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The Pyramids: Story of creation

Short film by Ashraf Ezzat

Produced by Pyramidion 2013

The Pyramids is an 18-minute 3D animation film.
It is not exactly a history documentary, though it is all about the history of ancient Egypt. And it is not just about the pyramids though it is celebrating the splendor and mysticism of the Egyptian Pyramids. One has to watch it to find out.
The film showcases visual variations on the theme of the Pyramids (of Giza, Abusir, Abu Rawaash and Saqarra) … but the recurrent variations are entwined with motifs from the ancient Egyptian mythology.
The Pyramids starts with the a picturesque re-dramatization, from the ceiling relief of Dendera temple, of the myth of the perpetual rebirth of the sun out of the womb of Nut, the sky lady, who devours the sun disk every day at sunset.
The theme of the pyramids is preceded by excerpts from the Egyptian myth of creation, according to which Mr. Ezzat builds his visual thesis and answer to the long standing and enigmatic question of why those colossal buildings of masonry, known as the Pyramids, were built
The filmmaker, being a researcher in Egyptology and through his study of ancient Egyptian art, ventures into the realm of theorizing the theological motive that drove an entire ancient population to embark on the daunting and challenging task of building the pyramids.
The title of the film is The Pyramids – the story of creation … and it is getting obvious that the filmmaker envisions the pyramidal masonry colossi as physical embodiment of the Benben, the primordial mound which is the first sign of land that appeared after the receding of the primordial chaotic waters known as Nun according to the ancient Egyptian myth of creation.
The Pyramids film uses no narration and relies solely on the language of image and music to communicate visually and emotionally and somewhat intellectually with the viewers. The slow pace of the camera, an intentional technique, is subtly employed in sync with the music to capture those remote in-time and space moments of mysticism in ancient Egypt.
This short film opens up a new visual window that rediscovers the beauty and mystery of ancient Egypt with its lingering wonders of masonry and mysticism.


Egyptian Revolution (2011 – 2013) in one-minute-video.

Animation and editing by Ashraf Ezzat

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  1. After 60 years of the Nasser cabal, which removed the most recognized name of all nations, EGYPT, and replaced it with UAR. El Sisi now reintroduced TAHYA Masr or long live Egypt? The media started to focus on Egypt, and the prosperity of the Egyptian people is the top priority. 8 month in his administration, Sisi got dragged into Umma Arabia religion war. The Saudis, Qataris have sponsored the MB terrorists to destroy Syria, Sudan, and Egypt via religion hate. Now Egypt signed up to be part of the same religion hate that she is fighting against? Just because they hate the Shia? I take that as minority religious group that must be protected against oppression of the majority. Sisi made his first major mistake.


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