read cost me nothing but many many hours of extreme enjoyment of the finest scholarly discovery. See if you can’t find something to interest you among the volumns offered, none of them do anything but agree with the material on this site.Gerrald Massey has been dead for a century and Alvin Boyde Kuhn since the mid sixties of the last century, both of them scoffed at and effectivly silenced to the masses by the very same tribal interests that made a total mess of the ancient scriptures in there conspiracy to historize ancient natural philosophy. There is no doubt that this was done with the express desire to cripple gentile advancement and retard the progress of the human race. You will be alarmed to learn that Christianity and Egyptian natural philosophy are the same story. Please try to appreciate the enormous task of remembering and reconstructing the past fifteen thousand years and why it represents a dire threat to those who would have us remain ignorant.

    best regards Richard


    1. Richard; Nice words, and I will avail myself of the sources you mention as time permits. I seek knowledge, and have no “cause” to filter my search, as do those who are “religious” or driven by other “needs” such as the Zionists.

      I must say too, however, that I am a natural skeptic. Organized religion, in my opinion, is nothing more than an attempt to satisfy people’s “fear of death” and “need to feel as if their lives matter” by extorting physical attributes (i.e. “money” as we now call it) for “the insubstantial” (i.e. mumbo-jumbo, magic, etc.) This also “keeps them in line” and keeps the “powers that be” in control of things; especially amongst Christians, who are told to pray for their enemies, pray for their leaders (even if they are “Hitler”) and obey them… What? Of course, they massacred their “enemies” and did NOT pray for them… but that’s another story. The Catholic Church, for example, has probably massacred tens of thousands (if not more) of “heretics” and Jews, etc. So much for “God’s love,” right?

      While I respect everyone’s right to believe whatever they wish, I know what I believe. I am basically an Atenist/Buddhist/”materialist.” If there is a “sentient God” as most believe; well; why would He/She/It design a flawed machine and then punish it with ETERNAL torment (oh, but He/She/It is “oh so merciful and loving…!”) for being the imperfect way He/She/It made it/them? I’ve heard all the “free will” and “that way they can really love Gawd” stuff but reject it. The “fatalism” of the Greeks makes more sense to me than tthis mode of “exposition” – really exploitation.

      The Egyptians were the first to discern “the Moral” and, despite the destruction wrought by Time, the Christians, and the Islamics – well; the book Dr. Ezzat recommends, Breasted’s work, demonstrates that they “invented” all the “high moral ideals” which mankind presently pretends (unfortunately) to hold as valuable. But that does not change the fact that the Egyptians came up with them… and all subsequent religions – especially the “Abrahamic” ones, have stolen just about everything they claim was revealed to them by “God” from the Egyptians.

      The work in question is James H. Breasted’s work “Development o Religion and Thought In Ancient Eqypt” – published in the early 20’s of the last century I believe. It’s all there.

      True, the Egyptians eventually became decadent. obsessed with fear, magical spells, talismans and the like. But that was in the “New Kingdom” and in the latter dynasties… One need only look around to discern the decadence or OUR times… but that, too, is another story.

      I will continue to believe that “Enlightenment” (or whatever you want to call it) is a PERSONAL path, is rooted in one’s desire to KNOW, and has nothing to do with priests, tithes, sacrifices, or “fear of Hell.”
      Such do I believe.

      Regards – Wayne in VA, USA

      PS: Ich bin ein Hellene im geist!


      1. Good morning Wayne
        If we turn to ancient Egypt, we learn, most authoritatively through the luminous revelations of Gerald Massey’s scholarship, that the religious consciousness of early Egyptian civilization was saturated by the aura and influence of nature. The Egyptian people, says James H. Breasted in his history of the Nile country, lived in close and intimate association with nature. The religious literature of the land abounds in nature symbolism. Spiritual conceptualism was profusely adumbrated by natural phenomena. The very gods were figuratively charactered by animal symbols, the figure of Horus, the Christ, having the head of a hawk, indicative of a heavenly keenness of sight that sees all earthly things clearly. With prodigious virtuosity, Massey traces the endless symbol-structures of religious truth to their archaic source in some natural fact or phenomenon. All spiritual conceptuality, he sensed, stalked through the mental world as if it were the shade or ghost of some natural object. The wraiths of divine ideas moved about in the shadowy robes of earthly things. One must read Massey’s colossal elucidations to catch the full cogency of this apprehension. Alleging that “metaphysical explanations” have misconceived and distorted the true sense of mythology, he says that “all interpretation is finally futile that is not founded on the primary physical phenomena.”

        Best regards Richard

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    2. Hello, Richard;

      I will take a look at what you suggest, but keep in mind that Madame Helena Blavatsky, who founded the group known as theosophists, wrote at that time too. I tried to read her work “The Secret Doctrine” decades ago but it’s simply opaque to me. And of course, Joseph Smith claimed that Native Americans were the “10 lost tribes of Israel” (since refuted with DNA evidence…). The moral of the story is, just because something has been around for a while does not mean it’s true or genuine. “New Age” has “refashioned” a lot of the old stuff into new packaging… and makes a number of claims which may not be substantiated. It was not my intention that my parallelism be an accusation against you personally. On the other hand, however, much of what you have written here certainly resembles the way of thinking and “creative reinterpretation” which they are known for.



    3. Richard;

      You mention several interesting things… And, perhaps since it’s been such a long time since I penned my commentary, your message is a bit puzzling.

      True; I am not familiar with the authors you mention. If these writers were able to “lift the veil on Time”… well, as a bit of a poet I certainly believe such is possible; but how would such “purloined” information be relayed to others and not sound like “personal fiction” or something? That is the realm of Art; which is, after all, a spiritual venue of sorts as well. Complex issue!

      I detest the Abrahamic religions and am a die-hard Classicist. Your accusation that I wish to retard the spiritual development of Mankind is therefore totally wrong! My belief; unless and until Mankind throws OFF the spiritual slavery and intellectual sterility of the Abrahamic sickness, then humans will continue to be spiritually retarded… and massacre each other over what’s in each other’s minds and hearts… what a crime against the Gods! This insanity was CREATED by the Abrahamic religions in the first place! In the Ancient World no one cared what you worshipped or slept with.

      Don’t mean to brag but I’ve read quite literally thousands and thousands of books; almost exclusively philosophy, history, “non-fiction.” I studied Christianity for 10 years, trying to understand how it came to be and how it destroyed Classical Antiquity… I still don’t get it; and don’t want to (spiritually.)
      I’ve been an “Egyptophile” since I was 6 or earlier… always felt a strong connection to the place…as I age it becomes stronger.

      Long story short, you place me in a category which is incorrect. I am your “spiritual ally” when it comes to self-awareness, self-knowledge, and “pagan” or “heathen” religions. I believe we don’t need a “mittel mensch” to show us the Gods. The road is open for us to search for ourselves… for those who really want to know, at any rate. “Fast food religion” will never lead to Enlightenment! Christianity and Islam are slave religions in my opinion. “God” wants to put you in “behavior prison” and cause you to deny yourself and others… I.e. He wants you to suffer; the apotheosis of which is Jesus on the cross! What a SICK religion! God “fornicates up” and has to kill his son to save his creatures… WHERE did people come up with this? It’s really a social construct designed to enslave people to a new elite of people who don’t DO anything! Give you “magic water” or “magic rocks” to worship…But I do wander off page…

      As Aleister Crowley had it: “Do as thou wilt is the whole of The Law.”

      I teach the “Great Liberation!”


  24. Gentiles were those who were not yet spiritually reborn. The word comes from the Latin and Greek roots, “gen,” “gent,” meaning simply “to be born.” They were those born as the first or natural man, but not yet reborn as the spiritual Christ. It can be given no ethnic reference. The name “Israelite” is obviously compounded of “Is,” abbreviation of Isis, or Eve’s original name, Issa (See Josephus); “Ra,” the great Egyptian


    solar god, male and spiritual; and the Hebrew “El,” God. It would then read, Father-Mother-God, making his “children” the sons of God, i.e., Christs. Likewise the name “Hebrews” means “those beyond” (the merely human state), and therefore is practically identical with “Israelites.” Finally the term “Jews” (from the plural of the Egyptian IU–Latin JU) refers to the “male-female divinities,” a title given in the Mysteries to men made gods and thus restored to androgyne, or male-female, condition. The national Jews thus adopted for their historical name all three of the exalted spiritual designations conferred in the Mysteries on the Epoptae or completely divinized candidates.


    1. Too much stuff to go into here, but this is obvious: “Jew” comes from the patriarch of one of the 12 tribes: Yehuda, or as the goyim mistranslated it “Judah.” Your derivation is false according to even the Bible itself. After the 10 tribes disappeared there were two left; one of which was Judah. So, people started calling them what would be in Hebrew “Yehudim” I believe, and the Latins when translating it insisted on converting the first letter to a “j” as they always did… hence Judah, Jews. This is accepted by every historian or theologian I’ve ever come across.

      Don’t know where you derive your theology, but not interested in it either. All these “new age information sources” claim “all the knowledge was lost” and yet “we and only we have it!” The churches and synagogues do the same thing to a lesser degree… All to get you in and get you to give them some SHEKELS!


      1. hellow Wayne;
        “Don’t know where you derive your theology, but not interested in it either.”

        I derived my theology through the ancient and exalted medium of the written word coupled with the devine gift of reason. Where else would one get it? insert smiley

        best regards Richard


    2. Mr. Richard if you really mean and believe that the name “Israelite” is obviously compounded of “Is,” abbreviation of Isis and “Ra” the great Egyptian God, then I have to say you’re so tangled up in Hebrew/Israelite delusion (no offense meant)
      I mean even the most fundamentalist Jews wouldn’t go that far in falsely ascribing their spiritual identity to the Egyptian deities and culture. Dear Mr. Richard, unfortunately the whole (shallow and primitive)) cult of the ancient Israelites and their (violent and extremist) tribal (Arabian)stories have been blown out of context and perspective by misguided/misinformed orientalists and westerners like you (no offense indeed meant)
      And to break this down (allegorically and philosophically as you mentioned earlier), what you’re doing exalting the Israelites and their violent, bloody and tribal legacy is exactly like someone (deluded)paying tribute to the glorious and civilized deeds committed by the Islamic state (also known as ISIL/ISIS or Daesh) 500 years from now. That someone might even go as far (in his delusional allegory) as to link the terrorist group’s acronym with the Egyptian Goddess “ISIS”
      Mr. Richard if Daesh/ ISIL could (in an insane way) be related /linked to our revered Goddess Mother “ISIS” then by all means the Israelites could likewise be related to our Mother, ISIS and our supreme creator, Re. Mr. Richard, I hope you’d consider reading my book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites) it will do a truth seeker, like you, a world of good. Hope to see you again on this blog.

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      1. Hellow Dr Ezzat;
        ISIS= Isreali Security and Intelligence Service. They love to rub thier alleged superiority in mankinds face. I believe that the great and ,original to the human species, body of Egyptian Philosphy was stolen modified and molded to meet Hebrew designs to rule over mankind with an iron rod . At this point in time that design is well established and not afforded much doubt of any substance. To think that the Jews of old would stumble upon a treasure so rich as Egyption science and leave it untouched is where faith and truth stand in stark opposition to the plentitude of extant observables. Is there anything they would or have not stolen and defiled in thier practice of the dark arts? It is said that the Egyptian natural philosophy is the mother of all religions and as such the finest most detailed explanation of mans eternal struggle for enlightenment the residue of which exists for all to see in the ruins and the words carved in those astounding monuments to excellence and proof of that same enlightenment. The purpose of existence in this material world is to survive the souls death in flesh and reach at last the grade, Israelite, the enlightend ones.We meaty beings are the dead from the perspective of the soul whose task here is to remember it’s cosmic origins. The Book of The Dead fully explains the purpose of life on this mount we call earth or Egypt or Amenta. This earth is the only underworld, the only hell we humans can and will ever experience where the souls of mankind are tempered in the forges of matter.
        Dr Ezzat I look forward to reading your book as soon as I can arrange it’s aquizition. I have no doubt whatever that I will enjoy it and be better informed in the experiance. I salute your important works.

        best regards Richard


      2. this dr. is a hired propganda machine . you piss on Richard for telling the truth. let´s se where youll end up when your serpent masters have completed thier agenda. i wouldnt trade your future for a bucket full of piss. i mean that sincerely. high rankers within secret societies are used as midllemen for promoting the sun thus thier creators the reptilians. israelites are Nothing else than those who have been infused with a living force representing the serpent trough mystery sex/ blood rituals connected to the sun and serpent. we get what we Think we get- a serpent ráce has infested the collective subconsiousness of the human race by infesting it with their Creation script,symbology and geometry. thus we are foooled to follow thier version of how they want reality to operate. in stead of being allowed to create our own.

        how do we do that?

        we worship them trough free will on an unconsious level by approving or participating in thier rituals that correspond with certain sun and moon cycles troughout the year. they also attach thier symbolism on Everything mankind is involved in thus they get all our energy. even thier middlemen the intiated man becomes a portable living occult monument that acts as a representation of the force that enslaves both them and us. israelites (only high ranking ones) are Walking around this planet with silver chains that allow them a less restrictive free room in this matrix World we live in. normal people are are having bronze chains which are slighlty more restrictive, but both are are controlled by the warden which is the serpent. and from the reptilians Point of view both the normal man and the intiated man is likewise an ape.

        they have outthuoght us on thousand diffrent levels.

        the serpents knows they dont desvere our energy so they recruit middlemen on thier behalf. that is the only way these cowards can get away with the deception that has plauged human kind for several thousands of years. but thier time is coming to an end. they have hijacked our heaven aswell as Earth they have also hijacked the elements so the elements aswell as the heavens and our earth do thier bidding instead of ours, but not for long for Those who want to break free. – the real truth – and its not just Words the man behind the website is representing an much higher Power and authority than the serpent can ever Dream of. and this authority well be witnessed by people of true hears in the not so distant future.

        on a spiritual level we always give respect to the creators behind a Creation “be it any Creation” when we direct our attention/energy towards it.


    3. I categorically reject all “Christ” stuff, all Jewish stuff, all “symbolic” interpretations. I’d probably make a good Zen acolyte; for one can not “hear” until one stops to listen. Hermann Hesse’s book Siddhartha is more in line with my way of thinking than emotion-laden mental images of tired old “deities.” I, for example, have sexual organs, and occasionally engage in something vaguely resembling that “ritual.” But is that some type of “holy” activity? Do my “gods” have to have penises, or vaginas? I think such thinking is childishness. Even my beloved Greeks had the Gods eating of Ambrosia, in order to sustain themselves. Logically, then, what happens if the Gods fail to receive it? Such beliefs are for spiritually unadvanced people I think… The Hellenes were “Divine” because they discovered and reported cause and effect, now called SCIENCE. Other peoples did this too, though to a lesser degree than they. Despite all the STUPID religions (particularly the Abrahamic ones…) with which humankind has seen fit to destroy their souls, and in the name of, to murder others and destroy Knowledge, we would not be where we are now without SCIENCE. Perhaps THAT’S my “religion…” Cause and effect… how the WORLD works… empirical observation and logical conclusion… If The Gods created the World, then it follows Their “rules…” I believe EVERYTHING truly valuable has come through such people… excluding, of course, “inspiration” – that incomprehensible realm of The Muses, be it in Art or Science… which is another subject entirely and much too speculative to deal with here.

      I would imagine, to put it another way, that “Gods” do NOT have penises and vaginas… Such things may function for “symbols of attributes” for those who can not escape their fleshly identities… but in the realm of what I understand to be “Metaphysics” they are for… simple people. In another vein, we will never really know what the people of Khemet meant with their symbology? I tend to think that “animal headed ‘gods'” were symbols for some type of intellectual, physical or spiritual attribute, as they used them. But how could I really, REALLY ever know that? Answer: Through some sort of “spiritual or intellectual Illumination” perhaps? (I do believe such things are possible…) Or through (I am artistically inclined…) Art. Were they not Artists, the people of Khemet? Not that that supports my point… But, as every true Artist (or Scientist) knows; one must be “open” to receive “messages” – be they Artistic, or based on objective observation of the discernible realities of this World, and their “interpretation” or “understanding.”

      I think that only AFTER one has “escaped” the forest of deities and symbols and images and emotions and WORDS and “thou shalt’s” and “thou shalt not’s” – that some sort of clarity and awareness of Reality is possible. From Awareness, Understanding may arise; be it in Art or Science. THAT kind of “God” I can truly “worship!”

      What is Holy to me? Silence… the sound of the Wind… it is said that the Priests of Zeus listened to the rustlings of the Wind in the Sacred Oaks, in an attempt to discern the will of the God… That’s much more my type of “religious experience” than some fat, ignorant apparatchik ass mumbling words he didn’t write and probably doesn’t understand to a multitude of bored sycophants, longing to “act moral” before the multitudes… and having to cough up beau coups shekels for the “privilege” thereof…
      Openness to What Is… leads to Understanding. Understanding, to “revelation” and “inspiration.”

      In conclusion, since this “working class slob” has to earn a pay check tomorrow… Genuine Gnosis comes from a “not-doing” or “not-thinking” but a “being in the now.” No amount of rituals or tithes or “thousand times repeated by rote prayers” or “doing good deeds” to be seen by others, is of use. These things are for the pretenders and herd people only. “Magic Theatre. Not for everyone; for madmen only!” (To quote another Hesse work, this time “Steppenwolf…”)

      Thus do I think. Please note I did not say “feel.” Emotions are almost the enemy of those who seek truth. There is more Truth in Logic than in Emotion; the Greeks were right (as always; may the Gods bless them!) Depends on your type to a degree though… Dionysian or Apollonian… Once again, the Greeks discerned and reported on the “archetypes” of human psychology… They were the most incredible people in all of History! If ONLY the stupid Christians hadn’t burned the Great Library! But I’ve been whining about that since I was a child, and the Library has yet to reappear! Heck; we’d probably already be colonizing Mars or something… Who knows? A thousand years of the “Dark Ages” before people started thinking again, and the Renaissance bloomed in all its incomparable magnificence!
      Why was it a “rebirth?” Because “the Old Knowledge” was allowed to shine once more! And to that Gnosis (to use the Greek term) do I owe my allegiance!

      The only way I can pay my respects is by thinking… and listening – both of which I do often!


      1. The Dark Ages originated with Petrarch, or Francesco Petrarca , or the concept of the dark ages and not for the same reasons you guys think.
        Oh, yeah, that rebirth and Francesco were part of the Church. If not for them you would have very little including this country, so relaxed
        Re-read why the dark ages (middle ages) were about. Partly, the Protestants had reasons to name the dark ages. It was issues with the Pope and the like, but read up gents. You continue to accept lies about the Church then and probably way back when with the church.
        You are doing what you contend the people of faith are doing by following their leadership. You read what you want or what was in history books and because it was aligned with your “faith” or reason.
        Then you accepted it instead of doing your due diligence. To me, you guys are worse than people who don’t know. You see, you say you know , and knowledge is power, yet you don’t know how to wield that power. You are in the face of everyone, knocking their belief without concrete proof, written proof like they have. But you knock the dark ages and you don’t know what you are talking about. It was not completely dark and there were reasons for it not to be as prolific as other times, but more prolific from the previous year to the next.
        Case in point. No Christian scholar, and they were and still are, in terms of God, still Christian, thought the earth was flat. They new it was a sphere. But you were taught and the history books showed they were all unintelligent being.
        With killing, in Africa, forever, since many walked they have been killing one another, that is what man does, unfortunately and I really hate it whether it is thousands or one I can’t take it, but that’s an aside.
        Also, the Asian countries and both places without God and religion, so please stop knocking the only thing you hate. This means you are phony and can’t be honest with yourself, and quite frankly no one needs you talking about it because no one listens.
        I listen because I have certain reasons that are personal and we’ll, I am always looking, searching for something. Anyway.
        Lastly, Francesco termed the dark ages for parts of Europe that were not Christianized. The Christian areas were doing okay.
        Thanks for reading


        P.S. When you have power others go around and sing and talk about you and your works and the things you wrote or spoke or greatness you achieved without knocking others so you can feel superior. You don’t go out and talk about your greatness or smarts, you have to be humble.
        Those who aren’t humble usually aren’t the great ones.

        P.S.S. With the Paris, Texas thing. There was no Paris, Texas when Napoleon grew up. That’s called timeline. Put Napoleon on the timeline and you can eliminate Paris, Texas. Put all of the “Paris” on the timeline and that’s how we eliminate some if not all but one of them.
        It scares me to think you wrote a book and attack someone with big bold letters stating all the Paris’ and didn’t know Paris, Texas didn’t exist when Napoleon grew up. We can also eliminate many other Paris’ but it’s because of a timeline, boy oh boy. That’s how we find people in a place. Further, it just qualifies what I said earlier about knocking people that are unsure but didn’t write books or speak at length about the subject, you guys on here aren’t happy with truth or honesty, it’s revenge and vindication or just plain children that have a little knowledge. And that’s the worst of all, a little knowledge. Because you people are the most dangerous. You can quote this book and this guy but truly have no real world ( many years , like 40 of hands on ) experience that you are bringing to the table. Well, have fun because I hope that is why you do this.


    4. Well… not sure where “gentiles” come from but sounds Latin. The Hebrew word is “goy” in singular and “goyim” (meaning, literally “nations” but figuratively “kaffirs” or “trash”). I’ve seen the derivation of “Hebrew” before and don’t remember the details, but it was in a scholarly work and does not agree with what you say here at all…

      What are the “mysteries of the Epoptae”? Never heard of it. You provide a link… maybe I’ll get round to it when I have time… Skeptical of “mysteries” but may take a look. I think Science is the “elixir” – not “metaphysics.” That’s my take…


  25. Thankyou Wayne
    If you have no appreciation of the allegorical nature of ancient texts you can hardly be expected to penetrate ancient history. Similarly if you have no appreciation of the philisophical then you have none for the human condition. If you will not consider the philisophical genius of ancient Egypt you will not enjoy to the fullest thier engineering genius nor the purposes of same. Of course one of us is mistaken.
    best regards


    1. Mr. Richard;

      Your reply is well nuanced, but still is rooted in religious territory. You contradict yourself as well, in my opinion. How can anyone understand the “secret meanings” of Hebrew scripture if they don’t have the “secret knowledge” you allege exists… as do the rabbis, who claim Moshe got “secret doctrine” along with the Torah… and of course only THEY know what the “secret knowledge” is so better pay up and do what they say, pronto! Same old religious sham that most religions do. It’s all about money and control. To transcribe the Christians, “God loves you so much that if you give him money (HOW can you “give God money?”) and follow what the grossly mistranslated missive which purports to be His word says… through a “God’s annointed on earth” type of HUMAN of course… then you get in the club. Doesn’t sound much like “love” to me!

      Anyway, my point is this: You take me to task for not understanding the “secret doctrine” (thus my mentioning of Blavatsky, who wrote a book of that title, which is functionally unreadable…) when I don’t have it! Or want it!

      Islam copied Christianity and Judaism. Christianity is directly derived from Judaism, but with lots of pagan additions. Judaism was “borrowed” lock, stock and barrel from a host of other religions that predated them, which is well known. How else Sargon II being put in a basket in the Euphrates 1000 years before Moshe (“Moses”; they can’t even get his name right!)? Or the flood in the “Epic of Gilgamesh?” It’s ALL been borrowed from other, older religions. So no, I do not therefore believe there is any “secret doctrine” that I have to kiss some rabbi’s (or other “priest’s”) posterior to get access to… and if a supposedly loving god set this racket up… well; best not even say what I think about that!

      I’ll give Yeshua (mistranslated as “Jesus”) credit for one thing, which he has in common with Akhenaten: He totally short-circuited the “priest” class and said enlightenment is available directly to ALL people (as do the Buddhists.) Don’t have to kiss priest-booty or pay through the nose. I LIKE that!

      In closing said this before and add again: This site, in my understanding, deals with the HISTORICAL record – not religious, metaphysical issues, etc., except as they relate to the issue at hand as sources (or in the Bible’s case; a mis-source to some…) for what’s being discussed here.

      Regards – Wayne


    2. Don’t presume to tell me I do not appreciate their accomplishments; both in engineering (we couldn’t build the “great pyramid of Khufu” today, even if we wanted to… the Japanese tried a 1/4 rendition in 1979… couldn’t do it!) or their Art! You mention the “Human Condition” – i.e. “emotions.” My “eye of Horus” leads me to my “brothers in spirit.” One may appreciate the Eiffel Tower despite a total lack of understanding of the engineering aspects of cast iron in 19th Century France… Your point is erroneous and tainted by your emotional ennui. Finally, other than their fragments of “religious precepts” – no one really knows what was the “philosophical genius” of Khemet, whether they say so or not; thus do I think. They were the FIRST Artists and the first architects. Everyone around the world even today can, on some level, admire what they did. What an arrogant and cavalier comment! I would never presume, as you do, to claim I know or understand their Ethos… but I can certainly adore what they were able to accomplish! And finally, what I do know, I know in and of myself; I don’t cough up some “intellectual’s” interpretation of what thus-and-such meant. The “eye of my spirit” may lead to impressions… but I don’t preach them as “holy writ” – as you do!


  26. Richard;

    This site deals with physical and historical evidence; not metaphysical musings. Perhaps your posts would be better served in a philosophical site dealing with Christianity and/or Judaism.

    Regards – Wayne in VA, USA


  27. So the exodus from Eygpt means release from the material world or the conquest of the beast, the fleshy body and release from all it’s temptations.


    1. Oh? Who says that? And what does that have to do with the falsehood of “Israel in Egypt” being presented on this site? Though it has been reasonably established that the Hebrew falsehood is in fact false, you want to “spiritualize” it and preach it as a “doctrine of salvation” or something! Who SAID the body is evil? Answer: The Abrahamic religions! You’re preaching! This is not a religious site. By the way, with the Olympics recently finished… the ORIGINAL ones were done naked! The Greeks (may the Gods continue to bless them!) thought that the human form reflected the Divine Order of creation, and was beautiful! Knew there was a reason (one of many!) I liked them! If your body is so bad, why not leave it? (I’m being flippant but trying to make a point…) You’re a neo-buddhist in a way…but without the old body you wouldn’t be flipping those keys and writing what you did! I think the Ancients were “on to something” with worshipping (appreciating) the WONDERFUL machine that is our bodies…. So go join a monastery or something!


  28. “The picture of this paradise in the Hebrew writings, the Psalms, the Books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah and Revelation, were pre-extant long ages earlier as Egyptian. What the so-called ‘prophets’ of the Jews did was to make sublunary the vision of the good time in another life. There were always two Jerusalems from the time when Judea and Palestine were appendages of Egypt. Two Jerusalems were recognized by Paul, one terrestrial, one celestial. The name of Jerusalem we read as the Aarru-salem or fields of peace in the heaven of the never-setting stars. The burden of Jewish prophecy, which turned out so terribly misleading for those who were ignorant of the secret wisdom, is that the vision of this glorious future should be attained on earth; whereas it never had that meaning. . . . Thus Jerusalem on earth was to take the place of Jerusalem above and the Aarru-hetep became Jerusalem simply as a mundane locality.”3

    From numberless texts in the Bible itself which point to the correctness of the uranographic interpretation of names we take one alone, which by itself is enough to substantiate the claim made in this connection. In Revelation (II: 8), speaking of the two witnesses whom it is said the dragon will rise up and slay, the apocalyptic writers says:

    “And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”

    Dr. Ezzat I have enjoyed your blog very much, perhaps if you are have not already checked out the works of Gerrald Massey and ALVIN BOYD kUHN i URGE YOU TO DO SO, i THINK YOU WOULD ENJOY THEM VERY MUCH.
    As above so below. Thankyou for your good works.


    1. Mr.Richard;

      You yourself do not even use the names correcty. There is no “j” in Hebrew, for example… “Zechariah” is a mistranslation of something like “zech-arya” if I remember correctly. You speak of authenticity and truth and Hidden Knowledge; yet you can’t even use proper Hebrew names in their original forms? Do you even know them? There is no “Jesus.” In Aramaic, his name was “Yehoshua” which he used by its common contraction “Yeshua.” It’s the same name as “Joshua” as the goyim translated it… If you’re going to put on airs a’la Madame Helena Blavatsky, the least you could do is use proper, Hebrew names! I’d suggest stop using mistranslations of Hebrew names written people who didn’t speak it and barely understood it, in England in the early 1600’s. There is no “Bethlehem.” It’s Beit Lechem which means “house of bread.” There is no Jehovah; there is YHVH; long story, but you seem like no possessor of esoteric wisdom to me! Besides; I am not interested in esoteric “Jewish wisdom.” I like facts.

      Regards – Wayne in VA, USA


  29. Massey states that an entablature on the wall of an Egyptian temple bore a list of some hundred and twenty place names afterwards localized in Palestine, at a date at least one hundred and fifty years before there could possibly have been an exodus of Israelites from Egypt. It requires little “proof” to ascertain that “Egypt” as used throughout the Bible has the meaning of the lower self or animal-human personality, indeed the physical body of man itself. Jerusalem means the “holy city” or the heavenly realms, which are in consciousness, not on the map.


    1. The Hebrew place name Yerushalayim actually means “new salem” (the name salem being the way the gentiles rendered it). Salem is akin to “shalom” or “peace.” So the name probably originally meant something like “new peaceful place” or something like that…


  30. Moses stands for man, and Jehovah ordered Moses to build a tabernacle in which he (Jehovah) should be raised up. It may fall with surprise and incredulity upon most readers to be told that the Jehovah character of the creation legend is by no means the Supreme Lord, but merely one of the seven Elohim, or builders of the physical universe.
    The Lost Light Alvin Boyd Kuhn


    1. “Jehovah” is a mistranslation of “ha shem” (the name) done by people ignorant of how the Jews wrote their texts… Being prone to not say “ha shem” (which is given to Moses as YHVH; apparently pronounced “Yahweh” or “Yahveh”…) the vowel points underneath where the name was written specify the word “adoonai” – which the cantor would use rather than saying “the name” as it came to be regarded as blasphemous to do so over time… Dumb gentile translators combined “The Name” and the vowel points, added their non-existent in Hebrew “J” and thus was “jehovah” born as a word. So, there IS no “jehovah” (and no “J” in Hebrew either, I might add!) “He who calls upon the name of the lord shall be saved” the Christians say; yet few even know what he said his name was… and it certainly wasn’t “jehovah.”


    2. Go to a Christian religious mystic site! This is all religious speculation! Real “enlightenment” comes from being, doing, feeling, experiencing both your “now” and the other creatures with whom you have rapport – their “now” too. Rituals, magic sayings, “Holy Water” and all the rest are “bovine feces” in my humble opinion!


  31. There are so many ridiculous notions in this thread. To say that the Hebrew Bible was wrong, would say that the book wasn’t inspired by God, and would also say that numerous prophecies within the Bible that have been fulfilled was just coincidence. Absolutely ridiculous notions. It also says in the Bible that people will begin to fall away from God, and try everything to disprove his teachings.


    1. Whenever I stumble upon a comment so dogmatic and deluded like this (of Moses) I always think of this brilliant quote “People wrap themselves in their beliefs. And they do it in such a way that you can’t set them free. Not even the truth will set them free.”
      ― Michael Specter

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    2. Well, Mr. Moshe (Hebrew version of the name you use…):

      The famous c. 300 BCE version of the book you refer to does not exist in any copy from that era. If I remember correctly (discounting some collateral evidence from the so called “Dead Sea Scrolls,” the most recent copy of the Torah is 700 or 800 CE, maybe even later. Ergo, it’s easy to “write backwards” and claim that so-and-so predicted such-an-such, and it happened in 900 BCE, but the written proof no longer exists. “You got to believe” in other words. Imagine trying to be a journalist with “credentials” like that. You should direct your belief-driven writings to a metaphysical or religious site.

      Regards – Wayne in VA, USA

      PS – What is posted here from the host still exists in the historical record of Egypt… something which the book you champion may not claim; at least in its original form, whatever that was..


    3. Fall away from WHICH “god?” The “Old Testament” (or more accurately rendered, Old Covenant) refers to the “Gods of Egypt” as if they were actual Gods. It doesn’t call them false… and the “miracles” performed at Pessach (“Passover”) were meant to refute their power… but NOT their Existence. Yes; there are many ridiculous postings here… and yours are among them, “comrade!”


  32. I have learnt a lot of mind boggling stuff from these blog,although i have some extreme reservations about certain post on this blog, it is still worth reading.Taking into account of the fact that,Archaeological or historical speaking,Ancient Egyptians were blacks.Who ever thinks that Adam and Eve were Whites or caucasians need to submit their mind and heart for research.


    1. Mr. Mubaric;

      Having studied Egyptian art since the 1960’s, and having viewed unnumbered images of tombs, monuments (both in the flesh and in museums, books, and other venues…) and other archeological records, Old Kingdom to New, it is unequivocally evident that the people of “the Two Lands” painted themselves as a red-skinned people. They also portrayed Nubians, who are unequivocally “Black,” as being just that; black skinned, with the features one would expect. The ancient Egyptian language is known to have been related to ancient Akkadian, among others. These tongues were spoken by what we would now call “Semites.” That group, among whom modern Arabs are numbered, are not regarded as “African” in the sense that they had black skin and “African” features. Of course, peoples mix, over time, and that complicates the issue somewhat. But your contention that the people of the Two Lands were, say, similar to the inhabitants of Chad or Mali, may easily be disproved by merely looking at any book of Egyptian history which possesses photographs of their art and their portrayal of themselves. Almost universally, they do NOT look “African” as we would now use the term. They look more like Native Americans.

      Why race should even be a factor here is only important to racists, in my opinion. The Egyptians were not racist,and there was probably some admixture with genuine “black” peoples; especially after the XIXth Dynasty. But I would suggest, Mr. Mubaric, that you peruse the copious images that the people of the Two Lands left of themselves on myriad tomb walls and monuments. Do they look “Black” to you, Mr. Mubaric? If so, then perhaps a visit to an optometrist would be a viable alternative to clarify plainly for you how they portrayed themselves.

      Finally, Adam and Eve are fiction. That myth is from the Judeo-Christian canon. Why do you introduce this fiction into a discussion with which it has nothing to do?

      Perhaps you subscribe the Rastafarian mythos, and believe that “white people” were created on the Greek island of Patmos and are “blue eyed devils.” I know not; neither do I care. That issue is a theological one, and this site does not deal with such issues; except as it offers convincing and viable alternatives to the mythos of the “Judeo-Christian” canon, and its spin-offs, of which you are an apparent adherent.

      This site deals with genuine archeological and historical evidence, and extrapolations on what that evidence may yield. It is not, nor do I imagine it was intended to be, a venue through which racists may offer undocumented and unsupported extrapolations of their prejudices at the expense of the visible historical record and the authentic search for Knowledge and understanding.

      Regards – Wayne in Virginia, USA


      1. you try so hard to sound scholarly, but you come across more like a racist, ancient KMT was African through and through, ” smart people come in all colors” Neil Degrasse Tyson.


    2. OK, so show us a picture of them! (Adam and Eve; Hebrew/Christian fiction…) The “Scientific Method” friend. AND… depending on where you live – GO to a museum which has an “Egyptian” section, and look at how they portrayed themselves. Finally, where is your proof that “Egyptians were Black?” Does Nefer Neferu Aten Nefertiti, whose bust now rests in the Berliner Neues Museum in Berlin, “look Black” to you? Finally, this site has nothing to do with all of that anyway. DNA science indicates that there was a presence of “sub Sarahan African” genotypes (i.e. “Black People”) in Egypt as far back as the earliest dynasties… as high as 10% if I remember correctly… but that proportion DROPPED rather than increased, as time passed and their “historical barque” approached the New Kingdom. As always, you say “race doesn’t matter” – yet you tie EVERYTHING to it. Who is the “racist” here, friend?


  33. You are a liar and a fraud. Zionism is a wicked and evil agenda, but you are a liar and your work is replete with fallacy after fallacy. Do you suppose that Alexander the Great just mistakenly thought he had conquered Judea? Will you ignore the witness of men like Josephus? He makes no mention in any of his work of any Arabian origin of the Jews. Instead he demonstrates that Abraham was born in what today is southeastern Turkey (Tur Abdin). How will you explain the existence of the Samaritan people who live in Palestine to this day? How will you explain the records of thousands of the ancient Israelites exiled among the Medes? Will you blame the Greeks for the translation held by the Samaritans? Will you simply ignore the Dead Sea Scrolls that existed a thousand years before the Septuagint was compiled? Will you ignore the reality that the Hebrew is more closely related to Aramaic than it is to Arabic? Will you ignore the fact the Arabic derived its cursive script form from Syriac? I have looked into your activities I see that you slander my Coptic Orthodox brothers…I challenge you to a public debate I am currently awaiting the schedule of a Syriac scholar who is a dear friend of mine. We will expose that it is not truly an anti jewish agenda that you are pushing but really it is an anti Christian agenda you are pushing

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    1. Oh, DEAR! One may not merely present one’s understanding of the facts. Anything (and maybe everything, in some cases) becomes a purposeful attack on group X, group Y, or group Z!

      I can understand why practitioners of all three “Abrahamic religions” would regard what Dr. Ezzat has to say as “blasphemous.” So, I say, if you have any proofs for your retorts, “Greek Nationalist,” then let’s hear them. I’m part Greek myself, but don’t have to scream and holler and demolish the house to make a point. Let us, then, dispense with all the angst and anger and self-righteousness. What “wares” (i.e. FACTS!) do you have to “sell,” which would refute Dr. Ezzat’s premises? Can’t you leave your temper tantrums by the door and be a “good Greek” and just talk about FACTS? Your people were the first “thinkers” as we now understand the term; but you seem to be in a “Dionysian tantrum.”
      You sound more like a “fundamentalist Muslim (or Christian) than a thinker. We, the audience, the Aethos, and maybe even The Infinite, await your response.

      Regards from he who likes the owl,and that – “Awareness” which it represented.


    2. Forgot a couple things, to our Typhon-Set friend who calls himself “Greek Nationalist.” The Dead Sea Scrolls date from about 300 BC or later; NOT a thousand years before the Greek edition of the “Old Covenant” which was produced in Alexandra, Egypt about 300, BC. You like to throw around the word “liar” and I am disinclined to use such strong terms… but here, friend, you lie.

      Second point: Josephus. He “betrayed his people” and lived as a pet in Rome. Of course, he got rich, probably… The Jews to this day reject just about everything he says because of this. Any time someone becomes a pet of the “enemies of his people”… well; the people he has seemingly betrayed, as well as history itself, tend to regard such people “cum grano salis.” That’s a Roman expression, which basically means “with skepticism.” Of course, you, as with all “true believers” pillage ancient texts which support their “belief-frenzy” and discount everything else. Someday I might write a book of the contradictions in the “New Testament”… I’ve read it over 12 times, unlike its followers… and as a purely literary work, it is rife with contradictions and disharmonious information. Take, for example, the death of Judas. Read it yourself, hero, in the 4 synaptic “Gospels.” One says he hanged himself; he other says he fell down and burst open, or something similar. Which is it, then? But what is that, the “true believers” would say – “We’d believe even if it were proven that it was UTTERLY false!” Just like the “Mormons” who claim the “Native Americans” are the “10 lost tribes of Israel.” Modern genealogical discoveries have proven outright that such a belief is false… but who cares about the facts, right, “Greek Nationalist?” How did these “Hebrews” cross the Atlantic and get to America in the first place? Oh dear! There I go thinking about facts again! Silly rabbit that I am!


  34. The invitation to discussion is open to interested parties, including (if I may be so bold) you, Dr. Ezzat.
    best regards~~js


    1. Hey, Joel; No problem! My teams of lawyers are already on the case! The damage to my self-esteem and sense of well-being was titanically horrific! (Joking of course…) I will resend you what I wrote to the original address. As the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon once told me, when I wandered one night into the “Intergalactic Cafe and Bistro” while traversing various lateral Timeframe axes, “Feces doth occur, young man! Bring thy broom AND thy dustbin!”


  35. You are far too kind, I’m merely a somewhat-humble servant. I will attempt once more to leave contact information:

    I desire greatly to communicate with you at greater length on a more appropriate forum.


      1. Dear Mr. Hill,

        In my quest for truth, I ran into the discourse between you and Mr. Slack today and it has greatly affected me. I feel I have learned more from the discussion between you gentlemen about history, religion, etc. then in all my years of sitting in church pews. I am ever grateful that I ran into this blog about Dr. Ezzat’s book, as well as the opportunity to read all of the contributions to this blog, with you and Mr. Slack’s comments being the best of all. I would love the opportunity to continue discourse with both of you gentlemen if you are open and willing. Please email me at whenever you get a chance. I would love to consult you and your years of study, as well as “pick your brain ” and ask some very poignant questions that may help me reach some much needed conclusions. Hoping for your response!

        Kindest regards, B. Chase

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  36. Slack, indeed! Nothing of any historical or scientific bent; just another “Thou Shalt” to embrace “superstition X” (assumedly- as opposed to “superstition Y” or “superstition Z”…). Said another way, “Iffin’ yew dohn bleeb in JEEEEEEZUS, yer gonna go ta HAY-EL!” What are you doing, sir, on a site which discusses history and physical evidence, with your “Preach-eology?” Where are your facts? You possess none, of course, and – as with the majority of practitioners of your faith, probably haven’t even read your book and are utterly lacking in any sort of “reality-based” knowledge…

    If you want to discuss theology, there are many sites available to that end. You are really here to preach, of course. I will give you some grudging credit, however, as you at least know the real name of the one called Jesus – Yehoshua, commonly rendered in his time by a sort of nick-name, Yeshua… Most believers of your faith don’t even know that and would resist being informed accordingly. No “J” in Hebrew, no Joshua, no Jordan, no Jerusalem… They can’t even translate the words correctly for objects and people and we are supposed to trust their work with “Metaphysical” things? I think not.
    But you go on believing whatever you wish; a freedom I give to all, even when they don’t extend it to me too, as you most obviously do NOT. Such tells a great deal about the state of people’s hearts… but that, too, is another issue.

    Ha! The religion of “love” that conducted a 2000 year war of extermination against their spiritual fathers, the Jews… all the while claiming “Jesus” was a Jew… and, when not persecuting their latest “heretics” (Albigensians, Arians, Cathars, Knights Templar, whatever…) they fought for centuries and massacred each other over the same types of thanatology (thought I just invented that word but spell check doesn’t mind it!) that plagues the Muslims in the “Shia” versus “Sunni” insanity… Protestant versus Catholic, etc. Christianity is a SICKNESS! ALL of the “Mosaic” religions are sicknesses! Self-induced “I hate the world” psychosis, and they all dream of a nightmarish “Har Megiddo” (valley of Megiddo for you illiterate Christians; not “Armageddon”…) – at any rate, a nightmarish Hell-scenario where millions perish. And they call him a god of Love? Das Christentum? Es ist ein KRANKHEIT! Los von Rom! They “get hard” thinking about all us infidels burning forever, and how “god” is going to pet them and give them “tender vittles” for believing in nonsense and killing everyone who doesn’t! “Religion of Love” indeed!

    I close with a quote: “They speak of love; yet they send to Hell everything that stands in their way.” Friedrich Nietzsche

    Signed, Paganismus Maximus, worshipper of Athena, and her pet (owl)… and the Aten too!


    1. I freely give you that what passes for the “Christian” church since the 2nd century or so is odious. But these people do not know Adonai Tsva’ot, the Holy One of Israel. Neither do today’s Jews worship Him. They worship themselves, stuck forever in the Babylonian captivity. (for now!) I can disagree with very little you had to say about the state of man’s folly in the name of serving the Almighty—because they are jammed with pagan imagery and outright plagiarisms. You are correct in your statements. Concerning “hell,” there is no such word in the original language, and I can only assume the heads of the early “churches” found many more behinds in “church” pews and moneys in coffers if people were scared that a Just, Fair, Compassionate creator sought to roast them into eternal perpetuity for failing to live up to his standards. A simple internet search can show that neither the word “church” or the word “hell” exist in original languages/texts, and were substituted during translations by roman catholics and kings of england who had a vested interest in total secular control over the religious flock.

      Much of what modern “Christians” believe is nowhere to be found in either the Tanakh (the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings of the Hebrews) or the post-2nd-Temple era writings. You find most of the garbage that men call Christendom in the writings of elders and philosophers. Plato figures heavily into major themes of modern “Christian” belief.

      It is no wonder you and everyone else is so hostile towards a God that nobody can represent properly without resorting to pagan sweeteners. I am sorry people are so STUPID, but God is good. The “Old Testament” is nothing more or less than the history of the nation of Israel, God’s chosen people. I will tell you why I believe it to be a historical document. Because it paints the children of Israel as INSUFFERABLE whiners and betrayers of the Holy One. Now why would any people extol such a book, when all it does is paint them as A-holes?? It can only be true, because it shows that Israel has (ahem) religiously abandoned their Holy One at every available opportunity. Reading the Old Testament (Tanakh), I don’t see how any one single person of Jewish extraction could ever feel anything but SHAME at the weakness and faithlessness of my ancestors. Yet they hold the Word forth like a talisman, made for them, to rescue them.

      Au contraire, the whole of the Law given by Adonai to Moshe with the instruction to WRITE DOWN EVERY WORD OF IT, as a testimony against faithless Israel. As Exhibit A in the case of “Why Israel May Never Blame El Shaddai for Their Sorrows.” Israel foolishly believes it is a talisman from a God who will destroy their enemies in front of them. Not so much.

      I understand why you make your remarks, Wayne. Their are far too few facts in the world about who the Lord of Hosts really is.




      1. Hello, Joel;

        While we might not agree on things, I can’t thank you enough for such a thoughtful, intelligent, well measured, brilliantly expressed and “anger-less” response. Please accept my apology for a somewhat rashly expressed sarcasm. (I’m very spontaneous and sarcastic in situ naturalibus..)

        When I was in high school one of my best friends was a committed communist. While I find that “over-idealistic” ‘faith’ to be anathema, he believed it, and we argued good naturedly for hours, and with no hatred for the opposing person and no anger. That’s the way it ought to be I think… but certainly isn’t now! Everything’s gotten SO ugly…

        Anyway; If you’re familiar with the writings of Nietzsche… well; that’s my basic position. People are obsessed with belonging to something, with being special, and love to “magnify their specialness” by looking down on and hating others, etc. I call them (as did Nietzsche) “herd people.” I am anti-herd, and I’ll wager you are too…

        Nietzsche pointed out that “Christian anti-semitism” is UTTERLY absurd; as it is. How can you worship the “Jewish son of God” and hate Jews at the same time? Yet Europe has been beset with this insanity for 2000 years.

        As for the Jewish People… well; complex issue. I don’t think they (most of them) are actually descended from the Hebrews of old… (Koestler’s “Khazar” idea) – but, got to give them credit; they’re one of the smartest and most accomplished people on the planet. As for their religion? Another really complex issue…

        The Septuagint? Heaven knows what the 70 Rabbis in Alexandra started out with… but we all know of course what they left us with. Not to mention all the stuff the Christians did with it, as well as their own… take on things. (How’s that for being polite? Doesn’t come naturally!)

        It’s my understanding that the Christian word “sin” originally meant merely to “miss the mark” – not having all the masochistic, self-flagellation connotations the Christians attributed to it.

        Let me put it in a teacup. God makes a world but it’s so messed up he destroys it once. Even the second incarnation is so bad he has to kill himself (in the form of his “son”) to make things right. This whole idea is alien to every atom in my body and always has been. And, unless you believe in “His son” you go to hell, and everyone before Christ (apparently) went to Hell, and all non-believers went/will go/are going to Hell… And they call Him a “God of Love?” Am I missing something?
        Not to mention when the Israelites entered Caanan, kill them all, kill their women and children; bash their babies’ brains out on the walls… even kill their animals…? What’s up with this?

        But it gets worse… at least for 2 of the 3 “Abrahamic” religions believe God loves the world so much that He’s going to make a horrid, nightmarish death-inferno to punish all the evil-doers, destroy and pollute the planet utterly, kill untold millions of “non-believers” and – all that stuff. This is a Thanatos cult, in my opinion.

        At least, far as I know, the Jews aren’t rooting for THAT kind of hellishness! Yea, they seemingly invented the “princess syndrome” – but if that’s the worst thing they did then what the heck!

        I’m familiar with all the “Right Wing Conspiracy” stuff, and Bilderberg and Rothschild and Kuhn & Loeb stuff… Well; so bankers are bastards. J.P. Morgan didn’t seem like such a nice guy either. Karl Marx; he was of Jewish extraction, granted; but certainly not a practitioner of Judaism… There’s so much information and so many opinions and so much DIS-information… Hard to find the way through it all. How come Christianity isn’t blamed for Hitler (a Catholic) or a million other examples? It’s all so crazy.

        Today everyone pretends Islam is a “religion of TOLLLLLLLLLLerance.” Anyone who knows anything about history knows otherwise. Of the three Abrahamic religions, only Judaism comes out relatively good in this regard. They never tried to shove their beliefs down anyone’s throat, never killed people for thinking differently… though they do of course banish people from the family (and from the Jewish community) if they are/were “apostate.” I’m descended from one such gentleman, among others.

        I could go on for weeks I guess, but need to cut this short as have to go to work tomorrow. You impress me greatly!

        I believe in personal responsibility. Don’t think “God hates me!” if something bad happens to me. Believe in a “Creative Force” or “Grand Architect” but reject all the images of this Force presented by the major religions – except perhaps Atenism, and to an extent, Buddhism. I think mankind is still, generally, spiritually in the “one and a half year old” state, where “Big Mommy” (or “Big Daddy”) spanks you if you don’t do right, and you don’t even really know what you’re doing… and every child thinks they are the centre of the universe, until they mature (looking around nowadays -, IF they mature!)

        I believe in a sort of Transcendental, non-personal FORCE which, most or all of the time it seems, is not (obviously) active in the Human sphere. Something almost like a physical law of the Universe… which, it is theorized, resembles in outline how Akhenaten viewed his “god” the Aten. What can you give God? Nothing, of course; except – gratitude? Love? But love is boundless, and tends to “spread” to other objects in one’s vicinity…

        All these “People of the Books” who speak of love and mercy though; the bulk of them know nothing of the concept except as it relates to their immediate personal circumstances (if then) in my observation.

        Allah is merciful? Maybe so; but his followers, especially his most committed ones, certainly are NOT! The same may be said for Christianity, which speaks of love all the time… and yet America, the “most Christian nation” is constantly invading and murdering untold thousands, to “save” them! (Sounds familiar, no?) From the 1830’s to the Civil War to Hawaii to the Spanish American War and beyond… we do the same thing all the time. Of course, it’s all REALLY about money… The “high principles” are merely window dressing. That’s what I find so damning about it. Someone like Cesar Borgia is MUCH more refreshing and honest, for at least he doesn’t “pretend like he’s doing God’s work!”

        Mankind is a despicable creature by and large; only the “exceptions to the rule” that come along from time to time even come close to justifying his existence, in the highest terms, in my opinion. Doesn’t matter where you’re from or what tiki-totem pole you worship, if any. I dream of a religion where Art is the highest expression of The Divine… Yea; I’m probably crazy! But I like it!

        But on the other hand, most people are wrapped up in their own stuff, which they should be I guess. I don’t know; it’s a contradiction (seemingly) I’ve yet to resolve.

        While I admire your quest to find out the genuine “roots” of your beliefs, I do not believe in the “God of the Tenach” – or at least what I have learned of Him from what I’ve read and experienced these almost 60 years. He seems to me a repellant, angry, nasty mass murderer who created a fallen world and then punishes his flawed creatures with eternal damnation (what an EVIL concept!) merely for being the way He made them! They are required to refute their own existence in order not to die! Such a principle is… well; at least with Islam and Christianity, you see where it can lead. Seems they work out their angst at being “God’s flotsam” by punishing the REST of mankind who refuses to partake of their “self-annihilation prevention prescription” which is called “organized religion.”

        The Jews have equally imprisoned themselves in the unbelievable (12000 pages!) – maze? – of the Talmud… Can’t even make up their minds how a Mezzuza is supposed to be placed (Rabbi #1 said horizontal, and his son, Rabbi #2 said vertical, I think it is… which is why it’s on a diagonal today…)

        Such religions stifle Life itself, all spontaneity, all genuine Spiritual intuitions, in my opinion. Once we reach the “Thou Shalt” and “Thou Shalt Not” phrase, we’re all dead spiritually, and merely “Machines” mindlessly doing what “someone said God said” so we “get eternal life.” It’s spiritual slavery, in my opinion, on a purely spiritual level, and it suffocates genuine Life.

        Such do I think… Many thanks for your thought-provoking and very high-minded retort. You must be an exceptional and enlightened person! May the Most High continue to bless you!


      2. Thanks for responding so graciously. I told my wife yesterday, before I heard back from you, that you appeared to be straight and honest (I mean straight-shooter), and that I would be able to talk to you. (I read other of your comments, roaring and stomping through the threads as one who can and will challenge “crap” when he sees it)

        This rancor and bitterness surrounding the “servants” of God might be understandable in a “this world will hate you if you love Jesus” sort of way, but that can not the case when nobody (hardly anybody) today genuinely, earnestly seeks after answers about the God of Israel, the God of All.

        The “Jews” (whatever they are, Khazars, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, etc.) have never been known to proselytize, why would they? Everyone hates them (reason for which explained in Deutoronomy), and their entire make-up is built around the expectation that God will destroy anyone who is not a chosen person like them. “The truth was made FOR US,” they think. “God will wipe this Earth clean FOR US,” they think. It is debatable whether there are any true Hebrews/Children of Jacob living in Israel currently, and the Israelis currently living there are either secular or Babylonian, belief-wise, so no help will come from the “Jews.”

        Christians walk around with crosses around their necks and 4 New Testament verses tucked in their hatbands, three of which are threatening the direst of consequences. Disagree with them and you are likely going to hell. Your assessments are pretty accurate, Wayne, because this is how things currently are. You are not crazy: this is how things appear because this is how things currently stand (and these things ought not to be).

        And this from the people supposedly safeguarding the Truth of God…but safeguarding for whom? And this is without even bringing up the mormons or “Church of Christ, Scientist!” folks, etc., these are the “mainstreamers” of God’s message of hope for mankind?? (exasperated wheeze)

        Fortunately, there is a true safeguard, an honest broker without denominational bias. Something that will shock the pants off of anyone reading this is that the truth of a loving, watchful God becomes understandable only after reading the Old Testament. I know, right!! I learned to know and love God by reading the OLD Testament, what amounts to the Hebrew bible. You’d think, “Oh, Jesus is where God showed his love towards man for the first time, before that he was angry and cruel.” I am thrilled to report that this conception is totally false! But an unbiased look is required, and this is a frightful condition to require, by today’s standards. Who is unbiased? Who does not already hate Jews and/or Christians and, by default, reject their cruel, angry so-called God? Dialogue has been replaced by “who can shout the loudest” and “I hate you MORE.” Gross.

        Yet I submit that hope remains, for the interested. For the truly invested, God does not hide himself, but why would he reveal himself to cruel dilettantes?. Does it matter? Does anyone REALLY care whether The Lord Most HIgh is an actual, real and true entity? And if he is real and true, the people who DO believe in him seem to be world-class jerks, I mean let’s be honest, who wants to spend time here on Earth with most of those guys, much less the prospect of heaven forever with smug self-satisfied unloving jerks who seem to desire an unquenchable dung fire to consume the entrails of people who disagreed with them on Earth? Gross.

        But this picture is incorrect, inaccurate, and vastly inadequate for the subject, PRESUMABLY the King of Heaven! Oh how far we have gotten from any reasonable picture of the Glorious One. But it is there, in the Hebrew (NOT Jewish) bible.

        I could talk for days about the patience, long-suffering, and lovingkindness of Yahweh, proved over and over again just in the Torah, before even approaching the days of the Judges, the Kings, and the exiles. O where to begin. First, I do not know everything, or even 5 percent of everything. What I do know is wonderful!

        But everything people know about God today is false. Jews, Christians, Catholics (shudder), people have crafted their own version to suit their own requirements, but God exists beyond these paltry human descriptions, these god-in-our-box phonies.

        There is a truer picture without denomination, but it doesn’t happen in one story. And I AM NOT SPECIAL. I am not a graduate of any college, theological or otherwise. I am just a dude, not advanced or evolved, I simply read the Book and paid attention. For anyone ACTUALLY curious about “Is there really evidence that God exists,” I do think we can find it, but faith only comes from God, we do not lift ourselves up to the Almighty. I have greatly desired to share this viewpoint with open-minded people, and generally those people are not to be found among the “religious.” (or in blog comments sections, yet here we are!)

        It’s free! And free-ING! I share no “church” with any man, church is a made-up human word intentionally mis-translated from “ekklesia,” which is an assembly, or gathering, usually of a civic (or military…) nature. Ekklesia is found over 110 times in the post-2nd-temple era writings called “New Testament.” and all but 3 times is universally replaced with the relatively modern, misleading word: church. This denotes a building or structure, or a hierarchical structure, and this is not the word Yehoshua used in Matt 16:18, the famous “upon this rock” verse that Romans grossly mistranslate to justify their abomination known as a “church.”

        But how things are is not how things were meant to be. The wisdom of man, the resistance of foul spirits (yes I believe it is true), and the forgetfulness of antiquity brings us to this sorry state, and it is very sorry. Yet hope is not entirely hidden–indeed, it is in plain sight for any who wish for actual knowledge for TRUTH’s sake. Seeking to find evidence to crush one’s opponents…not really a worthy quest.

        I don’t wish for one human, even Adolf Hitler, to spend an eternity in a tortuous and flaming punishment. What monster would WANT that, no matter how “bad” a person is/was?? For ETERNITY??? It is inhuman, monstrous, and I detest the very idea. It is a human fabrication, that a loving Creator would pre-destine the vast majority of his creation to shrieking and howling torment as eternal punishment, without rest. It is WRONG to paint the Creator as one who desires to see man, whom he made, suffer tortures untold for the whole of existence. Makes me want to vomit that people have portrayed the Living God in this fashion.

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      3. Once more, Friend, I must apologize for the the “Shorthand” interpretations I made of your original comments. You, sir, are a “well of great depth.” You have my respect and admiration. Used to dealing with the typical “Christian” crowd, I… well; I don’t tend to be particularly nice. And I confess this “sin” for I typically tell them I’m Jewish and ‘what are you going to tell me about morality!!!?? (to transcribe Menachem Bagin, (Spelling?) (that scares off most of “the goyim.”)

        I have to work tonight on third shift, and as a consequence of that am trying to get some sleep now. Don’t know where you are, but “third shift” in Eastern Standard Time (US) translates to 12:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. I will try to do justice to your impressive commentary sometime during that time (when I’m supposed to be working… but it’s OK – it’s a virtual “graveyard” at that time…)

        You are, bar none, are the most impressive “mouthpiece” for your “Master” that I have yet encountered. Since He seemingly sent such an impressive “ambassdor” to me, it is incumbent upon me that I hear what you have to say.

        I have never encountered a one such as you. I am interested in what you have to say. I could only believe in a Creator who loves all His creatures, and doesn’t “get off” on punishment. To put it in a teacup… We are ALL blessed beyond comparison, beyond all (or any ) worthiness on our own parts. How, then, could it really be the nightmare that all the “standard religions” (not to mention LDS) say? They have driven men to all sorts of foolishness with their close-minded, hate-filled rantings! Such, at any rate, do I think.

        Kindest regards to you!

        In the name of L’Chaim; of Life, and Health, and Love, and blessedness! (For we are all blessed to have these things, fleeting though they may be!)

        Regards – Wayne


  37. Oh good, more of man’s wisdom. The Day comes for all men, regardless of whom/what they believe is true. You can tell The Lord of Hosts to his face about Egypt and Pharoah, and see how it goes over. Or you could open your heart to the Almighty, whose name is YHWH. The Lamb will not be interested in historical theories. Soften your heart, bend your neck, He who reigns forgives our failure, but only at a heavy price, paid willinly by He who saves, Yeshua. This is truth, words to outlast any obelisk or mountain, or vain philosophy of man.


  38. With all due respect, I too have studied Egyptian history for over 20 years, and indeed the term pharaoh IS used for kings during the New Kingdom. It originated as ‘great house’ and later became a reference to ‘your majesty,’ just as that is used as a reference style for monarchs later in history (and today). Thus, king and pharaoh were both interchangeable for rulers of Egypt during the New Kingdom. I don’t know any Egyptologist who studies Egyptian history, archaeology, or language through the lenses of the Bible. Yes, many of us grew up with biblical stories, but most learned scholars understand those to be stories, not history.


  39. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this blog.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s challenging
    to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appearance.

    I must say that you’ve done a amazing job with this.
    Also, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Chrome. Exceptional Blog!


  40. Thank you Dr. Ezzat. Nice article.
    ” there were no slaves in Egypt until the Roman invasion”
    Perhaps All roads lead to Rhome has more meaning than we have previously given it.
    Just my thought on it.


    1. Hi Judy,
      Indeed all roads lead to Rome. This will soon prove to be lterally true as I will reveal the huge deception/forgery the Greco-Romans and the Jewish scribes have concocted concerning the issue of Pharaoh.


  41. Reblogged this on Pyramidion and commented:

    This is a re-edited version of my original article posted in 2011. I’m re-blogging it for it will be followed soon by a series of articles carrying the same title expounding the findings of my 3-year-reasearch. The research reveals with evidence-based findings that ancient Egypt never knew Pharaohs nor any Israelites. That means the Israelite’s Exodus did not take place in the valley of the Nile. Wow, try and ponder over the consequences of this paradigm shifting discovery.


  42. Very interesting hypothesis. I also agree that the Hebrews were not in Egypt, but from a different angle. Please allow me to elaborate. The term translated as Egypt from the Hebrew is H4714, which etymologically translates as “double straits.” I do believe this original etymological translation holds some meaning to the landscape of the country and that it has been incorrectly translated for generations (on purpose, as a means of control, which is another discussion altogether). There is only one location that I can think of near the area we call modern day Israel that has a double strait: The Turkish Straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus. These two straits also hold the well known cities of Troy and Istanbul, both with mythic, iconic pasts.

    The kingdom of Hatti, which was only discovered in the early 1900s, was centered in Anatolia. They battled Rameses II at Kadesh and made a peace treaty with Rameses, who married two daughters from the Hatti King’s family. It is the Hatti that are believed to be the Biblical Hittites. Seeing that Homer is believed to be from Smyrna, in the center of Turkey, and that the Hatti language was an Indo-European language, most closely related to Armenian, I am concluding thus far that the Hebrews were slaves in “Egypt” or more correctly, the land of the double straits. We have misplaced Egypt in the Hebrew narrative. It would make sense then that they were in fact in slavery since the culture further north, namely the Grecian city states and yes, later Rome, did have a practice of slavery, as did the Hatti.

    A couple of additional thoughts on the Hatti: one of their main gods was the storm god. After the fall of their empire in 1300-ish BC, they were assimilated into other cultures around them. If you follow the language, however, a good majority had to have ended up in modern day Armenia (since Armenian is the closest modern relation to the Hatti language). Since Mount Ararat is in Turkey, smack in the middle of their area, and they worship the storm god, I must wonder if this are was where the flood occurred. The Armenians trace their lineage back to Japtheth, as do the Khazars, so much of that research sticks in my mind. It also fulfills the prophecy that Japtheth will dwell in the tents of Shem. Those who claim to be “Jews” and who are not.

    Lastly, concerning the term Pharaoh. I want to offer another idea. Time will tell if my hunch is at all correct. Pharaoh, as we know it, was spread all over thru Latin etc and it all goes back to the Hebrew, which supposedly goes back to the Egyptian. What if pharaoh was a Hatti term and not an Egyptian term? I am still researching Armenian to see if there is a correlation to king or perhaps emperor in the translation.

    Good luck on your research and continued search for truth. Peace and blessings!


  43. This is actually interesting but lacks evidence? Why would you post a story with NO credible evidence? Wheres the proof at? ALL i see here is some hate for JEWS lol……….are you serious??? Where’s the writing’s at? How about some books that back it all up? Or walls with that information??? Give me a break


    1. See those things at the bottom called recommended books? Or at the top all those links? What you do is click on them, then you READ them. I know I know some are hundreds of pages long and it will require you to turn off the TV or PC and read them. After that you can come in here and complain some more about how you do not understand them.


    2. I discern no “hate” in this missive; even though I completely disagree with it. Makes me wonder what “emotional magma” is driving the “volcano” of your angst. Using the “philosophical nose” I spiritually inherited from the Sage Nietzsche, I smell “Abrahamic religious odor!”


  44. Apparently someones been doing alot of reading, but not enough traveling! Egypt actually has a wall telling the story of the israelites. Also alot of information on the ancient israelites has been swept under the rug, to prevent those who are hebrews to never find out who they are unless they go searching for it. I know for a fact that israelites existed and I know who they are! Read from babylon to timbuktu! The modern day jews are europeans and arabs pretending to be hebrews and the modern day egyptians are arabs pretending to be egyptians. Don’t get tricked by the lies!

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    1. Here is the real Jerusalem.,,, Tanis (/ˈtænɨs/; Zoan; Ancient Greek: .
      Zion (Hebrew: ציון‎), also transliterated Sion, Tzion or Tsion, is a place name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem. Lol !!!


    2. You are correct. According to my research, modern day Jews are Kazars who converted to Judaism in 740 B.C. Jews who inhabit Israel are Askenazis and American Jews and certainly not the Jews of the Bible. This is all a fabricated lie they have perpetrated. Only reason they are in Israel is bc of the holocaust. The Ethiopian Jews who the Israelis despise are the Biblical Jews. and not any European or American Jew alive today. More importantly, THEY are NOT the chosen people as the big deception purports. Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale will always glorify the hunter. Thanks Shebrew Judah for your bravado here. Thank goodness we are educated about the great deceptions.


      1. Wrong date for conversion! Try a thousand years later! Read Arthur Koestler’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe.”


    3. Well, if you are so knowledgeable, why don’t you share it with us? What wall “telling the story of the Israelites?” (Actually, the alleged existence of this text has been mentioned previously on this site…) But; the tactile, “physical man” wants to know: Where is it? Why do you speak in unsubstantiated riddles?

      Your punctuation and capitalization is woefully inadequate. Before you condemn me as being a “traditionalist hack” I site an example of why these things are important. You APPARENTLY refer to a work (book?) entitled “From Babylon to Timbuktu.” At least, that’s what I am GUESSING you mean… To clarify these issues is (one of the reasons WHY) the rules of standard punctuation, capitalization and the use of quotations and other marks was devised in the FIRST place…

      I think every bio-oraganism with even a wee bit of grey matter knows that “The European Jews” are “White People.” Refer to Arthur Koestler’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe” mentioned elsewhere.

      As for the people of Khemet: They were originally a “Semitic” people speaking a language related to ancient Akkadian. Having been invaded numerous times in their history (the “sea people”, the Persians (Aryrans), the Greeks, and later the Romans…) their genotype has certainly been modified by conquest over time. Add to that the “Arab Conquest” of the 600’s AD, and yet one more layer is applied to their complex genealogy. I might add that modern DNA tests of the mummy of Ramisses (spelling?) the second shows he came (on the “Y” chromosome side) from Libya… so there’s that factor to consider as well… He was the third king of the 19th Dynasty…

      But I wander off point. Besides the “Nubian” genetic presence in “Egypt” (one need merely look at a picture of Sadat to see it) – there is also as you mention the Arab “contribution.” Egypt was conquered by them, an as all conquerors do, they left their “genetic footprint” amongst the people. But, really, how “Arab” IS Egypt? No one knows. The Copts are probably the closest “relatives” of the ancient people of that land we’re likely to encounter. This is so because they refused to convert to Islam, and as a consequence, were isolated and regarded as “kaffirs” by the Muslim conquerors.


    1. They were all Egyptians AND ALWAYS HAD BEEN ,, Tut Mosses !!! LOL ,, the whole story is about a Egyptian Civil War and the poor looser
      Israelites being run out of Egypt . LOL


  45. Your no true historian and your research is fact less, dis proving the word pharaoh was a waste of time, pharaoh just means great house and it was just another way to say king of egypt, a common bible dictionary can tell you that, it in no way makes the scriptures a fallacy, there are records from the many great dynasties that verify the history of the israelites, look at the moabite stone, dead sea scrolls, the Sennacherib’s Prism, countless artifacts and papyrus documents with the history, tombs and records, you have nothing, and have proved nothing and have pushed it off has credible evidence, the only fake out there is all the gods of ancient egypt and all the other nations..repent if you can


    1. Another illiterate! If you can’t even spell correctly or use English in a proper fashion, why, then, should we even listen to what you have to say? That is not the case if you are a non-native English speaker of course…


  46. The scriptures were never meant to be interpreted literally, they are symbolic of the evolution of the soul. Isreal Is=Issis the divine feminine, ra= ra the sun god the divine mascaline, el=god. Jesus is an archtype of the christ that is in all of us. or should I say the potential christ, the ancients understood this. Its a.matter of consciousness. a jew was one who went within to find God. The kingdom of heaven is within.


  47. An interesting journey into the etymology of “pharaoh”, my only comment would be that Judaism like all other organized religions throughout history (the religion of ancient Egypt being no exception), crafted their own history, their own story of creation and mythology to support the unification and synthesis of their people – this is true for Christianity and Islam as much as it is for the Judaism (Zorastrianism was probably used for similar purposes by the ancient Persians). Questioning the contents of the Old Testament from an historical perspective is akin to questioning the resurrection of Christ or the divine revelations of Mohammed to a certain extent, these are matters of faith. To the Jews, their history, their trials as outlined in the Old Testament, be they historically accurate or not, are what united them and unites them to this day. Usurping these tales for more than what they are – more accurately placed in the realm of myth rather than history – is simply a misinterpretation of the Old Testament and the Torah and should be called out as such. Misinterpreting them today to support political agendas or the legitimacy to property, cities or temples, well that’s either ignorance or mindful manipulation of facts to serve a political or authoritarian objective, take your pick. (Full disclosure I’m Jewish by the way, at least by blood).

    Anyway, interesting post as always and I find myself reaching back into Ancient Egypt after a sojourn into the Ancient Middle, Near and Far East as it would appear that the Egyptians are undoubtedly the oldest civilization in the world and clearly the religions of the Ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Jews and even Persians were influenced to at least some extent by Ancient Egypt.



      1. Thank you Dr. for the interesting articles. Keep them coming.

        Working on a piece now on Ancient Egyptian religion and starting to go through some of Budge’s source material, fascinating stuff and looking forward to a better understanding of hieroglyphics, something I have avoided thus far in my research.


    1. Nice commentary… but “The Jews” (whomever they actually happen to be) have used their “Chosen” status to usurp a portion of real estate in the area, and the original owners are not happy about that! Though I’ll grant you (Mark Twain toured the area in the 1870’s or so) that there weren’t many people living there back then… AND, there is a “religious” angle to the issue in the Koran… once a land becomes Muslim, it’s “supposed” to remain that way forever… and it’s the duty of “believers” to try to make that happen… Think Spain, Portugal, Palestine, etc… AND, of course, YHVH said that piece of real estate belongs to “Them” (Whomever they are) forever… Ah; what a demented species we are! Why do The Gods tolerate us? I’m “part Jewish” myself, for whatever that means… Yet I don’t think I have a deed to a land I’ve never lived in because “YHVH said so” – or whatever OTHER reason people use to steal something that isn’t theirs! Heck; I live in a country stolen from its original owners… Such is history and the tragi-comedy of Human existence, I guess. As I understand “Justice” – there is none in this world. The German armies, for example, during WW2, did some nasty stuff… but what happened after that nightmarish entity which Eisenhower described as “Our Great Soviet Allies” conquered eastern (former) Germany , and what they did to the women and children, and elderly they encountered there…has yet to become common knowledge. As with all “Abrahamic” entities, (Communism is Judaism without YHVH… in my opinion) – The gang rapes, the mass murders, the displacement of 18 million people from their tradition homelands… I’ve arrived at the conclusion, at least as it regards the “Abrahamic Religions” and the bastard child of Judaism, called communism or socialism, that – HATE is thy god! In the Tenach it says that YHVH will punish people down to the fourth or fifth generation, “of those that hate Him.” Oy; such “love!” What a SICK “psychological construct” – whomever or whatever claims to believe, practice, or justify it. Such do I believe.


  48. After reading just about all of the posts that were written here, it is still not hard for me to state with even more fact now that, when one is talking about a premier civilization, that this place (Egypt/Ethiopia) was it…earlier than Sumer, earlier than Babylon, earlier than Assyria. Taking into consideration the information the article written by Daniel Anderson and posted by Paul Moore that time needs to be reduced so that it matches up better with Biblical history, and then taking into consideration the webpage written about Immanuel Velikovsky that the time needs to be increased more than what it actually is so as not to misconstrue the radiocarbon dating mechanics is very daunting, and then you have old Edgar Casey who stated that the monuments are far older that what we really thing that they are…not by hundreds of years, but by thousands! The information that is available is insurmountable, however, it would seem like since there are some people who have come to the conclusion that there were primarily dark complected peoples living in what is now Egypt and Ethiopia (hence the Greek name of it – Land of the Burnt Faces), that it was those people who were primarily responsible for building the monuments that are still standing in those lands today…a fact that they undoubtedly do not want to continue to contend with…and because of such, such peoples have been cursed, deemed unfit or unworthy to have a history that is thoroughly draped in its right light and always have to be portrayed in a negative fashion. Through research and hard work, the information is slowly coming out…and more time is needed to tell the whole story.

    However, concerning the word “Pharoah”…I would have to concur that such a word did not exist in the Egyptian language since the word is of Greek origin and means “Great House” as is stated in many of the comments above. However, someone brought to my attention the work of Jean-François Champollion who was responsible for a lot of the translation of the Rosetta Stone and other hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt. If he hadn’t gotten around to transcribing the images from many of the royal cartouches until the 1800s, then how do some of the names that he translated such as Ramses, end up appearing in the Bible at all even if it is the name of a place and not a person?


  49. Your all Jews, and you are all crazy…you need to stop lieing about the Jews, who have done more for the world in medicine then anyone else has ….You need to back to your hole in the wall, where you crawled out of…


    1. Trolling? Really? Are you seven? If not grow up. Join the conversation. Expand your intellect and your spirit. Call Dr. Ezzat wrong for facts. Call him wrong because you disagree with his or his readers conclusions , but name calling should be beneath everyone who has lived on this planet into their double digits.


    2. Duh? We’re all Jews, BUT – “…the Jews, who have done more for the world…” So, are you blessing us or cursing us? Think I know the answer… but the least you could do is fashion a sentence or two that’s not blatantly self-contradictory…. Yea, I know; I’m asking for the impossible! And you can’t even write in correct English, yet you are “smart enough” to offer commentary here?

      You should have said, for example, “You’re all Jews…” – “You’re” being a contraction for “you are.” Yea, I know; I’m expecting way too much! The IGNUNT are now all “sages and soothsayers.” We may be crazy, but at least we can fashion a sentence in correct English which makes sense and in which every word is spelled correctly!

      No facts, just bigotry. “Go back to the hole in the wall from out of which you crawled.” (Correct use of English here, I might add…) Guess the next step is to burn us alive for being witches or something, eh? Religion of Love, indeed!


    3. Let’s analyze this statement carefully: We ARE Jews, but we lie about ourselves, and should be thankful to ourselves for our medical accomplishments…. and we have no right to discuss “alternative takes on history” freely. Now THERE’S a “free thinker” if I ever encountered one; and a genius at logic, too! Wonder where the lack of this right originates? Could it be… could it possibly be; an Abrahamic Religion? (Guess I got the prize!)


  50. Read all of what you have written and i will not lie i am very much compelled by this …..but what will you say about the Holy Quran`s version of it?


    1. If the Qu’ran has a majority of its history from the Bible, and if the Bible has a majority of its history from the Torah…and if we can conclude that the Torah is a combination of multicultural myths, metaphors and similes, then the Qu’ran falls right along with the other two ‘holy’ books of scripture. If there is no way to corroborate the information outside of what is written in those books with other information, then such information cannot stand the test of truth and falls into the realm of ‘belief’ and can no longer be considered as truth.

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  51. For years, the popular media has mocked the biblical accounts of Joseph, Moses, the Passover, and the Exodus as being completely incompatible with standard Egyptian chronology. Year after year, we have been told by numerous scholars that events recorded in the books of Genesis and Exodus are nice legends devoid of any historical or archaeological merit.
    However, a new wind is blowing. An emerging pool of scholars, representing diverse backgrounds, has been openly calling for a drastic reduction in Egyptian chronology. Such a reduction would serve to line up the historical and archaeological records of Egypt and the Old Testament. Surprisingly, there is a substantial amount of evidence to warrant a significant reduction of Egyptian history. And by doing so, the reliability of Genesis, Exodus, and the entire Old Testament will have to be reconsidered as a viable source of historical truth.
    Advocates of chronological revision
    Those who advocate a revision of orthodox Egyptian chronology are admittedly in the minority, but their credentials and scholarship are highly esteemed. David Rohl, author of Test of Time, suggests ‘Ramses II should be dated to the tenth century BC—some three hundred and fifty years later than the date which had been assigned him in the orthodox chronology.’1 Peter James and four other scholars published the book Centuries of Darkness.2 They claim that the dates of Egyptian dynasties need to be reduced by hundreds of years, specifically Dynasties 21–24. Dr Colin Renfrew, professor of archaeology at Cambridge University, wrote a foreword to this book:
    This disquieting book draws attention … to a crucial period in world history, and to the very shaky nature of the dating, the whole chronological framework, upon which our current interpretations rest…the existing chronologies for that crucial phase in human history are in error by several centuries, and that, in consequence, history will have to be rewritten.3
    Sir Alan Gardiner, an authority on Egyptian history, admits to the inherent problems surrounding Egyptian chronology:
    Even when full use has been made of the king lists and of such subsidiary sources as have survived, the indispensable dynastic framework of Egyptian history shows lamentable gaps and many a doubtful attribution …What is proudly advertised as Egyptian history is merely a collection of rags and tatters.4
    Last year, David Down (who also wrote the very relevant item ‘False History—out with David and Solomon’) and Dr John Ashton wrote Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline. Down has performed archaeological research in Egypt, Israel, and the Middle East for nearly half a century. In their book, they propose a revised chronology that harmonizes Egyptian and Old Testament history.
    Reasons for questioning the traditional Egyptian timeline
    Astronomical assumptions
    An emerging pool of scholars, representing diverse backgrounds, has been openly calling for a drastic reduction in Egyptian chronology.
    Supposedly, lunar and solar eclipses have been discovered to perfectly match the established dates of Egyptian chronology. This is simply untrue. The concept of astronomical fixation is not based on celestial eclipses but on the ‘Sothic Cycle’. However, the Sothic Cycle is mentioned nowhere in Egyptian texts.5 There are references to ‘the rising of Sothis’ which has been assumed to have been the sighting of the bright star Sirius. The real issue is that many modern scholars theorize that the ancient Egyptians were slightly off in their calendar keeping, and when corrected in light of modern science, the dates line up accordingly. Yet the Egyptians were able to orient their pyramids to within a fraction of a degree to the north, south, east, and west. It is more likely that the Egyptians were meticulous timekeepers. Thus, in Centuries of Darkness, James and his four fellow scholars write, ‘…There are good reasons for rejecting the whole concept of Sothic dating as it was applied by the earlier Egyptologists.’ (See also our Journal of Creation article, Fall of the Sothic theory: Egyptian chronology revisited.)
    Manetho’s maze
    Another reason for questioning the traditional timeline is Manetho, an Egyptian priest who wrote a history of Egypt in the third century BC. Many consider Manetho’s writings to be indisputable fact. He was skilled at deciphering the hieroglyphs and had access to inscriptions, documents, and other valuable artifacts. However, two problems emerge. First, Manetho was writing hundreds, even thousands of years after many of the actual events. Second, none of Manetho’s writings exist.6 The only source we have for Manetho’s writings are some of his statements that have been quoted by much later historians such as Josephus, Africanus, Eusebius, and Syncellus.
    Historical sources for Egyptian chronology
    The Egyptian evidence consists of numerous inscriptions, texts, papyrus documents, and artifacts. Although it is very helpful, this evidence provides an incomplete picture of Egyptian history.
    The ancient writings of Herodotus, Manetho, Josephus, Africanus and Eusebius provide added historical insight. Herodotus, the famous Greek historian, traveled to Egypt in the 5th century BC and interviewed priests and other knowledgeable individuals. Manetho, as stated above, composed a history of Egypt for the library at Alexandria in the 3rd century BC. Josephus, the famous Jewish historian, quoted from Manetho when writing his historical anthologies in the first-century AD. Africanus and Bishop Eusebius, renowned historians writing in the third and fourth centuries AD respectively, also quoted Manetho and wrote about Egyptian history. However, all of these highly esteemed historians often disagree with one another in the calculation of Egyptian chronology.
    Because of the discordant nature of Egyptian chronology, it is impossible to present a comprehensive list of dates, pharaohs, and dynasties. Sir Alan Gardiner wrote, ‘Our materials for the reconstruction of a coherent picture are hopelessly inadequate.’ As a result, we must cross reference the Egyptian accounts with other accurate historical sources. Biblical and Assyrian chronology offer highly consistent dates that can be utilized to rectify many of the ambiguities of Egyptian history. In other words, if Old Testament and Assyrian historical records significantly overlap, then a revision of Egyptian chronology would be perfectly logical in order to harmonize with two independent reliable sources.
    Noah’s link to Egypt

    The Hebrew name for one of Noah’s grandsons is Mizraim (Genesis 10:6). It is no coincidence that modern Egyptians call themselves Misr, which is a derivative of Mizraim. According to the Book of Genesis, Noah’s grandson, Mizraim,7 is the father of the Egyptians. In a revised chronology, Egypt comes into existence soon after the dispersion from Babel, around 2100 BC. Eusebius, the famous 4th century AD historian, writes:
    Egypt is called Mestraim by the Hebrews; and Mestraim lived not long after the flood. For after the flood, Cham (or Ham), son of Noah, begat Aeguptos or Mestraim, who was the first to set out to establish himself in Egypt, at the time when the tribes began to disperse this way and that…Mestraim was indeed the founder of the Egyptian race; and from him the first Egyptian Dynasty must be held to spring.8
    In the traditional chronology, a pre-dynastic period of approximately 2,000 years precedes the first Egyptian dynasty. Genesis establishes a much shorter period of time. In addition, the 1988–1989 annual report of the Oriental Institute of Chicago published a summary of extensive archaeological research by Bruce Williams. Williams re-examined discoveries related to the pre-dynastic period and concluded:
    Both articles are part of an expanding body of evidence that links the period once known as ‘predynastic’ so firmly to the ages of the pyramids and later, that the term should be abandoned.9
    Williams has published several articles in archaeology journals, and his modern research appears to confirm the Genesis account.
    Abraham visits Egypt
    The biblical date for the Exodus is approximately 1445 BC. Exodus 6:4 and Galatians 3:16–17 tell us that the Lord made a covenant with Abraham 430 years earlier, around 1875 BC. Not long after this date, Abraham traveled to Egypt to escape a severe famine in the land of Canaan (Genesis 12:10). Abraham’s visit did not go unnoticed, as Pharaoh’s officials reported to their king that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was extremely beautiful. Out of fear, Abraham told Pharaoh that Sarah was his sister. As a result, Pharaoh temporarily inducted Sarah into his harem and paid Abraham many expensive gifts. However, the Lord struck Pharaoh’s house with plagues causing him to release her upon discovering that she was actually Abraham’s wife.
    Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldees (Genesis 11:31). From 1922 to 1934, Sir Leonard Woolley discovered it to be the first civilization10 with a superior knowledge of astronomy and arithmetic. In addition, the Sumerian civilization invented writing, composed dictionaries, and calculated square and cube roots.11 Woolley’s discoveries appear to corroborate the writings of Josephus concerning Abraham’s visit to Egypt Josephus writes about Abraham:
    He communicated to them arithmetic, and delivered to them the science of astronomy; for before Abram came into Egypt they were unacquainted with those parts of learning; for that science came from the Chaldeans into Egypt.12
    In a revised chronology, Abraham would have visited Egypt when Khufu (aka Cheops) was Pharaoh. Before Khufu, the early Egyptian pyramids were fantastic architectural structures, but they were not perfectly square or exactly oriented to all four points on a compass. However, when Khufu built his masterful pyramid, there appears to have been an explosion of astronomical and mathematical expertise. Khufu’s pyramid was perfectly square, level, and orientated to the four points of the compass.
    When placed in the proper dynasty, Abraham’s visit to Egypt may have been the catalyst that sparked an architectural revolution in Egyptian history.
    Joseph rises to power in Egypt
    Dynasty 12 was one of the high points in Egyptian history. By a revised chronology, Joseph would have risen to power under Sesostris I during this dynasty. According to Genesis, Joseph was one of Jacob’s twelve sons. Out of jealousy, Joseph’s brothers sold him to Midianite traders and these traders sold Joseph to an Egyptian officer named Potiphar. Eventually, through a period of trials and tribulations, the Lord enabled Joseph to rule over Egypt, second only to Pharaoh himself.

    Sesostris I is known to have had a vizier, or prime minister, named Mentuhotep who possessed extraordinary power Egyptologist, Emille Brugsch, writes in his book Egypt Under the Pharaohs, ‘In a word, our Mentuhotep…appears as the alter ego of the king. When he arrived, the great personages bowed down before him at the outer door of the royal palace.’13 Brugsch’s description appears to corroborate Joseph’s status in Genesis 41:43, ‘He (Pharaoh) had him ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried out before him, ‘Bow the knee’: and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt.’
    Joseph’s ultimate claim to fame was his ability to interpret dreams. The Egyptians attached significant importance to dreams. Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s perplexing dreams to mean that seven years of plenty would be followed by seven years of the most severe famine. Convinced by Joseph’s interpretation, Pharaoh appointed Joseph to supervise the gathering of grain during the seven years of plenty.
    Two clues from Egyptian inscriptions appear to confirm the Genesis account. First, a large relief on ‘Hungry Rock’ states, ‘…Because Hapy [the river god] had failed to come in time in a period of seven years. Grain was scant, kernels were dried up, scarce was every kind of food…’14
    Second, a tomb belonging to Ameni, a provincial governor under Sesostris I, says:
    No one was unhappy in my days, not even in the years of famine, for I had tilled all the fields of the Nome of Mah…thus I prolonged the life of its inhabitants and preserved the food which it produced.12
    Hebrew slaves in Egypt
    In the traditional chronology, the Egyptian oppression of Hebrew slaves would have occurred in the 18th dynasty. The problem is there is little to no historical evidence of Hebrew slaves in Egypt at this time. However, when placed in the 12th dynasty under a revised chronology, there is substantial evidence for Israelite slave laborers in Egypt.
    Dr Rosalie David, in charge of the Egyptian department of the Manchester Museum, writes about Semitic slavery in Kahun during the second half of the 12th dynasty:
    It is apparent that the Asiatics were present in the town in some numbers, and this may have reflected the situation elsewhere in Egypt. It can be stated that these people were loosely classed by Egyptians as ‘Asiatics’, although their exact homeland in Syria or Palestine cannot be determined … The reason for their presence in Egypt remains unclear.15
    The Bible makes it quite clear why the Israelite slaves resided in Egypt:
    Now there arose a new king over Egypt who did not know Joseph, and he said to his people, ‘Look, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we’…Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens…And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage… (Exodus 1:8-14).
    Dr Rosalie David also writes about the slave presence at Gurob, Egypt:
    The scattered documentation gives no clear answer as to how or why the Asiatics came to Egypt in the Middle Kingdom…There is nevertheless firm literary evidence that Asiatic slaves, women and children were at Gurob.16
    Another piece of circumstantial evidence that supports the biblical account is the existence of pyramids built with mud bricks and straw during this dynasty. Amenemhet III, a pharaoh whose statues are sour-faced and cruel-looking in appearance, was likely the Pharaoh who answered the complaining Hebrew supervisors, ‘You shall no longer give the people straw to make brick as before Let them go and gather straw for themselves (Exodus 5:7).’
    Another tantalizing piece of circumstantial evidence was the discovery of boxes beneath the floors of houses excavated in Kahun. Sir Flinders Petrie excavated a number of these boxes which contained the skeletons of babies up to three months old, sometimes up to three in a box.17 It is plausible that these baby skeletons are the bones of Hebrew babies killed by Pharaoh’s direct orders in an attempt to limit their population (Exodus 1:16). However, one particular baby boy would escape Pharaoh’s death sentence and change the course of Hebrew history.
    Moses is born
    According to the Book of Exodus, the baby Moses was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter while she was bathing at the river. His parents defied Pharaoh’s order and left his destiny in the Lord’s hands, placing him in a basket to be discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter. Many consider this to be a nice story, but completely unrealistic. After all, what Egyptian princess would adopt a Hebrew slave child and offer to make him the next Pharaoh?
    However, if you place Moses in the 12th dynasty, the family history of the Pharaonic court appears to line up.18 Amenemhet III had two daughters, but no sons have been positively identified. Amenemhet IV has been proposed as the son of Amenemhet III, but he could just as easily have been the son of Sobekneferu, one of the daughters of Amenemhet III. Amenemhet IV is a very mysterious figure in Egyptian history and may have been a co-regent of Amenemhet or Sobekneferu.

    Josephus wrote concerning Pharaoh’s daughter, ‘Having no child of her own…she thought to make him her father’s successor.’ In addition, Dr Donovan Courville has proposed Sobekneferu as the foster mother of Moses. It is plausible since there is no historical record of Sobekneferu having a biological son. If Sobekneferu was the foster mother of Moses, then the biblical account of her bathing by the riverside would make sense. The river god Hapy was the fertility god of Egypt, and Sobekneferu would have likely been observing a religious ritual in the river. Perhaps the appearance of a baby floating in the river would have been interpreted as a direct answer to her prayer for a child.
    Exodus from Egypt

    In a revised chronology, Neferhotep I was likely the Pharaoh of the Exodus in the 13th dynasty. Exodus 7:10 tells us that Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh ‘… and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh and before his servants, and it became a serpent.’ Pharaoh was not impressed ‘… so the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. For every man threw down his rod, and they became serpents (Exodus 7:11–12).’ In the Liverpool Museum there is a magician’s rod that hails from this same period in Egyptian history.19 The rod is in the form of a long cobra Perhaps the magicians practiced some form of hypnotic power that transformed the cobra rods into the appearance of real snakes, or applied sleight of hand to substitute a real cobra for the rod.
    The ten plagues are probably one of the most famous aspects of the Exodus story. If the plagues were historical events as recorded by Moses, then there should be some fragment of evidence describing their catastrophic consequences. In fact, there is a papyrus in the Leiden Museum in Holland which provides a graphic portrayal eerily reminiscent of the biblical account. There is no consensus among archaeologists as to when it was originally penned An excerpt reads:
    … Plague stalks through the land and blood is everywhere … Nay, but the river is blood. Does a man drink from it? As a human he rejects it. He thirsts for water … Nay, but gates, columns and walls are consumed with fire…Nay but the son of the high-born man is no longer to be recognized … The stranger people from outside are come into Egypt … Nay, but corn has perished everywhere…Everyone says ‘there is no more.’20
    (See also The ten plagues of Egypt: miracles or ‘Mother Nature’?, which also thoroughly refutes the popular ‘algal bloom’ theory).
    The final plague cut Pharaoh to the heart. The Lord struck down all the firstborn in each Egyptian family at midnight. The Hebrews were warned of this horrific disaster and Moses ordered them to kill a lamb and splash its blood on their doorposts. The Destroyer would pass over every home with the blood of the lamb. It is quite significant that Neferhotep’s son, Wahneferhotep, did not succeed his father on the throne. Instead, Neferhotep I was succeeded by his brother Sobkhotpe IV ‘who occupied the throne which his brother had recently vacated.’21 To this day, historians are unable to pinpoint the reason why the son of Neferhotep I did not succeed him. Perhaps a closer look at the biblical account is necessary.
    Another piece of very interesting circumstantial evidence is the sudden departure of Kahun’s inhabitants. Dr Rosalie David writes:
    It is evident that the completion of the king’s pyramid was not the reason why Kahun’s inhabitants eventually deserted the town, abandoning their tools and other possessions in the shops and houses …The quantity, range, and type of articles of everyday use which were left behind in the houses may suggest that the departure was sudden and unpremeditated.22
    The evidence appears to confirm Exodus 12:33 which states, ‘And the Egyptians urged the people, that they might send them out of the land in haste…’
    But what happened to the mighty Egyptian army? According to the Bible, Pharaoh pursued the fleeing Israelites with his army as they miraculously crossed the Red Sea. However, the Egyptian army ended up at the bottom of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:28). It is no coincidence that the mummy of Neferhotep I has never been found.
    The Hyksos mystery solved
    Also, archaeologists and other scholars have long puzzled over the rapid occupation of Egypt by the mysterious Hyksos without a military confrontation. Those scholars advocating a revised chronology have identified the Hyksos with the Amalekites, who attacked the Israelites fleeing from Egypt. It is plausible that the Amalekites flowed into Egypt without resistance because of God’s decimation of the Egyptian army under the Red Sea.
    … when placed at the proper time, there is an abundance of historical and archaeological evidence to confirm the books of Genesis and Exodus.
    The identification of the Hyksos with the Amelekites would explain the otherwise strange passage ‘Amalek was the first of the nations’ (Numbers 24:20), and why an Egyptian would be ‘servant to an Amalekite’ (1 Samuel 30:13). This makes sense in the revised chronology where the Amalikites ruled the mighty Egyptian empire.
    Their current obscurity fulfils God’s prophecy to Moses, ‘I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven’ (Exodus 17:14). Thus hardly anyone today has even heard of them, let alone their former pre-eminence The physical extermination (see also Was this a war crime?) was first fulfilled in the time of Saul, but he disobeyed God (1 Samuel 15), so the Amalekites still caused mayhem in David’s time so he practically finished the job (1 Samuel 30).
    There is a story of an older, well-respected archaeologist digging next to a young archaeologist at Gezer, Israel.23 The young archaeologist was mocking the historical reliability of the Bible when the older archaeologist quietly responded, ‘Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t rubbish the Bible.’ When the young archaeologist asked ‘Why?’ he replied, ‘Well, it just has a habit of proving to be right after all.’
    At this time of year, Christians will be bombarded with shows and magazine articles that portray the biblical accounts of Joseph, Hebrew slavery, Moses, and the Exodus as legend and myth As we have seen, however, when placed at the proper time, there is an abundance of historical and archaeological evidence to confirm the books of Genesis and Exodus.
    Synchronizing the biblical timeline with a revised Egyptian chronology will require more testing, research, hard work, and careful scholarship Presupposing biblical accuracy and applying professional research standards, a number of scholars are off to a promising start Dr Clifford Wilson, former Director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology, said it best:
    I know of no finding in archaeology that’s properly confirmed which is in opposition to the scriptures. The Bible is the most accurate history textbook the world has ever seen.24
    Related Articles
    Logistics of the Exodus
    How did they build the Great Pyramid?—an architect’s proposal
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    1. Mr.Moore;

      I commend your breadth of knowledge and the copious references you supplied… but, to cut matters to the quick, how can you accept a chronological text such as the Hebrew Bible, which claims that men lived for 900 years or so? How can you even accept such a document, except as a matter of religious belief?

      That having been said, what’s in a name? We call it Germany; they call their country Deutschland. The French call it Allemande… What I’m getting at is I think the most important idea would be what the “Ancient Egyptians” called THEMSELVES; not what foreigners called them. You also failed to mention that the “Mizraim” thing, introduced into Islam from Judaism, and applied to the “Egyptians” by their Muslim conquerers in the 600’s or so of the common era, is a term the ancient Egyptians NEVER called themselves…

      Finally, despite all your references, your perspective is blatantly obvious: To prove the Bible is correct. It is my opinion that an objective man consults all the references to see what THEY say; not, rather, to manipulate facts to support a preconceived position. The writings of any believers of any faith are suspect, as it’s known they’ll “tweak” the facts to support their belief systems. I, for one, am interested merely in the facts. Henry Ford may have been on to something when he said, to transcribe, that “history is garbage.” The winners lie, as even WW2 will demonstrate, considering what the victors did with the Germans after they defeated them… especially the Russians, though the allies allowed them free reign with their genocide and destruction, and deportations… “Liberation” my arse! Yet the fantasy is maintained even today…

      The so-called ancients (excepting the “Old Testament,” which encourages genocide, even against non-Jewish animals…) were aeons above us when it comes to tolerance and spiritual freedom. Heck; you can lose your job in America today if you make the mistake of uttering comments at odds with the new God of Political Correctness. People are so used to the mind-prison, that they don’t even know they are in one. I, for one, have what the ancients called “gnosis” of a sort – at least when it comes to our present situation.

      The world is utterly insane… and the three “Monotheistic Religions” (and their bastard child “Communism”) are largely responsible for this state of things. “Religions of Love” indeed! I’ll give the Jews this much; at least THEY have never gone around forcing people to practice their religion… not to mention their brilliance in science, the arts, and literature. Their usurping of Palestine is another matter, best left for another time.

      Finally, sir, it should be evident that this is a “free thinker” site. When you come with your “doctor’s satchel” full of “religious antidotes” to our free-thinking… well; none of us are going to drink the stricknine and see if GAWD is going to heal us! And no; we will not play with your rattlesnakes, either!
      Must say, though, that you present a considerable intellectual achievement in your dissertation; even if it is tainted with Christian bias. Thanks for sharing it with us.


    2. Argh! Way too much to go into, but all the same old Christian stuff, really. Velikovski was crazy, as he claims all the petroleum on earth comes from a near collision with Venus… I’m no physicist, but petroleum, being lighter than water, would have covered the oceans; not sunk into the depths of the earth… plus it would have probably killed every living thing on earth in the process. How anyone claiming to be scientific could use him as a source is most curious indeed. But of course, we’re not talking about science here, but (your) religious beliefs…


  52. Just want to say your article is as astounding.
    The clearness for your put up is simply nice and i can think you’re knowledgeable on this subject. Well along with your permission let me to snatch your RSS feed to stay updated with coming near near post. Thank you one million and please continue the enjoyable work.


  53. In reply to Dr. A.D. Boyd-Lee
    You must be kidding, right. With no trace of the word ‘Pharaoh’ in the Egyptian records, you recommend that we look somewhere, like in the Sumerian or, for laughing out loud, the Indian records. As for the mention of Exodus in some ancient Armenian History, which you think would shock some of us, I’d say .. please do shock us .. and cite one credible scientific source that verify your funny claims. …Prabhu!!


  54. What untruths this webpage presents!!!. The title Pharoah goes right to the beginning of the 1st dynasty with Menes. His designation in the Sumerian and Indian king lists is ‘Prabhu’ which is the ancient root of the semitised word Pharoah, which means ruler, master or lord. Refer to Waddell for a proper scholarly exposition of this fact. I read ancient Sumerian and verify Wadell’s assertions are correct.
    As to saying the Israelite Exodus never occurred – it will be a shock to some to discover, that reports of it are recorded in the extremely ancient Armenian History. Never once did Egypt report its disaster – or certainly not in context – so the astute look elsewhere – and that takes a bit more effort than clearly some are prepared to make to find the whole truth.

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    1. Any proof for this contention; or do we “accept it on faith?” I know the answer to how you “think:” “iffin’ it’s in the BUY-bull it’s GOT ta be true!”

      How would the Armenians “know” about “the exodus?” They got it with Christianity!

      Sumer predates Egypt; how then would Egyptian kings be in them? Though I confess I know nothing about this subject except the Epic of Gilgamesh…

      We are also supposed to believe that “Prabhu” is the root for (phonetic) Faro. I’m no philologist but that seems like a stretch, to say the least…

      All things considered, you do what all Christians do; bend and twist the facts to fit your belief system: Thus do I think.


  55. Some of these comments seem very logical except if you accept the story of the exodus and the circumstances leading up to it you have to acknowledge them all and not just the ones that fit the theory you wish to put forward.Firstly there were no jews in Egypt before the Exodus only Canaanites who went down 400 years earlier to escape their own perilous situation of drought. These people were monotheistic nomads who lived in the area of goshen within the Egyptian empire they became more and more numerous and played as you would expect a greater part in Egyptian society and its administration they were probably favoured as it their predecessor Joseph who had saved Egypt form famine by hoarding food supplies over the years so that the Kingdom survived in tact. As with many immigrant communities they clustered and became the butt of jealousy and prejudice eventually this situation became more and more heightened and the Egyptians looked upon this community no matter how assimilated they had become as a future threat and this led to the slaying of male babies and the subsequent story of Moses in the basket story. so on and so on. When these people left Egypt they had been subjugated to the same practices of persecution as manyl immigrant communities in history the world over have been and the story of the exodus is about their liberation no more and no less. These people received the 10 commandments during their sojourn in the dessert and they agree to live by them and from that day forward that made them different to other people in the ancient world. The land of Israel didnt exist as such and different tribes and civilisations fought over territories in the area constantly and the establishment of Isreal only took place after these people had survived a further 40 years in the dessert and conquered and area that was considerably larger than what is now called Isreal. however the size of Isreal has never been fixed for very long and was always subject to attack and invasion throughout history even after its establishment, the building of the temple in Jerusalem marks the arrival of the Judaic dynasty in the area and this dates back more than 3500 years ago.

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    1. As for Joseph storing food supplies. I have read that this was a common practice in Egypt, even more so by the Kings as they went on marches to collect their tributes so as to feed their armies while in route.


    2. Mein Gott! Sojourn in the Desert, not “dessert” as you would have it. So, you mean they crawled around in the plum pudding or something?

      You’re illiterate! Go back to shule! Become a “Jew!” Christians are just “wanna be Jews” in any event… and even lie about that with “Replacement Theology.” IF, and that’s a big “if” – If the Tenach (“Old Testament “to you illiterate Christian morons) is true, then “everything belongs to the Jews.” So CONVERT, already!

      As for me, I’m a pagan.


      1. Jerk! You know we don’t agree with you, but you just have to “shove it down our throats” by posting your fiction-link 15 times or so… TYPICAL “religious fanatic.”


  56. Actually I believe Egyptian kings began going by “Pharaoh” about the time of the Eighteenth dynasty, according to Aidan Dodson and Dyan Hilton. That is, after Hatshepsut’s reign 1479–1458 BC. Considering that the Exodus took place around 1450-1440 BC it makes absolute sense that it would refer to the Egyptian king as Pharaoh. It doesn’t make sense that hieroglyphs would make mention of the Hebrews since hieroglyphs were so often religion-based prayers (for longevity, prosperity, etc) or exaggerated accounts of various military/social victories rather than detailed historical accounts that could be embarrassing. On the other hand, the Bible if full of detailed but embarrassing depictions of Hebrews as deceptive, fearful, rapists, murderers, and usurpers.

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  57. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed
    account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.








    1. What does your alleged genealogy have to do with the subject? Answer: You want to brag about your alleged pedigree… and – nothing. That subject (your alleged pedigree) is not being discussed here, “hero”!




    1. If so, then how, as a “son of David” could he be Messiah? Was he then David’s “father?” “Jesus” used a similar argument about Himself… in a slightly different context. If he didn’t fulfill “The Prophecies” then how could He be Messiah? This notion is utterly flawed; from both a Christian and “Pagan” perspective…


  62. Hi,

    Thank you for your article. It is so refreshing to hear that you are not interested in Science fiction nor Pseudo-science. I can’t stand it!
    Anyway, I have been studying mythology and ancient religions for a while and I still have more questions than answers. You have recommended The Dawn of Conscience by James Henry Breasted. I have learned a hard way to check about the author before I read. I have found quite interesting information about J. H. Breasted .

    “Over the next three decades, Breasted would excavate a series of sites in Egypt, the Sudan and the Near East. He would also develop an important ability to identify rich and influential benefactors and to gain their confidence without resorting to sycophancy. Such an approach was, in the absence of government funding, the only way to get things done. Notable among the Maecenas figures he cultivated was John D. Rockefeller.

    With two other books, “The Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt” (1912) and “The Dawn of Conscience” (1933), Breasted broke more controversial ground. These books arose out of the author’s struggle with conventional religion. Though he never entirely lost his belief in God, he subsumed it into a narrative of mankind’s continuous progress, spiritual as well as moral. This perspective may seem dated nowadays, but it was influential at the time. Theodore Roosevelt was an admirer of “Religion and Thought,” while “The Dawn of Conscience” so impressed Sigmund Freud that he went on to write an even more controversial work, “Moses and Monotheism” (1938). Freud was fascinated by archaeology, which he saw as a metaphor for exploring the layers of the human psyche, and his debt to Breasted is clear.”

    It is interesting that John D. Rockefeller was his Maecenas and Sigmund Freud, Ashkenazi Jew, was impressed with The Down of Conscience. Though provoking.


      1. Thank you for your response. Well, he was just a psychiatrist and his theory was criticized by both psychiatrists and psychologists. I would never take seriously what he wrote about Moses and Monotheism, knowing what he has done in psychiatry field. LOL!

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      2. Speaking of Freud’s “Moses and Monotheism,” as a young boy (I’m 74) I went to our town library and looked for it. After wasting much time the librarian made it materialize from behind the main desk, where the local rabbi insisted it be kept (sic). I liked an idea I encountered recently elsewhere: followers of Iknaton escaped to Canaan and sowed his ideas with the indigenous population. Monotheism then found its way into Judaism.


      3. Dear Ferdinand Gajewski,
        It is a nice thesis, but unfortunately the land you are referring to as “Canaan” exists only in the (tampered with) history books. Palestine had never been called “Canaan” and its indigenous people never had any ties with the “Jews/Hebrew” at the time of Akhenaten. The whole thing is part of a grand-scale deception. For more (sobering)details read my book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)


  63. Your article is great, i havent finished it all, but i would hint to something important:
    First:Most archaeologists who work in egypt run by biblical and jewish agenda, they spread the lies that Egyptian civilization is pharaohs. Pharaoh name never existed in ancient egypt.

    Second: Most translations of hieroglyphics about ancient egypt is total false, we find many and many contradictions, There is a big conspiracy, archaeologists stick various statues hold features of different people in name of one king, they brainwash us.

    Third Point and that’s all about: The history of israelites and pharaoh king or nation was not mentioned in ancient egypt because the hieroglyphic letters and artifacts and ancient egyptian monuments all belong to earlier dates, The archaeologists made great lies about the dates of egyptian kings and history completely.

    Fourth: The language of pharaoh and israelites in egypt was probably coptic language not ancient hieroglyphics.

    fiveth: The age of pyramids and most stuff belong to over 100000 B.c, they limited egyptian history to only 7000 years old by their hypocrisy


  64. It’s nice to see real research again. It’s been too long. I’ve shied away from my archaeology the last few years. It’s the little details that help put the past into a different light that always fascinated me when I was young. The constant battle against darkness makes us forget to find that soft small light. I’m going to have to delve deeper into your work.

    I fail to see the need for the Jewish bashing from some of your readers. All religions are puffed up myths to empower a small group of corrupt and generally useless individuals.

    I see the point to try to set the record straight factually, but the facts are enough without the venom. As a people they produce good along with the bad. For every Netanyahu there’s a Charlie Chaplin, or Mel Brooks. For every Cheney there’s a George Carlin or Gore Vidal. Well one would hope that. We do seem to be running out of our supplies of great thinkers with good hearts, and running a surplus on war mongers, and bankers.


      1. Just to clarify : I didn’t think that was your intent. Your work is scholarly in the best sense. An effort to arrive at something approaching truth without bringing along the baggage of, “Well that’s what the Bible says, so it must be true.”

        Was trying to tone down the more anti-Semitic rantings. (Yes I realize that the vast majority of Jews are not at all Semitic, but everyone needs to call themselves something.) As the more bellicose fail to realize the damage such a stance can to take on your work. Yours is a precarious enough position to take without supporters adding direct verbal attacks against a people as diverse in opinion as Gilad Atzmon and Ariel Sharon.


  65. Ezekiel 29:12
    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    And I will make the land of Egypt desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities among the cities that are laid waste shall be desolate forty years: and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries

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  66. With all due respect to you Dr., you have only supported the thesis that the ancient Hebrews honored the office of the Egyptian King by calling him Pharaoh. As you state:

    “…refer to the president of the United States and his inner circle of high officials as the white house, in the ancient world and especially amongst the Asiatic foreigners they referred to the mighty king of Egypt and his court of priests and commanders as the great house. And just as the white house is not the title of the president of United States so the “pr – aa” was not the name of the ruler of ancient Egypt.”

    The Hebrews used this honorific—just as you state above—to address or refer to him indirectly, so as not to invoke one of his five royal names. If you would read any of the accounts of interaction related in the Torah between such figures as Abraham, Joseph and Moses, the never addressed the Egyptian ruler as anything but “King” (melekh in Hebrew) or Paro. In fact, there is a misconception that the Torah mentions Pharaoh Rameses, a name that appears only four times in the Torah—all four references to Rameses are simply geographic designations of a district in the Nile Delta sometimes called “Goshen” or “Kessen”.

    On a very mundane level, you and I both know that the ancient Egyptian word for the ruler was obviously not “king” and just as the Torah was written for a people who spoke Hebrew it follows that Hebraic words were employed–in the very same way that I’m not using the French word “roi” because I’m not writing for a French reader. The Torah therefore employs the honorific recognized for its intended Hebrew reader.

    Finally, you also know that, beginning with the Old Kingdom, the king was worshipped as the Great Bull, so have you ever considered that due to the shared origins of ancient Hebrew and Egyptian that the origin of the Hebrew word “Paro” was a combination of the Hebrew word “par” meaning a cow or a bull and “rah” meaning great?

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    1. Mr. Long,

      Thank you for your interesting comment.
      Your thesis is somehow incorrect; the kings of ancient Egypt during the time of Abraham, Joseph and Moses are constantly addressed with the title ‘Pharaoh’ in the Bible.
      According to the book of Exodus, the king who ruled Egypt in Moses’ time was also referred to as Pharaoh. He is addressed as Pharaoh 128 times.
      And one more thing, I don’t agree to your hypothesis that Ancient Egyptians and Hebrews had shared origins.


      1. Dr. Ezzat,
        You have somehow misunderstood my post, read it again, I stated, “…. such figures as Abraham, Joseph and Moses, the never addressed the Egyptian ruler as anything but “King” (melekh in Hebrew) or “Paro”

        Read the last word…it’s ” Paro” —-PARO is the Hebraic and original pronounciation of the the word “Pharaoh”.


    2. WRONG! It says in the Tenach that they were, while slaves, “Building the Ramesseum” (spelling?) so that HAS to be a reference to the 19th Dynasty… about 1400 BC…Rameses I being the first king of that dynasty, succeeding Horemheb, last king pf the 18th…Seti I was 2nd king of said dynasty, followed by the famous Rameses II…


  67. Hi Dr. Ashraf Ezzat,

    Thank you for this illuminating post on ancient Egypt! I study archaeology, but this I did not know. Thanks for clearing things up! I share your blog on my fb.

    All the best,


  68. Hi Dr. Ashraff, I found it interesting reading your piece, but I am still sceptical whether the bible we read today is not distorted by the selfish Israelis. Please help me with some details. Please make more effort to reach wider audience, as time dissipates, the jewish long planned conspiracy will be exposed. More grease to your elbows!


  69. I find it interesting that no references or external sources of any kind were used to create this seemingly enlightening opinion. I also find it interesting that the author spent the majority of the time using intellectual jargon (with some minor grammatical errors) to bash evidence for biblical history instead of doing some quality research on Egypt and valid archeological finds. I was trying to do research on Ancient Egypt for my art history class and came upon this website. It is amazing what you can unintentionally find on the internet…

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    1. Right you are, Mrs. Mckoy, it is really amazing what, and who, you can occasionlly bump into on the cyber space. I think you need to re-read my piece … and pay special attention to those chracters in blue, called links.


      1. Thank you for your article
        To all those asking for evidence try reading the tons of links and books he mentioned and provided above. Do you need him to come to your house and read it out loud for you or maybe draw some pictures?


      2. > and pay special attention to those chracters in blue, called links.
        How condescending. I can only imagine how you will feel offended, Mr. Ezzat, when I tell you:

        > I think you need to re-read my piece …
        No, he doesn’t.

        Your book belongs in the Bad Science/Sloppy Research department.


      3. I’m not offended. This exactly the kind of nonsense I’ve been hearing almost all of my life. Hearing it one more time won’t make a difference. Only discovering the truth will.


    2. Oh, YES! “Biblical History” is the ONLY history, right? Anything else is of ha Satan! (Hebrew for “the adversary.”) I’m sure that is what YOU think… and you think all the animals of the world were in a boat for months… and – since there were only 2 of each, they all came out inbred… but why talk Science with people enraptured with superstition, I ask myself…


  70. Is there a possibility that the Hebrew legend of the Exodus is actually a racial memory of being part of the Hyksos invasion of Egypt and their occupation of Lower Egypt? The Hyksos invaded from the East and when they were driven out they returned to the East. Some, undoubtedly remained as workers and may well have departed later, but certainly NOT at the time the Hebrews claim, As far as I am aware slavery was introduced into Egypt by invaders far later than the OT account would have us believe.


  71. This is quite the read, I must say. Funny thing… Topple the basic premises of Judaism and you topple the premises of Christianity and Islam. Not only is Hebrew history changed, all of Western history changes. What to do…. Hmmm…

    Good stuff. Not certain of the complete validity. Would have to do more research. But interesting nonetheless.


    1. You got it, friend! That’s why I have reverted to the appellation “Abrahamic” when describing these three (in my opinion) spiritual sicknesses! Christianity and Islam are the bastard children of Judaism (as is communism.)


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  73. you really need to check out the work of alan wilson and baram blackett as well as the history of the stone of destiny…the ten tribes included the Welsh/Cymru people who trace their lineage back to solomon and back even before him to moses…also, the stone of destiny, from the strata of Bethel somehow made its way to Tara then to Westminster Abbey before being stolen in the 50s by Scottish nationalists

    history is much more complex and palpable than you portray it here. btw, i have only mentioned a small sampling of the evidence suggesting the true Israelites were in Wales until outsiders usurped the kingdom around 1300

    also, any archaeological dates relating to egypt are completely made up because of fudge factors added into the carbon dating formulas…veilikovsky should be a good resource as wells as wilson and blackett

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    1. — the so-called “Lost Tribes” were the Tribes that STAYED in Babylon when the rest returned to Palestine from their “captivity”. They were LOST TO ISRAEL. They decided their horrible captivity in Babylon was preferable to going back to Palestine. This is all well known. There were no other “lost tribes”.


    2. “Cymru” would appear to be the “Cimmerians” as the Romans called them; an asiatic peoples who probably ended up in what the English insist, for no known reason, in calling Wales.


    3. So, the Welsh are Jews, then? Argh! I have a genotype very common there (and in NW Ireland and Scotland) and that’s SCIENCE. Not fiction. The Cymru were probably largely illiterate before being converted to Christianity… and to “fit in” with the new “powers that be” probably concocted yet another vile vial of superstition to show “How Holy” they were, by being descended from Shlomo; his (“Solomon’s”) REAL name… And by the way; my genotype is in no way similar to anything “Hebrew” or “Jewish…” But I’m confused, for “British Israel” says the Brits are Jews! And the Masons think they are! And the LDS church says the Native Americans are! And the… what to call them? – Afro-Centric crowd say the Ethiopians are! What the heck; maybe we’re ALL “Jews!” Oy!


  74. As a child I stood a few feet away from King Ramses I founder of the 18th Dynasty and father of Ramses II. It was at Niagara Falls in a curio museum. Of course it was not known at this time, the 1950s that the mummy was of royal birth. Ramses I was identified many years later. Apparently the position of his crossed arms identified him as a royal.

    I have also had the priviledge of viewing the Rosetta Stone in London, England. Very awesome.

    Having casually read and studied Egyptology for years has led me to wonder the following. Why is Tutmosis (born of Toth) pronounced Tut-Mosis while Ramses (born of Ra) prounced Ram-e-sess? Should he not be known as Ramses (ra-

    Does mosis (moses) mean born of?


    1. No, it doesn’t.
      Tuthmosis (Born of the god Thoth) is the Greek name for this warrior king. He is also known as Thutmose III, or Thutmosis. But his Egyptian Throne name was Men-kheper-re (Lasting is the Manifestation of Re). And like wise, Ramses II’s throne name is (USERMAATRE-SETEPENRE)


      1. Dr. Ashraf Ezzat,

        So is it safe to assume that mosis (moses) is of greek origin and was not extant as a word or royal title in ancient Egypt?

        Also thank you for an informitive and well written article. I look forward to more of the same.



  75. The Maori of New Zealand tell a different story.
    They say they originally were from Assyria
    They say they had to leave Assyria
    because of famine.
    They went to Egypt where they hired onto construction
    projects. They were known as great builders.
    After a time they tired of Egypt.
    They had a great leader named Mohi.

    After several plagues which the Egyptians associated
    with them, they returned to Assyria.

    They overpopulated their old homeland in Assyria
    They went north through the land of the
    and Scythians then west
    The Maori claim to be Brown Maoris.
    They claim that white Maoris constantly harassed
    them on their way west and would
    not let them settle.

    Maori Symbolism(1926) by Etta Rout

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  76. Yes you are Semi-Correct in that it was used as a word to describe the ” Great House” – Though by the middle of the 18th dynasty was a term widely and almost exclusively used to denote the King. So pharoah is/was a term used in describing the ruling king of Egypt!

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    1. If we’re talkinng 18th dynasty, then, we have to re-examine the Amarna letter- royal correspondence of the court of king Akhenaten. And in those letters, I assure you, Akhenaten was never addressed as pharaoh.


      1. Pharaoh, meaning “Great House”, originally referred to the king’s palace, but during the reign of Thutmose III (ca. 1479–1425 BC) in the New Kingdom, after the foreign rule of the Hyksos during the Second Intermediate Period, became the form of address for a person who was king[5] and the son of the god Ra. “The Egyptian sun god Ra, considered the father of all pharaohs, was said to have created himself from a pyramid-shaped mound of earth before creating all other gods.” (Donald B. Redford, Ph.D., Penn State) [6]

        The term pharaoh ultimately was derived from a compound word represented as pr-ꜥ3, written with the two biliteral hieroglyphs pr “house” and ꜥꜣ “column”. It was used only in larger phrases such as smr pr-aa ‘Courtier of the High House’, with specific reference to the buildings of the court or palace.[7] From the twelfth dynasty onward the word appears in a wish formula ‘Great House, may it live, prosper, and be in health’, but again only with reference to the royal palace and not the person.

        The earliest instance where pr-aa is used specifically to address the ruler is in a letter to Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), who reigned c. 1353–1336 BCE, which is addressed to ‘Pharaoh, all life, prosperity, and health!.[8] During the eighteenth dynasty (sixteenth to fourteenth centuries BCE) the title pharaoh was employed as a reverential designation of the ruler. About the late twenty-first dynasty (tenth century BCE), however, instead of being used alone as before, it began to be added to the other titles before the ruler’s name, and from the twenty-fifth dynasty (eighth to seventh centuries BCE) it was, at least in ordinary usage, the only epithet prefixed to the royal appellative.[9]

        From the nineteenth dynasty onward pr-ꜥꜣ on its own was used as regularly as hm.f, ‘Majesty’. The term therefore evolved from a word specifically referring to a building to a respectful designation for the ruler, particularly by the twenty-second dynasty and twenty-third dynasty.[citation needed]

        For instance, the first dated instance of the title pharaoh being attached to a ruler’s name occurs in Year 17 of Siamun on a fragment from the Karnak Priestly Annals. Here, an induction of an individual to the Amun priesthood is dated specifically to the reign of Pharaoh Siamun. This new practice was continued under his successor Psusennes II and the twenty-first dynasty kings. Meanwhile the old custom of referring to the sovereign simply as pr-aa continued in traditional Egyptian narratives.[citation needed]

        By this time, the Late Egyptian word is reconstructed to have been pronounced *par-ʕoʔ whence comes Ancient Greek φαραώ pharaō and then Late Latin pharaō. From the latter, English obtained the word “Pharaoh”. Over time, *par-ʕoʔ evolved into Sahidic Coptic prro ⲡⲣ̅ⲣⲟ and then rro (by mistaking p- as the definite article prefix “the” from Ancient Egyptian pꜣ).[10]

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  77. Israel’s “claim” to Palestine is based entirely on War Crimes and GENOCIDE.
    It is UNFAIR and WRONG to compare Israel to the Nazis.
    The CORRECT comparison is Nazis to Israelis:
    The Nazis copied the Jewish “Manual” point by point
    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Where are THEIR “holocaust” Memorials!
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The GENETICALLY CHOSEN People of God”.


    1. Your main error is using “Religious beliefs” to “attack the National Socialists.” They believed, and I think any honest organism would agree, that you can BREED “good people” and “bad people.” Why you have to consult the “Jewish” fiction-account known as “The Bible” is NOT a product of the “scientific method” in my humble opinion…


  78. Interesting the hebrew narrative won out: jews enslaved by egyptians, etc.
    Looking at the evidence, the same can be said of the “holocaust” and third reich germany.


      1. They can’t find Hoffa’s body does that mean he didn’t exist the evidence of Israel existance is everywhere you just have to know where to look


  79. I would like to read book (s) which challenge the historicity of the Old Testament in a comprehensive manner. Can you suggest such books? Thanks.


  80. Dear Ashraf,

    I will be honest, I did not read everything you wrote (yet), I am simply too busy right now. At a later moment I will take the time to do this and also get books #1 and #4 mentioned by you.

    For now just this : studying Zecharia Sitchin (yes, I know ; a jew) for a long time and reading his 12 books at least 3 times each, got me convinced that parts of the bible (the OT) have a solid historical basis, although there is much distortion as well.

    The Israeli’s were NOT ‘god’s chosen people’, but the people chosen by a minor war lord to serve as ‘cannon fodder’ (avant la lettre) and to conquer nowadays Palestine for him, on the followers of his brother MARDUK. The real name of this ‘minor war lord’ was NOT Yahweh but NERGAL and he was not particularly ‘god the creator’.

    Nergal was a liar, didn’t keep his word, had an inferiority complex, was bold early, had a limp from birth and was not taken seriously by his peers.

    I advise you to read Sitchin and – particularly – with an open mind : for 20 years I refused to look at any of his books, believing he was crazy. Now I really regret I waited so long.

    Pls read ‘Act of god’ by Graham Phillips as well, it explains everything about the ‘plagues’ and their completely natural causes.

    By the way, the picture above does NOT show Tutankhamun, but his brother.

    The real name of Tut/Toth was NINGISZSHIDDA, he constructed the pyramids, but also Stonehenge.

    I tried to find weak spots and inconsistencies in Sitchin’s books, but they were not there. Just one mistake ; the Israelites – the Exodus indeed took place – never crossed the Red Sea, but the Sea of Reeds in the Nile Delta. From there they turned east. They stayed in the desert for a long time, because a terrible bubonic plague pandemic was wiping out people in the inhabited coastal areas by the thousands.

    You know I don’t like the zionists and their eternal lies ; I value truth above all. If by accident they for once speak the truth, I have no problem in admitting this. As some kind of ‘pantheist’ – I believe we are all part of a unified quantum field – I am not in favor of a book like the bible, so it was quite a surprise noticing not everything had been made up.

    There indeed was a FLOOD (11.000 BC) because of the unstable ice cap on the S.Pole plunging into the water and caused 8000 m high tidal waves. The real name of Noah is ZIUSUDRA and he was a Sumerian.


    PS When I was about 13 I tremendously enjoyed- like Nooralhaqiqa – Waltari’s ‘Sinue The Egyptian’ ……………


    1. Hello Dirk,

      Welcome to Pyramidion.
      Interesting theories … and I have read some Sitchin, but i couldn’t go all the way through his theses for I’m not really into science fiction and pseudo-history.
      BTW, the above photo shows the golden mask of King Tutankhamun and not his brother. As a matter of fact, King Tut had no brothers


      1. Hi Ashraf,

        Thanks for reacting.

        It is a pity you don’t appreciate Sitchin, because in the 36 years since his first book was published, he has been corroborated on at least 10 different points, including (1982) a ‘brown dwarf very far away but heading direction earth’.

        You might remember Mr.Wegener and his 1916 thesis of ‘Continental Drift’, ridiculed by his fellow-scientists and costing him his career. After 60 years – when he and all his collegues had died – it became generally accepted.
        BTW Wegener postulated that there IS Continental Drift, thanks to Sitchin I understand WHY there is Continental Drift. He doesn’t discuss it, but it follows logically out of past events in our solar system, as described by him.

        Truth has nothing to do with democracy and therefore I don’t care that so few people value Sitchin’s contribution. Most in my life I have been in 100 to 1 situations and in the end – without an exception – I (the 1-minority) was proved right, although this usually lasted long – 15 years on one occasion.
        So ….. Sitchin is a true scientist, a seeker for truth, who doesn’t stop at the point where he starts undermining his own (and others’) religion.

        You don’t give facts against him either : just qualifications like ‘science-.fiction and pseudo-history’.
        I really TRIED to prove him wrong, but couldn’t. His case is strong.

        Apart from this : the official version of EVERYTHING stinks, whether it is medicine, global warming, Egyptology/history, whatever.
        I used to believe that the horrors of the holocaust were true – 6 million, gas chambers, ovens, etc – now I know that it is just a bunch of (very profitable) zionist lies.

        I’ll check the details of the mask, from whom it really is. It is definitely not Tutankhamun, although official Egyptology claims so.



    2. So much of the work here makes so much sense and it has me thinking on it deeply, But If you look at the video footage from Ron Wyatt and the gold leaf leftovers from the four spoked chariot wheel from the kings chariot that he found on an underwater land bridge spanning across the Red sea and miles of coral encrusted chariot axles strewn about in the same location along with pillars that were found marking both sides of the crossing with Moses name inscribed commemorating the spot and also many years ago i heard of a Egyptian stone that was found that talked of the whole Exodus claiming that the Israelis god did all these things against Egypt in favor for the Jews and that the king also died in the waters.

      This and other things make my head spin in confusion when I read the work here that has so much commonsense attached to it.

      If these things were faked then the fakers are super powerful people whom it would be hard to beat.
      I mean come on how can coral encrusted chariot parts be faked overnight in a lab or something?
      these fakers would be billionaires for sure.

      Currently I am reading Yadah Yah which is a free online read, and it is very compelling in how if you take all the words of Genesis from the Hebrew using all the Hebrew words it takes to fully convey its message into English and read it that way, it lines up with what science says about the universe being around fifteen billion years old and how it was all created in the order of science showing that the god whom witnessed its creation is the teller of all truth from beginning to the end and this being his stamp on the book. and it also reveals that it was translated in a way to be purposefully misleading.
      it is worth a read for those whom are like me and the writer here that just want the truth no mater what it is.

      if I do find the truth for sure and it condems me to a hell then so be it because truth is what I live for and by.

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    1. We know two things based on the Scripture:
      – the Hebrews were definitely NOT white
      – when exposed to the sun in the summer, the skin of at least some people in the population (perhaps even all) would turn as dark as black

      That pretty much says it all. The Askenazim are listed in the Bible (OT), but NOT as descendants of Israel.


      1. Why would that matter so much to you what shade of white-to-black-through-browns-and-reds they would return to?

        The Bible is NOT racist. The Torah clearly states that the rights of immigrants living among the Israelites were the same as native Israelites (with a few notable exceptions in the Assembly of the Lord).

        In other words, we don’t know anything definite about their skin color except that they were NOT Caucasian. Happy now?


    2. They must have been color-blind, then, as they did not portray themselves that way, generally… but I know I’m wasting my time… They painted themselves as almost terra cotta; reddish. But what does that matter, to people who have no interest in the evidence? Does the bust of Nefer Neferu Aten Nefertiti in the Berliner Neues Museum “look Black” to you, Tarik? This (especially in America) is an “emotionally loaded” subject and Science and observation will never win, as it is opposed by personal prejudice and unfounded belief system(s).


  81. I took a class in college, years ago,(62 now) called Bible as History. An ex-nun taught the class. I still remember a few things she told us about the Bible: The Moses story was really a retelling of an ancient Sumerian legend (I forget the Sumerian’s name) who was put in a basket and sent down the river and adopted. So it seems they appropriated this part of Sumerian history and changed the name to Moses. I thought at the time maybe it was accidental, now I am not so sure.
    Another thing she pointed out. In Genesis there are 2 stories of Eden. In the first the verse reads, “Male and female created He them”. Equality of the sexes? She explained that biblical scholars used what they called “strings” – a way of dating when different sections of the Bible were written by the evolutionary changes in language. According to her, the rib story was written 200 years after the original that had male/female created simultaneously.
    I am not a big believer. I find it hard to reconcile my yrs. of experience living in this world to the presented religious view that men are to be in charge of everything. I just can’t help thinking they haven’t done a very good job at it. So though I was willing to consider the existence of a God, I’ve never been able to believe that he/she/it could be the one as presented in the Old Testament.
    I enjoyed your article and hope to read more like it.


    1. @ Frances Owens

      While the Hebrews boast of their Bible as the most ancient literary legacy known to mankind, modern archeology and history tell us a different story.
      The Hebrew scribes had incorporated some of the most dramatic myths of the ancient Near East into their Bible, and since there was no respect for copy rights at that remote period of time they didn’t bother to mention the source, and moreover had approprited those stories to be rewritten in their holy book as an Israelite story.
      The Moses story you mentioned is actually the Hebrew adaptation of the famous autobiography of king Sargon of Akkad.

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    2. Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness: Genesis 1:26-27

      Without the Holy trinity, the Bible cannot be understood. Faith is a gift….pray for it.


      1. Faith is a gift, and ignorance is bliss. Hold fast to them both.

        You need to realize that the whole biblical edifice, including the books, the stories, the theology, the teachings, the morality, the people and personalities, etc., are all fabricated falsehoods. And for sure, just for the sake of future arguments, you cannot use the internal claims of a fictional book or story to prove its correctness in reality.


      2. Faith is the excuse people use when they have no goods reason to believe something.
        Oh and Gen also said if you eat the fruit you will die, as with so much OT -fail- also god was walking elsewhere when the walking talking snake spoke to eve, so not omnipresent – fail- and now the excuses start.


      3. Something tells me someone here is unaware of the classical definition of Omnipresence.


      4. ANOTHER religious moron! The “Old Covenant” has nothing to do with the “Trinity” adopted by the Christians. While the saying “YHVH is echad” (“God is One”) may be interpreted as being “one made up of many” as some Messianic Jews tend to do, there is absolutely NO “Trinity” in the Old Covenant. NONE.


    3. A crisis/awakening in life and faith has lead me to the new realization, i am hated by Jews and Muslims. not disliked, belittled, or tolerated, but hated as I am a gentile. It was all the lies that woke me up. It is far too much to go into here as I have been researching for years the deceptions of free masons, Illuminati, currency, banks, international private banks, wars of at least the last 200 years, propaganda everywhere, social engineering, etc. Anyway, due to so many lies that are so large most people will not entertain they are living in a complete lie, I though what about religion, have I been lied to there also? I found this most interesting article/research paper that quoted the Old and New Testament, and ancient Hebrew text to put out there, with out name or identifiers of any kind on a pdf file site arguing that the Old Testament was the great deception. That the God spoken of in it was mean, spiteful, jealous, not the Father that Jesus describes, though I am still working on it and the “Amen”, “hallelujah” and trying to wade through the crap, misinterpretations, mistranslations, and just plain lies, and of course who wrote it, when and why. I’ll get back to you on that in a decade or three. I think I’m going to need to learn Hebrew, Arabic, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. lol I was actually looking for it again when stumble to this site. Unfortunately I can’t find it again, I was looking either “great deception” or “biblical great deception”.
      It sure is nice to hear from others that do not accept whats being shoveled in their general direction.


      1. God tested others letting them prove how they’d act behind His back. He was in fact omnipresent, just not showing it during the temptation. Most commenter on here seem very biggoted like Nazis, and stupid as apes.


    4. Since when are nuns (or catholic priests, or evangelical pastors) an authority on the Bible?

      Read Revelation chapter 17 and the following. This is what the Lord thinks of the Mother Church (=the scarlet prostitute riding on the beast, the mother of harlots) and her Daughter Churches (the harlots).

      Christianity is not found in churches. It is found in a person’s heart.

      Also, beware of those who say they are Jews but they are not.

      “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9).

      “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee” (Revelation 3:9).

      Our times have been foretold. Doesn’t that give you the chills? The Bible is unsurpassed in its accuracy. This is coming from someone who’s been researching it for years. My advice: quit stalling and seek the truth with an open mind an a humble heart, and you will be amazed at what you will find.


  82. Dear Ashraf,

    I don’t know how I got to your blog, but let me tell you that I’m really happy that I did,

    Somehow you need to get your posting to greater audience, I’ve been living in the states for 25 yrs and almost fed up with the way the Isrealis control the media and filter all the news and ideas to finally come to their “dream” of concurring Egypt, but shame on us not exposing them the way you do in couple of your blogs. With the new era with free communication through the Internet we can do that, but we need to organize before getting to the public in mass because once “they” sense any risk they will react and you know how they react to anyone threaten their goals.

    Good job and keep on writing please!

    Yours, Egyptian American who still loves the Nile & Alexandria Beaches


    1. Hi Egyptian,

      Glad to have received your comment.
      I agree with you that we must cooperate and join forces to expose the Zionist duplicity.
      Well, you could help by subscribing to my website email mewsletter and share my posts and the site with your contacts.

      Thank you



    2. In the Jewish Teachings (Torah) it is mentioned that God told the Hebrews through Moses that if they believe in him (or those teachings said to come from him) he will make them all priests. So, in the Ancient Egypt the priests were high clergy who worked for the king directly with great influence over the lower population. They therefore used to display/run the different tasks in the temples (for whatever religion was requested in the session). That means they were experts in propaganda already at that time. Probably they have realized how much power one can acquire if they “teach” something that’s into their interest instead of the pure factual religious things for the corresponding subgroup of the population asking for it. Quite possible that their GREED have pushed them to want more and “polish” the propaganda in a way that made the king feel “attacked”. It could be possible that that was the reason whey they were expelled from the country. Of course, one can turn the facts and say they actually wanted to leave. Well, they were probably FORCED to leave. So, they have terrorized the population by bringing all the plagues, etc. That’s how they got dispersed throughout the world. And that’s how you got the traveling clowns or traveling theater Jews in Europe or somewhere else in the world. They enter a land and run their propaganda. Nowadays it’s TV or newspapers.


      1. The whole “war” of the 18th dynasty was precisely between the Priestly class and the King, say some.. It’s been theorized that Akhenaten created his deity as a rebellion against the “strangle-hold” the priest class had on Egyptian society… He was trying to “shut them out.” He lost, of course… and eventually the High Priest of Amun became king… So Akhenaten’s “religious reforms” may have been an attempt to shut out the priestly class and reestablish the power of the king. All of this is conjecture of course; the historical records available are not detailed enough (and were also written by the “victors”) – so we’ll probably never know for sure.


  83. I am having to rethink a lifetime of connection with the history of Egypt. Of course mine was more connection with the common people, the arts, and spirit, the way people lived. I never dreamt I was royalty reincarnated or such. At 14 my favourite ever novel was “The Egyptian” by Mika Waltari.

    And when I was a young woman, my idea of a romantic afternoon was being caught in a snowstorm in the Royal Ontario Museum with a date, and of course a picnic. I spent hours immersed in walls of stolen hieroglyphics, IE one from the tomb of Hatshepsut, just thinking of those times so long ago.

    I watched the Hollywood pap movies, starved for visuals but never felt I was watching the truth. But then, all my life I had a profound distrust of anything thrust upon people, just a suspicious sort and it has proven me right over the years.

    And now this. THank you for your work here. A LOT to think about and absorb. If you do not mind, I would like to post this on my blog because I have a few readers who are interested in the past.

    And btw, consider, if the Israelis are so desperate to control media now, as they have attempted regarding Gaza, or WW2, or WW1 or ANYTHING they have wanted to control, (yeah, I am a bit of a revisionist if, by revisionist you mean undoing the lies and putting the truth back up), why not the Bible? They rewrite whatever they can for their plans…. just as they rewrote the book they now uses as a real estate deal with God to take over the area of Palestine.

    But I digress… thank you for your work.

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    1. Thank you for the nice words and of course you could post it at your colorful and well designed bolg.
      ..As a matter of fact, I liked the way my post looked on your blog.
      .. The Israelites committed the ultimate sin, they had tampered with ancient history, and what makes it unforgivably grave is the fact that most of us still believe it and embrace it as the unshakeable truth.
      .. My best.


      1. All quite interesting, Dr. Ezzat. Thx for this thought provoking article & the other I just read in VT.

        Yes, quite true. It seems lies are part of their existence. They also commissioned the “Scofield Bible” in the early 20th Century, with many made-up details serving their interests, eventually entering them info the actual the ’60’s.

        I’m not familiar with the Qur’an, but how do most Muslims react to what you write here considering they base it on Judaic teachings.

        Also, no way is the Jewish Bible the most ancient of scriptures, as someone has written below, for the “Bhagavad Gita” of Hinduism, meaning the Song of God, was in existence at least 5000 yrs BC.

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    2. You read Waltari? Then you know of the Aten worship.
      Some scholars, such as Sigmund Freud, have pointed out the obvious implausibilities on the Moses story and have sugge3sted that “Moses”, an Egyptian word meaning “Prince” may have been another name for the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), and the story of the Exodus a highly romanticized telling of his attempted return from exile, with the usual spin so that failure to reclaim his throne is sold to later generations as a symbolic victory.
      The whole point is, the “jews” are exiled ATEN worshippers who “morphed” from being peace-lovers to venomous war-mongers from resentment over being ousted from power in Egypt. Palestine was a PROVINCE of Egypt, so how could anyone “escape” to it and “conquer” it?! They were EXILED to it.
      Moses was “raised” as an Egyptian Prince, because Moses WAS an Egyptian Prince. As a matter of FACT, the “Hebrews” are EGYPTIAN.
      The Hebrews, the participants of the fabled Exodus, were EGYPTIAN refugee worshipers of ATEN, the MONOTHEISTIC Egyptian LIGHT God.
      After Amenhotep IV aka Akenhaten elevated Aten to THE god of Egypt (THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME)
      the priests of Amon and the lesser gods worked to undermine Aten. Upon the death of Pharoh Akenhaten, the “ONE” god, Aten, was
      overthrown. The temples and all trace of Aten were pulled down and erased. The followers of Aten were persecuted and harrassed.
      After some years of this, the followers of Aten made an “exodus” (a going out) from Egypt, to the COLONIES of Egypt in Palestine.
      NOTE: It is not called a HOMECOMING or RETURN, as it would have been if the participants were SEMITES originally from Palestine.
      They THEMSELVES termed it an EXODUS. [EX out of, from, and HODOS, way]
      This is people who WERE Egyptian and LEFT, went OUT OF Egypt.
      The followers of Aten wandered in the desert for years (40?). They assimilated legends, myths, and People, into their Religion and Tribe.
      The first generation of refugees passed on, and their religion morphed from a “loving, peace, LIGHT and enlightened god”
      to a vengeful, resentful, scab-picking War god.
      THIS is why there is NO Egyptian archeological evidence of a Jewish/Semitic presence OR exodus.
      The Exodus consisted of EGYPTIANS leaving Egypt in the face of religious persecution that included the complete erasure of the God of the Exodus, ATEN.

      How else could one explain what is clearly written in the Bible itself:
      For millenia the Jews(Egyptian Refugees) have WAILED about their abject slavery under “Torturous, Inhumane” conditions in Egypt.
      Name ONE other “religion” that has a HOLIDAY celebrating the genocide of the CHILDREN of their opponents?
      THAT is what “Passover” is. They are celebrating the deaths of the First Born children of the Egyptians.
      More then that, they are celebrating revenge on the Worshipers of Aton for overthrowing their god Aten.

      Let us take a little look at the abject, “slaves” in Egypt:
      How is it that “impoverished, abject slaves” have lambs to slaughter, flocks and herds?
      Exodus c.12 v.21
      Exodus c.12 v.32&38
      Exodus c.35 v.22-23
      How is it that “abject impoverished slaves” have neighbors with GOLD and SILVER and JEWELS to LOAN to these “slaves”
      Exodus c.3 v.22
      Exodus c.11 v.2
      Exodus c.12 v.35-36

      The god ATEN was overthrown @ 1240 B.C.
      After years of persecution the followers of Aten left Egypt IN AN EX-HODOS @ 1210 B.C.


      1. If the followers of Aten allowed themselves to become infected with the vindictiveness of “The Bible” then they betrayed themselves, their faith and the founder thereof… and became what they revolted against in the first place! But I must say; even Amun can’t hold a candle to YHVH when it comes to glorifying massacring children, infidels, etc. Besides; there was no racial component to Atenism, as may be inferred from one of the two extant famous “Hymns to the Aten” written by Akhenaten himself. Where the racial component, then? I think you’re fishing in the wrong sea, and have caught the wrong fish! Blaming Atenism for that abomination which later became “The Abrahamic religions” is a “Crime against the Gods!” (I’m speaking somewhat tongue-in-cheek here…)


      2. Walter, you are reading some adulterated translation.

        In the US as of today, there are neighborhoods where one family is impoverished, living in a cramped apartment and slaving away during the graveyard shift while only a few houses away, billionaires are showing off their twelve Jaguars, Ferraris, and such. It’s real. Not such a big stretch of imagination at all.

        > How is it that “impoverished, abject slaves” have lambs to slaughter, flocks and herds?

        They were the flocks that some of the Hebrews had been tending on behalf of the Egyptians (don’t make me find you the exact verse) and their own families. This may be hard to imagine for someone accustomed to the convenience of the microwave, but a steak that you may find at Walmart originated as an animal that would have liked to belong to a herd or a flock. That’s why the Hebrews had flocks and herds: flocks and herds were food. Do you think today’s poor people don’t eat? (Am I talking with a 3yr old?)


    3. Your words are not nice, and what of the garbage in the qur’an and the false claims of Arabs to be Palestinian?


      1. That place (Palestine) has been conquered by so many nations… The original inhabitants were believed to be either Cretans or Phoenicians… For what that’s worth… All mixed up for sure!


  84. How very interesting! We know the Hebrew scribes made stuff up to frighten the uneducated people into doing whatever they wanted. We know that Israel still hates Egypt and blames them for years of slavery etc. This certainly changes all that history.


      1. I concur. It was, if anything, a analogy of walking forty years in the desert – going away on a journey, finding yourself – discovering your truth, Moses was at his third and final 40 year period of age from 80-120 years.


      2. anyone who conquered another civilization back then took slaves! a child could figure that out!


      3. It amazes me at how this analogy has been made to be supportive of truth especially after all of this time and research. People have fallen the lie of this matter…in fact…people have become lazy and instead of doing their own research and finding out for themselves, they’d rather sit somewhere and let someone tell tell them that this was so instead of using their own due diligence and researching the matter for themselves. For many, ignorance is bliss.

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      4. So what’s the point, whether the king was named pharaoh or whether his house was pharaoh; it never is the seat of authority that is important here , not the rhetoric and play on words.
        Is this supposed to be some great Revelation?
        Who were the Hibaru then? Who were the people that Thutmose claims to have driven out of Egypt?
        Fact is the more history that is supported by archealogy, the less we know?
        I wonder how it is possible that discoveries lean towards civilization to be so much more ancient than the Egyptians regardless what their rulers call themselves.
        The Hebrews didn’t write anything to scare anyone; they wrote of things often only explainable by todays refound technology.
        Such things the had no possible concept of, until there is conclusive proof that any part of the Bible is not historically accurate, wouldn’t we actually have to first understand the parts you mentioned first, including perhaps who constructed the sphinx and why, why just one?
        Why was the largest pyramid, the highest built on a granite platform above those at Giza dissembled, and by whom.
        Obviously Akhnetaten corresponded with rulers in what is now the middle east, including Israel.
        All kings kings of kingdoms acknowledged by the writers of the OT at the time or thereafter.
        We hardly have answers to simple questions as to why Tut wasn’t buried in his tomb? How did Egyptians light the depths of their tombs without fire; there is no evidence of smoke residue?

        Anyone can put forward unproven suppositions to support their ideological beliefs my friend but I can tell you, those seldom ever lead to the actual truth or any discovery worth repeating.
        Before Moses and the Israelites are written out of history, let’s first at least complete factual historical data which can be fully supported by FACTS, not suppositions concerning the actual history of Egypt, then see how Moses and the Israelites fit in the factual supported history of ancient Egypt and its rulers.
        It has not been done. The mystery king, pharaoh or whatever who ruled between King Tut, Ai and his predecessors looks like a female?
        You see that is a supposition I made based on my interpretation of what I think a male Egyptian king or pharaoh should look like, unsupported by any facts.

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      5. Egyptian history has shown that whenever Khemet/Kemet lost a battle they would erase it from their history. Kemet was actually notorious for erasing and modifying history to make them seem victorious all the time. The article says the word Pharoah never existed in ancient Kemet yet you call it Egypt a name that wasn’t given to Kemet until the Conquest of Alexander the Great! This article is contradictory to its purpose of actual ancient terminology by that alone.
        Now about the Hebrews. According to the philosophy of “Remember the Victory Forget the Losses” the Hebrews, who were detestable in the eyes of the Kemetic people do to their sacrificial ways involving sacred animals, who were not even worthy of human dignity and blasphemous to your gods actually embarrassed ALL of EGYPT and their gods and kings by laying the smack down is something that meets the qualifications of erase that from anywhere in Kemet its too embarrassing for the generations to see.

        The Bible is very unbiased to mans perception of God and the History of Israel. It could have been reedited EASILY to align accurately with history if history was true. The fact that it doesn’t tells you more about the history we believe as true more so than the bible account of its . History is absolutely pseudo.

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      6. @ Brandon,
        First of all the land of the Nile had not been called ‘Egypt’ after the conquest of Alexander the Great 332 BC, many historians who traveled to ancient Egypt and the Levant many centuries before Alexander the Great) had left verified documents undoubtedly referring to the land as Egypt/Aegyptus (Not KMT, or even hwt-ka-Ptah)
        Amongst those historians were, Herodotus who visited Egypt around 450 BC, Homer (9th century BC), Strabo (63 BC – AD 24) and (Hecateus 550 BC – 476 BC) they all left maps showing the land of the Pyramids referred to as Aegyptus. More importantly none of them, especially Herodotus who mingled with the common people of Egypt at the time, ever referred to the tradition of designating the king of Egypt as ‘Pharaoh’. In other words, the western historians (not the Egyptians whom you believe erased any trace of your sacred and infallible story of the [Zombie style] Exodus) are the ones who debunk your Biblical stories as pseudo-history (or better yet fake history as revealed in my book)

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      7. Question, does you book mention that the Israelites were actually black people as seen in the Assyrian depictions and Early Roman depictions of the Israelites. Which also goes in accordance to their very own description of themselves in the Bible. Do you mention that the modern day Jew is not an Israelite descendant? If not then there might be some very important information you have overlooked.

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      9. Your clueless comment needed not capitalization. While you were raving about how ‘Qur’an verses corroborated the ‘Exodus tale’, haven’t it ever crossed you mind that the same ‘Qur’an’ never mentioned the Red Sea nor Egypt. Obviously you are one of those ‘huddled beneath their dogma’ who believe that Egypt is synonymous with ‘Misr’ … of course you do. Lucky you, indeed ignorance is bliss. No wonder your parents named you ‘Haroon/Aaron’


    1. How can you be FROM Egypt and be an Egyptian slave? The Israelites where from Egypt, Moses was a prince of Egypt and high priest and the Israelites were his followers so they were Egyptian which means that all people called “Jews” today are descendents of Egyptians. Their religion is based on Egyptian mysticism every part of the bible comes from Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Sumeria sources. Jews are a made up people with a fake version of Egyptian religion.

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      1. it does not penetrate your thick skull that there was not Mosses, not jewish slaves in Egypt and all current ‘history” is crap invented by ASKE – NAZI crimi8nals just like lies about alleged holocaust.Aske _- nazis murderers killed more than 10 millions Ukrainians by starving them more than 80 million Russians and started all wars and revolutions in the past 700 yearsand continue to this day


      2. Israelites were not from Egypt, they were from Mesapotamia. Jacob/Israel and his family went to Egypt during a famine. Israel did not originate from Egypt, and the Egyptians were not black. They were white. They were the off spring of Ham through Mizram. Ham was the youngest son of Noah who was perfect in his generation, genes, genome, blood line. In other words he was pure blooded, he wasn’t a hybrid. He was a direct descendant of Adam, and according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #120 and #119 Adam was white, he was ruddy, he blushed, he showed blood in the face red.

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      3. The name given, in Psalm 105:23, 17; Psalm 106:22 (compare 78:51), to Egypt as a descendant of Ham, son of Noah. As Shem means “dusky,” or the like, and Japheth “fair,” it has been supposed that Ham meant, as is not improbable, “black.” This is supported by the evidence of Hebrew and Arabic, in which the word chamam means “to be hot” and “to be black,” the latter signification being derived from the former.

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      4. Your comment is a live testimony to the hordes of huddled masses brainwashed by the Israelite stories and their mythical table of nations.
        I sincerely feel sorry for you and millions of Africans with the same shallowness. You people don’t perceive the world except thru Israelite prism. Ham, Shem and Japheth are but mythical names in a mythical tale that most probably goes back to a mythical time (That has absolutely nothing to do with anybody except the storyteller). You’d be better off if you stuck to your own traditions and culture and let go of the (color-based) inferiority complex.


      5. Read Arthur Koestler’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe” – if you can find it. Came out in the 70’s. He is (or was) Jewish by birth. In that work he details the history of the Khazar Empire of c. 1200’s on the Caspian sea (I think that’s the right area…) All the pagans were “going modern” and adopting “the new religions” back then. Russia converted to Orthodox Christianity in 1088. The Khazars were a Turkic or Mongol people. Back then the king would convert to thus-and-such a religion, and his subjects would convert too (or be converted… whether they liked it or not.) The Khazars didn’t want to be under the thumb of Constantinople (Orthodox Christian) or Rome (Catholic), or the Muslims either… so, to maintain their independence the king decided to “become a Jew.” He did, and his kingdom along with him. Most modern Jews are descendants of the Khazars; not the original Hebrews, as Dr. Koestler reports. As a consequence of this, they have no right to Palestine based on racial concerns… but then, who ever heard of someone being able to claim a lineage they don’t really possess, and to seize a territory their imagined ancestors lived in two millennia in the past… The entire idea is preposterous, and would not have been possible had not the Europeans been infected with Christianity.

        I must give the Jews credit (original Jews that is) – Many of the stories in the bible are emotionally appealing and dramatically intense; especially that of Joseph (to me.) However, I would not be surprised to learn that these renditions are merely fantasies… typical of the great literature which so many ancient civilizations created, but in no way literal or true in a scientific sense.

        Let’s take Homer as an example. It’s been demonstrated that the GEOGRAPHY in the Iliad and Odyssey is accurate. But – Minotaurs? Winged horses? Sirens? I doubt anyone really believes that portion of the story… though Schliemann FOUND Troy (Ilium) based on the physical descriptions given in the Iliad. So…Even if many parts of Homer’s works are ALSO “emotionally appealing” that fact does not make them true, either!

        Egypt (Khemet, “The Black Land” – referring to the arable soil around the Nile) is the foundation upon which even the Greek civilization was built… and ours too, and the Romans, etc. Even the Masons have absconded with much of their material… not to mention the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”

        The Jews still call Khemet “Mitzraim” – a term that the “Egyptians” never applied to themselves. Don’t know where that term comes from, but it isn’t of “Egyptian” derivation; of that I am sure.

        Regards, and hope this is found informative.

        A fan of the Aten.


      6. Hello again Wayne,
        Of course I’m familiar with Arthur Koestler’s book. Indeed it is a milestone in investigating the origin of European Jews. Combined with the work of Shlomo Sand, they have cleared a lot of misconceptions about the myth of continuous lineage of the ancient Israelites. For more on this read my new book ‘Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites‘, available now for purchase on Kindle.


      7. I think you need to read the story as you don’t know it. If you knew the story then you would have never made that comment. Education over Assumption. Read the story first friend.

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      8. I cannot believe someone actually said that Ancient Kemet was actually White! My brother stop watching TV and read a book. The Hammites and the Shemites looked very much a like. The daughters of Jerusalem was dark as the tents of Kedar according to Song of Solomon. Moses could not be identified with Hebrew until it was revealed since they look so much a like. The Cushite woman he married told her father that she was saved by an Egyptian. Joseph was vizior to the pharoah. Joseph’s own brothers could not recognize him. That is how much the Shemite and Hammites or Kemet and Israel resembled each other. The WHITE WASHING of history has nothing to do with a racial inferiority complex as it has to do with actualit . Kemet invited falsification of Documents Pseudo-History. Most history and archeology is not reported to the public until it is filtered through those who seek control it. Anyone who believes Kemet history has to take it with a grain of salt. Kemet doesn’t take many losses or have embarrassing moments of defeat. All people who study history know that biblical history is as verifiable as scholarship history. History has been bought and polutted with EGO.

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    2. Today’s jews are Kazarians and today’s Egyptians are from many years of being watered down with Greek or Roman blood. Ancient Hebrews and Egyptians where of darker hue.

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      1. Sorry, all DNA researches and studies are Zionist-tailored and forged. Actually they are carried out to influence people whose mind could be swayed by the lure of fake clinical trials. Reminds me of the fake historical/archeological finds that try to link David to Palestine. How Pathetic.


      2. They almost invariably (in the tombs) portrayed themselves as almost terra cotta in colour… Kind of red/orange, for whatever that means.


    3. Not so fast, Israelites were in Egypt and their Egyptian name is Shasu – Hicksos – Shepherd Kings.
      There is a stela that describes their exodus.
      Pharaoh means Phr a Hebrew for Bull.
      So in Hebrew Bible the king of Egypt is a Bull, Apis Bull.- Its the Hebrew meaning for Pharaoh.

      Just like Moses – Moshe – Moshta Drawn from water.


      1. The Shasu are not the same as the Israelites so that is incorrect. Shasu was merely a name for people who traveled by foot, generally herders. This could have included Israelites, but was certainly not exclusive to them. Outside of this, we see no permeation of Jewish custom in Egyptian society. How could this be? I assume you speak of the tempest stela, which also provides no proof of Israelites or slaves. It could be used as bad evidence that the exodus took place in that there appears to be a very bad storm that is blamed on a great god, but outside of this there are no parallels. These connections you make can be easily refuted and as a result are not proof. They are merely poor evidence on which you make major assumptions. They could just as easily be used to give evidence to something else.

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      2. Actually, even if you do not consider Michael Tsarion’s works, there were a number of archaeological digs done just before the Aswan Dam was built–now all under water (by design) which showed that the first kings of Egypt were Caucasian. Even DNA test done to King Tut indicated a mainly European derived genetic tree. Either way, the Jews knew what they were doing when they reshaped their Bible right before all the libraries of the ancient world went up in smoke…


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      3. Pharaoh a “bull”. How fitting.
        An interesting insight… (He was like a bully, actually.)

        WAYNE HILL wrote:
        > The Jews still call Khemet “Mitzraim” – a term that the “Egyptians”
        > never applied to themselves.
        Not unprecedented. The Poles call the Germans “niemiec” (“no-talking”), which has nothing to do with how the Germans call themselves (“Deutscher”). See an analogy?

        > Don’t know where that term comes from,

        Mitzraim (=Egypt in Hebrew) means STRONGHOLDS OF DISTRESS (plural).
        That’s the closest to the meaning as it was understood by the Hebrews.

        > but it isn’t of “Egyptian” derivation; of that I am sure.
        Why should it be of “Egyptian” derivation? No reason whatsoever. What fancy names the ancient Egyptians called themselves is irrelevant. Haven’t you ever had a teacher who got nicknamed (behind his or her back)? That’s what we are talking about here. The Hebrew name for Egypt speaks volumes of the oppression the Hebrews endured there. Yes, Mr. Ezzat, that’s a statement about the contents of your book. Get your facts straight.