Why didn’t Egyptians convert after The 10 Plagues? (The video)

Why didn’t Ancient Egyptians convert to the cult of the Israelites after witnessing the miraculous & devastating Ten Plagues? Or maybe those Plagues were not miraculous and devastating enough for them?

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

All that it takes is one, not ten divine miracles, for man, to believe in the God who revealed his power and divinity through those miracles.

The biblical scholars argue that the story of the Exodus took place in Ancient Egypt. If that argument is valid the people of ancient Egypt would have converted to Judaism (or to be specific, the cult of the Israelites) instantly after their God had revealed his might by “miraculously” destroying the land of Egypt and its king (mistakenly referred to as Pharaoh).

But the truth of the matter is that Egypt didn’t convert to the cult of the Israelites or Judaism at any time in its long history. Yahweh (the god of the Israelites) had never been mentioned in any Egyptian records, let alone revered or worshipped. What does that tell us? A lot, I’m afraid.

For more about why the history of the Israelites and that of ancient Egypt should be untangled read Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s book “Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses


2 thoughts on “Why didn’t Egyptians convert after The 10 Plagues? (The video)

  1. About 6 years ago, I was following you and reading your book but I’d a moment of strong cognitive dissonance, as I couldn’t wrap my mind around what you’d presented. I then wrote a scathing rebuke of you and your work in the comments. For that, I sincerely apologize. Again, a cognitive dissonance that I wasn’t prepared for required me to either reject your message or everything I’d been “taught” about “God” and religion. Thank you for sharing your research.

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