Crash Course: Ancient Egypt

“Get ready for a journey back in time, to the dwelling land of the gods, to the first dawn of human conscience, to ancient Egypt.”

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The Bible Unearthed (The Documentary) – Part III

“Based on the best-selling book (The Bible Unearthed) by prominent Israeli archeologist Israel Finkelstein & coauthored by American historian Neil Asher Silberman, this enthralling documentary sheds new light on how the Bible came into existence, and reveals how much is myth and how much is history?

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The Sphinx

“I think, one of the most astounding facts in the history of man that a man was able to contain within his mind, to conceive, the conception of the Sphinx.”

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The Notes of Karnak

“Karnak has no distinctive personality. Built under many kings, its ruins are as complex as were probably once its completed temples, with their shrines, their towers, their courts, their hypo-style halls” From “The Spell of Egypt” Robert Hichens   Buildings have personalities. Some fascinate as beautiful women fascinate; some charm as a child may charm, […]

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