Palestine is not the Jews’ Promised Land (New book)

“Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” … this is not a hypothesis nor a claim. It is the naked truth we have been blind to for two thousand years”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Egypt knew no Pharaohs cover art-15-1- resizedHaving finished my first ebook, a lengthy process that has taken two years of scholarly research and field work, I have the pleasure to resume my contribution to Pyramidion website in a series of articles about my new book.

The book’s title is (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites). It is a kind of investigative research that digs deep into the ancient history of Egypt and Israel. I know that the mere mention of ‘ancient history’ will be a turn off for many of you, but bear with me for what is revealed in my ebook is the untold story of the ancient Israelites’ and their real history.

The new revelations in the book are so mind-blowing they are bound to change the whole Zionist paradigm upon which modern day Israel has been established as a state for almost 70 years now.

As you well know I’m pretty much into ancient history, especially ancient Near Eastern history. Why the ancient Near East in particular; well because of the following reasons:

  • It is not only the place historians see as the cradle of civilization (ancient Sumer & Egypt) but also, as I see it, the birthplace of organized religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).
  • It is the place that witnessed the inception of the Israelite tales of God’s chosen people and their Promised Land (the very seeds of fanaticism and later on Zionism and modern day Israel).
  • It is also the land that witnessed the demise of ancient knowledge and wisdom (heralding man’s long dark ages and obscurantism).
  • And last but not least the land upon which one of humanity’s biggest deception happened, I mean the Moses and Pharaoh of Egypt duplicity (Yes, Egypt was never ruled by Pharaohs, and Moses never set foot in Egypt).

In other words, neither Egypt was the land of the Israelite Exodus nor Palestine is their Promised Land (so much for the Arab/Israeli conflict and millions of Palestinian victims and refugees)

Now, pause her for a while and let the echo of that revelation recur in the back of your mind- Palestine is not the Jewish Promised land – shocking revelation eh!

Behind the story/myth of Egyptian Pharaoh is a staggering two-thousand-year deception/conspiracy (exposed by academic research that yielded amazing evidence-based findings –amazing is actually an understatement).

The scale of the deception is enormous;

  • Tampering with the place names of the original Israelite stories
  • Changing the location where those stories happened to a completely different geography.
  • Hijacking the landscape of the world’s most ancient civilizations and turning it into a backdrop for the patriarchal stories
  • Tainting the grand stature and culture of ancient Egypt and demonizing their kings (as heathens and hard-hearted Pharaohs)
  • Expanding the size and shifting the borders of the Israelite alleged promised land (from a tiny and arid terrain in south Arabia to the fertile crescent bordered by ancient Egypt in the west and Mesopotamia/Iraq to the East
  • Making use of the grandeur of ancient Egypt has transformed the structure and the milieu of the Israelite stories from an extremely primitive and local tribal tales into globally disseminated stories.

Obviously the Jews have an ancient and inherent proficiency of affiliating with and then controlling world superpowers. They did that in ancient times with the Persians (before the release from Captivity 539 BC) then with the Greeks in 3rd century BC (a complicity that led to forging their fake Septuagint Bible). The same complicity was repeated centuries later between the Roman monarchy and the Jewish elite (a duplicity that led to the tailoring of Christianity- an absolutely pro-Roman new faith 1st century AD)

And currently that same complicity has long been in progress for almost a century now between the US/EU and Zionism.

Supported by a new and  unique work of high profile scholars, the author of (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites) has revisited the ancient Near East and unearthed the real history of Ancient Egypt and the Israelites.

Get ready to think the unthinkable and imagine the never thought imaginable, for if Egypt knew no Pharaohs then it goes without saying that Egypt never Knew Moses either. And if Moses never set foot in Egypt, then The Exodus’ road map to the Promised Land has to be redrawn.

Not only is the author going to stop this far but he is going to hit the readers with more explosive revelations such as neither Abraham nor Joseph ever set foot in Egypt or even dreamed about it.

And if that’s not enough the readers will be in for a stunning surprise when they will find out that the true Pharaoh is not Egyptian and that he actually came from the arid and tribal land of Arabian desert.

And that’s not all, brace yourselves for more astonishing revelations uncovering the Arabic roots of Judaism and where exactly the Jewish Patriarchs Abraham, Joseph and Moses lived and died.

Still the biggest surprises this book will reveal is that ancient Egypt never witnessed any of the stories of the Jewish patriarchs and that the land of the Nile valley knew neither Pharaohs nor any Israelites.

Neither Egypt is the land of the Israelites’ Exodus nor Palestine their promised land.

NB, the book is available on US Amazon for only ($4.99) and at a lower price on Kindle Unlimited. Click here to download the ebook (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

N.B. You don’t have to have a Kindle device to read the book. Download a free Kindle reading app from Amazon Here.

18 thoughts on “Palestine is not the Jews’ Promised Land (New book)

  1. Thank you Dr Ezzat. I have read books for Salibi and Fadel Rubaiee, and also some books for Thompson and others . I will begin soon to read your book .But also i read a lot of your articles. And as a Palestinian refugee i was so astonished of how many evidences these books have revealed and how we were ignorant and spoon-fed fake stories affected by zionists, media and, we muslims, our ignorant, and illiterate life that we live now. I can understand jews if they create a fairy tale for their benefit but i can not understand why the muslim scholars (special recent ones) who interpreted Quran have interpreted it in a way that serve the jewish and zionist interests. And sadly say that they insist til now , to give the zionists a credit on our land. I have read the Quran and i stop a lot on verses that mention the story of Moses , Israelites and David…there is no mention of Palestine nor Egypt (land of Nile) and there are many verses that show that there is another story and not that classical one. f.example there are verses that mention that Israelites were a very tiny group, they had kingdom before the period of Moses, they inhereted the land of Pharaoh, the meeting between king Solomon and queen of Sheba (Yemen), the journey is short between these 2 kingdoms and and……etc. Agree or not ,as the Torah, the Quran has absolutely another story and another theater but the interpretation of Quran by muslim scholars has distorted it. I believe that the history will change in the next decade and a new history will be written for the middle east , the secret is under the earth of Yemen .What we need in middle east is to change the education system, encourage people to read, to think to analyse and to be free from the power of dictatorship and the clergy.
    Sorry for my poor english.


    1. ‘Marhaba’ Abo Kareem. Your English is fine. Thank you for the insightful comments you’ve submitted on my website. And indeed we need to re-examine our (distorted) Ancient Arabian History if we want to seek the historical truth, if any, about the Israelite stories. The Zionist occupation of the Land of Palestine is (primarily) based on fake historical interpretation of those stories as mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran. Unless the stories of both the Exodus and the conquest of the so called ‘Promised Land’ are properly re-examined and re-conceived in their native (ancient Arabian) geography and culture, the Palestinian plight will remain far from being eventually resolved. My ‘Salmat’ to you and all the Palestinians in the diaspora. Spread the word brother.

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  2. Love your quest for the truth Dr Ezzat. Another issue involving alteration in the bible is the location of Mt Sinai. Some americans claim they found the ‘real’ Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia as
    ‘Jebel el Lawz’ or ‘ Jabal al Lawz’ I think. They found 12 pillars & constructed stone alters.
    I was wondering if you might take on the challenge of writing a book about the true site of Mt Sinai. The origins of the early Hebrew speakers was clearly on the Arabian peninsular given Hebrew is a semitic language.


    1. Sinai might really be Jebel al Lawz, but that would only mean that the the “Red Sea” where the Hebrews crossed and the Egyptians drowned was the Gulf of Aqaba.


  3. I’ve always enjoyed, and respected your work. Sadly I didn’t see that you had the new book till today. Getting it now. I still wish that more people would open their minds to what is said, rather than thinking they “got the point” that you are attacking their religion. Far too many simply perceive not just your work , but any work they disagree with as an attack. Nuance is all but dead in my country(USA). Not exactly healthy worldwide. Any real science or religion must be a search for truth.


  4. Thank you for interest Sir 🙂 I hope to start reading your book this week. Let me know what you think about my research as well. By the you mention the issue of pyramids in your book ? If no, do you have any knowledge about any ancient accounts on the great pyramid of Giza ? Are there any old written reports about its existence back then ?


  5. Hello Sir ! I’ve just stumbled upon your research on a Polish site. Your claim that Israelites have never been to Egypt nor Palestine is their ‘promised land’ made me…smile. Because this really is the truth. I need to read your book as soon as possible. My excitement is deeply connected with my and my Polish friends’ research. You claim that the real Promised Land of the Israelites is Saudi Arabia. We have quite a different opinion on this…The real Promised Land of the Israelites is Europe and the real Jerusalem is in Turkey (Yoros) You may have heard of Formenko’s research on this topic, we have taken it much further I think. Did you know that there are a lot of verses with the word ‘sea’ in Septuagint that were NOT translated into English ? Like this word wasn’t there. It’s because the location doesn’t match. Septuagint is the first version of the…lie. It wasn’t a very precise lie though, that’s why the inconsistencies can be tracked. I haven’t described the ‘aqueous’ issues yet though. Please, have a look at our research on the real Promised Land here:


    1. I would like to add something to what I wrote that you may not have heard of.. Please don’t take me as trying to ‘talk big’ or brag myself. This just what I and some other Polish people believe in and I think we have some evidence to back up our claims. This just has never been described in English, anywhere I think. So let me just outline the topic.
      Not only is the Promised Land Europe but also the Chosen Nation are the Slavic or white people. The original language of the Bible was paleo Hebrew which is completely different from the modern ‘Hebrew’. The conncection between these two languages is a lie. Paleo Hebrew is similar to…slavic runic writings though. You might say that it was some kind of pre-slavic dialect in fact.
      The so called Jews stole the real Israelites’ identity. Made a false ‘return’ to a false ‘promised land’ that has never been a promised land..


      1. Thank you Ka rol,
        Very interesting thesis, though unheard of before.
        I look forward to hearing you thoughts on my book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)
        In the meantime, I will be taking a look at you research.


  6. Hello again Dr. Ezzat,
    If the Greek translation was played with to introduce EGYPT of the Nile River? There must have been other documents like the Coptic, the Arameic, the Syriac versions of the bible?

    I actually left Egypt 45 years ago never to look back, but after the new revolution, I started to watch Egyptian talk shows on you tube, where I discovered that Copt = Egypt, and that all Egyptians citizens can call themselves Copts. George


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