Eyes in ancient Egypt (Video)

One of the most imposing symbols in ancient Egyptian art is the eye. Strong and ubiquitous as an artistic motif of ancient Egypt, the eye, aka the Wedjat, has deep ancient mythological origins.

By / Ashraf Ezzat

No other ancient civilization has portrayed the human eye like ancient Egypt. The body of the mummy could show signs of decay & deterioration except the eyes it retain the beauty and magic of a living eye that perpetually stare you in the face.

The Eye of Horus, wedjat eye or udjat eye is a concept and symbol in ancient Egyptian religion that represents well-being, healing, and protection. It derives from the mythical conflict between the god Horus with his rival Set, in which Set tore out or destroyed one or both of Horus’s eyes and the eye was subsequently healed or returned to Horus with the assistance of another deity, such as Thoth.

Horus subsequently offered the eye to his deceased father Osiris, and its reviving power sustained Osiris in the afterlife. The Eye of Horus was thus equated with funerary offerings, as well as with all the offerings given to deities in temple rituals. It could also represent other concepts, such as the moon, whose waxing and waning were likened to the injury and restoration of the eye.

One thought on “Eyes in ancient Egypt (Video)

  1. Egypt is central to Judaism’s stolen concepts with the exception of the contempt for all life as I find Egypt from the Crocodile to the later days enlightening with the word of god by Ma’at and the 42 commandments, to Isis, Ra and the Cobra that Isis used to know what Ra knows. In the beginning it seems that Egypt was a monotheistic entity from Neb Ra Techer of God the creator. There is no doubt that Proverbs was of Amenamope, that Exodus is now known by many that have researched it to never have happened and the initial story line is completely from the Indus Valley at an earlier date as well as the Baal cycle and the concepts of Melech which are carryovers and that there was very few but are some other monotheistic gods in other realms such as On and Hu, the later pronounced as a breath. Religions of current day look to be closer to the time near what is known as AD, the year of our “Lord” which I have found out is Baal which has the same meaning and Melech which has the meaning of “King” and was not to be used in the reference to the creator and the fraud of the Christian faith which is almost as ugly and completely geared to an antithesis to the most violent of all beliefs which has gone through many name changes and gods (originally a pantheon from the Indus Valley where we also get Satya Ananta or Truth Eternal i.e. Satan who the primitive faith of hatred of all creation considers the earth filth and is the creation of the 3 spheres of Satan).

    There would be no possible reasoning behind exodus, as big a fraud as Genesis and those who believe they are the faces of god, as Elohim (many) are El (one) and to strike them is to strike the face of god. Rabbi Schneerson, Yosef and others even state that all creation depends on their “belief”. El Shaddai, the first “El” in the Pentateuch is, as still available from the Akkadian and Chaldean translations as the god of desolation and that appears to be so with the Abrahamic faiths in which Abraham is word smithing the Vedic Brahma, Sara as Saraswati, Diva Asura as Ashera and many others that are known to be stolen.

    Tragically, the genuine respect for all creatures of the 42 commandments are lost entirely in the dominant faiths of love of wealth over life itself. The Indus Valley before Egypt is also known as Kush, a Jewish word for people of color as the latter also when raiding ancient Sudan and Ethiopia are also known as Kush. The terms that are used by the degenerative rather than regenerative faiths of old consider those things of man to be greater than creation itself which is nothing more than a way to plunder to make “gold, silver, money ….” which mean little to life itself and has now become the most sought after item ahead of wisdom, honesty, knowledge, restraint, and the wonder of our companions, the living things as well as that which allows us to drink water without hoarding using damns and changing the purpose to only serve a few that actually think they can own that which they cannot conceive of.

    Many indigenous around the world before the mass extermination of those that understood that we humans are more dependent on a living and thriving world which the Western Hemisphere natives believed to belong to the generations yet to come and benefit the health and welfare of all creatures and natural elements of air, soil, rock, water and such. These people could not be bought because of their belief in the divinity of creation which is also written into the earliest of times of the Egyptian people.

    Tragically, the Indus Valley, when one reads about Baal worship and the sacrifice of the first born of all including their own in the writings of Joseph Campell and archeologist of the region, became a blood bath never equalled as a way of life. From these we have our religions of despots who are questionably human with little or no regard for anything except their wealth, power, access and control as well as short term amusement and satisfaction as one’s fruit is the definition for a living or dead faith and we are moving to the end with what those of these consider knowledge but is used with contempt and we now know the majority of people would rather do what it takes for a paycheck and the continued illusion of progress when precisely the opposite is what the majority have become.

    From what I have read, it was Bias of Priene that stated that all men are wicked and most are evil. These last few years have proven that without a doubt.



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