YAHWEH is not your GOD

“Yahweh … what a weird name … especially to the ears of a western audience. Do I mean that it might not sound as weird for non-westerners … like Arabs of the Middle East for example? You bet I do”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

On this website, you must be ready for discoveries that will leave you perplexed for a while but hopefully awakened for the rest of your life.

On this website, you will find out that you have been misguided & and played for a fool all of your life… for the biblical history that makes up the greater chunk of your spiritual life is simply based on a colossal heap of lies.

On this website, we will help you discover that ancient Egypt never knew either Pharaoh or Moses … that the exodus never took place in Egypt, and that Palestine is not the Israelites’ Promised Land. 

Still, The scariest discovery you will encounter on this channel is that the whole Bible, its history, and stories came straight from the heart of Ancient Arabia and Yemen. The Holy Bible, the one tucked under your pillow is simply a book of ancient Arabian tales.

So whether your name is David, Paul or Sarah know that these good old biblical names are actually ancient Arabian.  and whether you are Jewish or Christian, you will need to digest the fact that you are following some ancient belief system of the Arabs.  So much so that you are in theory not much different from the Muslims.

Yahweh … what a weird name … especially to the ears of a western audience. Do I mean that it might not sound as weird for non-westerners … like Arabs of the Middle East for example? You bet I do.

It is damn hard to swallow the fact that the followers of the Judeo- Christian faith believe that their god is called Yahweh … and when asked what on earth does “ Yahew” mean? most of them, with stupid looks on their faces, will fumble for something meaningful to say.

We have been told to believe that Yahweh, originally a Hebrew word, means “I will be” … the one who was … or even the one who will always be … but that’s not true …

To help you reset your mentality, let’s start with some basics. First, you have to come to terms with the fact that the Hebrew language is basically a dialect of the ancient Arabian tongue … ever wondered why Judaism first appeared in the ancient Near East (the nowadays Middle East) and not in Europe where the majority of today’s Jews were born?

Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind to ask why the orthodox Jews wear a head covering, Kippot, very similar to the small hat Arabs wear in Saudi Arabia & Yemen?   

With Judaism being the backbone of Christianity (the current religion of most of Europe and the western hemisphere)… I mean wasn’t it more suitable … or more logical to trace the Jewish roots & the Israelite stories back to some geographical land in Europe like Rome and not in the heart of ancient Arabia?

Yes… Judaism is an ancient Arabian cult … and the Israelite stories that make up most of the old testament are ancient Arabian mythology & tales, and by ancient Arabian, I don’t mean Palestine, but rather modern-day Saudi Arabia and Yemen.   

Once again I need to draw your attention that the Hebrew & Arabic languages are similar in so many ways, not because they are both Semitic, a categorization I don’t subscribe to, but because the two languages sprouted from the same land and culture.  

In ancient times both Hebrew & Arabic used the same indefinite/definite articles with nouns/pronouns. Ya was one of the most familiar indefinite articles used in ancient Arabia.

The pronoun, He, in ancient & modern Arabic & Hebrew is called “ Hweh/ Whoa” and when combined with the indefinite article … it will be pronounced as Yahweh …. 

It is very simple and self-evident … Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible, which was mentioned almost 6800 times, is but the pronoun for HE in both ancient Arabic & Hebrew tongues….

This makes more sense, for it is almost impossible for the name of the Hebrew God, which is supposedly sacred, to be that frequent and redundant, otherwise, the word would lose its holiness.  

In this clarifying context, the Hebrew God is not called Yahweh, or even Hashem ( which is another ancient Arabian word by the way) but rather was referred to in the Torah as HE or Hweh… like in the Qur’an, the God of the Muslims is referred to as Hweh Allah … meaning, He is Allah …. and if you are wondering where to find Allah in the Hebrew Bible, it’s easy, you only have to spot & follow the frequent word Elohim …

Only now will things begin to make sense, for when you read in the Bible Yahweh Elohim …. You are just like the Muslims uttering He is Allah  … and there you have it, the organic connection between the Torah & Qur’an begins to be revealed. Once again I’m not trying to concoct some Arabic roots for the Bible but this is the naked truth whether you like it or not.

So, if you subscribe to the Judeo-Christian faith, David, Paul, Joseph, or even Sarah,  you are unwittingly walking in the footsteps of ancient Arabs & Yemnites … not only does your Bible come from ancient Arabia & Yemen but your names do as well.

Yahweh is not your god, you have been fooled by a twisted translation into worshipping a false god that does not exist … called Yahweh.

Yahweh is not your god …

Yahweh is not anyone’s god …

For more on the Arabian origin of the Bible. Read Ashraf Ezzat’s book “ Egypt Knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses” … available on Amazon


21 thoughts on “YAHWEH is not your GOD

  1. I am American, tolerate the Capitalist economic system of my country, which, ultimately, has rewarded my 50 or so years of labor well.

    Socialism is an ersatz, kibbutz religion with no god, but rather, a “man of steel” (that’s what Daguashvili or however that phonetically horrid language spells it; Armenian; worse than Polish… if that is possible…) changed his name to: “man of steel” or, Stalin.

    Anyway, a god, a savior to save them from their mistakes, to compensate for their foolishness, and to make them, ORDER them to “feel good” – even if they are in fact miserable. Imagine living in Ukraine. Under the control of Russia at the time, “Man of Steel” (as Yahweh) killed an estimated, 12 million Ukrainians. They wanted to keep their land and were opposed to the government taking it.. Kind of like the philistines diid.

    I wander far afield… but just about the only thing I agree with which Karl Marx said is “religion is the opium of the people.”

    Science is my “god”. People apparently crave the dope of their religions and willingly put themselves into all sorts of prisons for the “high” they must get thereby for feeling that “they matter.” Fools! I am neither Mozart or Da Vinci. what do I matter; except to myself! Viva Nietzsche!


  2. Very interesting, wise idea- excellent food for thought, which, hopefully, may make humanity more sane than what we have now-a-days 🙂 This intriguing material somehow interferes with observations and researches of prof. Shlomo Sand too 🙂 Hail to the brave thinkers which improve our sick society !


      1. Shukran, dear Sir! You are right: that political-historical-religious invention was obviously far-fetched, sucked out of thin air. And this legend cost the whole society dearly…


  3. Deze Dr Ashraf Ezzat is Illuminatie en probeert ons op een dwaalspoor te zetten!! Dat gaat hem niet lukken.!!
    Chaos creëren… De Antichrist gaat komen.. De wereld komt in een puinhoop.. Kijk naar het vaccinatie beleid, oorlog in de Oekraïne de boeren… De hele puinzooi.. Straks een chip… Het nummer van het beest..


  4. Als ik het goed begrijp is de bijbel en onze god dus 1 grote smerige leugen?
    Ik ben als christen dus belogen en bedrogen! Maar wil ik ff graag weten hoe het dan zit met Allah!! Is hij wel echt? Of is dit ook een grote leugen..?
    Ik geloof in mijn god Jezus Christus! Hij is de weg, waarheid en het leven..
    De rest is allemaal een leugen.. Babylonisch!! Bewijs hier, bewijs daar ik vind het wel gezegend. De elite dienen allemaal Satan/Lucifer! Of is dit ook allemaal nep? De wereld wordt geregeerd door satan aanbidders.. Demonen enz… Dat ik de bijbel niet aanvaard als leer, want ik geloof dat er echt wel valsheid in geschrifte is.. Onze hele geschiedenis is vervalst!! Maar mijn geloof in Jezus Christus houd stand!!


  5. En ce temps de fin de cycle, que constatons nous, au U.S.A. pour commencer, la carte géographique, à l’envers, nous montre une bête de côté avec un œil, le DAJJAL ,pour les chrétiens cela symbolise la bête de l’Apocalypse. En ce qui concerne Israël, il me semble que les palestiniens avec les juifs sépharades seraient plus proches du peuple ayant vécu sur son sol, que les ashkénazes d’Europe de l’est ou khazars, d’ailleurs la vaccination acharnée en terre d’ Israël contre ceux-ci, le démontre. Les Khazars nous mènent aux mongols et à leur livre secret, lire la légende d’alan q’oa,
    en relation avec les Rothschild, nous avons également le magicien noir Klingsor du Graal, dont la somme numérique est égale au nombre 666.


  6. Well tell him that because he assigned the preaching and any disturbing force that could stop it was dead within a 12-month year. So leave me alone because it’s a truth, my God has killed those in the way be it fat man heart attack, or big mouth bitch dementia. I would pretty much say he defines his name by this karma.


  7. Une religion est toujours issue d’une vérité, malheureusement celle-ci est déformée et son but originel détourné, de l’esprit qui l’animait à ses débuts, il ne reste plus que la lettre morte.


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