Photo composites “ Ancient Egyptian motifs”

Recently I have started to experiment with photo compositing, aka photo manipulation ….

As usual ancient Egypt is my main theme … (as if I can help it .. haha)

I have incorporated different motifs from ancient Egyptian mythology and spirituality in my photo artwork.

Defying time …
Gold burial mask of Egyptian King Psusennes I (1047–1001 BC)
Defying time … Gold burial mask of Egyptian King Psusennes I (1047–1001 BC)
Mummy – Day of counting the years …

Hope you will find this new experience interesting …

Tell me in the comments if I should post more photos like that.  


10 thoughts on “Photo composites “ Ancient Egyptian motifs”

  1. Dear PIP,
    the Westerners have destroyed indirectly through ISIS in Irak and Syria valuable cultural heritage, You may not forget that ISIS and Al-Qaida were created for their insidous policy for the Middle East by the USA. Or don’t You know this?

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  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful works of art. – I lived in Cairo for about 1 year in 1989-90 and my (Japanese) wife and I became quite fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture as we could see it in the Egyptian Museum and in Giza and Saqqara. I wish all the Egyptian antiquities that were stolen by foreign powers could be returned to their land of origin. Both my wife and I liked many aspects of today’s Egypt as well. Unfortunately we were not able to travel much in the country as I was too busy with my job and we tended to be short of money (the company I worked for wasn’t doing well).

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      Just look what ISIS is doing to ancient monuments in Iraq and in other Islamic countries!
      Only for the West securing lots of relics, Muslims would have destroyed them.
      YOUTUBE: ISIS Destroys Priceless Iraqi Artifacts | NBC Nightly News
      Feb 28, 2015
      NBC News
      6.94M subscribers
      ISIS fighters are destroying symbols of pre-Islamic culture, including artifacts from the Assyrian Empire that are over 2,000 years old.
      YOUTUBE: What Islamic State gains by destroying antiquities in Iraq
      Feb 27, 2015
      PBS NewsHour
      3.25M subscribers
      In a violent rampage through a museum in Mosul, Islamic State militants knocked statues to the floor, using sledgehammers and even a jackhammer to reduce ancient artifacts and some replicas — representing idols that past cultures worshipped — to rubble.


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