Egyptology videos


 the heretic and radical king

Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Akhenaten, ….the legend survives

Akhenaten and the Amarna Style

Karnak, the great temple of Amun – part I

Karnk, the great temple of Amun- part II

“The ‘Boy King’ Tutankhamun”

Arguably the most famous and studied figure from Ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun is shrouded in mystery. Who was this enigmatic ruler behind all the myth and mysteries? Who were his parents? What does his reign tell us about the cultural, religious, and political climate of Ancient Egypt during the dusk of the Amarna Period? What’s the real truth behind the “Mummy’s Curse?” Can we learn any secrets from his short life and the truth behind his untimely death? … Watch the video

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