DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: Power to The People of Historic Egypt

Egypt goes back in history thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians didn’t only build enduring wonders like the obelisks and temples but they also established a lingering centralized government with the king dominating and ruling like God over a highly organized society.

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Dr. Ashraf Ezzat: Egypt to Central Park: We Want Cleopatra`s Needle Back

The value of the obelisk is driven from the thousands of years it has managed to endure with the inscriptions in hieroglyphs- ancient Egyptian writing- intact on the surface of the stone.

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A film by Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Film review

To tell a story, that is one thing we all are familiar with. But to tell a historic story, that is something a few are capable of.

This is the kind of movies which impression lasts more than you may expect. That is because FARAON throws fundamental questions about power, religion and a not so usual element in the movies, economy. And from a very realistic approach, surrounded by intrigues and superstition. That was, probably, the world in Ancient Egypt.

The cinematography goes flawless, with powerful visuals, and slow pace. Performance conveys audience to states of anguish, uncertainty, fear, rage, and often sensuality, with a perfect theatrical top class acting, and economy of means.

Only the music from Adam Walacinski lags a bit behind, and would benefit from some more ambition.

A classic from 1966 which track no other movie has followed.