Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor any Israelites – 2

“How come the Egyptians, who eye-witnessed the vengeful wrath of the Exodus god, never glorified YHWH nor converted to Judaism soon after?”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Once again I will talk about the Israelite stories. … Why? Because those stories are still alive and being told over and over again.  Those stories have the same effect they had thousands of years ago when they were first told.

Their seemingly perpetual impact is not because they surpass the Shakespearean genius but because the Israelites claimed their stories were written down with a pen immersed with divine revelation- their own divine god of course.

Those stories, without the divine dye splashed all over it, are but a bunch of myths copycatted from other ancient Near Eastern culture and mythology.

The original myth, before it had been hijacked by the Israelites like the Sumerian deluge (Noah’s flood) made sense in its native cultural context.    After the Hebrew hijack not only did the story stop to make sense, but it also made a lot of damage.

The evolution of the ancient Near Eastern mythology has been broken, snatched out of its context and manipulated to serve and benefit a tribe of nomadic Hebrews.

Someone will always claim the Hebrews never copycatted neighboring mythology, not on purpose that is.  And that was just a normal give-and-take between neighboring cultures.

I would agree to the hypothesis if only I was told what on earth that the Babylonians or the Egyptians have taken from the Hebrews (assuming they had a cultural product aside from that book of appropriated tales and nomadic laws)

Read my articleHebrew Bible: plagiarized mythology and defaced monotheism

On the other hand the magnificent mythology and theology of the Egyptians and the Babylonians have been blasphemized /demonized by the scribes of those apocalyptic-minded nomads. (Unlike the Egyptian or the Mesopotamian civilizations, the Hebrews left no works of art, architecture, or cosmology)

Many are regrettably unconscious of the fact that as we keep on retelling the Israelite stories we are simply celebrating and reviving an intolerant tribal dogma saturated with male chauvinism and racism and devoid of any depth or creativity.

It seems we, generation after generation, have taken those Hebrew stories for granted, or we generation after generation have escaped the evolution of human logic and critical thinking.

The Israelite stories are received with preconceived blind belief in their truth and sacredness. Newer generations around the globe are being indoctrinated with them, and as they grow up so do the stories of the Israelites.

The Israelite stories are so dangerous because they were not meant to be accepted like folklore tales but rather embraced as beliefs and deeds of divine wonder and intervention.

The Israelite stories were meant to grip your mind and shape your spiritual conscience (provided that you had one of those prehistoric minds and imagination- unfortunately there’s still a lot of those around – evolution runaways I guess!)

The Hebrew Bible with its stories is the kick starter for Christianity and Islam.

By embracing that Hebrew Bible the Roman empire was able to control east and west and due to the same stories the new world imperialism has unleashed Zionism and helped it devour most of the Arab land of Palestine and a great chunk of world’s economy.

Radical and militant Islamist groups currently engaged in violence and terrorism worldwide is soaked to the skin by Israelite culture and mindset.

That old book of stories is dirty politics in disguise.

The Hebrew book of tales is so perplexing for modern scholars. For historians it is full of anachronisms and discrepancies. For archeologists it is mostly refuted for lack of any archeological finds that could verify the validity of its tales.

For anthropologists it is talking about an ethnic group that left no trace of its culture or human activity to prove they existed as described in the stories, except the stories themselves.

The Exodus

The Exodus, the Israelites’ most pivotal tale, is archeologically and historically not only invalidated but absolutely nonexistent.

Modern archeologists, including those of Biblical Archeology and Israelis, have unearthed every possible bit of land, from Egypt in the west up to Sinai, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, and Syria in the northern east trying to find an evidence of this so called Hebrew Exodus.

Over a period of almost 80 years of extensive digging, under the collaboration of so many western archeology departments and institutions, and with access to the latest technology in excavation, Archeologists found absolutely nothing.

Not a single shred of archaeological evidence, not even a piece of pottery was found to validate this weird tale of Exodus.

Watch video of Prof. Donald Redford, prominent Canadian Egyptologist, refuting the historicity of the Hebrew Exodus

That leaves us with a two-option conclusion; either the Israelites were aliens from outer space who exited Egypt in their spaceship or this whole epic of enslavement, and Exodus never happened. Even aliens should have left some trace in Egypt where they supposedly dwelled for long 420 years.

To be honest, there is still one more possibility for this tale of Exodus. If it really happened, it must have happened somewhere else. The exodus could have happened, but not in Egypt.

Scholars, and according to the Hebrew Bible, have put the exodus somewhere between 1500 -1400 BCE a time known as the new kingdom in ancient Egyptology and specifically the eighteenth dynasty.

The New Kingdom is one of the best documented eras in the whole history of ancient Egypt. Scholars of history and archeology are inundated with meticulous records from that era that cover the official chronicles of the new Egyptian kingdom in times of both war and peace.

Apart from the royal records, we have a variety of inscriptions and papyri that reflect the daily life of Egyptians in that period in time; agriculture, trade, buildings and craftsmanship, art and religion … all the way up to funerals and burial ceremonies.

We have records of almost everything that took place in the new kingdom; we are even left with papyri depicting the sexual life of ancient Egyptians, and papyri showing the journey of the human soul into the afterlife after death.

But when it comes to the Israelites; their god and their stories of enslavement and exodus, I could safely claim – with great pleasure that is- that we don’t even have a slight shadow of them. (Merneptah Stele is not a proof of the presence of 600 000 Israelite slave in Egypt)

Scholars and experts of history and archeology have been examining this tale of exodus for decades. Baffled by its inaccuracies and discrepancies most of the experts have finally reached a solid conclusion: that the exodus is only a myth that has nothing to do with down to earth-history.

Ashraf Ezzat’s discovery

Being an independent researcher in Egyptology, I myself have contributed to the long line of researches and finds that have scientifically examined the tale of the exodus and helped to separate the myth from the truth in that Israelite story.

Mine is a find that, if widely propagated, could blow the story of the exodus right out of its roots. My humble research did not focus on Moses, but on Pharaoh.

Pharaoh is a widely used designation that allegedly refers to the ruthless king of Egypt who ruled during the story of Moses. Its origin is of course the Hebrew Bible. And as the story of Moses grew popular and bigger over the centuries so did the title “Pharaoh”

The widespread popularity of the term has led the public everywhere to refer to the kings of Egypt as pharaohs – even now in the academic realm Pharaonic Egypt is synonymous with ancient Egypt (what a mess)

Anyway, and after years of research, I found out that ancient Egypt had no Pharaohs and knew no Pharaohs and above all the pharaoh of Moses.
Read my bestseller Kindle ebook “Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor any Israelites

Not once throughout the most enduring civilization in the ancient world had we stumbled upon a wall carving or papyri showing the word “Pharaoh” that directly or generically refer to the king of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt was ruled by kings and queens of thirty dynasties over a timespan that stretched for almost 3000 years as the first Egyptian monarch was crowned over Egypt in 2925 BCE.

According to the ancient Egyptian royal titulary, the king of Egypt had five names “hours name, Golden name, two lands name, birth name and throne name”

The king’s name was officially documented on royal palaces’ walls and temples by his throne title carved inside a cartouche.

According to the Hebrew oral tradition king Ramses II was referred to as the Pharaoh of Exodus.

Ironically the Hebrew scribes learned about this great king of the nineteenth dynasty by his Greek name “Ramses” and nobody told them that the throne name for this great king was “Usermaatre-setpenre”

Usermaatre-setpenre - Throne name of king Ramsses II enclosed in a royal cartouche at Tanis
Usermaatre-setpenre – Throne name of king Ramsses II enclosed in a royal cartouche at Tanis

If you research the word “Pharaoh” on the internet you will find many online encyclopedias conceding to the fact that pharaoh has never been the official Egyptian royal title.

But nevertheless and due to the Zionist control over the mainstream media and the internet, especially the big venues and data outlets such as Encyclopedia Britannica you would probably find them cunningly adding that Pharaoh or “per aa” – Great house or royal palace in hieroglyphic- started to be a generic name for the king of Egypt during the late new kingdom.

They also add that the designation “Pharaoh” was detected in one of the Amarna letters, archeological find relating to 18th dynasty, and that trend culminated in dynasty 22nd.

That of course is nothing but a Zionist crap that began to propagate on the web to counterbalance the catastrophic effect of modern archeology debunking the myth of the Exodus.

I’ve personally exposed that Zionist fraud by examining all the original text of what is known as the Amarna letters, King Akhenaten’s (18th dynasty) royal correspondence with heads of the Egyptian protectorates in ancient Canaan and with the monarchs of Mitanni and Babylon at the time.

Not once the title “Pharaoh” had been detected during directly addressing king Akhenaten in those famous and highly important letters and when it was enforced in the translation it had to strictly refer to the King’s royal palace not the monarch in person.

For example, in the Babylonian king’s letter he addressed Akhenaten (Amenhotep) by his throne name “from Kadashman Enlil of Babylon to Nefer khepru re – throne name of Amenhotep of Egypt” …   whereas in a similar letter king of Mitanni went “To Amenhotep, King of Egypt, my brother whom I love and who loves me. Thus speaks Tushratta, King of Mitanni who loves you”

But when Akhenaten was sent a letter from a minor governor like that of Gezer in Canaan, he would say “To the king, my lord, my god, my sun, the sun in the sky. Thus says Yapahu, the amelu of Gazru. I am the king’s servant and the dust of your two feet.

So the foreign kings addressed  king Akhenaten as a brother to them while minor governors as the king’s servants … only the Israelites and their god called the king of Egypt as the royal palace of Egypt “Per a” … for that what any foreigner’s wildest dream was .. to take a quick peek at the king’s royal palace .. but definitely not to address him in person.

The story of Exodus was a story by foreigners who knew nothing about the traditions in ancient Egypt and who thought they could get away with their concocted tale. After all the history of Egypt had already been ancient by the time the story was written down.

Most probably the story started spreading during the Greek invasion of Egypt, aka the Ptolemaic dynasty (323–30 BC).

Now, let’s move to my second big find concerning this story of alleged exodus from Egypt.

Why Egypt never converted to Judaism 

Exodus by Marc Chagall (tapestries decorating Israeli Knesset)
Exodus by Marc Chagall (set of tapestries decorating Israeli Knesset)

But before we do that, let’s pinpoint the target behind this Exodus story. Why was it concocted by the Hebrew scribes in the first place? What were those deceitful scribes up to?

Unlike what Hollywood is cleverly trying to portray; the exodus was not about setting the Hebrew slaves free from the ruthless Egyptian bondage (by the way, and to expose the Israelite fraud even more; slavery was not a common practice in ancient Egypt and it was introduced into the land of the Nile in the Greco-Roman period – hundreds of years after the alleged timing of the exodus)

The exodus was not about handing down a moral code of Ten Commandments (the Egyptian moral code surpassingly consisted of 42 commandments including what was blatantly missing in the Moses’s code – Thou shalt not lie.

The Exodus was about demonstrating that the Hebrew’s tribal god was mightier than the Egyptians’ supreme god and his pantheon of deities.

The ten plagues is one of the bloodiest and most monstrous displays of a divine rage over an earthly kingdom.  It was obvious that the vengeful Hebrew tribal god was so outraged and bloodthirsty he practically went on a wild rampage and wreaked havoc all over Egypt.

Nothing and no one was spared YHWH’s wrath and devastation except the Israelites.

The Nile turned into blood, the crops and farmers were raided with frogs, lice and flies and a stormy wind swept across the land before all Egypt was shrouded in total darkness and loud wailing worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.

YHWH has finally proven himself as the mightiest god. The Hebrew god has devastated the land of the Nile, ruined its temples, desecrated its pantheon of deities and undoubtedly overpowered the supreme god of the Egyptians.

Now the valid and inevitable question is (how come the Egyptians, who eyewitnessed the vengeful wrath of YHWH, never glorified the Hebrews’ god nor converted to Judaism soon after?)

Throughout the long route of history, people needed and waited for tangible miracles to help them believe in a supreme and almighty god.

Here is YHWH, the tribal god of the Hebrews revealing his power to the Egyptians in miraculous plagues and exodus and yet he was not worshiped or even recognized amongst the people of ancient Egypt.  And ironically when it was time for Egypt to convert, around 4th century AD, most Egyptians converted to Christianity.

What does that tell us? … There is no maybe in the answer to this question. There is no denying it. The truth is staring us in the face.

The Egyptians never witnessed the Israelites’ exodus nor suffered the plagues of their tribal god. Just as ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs.

I don’t think we need any more archeological evidence when the story itself with all its tribal shallowness and discrepancies is contradicting and discrediting itself.

Ladies and gents of the 21st century, you – and your ancestors- have been lied to and played for fools for long 21 centuries. Do you still need another 21 centuries to wake up out of your gullibility and find an Exodus out of the Israelites’ enduring deception?

Nevertheless, the exodus hoax will live on … as long as we keep indoctrinating our children with those Israelite fake stories.

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18 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor any Israelites – 2

  1. To Dr. Ezza

    Ptahotep, Priest of On, wrote this proverb:

    “Teach the great what is useful to him.”

    Not coincidentally, this is reflected in the Bible at Proverbs 9:9 –

    “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser . . . .”

    It is in this spirit that the following is respectfully submitted:

    A fellow called J.R.R. Tolkien wrote books titled “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.” The central characters in both of these richly detailed books are hobbits. Accordingly, should we assume that the author was himself a hobbit? Does it necessarily follow that if a story is about hobbits, that it can only have been written by a hobbit?

    I suggest that there were no Israelites involved in writing the original Hebrew scriptures, but instead they were written long before by someone entirely different. Furthermore, the Hebrew language was devised solely for the purpose of writing these scriptures – and it was never called Hebrew or used as a spoken language until much more recent times. The Hebrew scriptures were never intended to be the foundation of a religion, and were not even intended to be read or understood by anyone outside the cult of scribes who wrote them. They are purposefully written in the style of mythology, superficially, re-casting the familiar stories of Egyptian and Sumarian gods – but intended to serve a complimentary and more important purpose than any other mythology. Thus it is written at Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods before me.”

    At some point the original custodians of the Hebrew scriptures died out, and the scriptures were “hijacked” by a group of interlopers – claiming this mythology as their own recorded history. This is like a group of imposters latching onto J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, claiming they are descendants of the hobbits written about, and claiming that since the stories are about hobbits it proves the books were written by their own hobbit ancestors.

    The Hebrew scriptures were written anonymously, so it is a mystery who wrote them. Along with what may have been mountains of similar apocryphal writings never canonized, it is also a mystery why they were written. I suggest that if one could discover who wrote them, they would also learn why they were written. Likewise, if one could learn why they were written – it would become obvious who wrote them.


  2. There does seem to be an anti-semitic atmosphere here. (“Zoinist control over the mainstream and Internet”?)

    With regards to this theory, have you ever tried to publish it in a peer-reviewed publication?

    Richard Elliot Friedman (yes, he’s an EVIL JEW!) put forth an interesting theory about the Exodus in his 1987 book “Who Wrote The Bible?” He makes an extremely compelling case for the following:

    (The following summary has been copy/pasted from Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa’s blog.)

    1.) There was an exodus event, but not of all of the people of Israel, only of the Levites.

    2.) The Levites are of Egyptian origins, and probably originated with a small group of workers who had to lend their labor force, and perhaps some slaves

    3.) These Levites did not pass forty years in the desert and their numbers were not very big. . During their travel, they ended up in Median, a place where the shasu peoples lived, assuming their god Yahu (or Yahweh) as theirs, hence their evident cult to Yahweh.

    4.) When they ended up in Canaanite lands, and perhaps through military force, both parts reached a compromise: Levites would provide the religious backbone of these societies, and identified the god El with Yahweh (Yahweh-Elohim). In exchange, the tribes would pay the tithe to these priests.

    5.) Through the influence of the Levites, and because Canaanites also identified themselves with the situation of subjugation and liberation from Egypt, they started identifying with the Levitic story of escape from Egypt.

    6.) Then legends started being forged around the core story. Not only were there Levites who escaped, but the whole people of Israel escaped. This is not unlike the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which everyone culturally believe that they “came from the pilgrims”, even though most people in the U. S. don’t descend from them. Then, those who escaped were not just searching just Yahweh’s habitation in a Temple, but now the WHOLE land of Israel. And not only that, but the number of people who escaped from Egypt were in the thousands … then the millions … etc. And these versions were placed in our sources.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Though Friedman’s thesis might seem interesting for some, but definitely not for me. None of the Israelites (all the twelve tribes) ever set foot in Egypt, period. Egypt witnessed the first tide of Jewish migration around the 4th-3rd Century BC soon after the ancient Egyptian Empire had fallen.


  3. Hello, Dr. Ezzat;

    This is an exquisite scholarly turn. Thank-you for bringing a little more truth into the world. I am curious about what this development means with respect to deep genetic histories from contemporary science. As you probably know, there are genetic haplogroups associated with “The Pharaohs”, based on DNA samples from exhumations from Egypt. Also, in the West, we are often exposed to museum tours that bring “The Pharaohs” of Egypt to our cities; and somewhat more crudely, Charleton Heston movies from Hollywood! There is a trend in recent commercial DNA testing results which will report an individual as descended from “The Pharaohs”. A sort of aggrandizing trivia that sells lots of tests. How does Indo-European DNA descend from a distinctly Afro-Asiatic (Arabic-Semitic) geographical region? Were there, perhaps, Western and Eastern (Egyptian) interactions in the ruling classes of Egypt? A few less scholarly speculations suggest that the ancient Celtic cultures participated in, or shared knowledge with Egyptian achievements in the architectural arts. Does genetic data inform your research in a constructive way? Wishing you the best of luck bringing this truth to those who prefer and respect the good conscience of honesty. It certainly proves Charleton Heston a much better actor than even he could know!


  4. Many of the videos you have given links for in your articles are being taken down from youtube. I look forward to reading your book.


  5. Where Elst completely derails is the “theory” that Jesus survived the crucifixion. There is nothing else than the regurgitation of the “Passover Plot/ Holy Grail, Holy Blood/ Da Vinci Code” type of theories. Surprising is why he preferred Jesus in Arabia, when his Hindu upbringing would have suggested him rather the “Jesus in Kashmir”. Desire to be “original” at any cost?


  6. Dear friend Brabantian,

    I do sincerely hope that you do not take seriously the sort of BS put forward by Elst (crypto-Jew masquerading as Hindu?).


    1. Indeed Koenraad Elst is very controversial. Although Elst writes very affectionately of Hinduism, Hindu critics such as Anuraag Sanghi, strongly criticise Elst despite sharing with him a general critique of Abrahamic religions. Sanghi feels that Elst’s kind of insistent Islam-bashing, is a subtly devious attempt to distract from European Christian colonial crimes such as occurred in British India.

      Can certainly see places where I strongly disagree with Elst as well, or feel he is neglectfully one-sided. But he is very learned and prolific, covering and speculating on many topics, and for someone interested in India, or contrast against Abrahamic religions, he is fascinating reading, however much he might be criticised or be in error.


  7. One of the first blows to the myth of hundreds of thousands of slaves toiling for the erection of “pharaonic” constructions was struck 35 years ago. You can read the story of this revolutionary theory, since verified scientifically beyond contest in the:

    Book: Why the pharaohs built the Pyramids with fake stones By Joseph Davidovits, 2008

    “In this book, Professor Joseph Davidovits explains the intriguing theory that made him famous. He shows how the Pyramids were built by using re-agglomerated stone (a natural limestone treated like a concrete), and not with huge carved blocks, hauled on fragile ramps. Archaeology bears him out, as well as hieroglyphic texts, scientific analysis, religious and historical facts.

    Here we finally have the first complete presentation on how the Egyptian pyramids were built. We discover its brilliant creator, the great scribe and architect, Imhotep. Joseph Davidovits sweeps aside the conventional image which cripples Egyptology and delivers a captivating and surprising view of Egyptian civilisation. He charts the rise of this technology, its apogee with the Pyramids at Giza, and the decline. Everything is logical and brilliant, everything fits into place.

    Chapter by chapter, the revelations are sensational, especially when Joseph Davidovits explains why the pharaohs stopped building great pyramids because of an over-exploitation of raw materials and a likely environmental disaster. We understand why Kheops and Ramses II represent two Egyptian civilisations completely different in their beliefs. On the one hand, the God Khnum mandates Kheops to build his pyramid in agglomerated stone, while on the other hand, the God Amun orders Ramses to carve stone for the temples of Luxor and Karnak”.

    It is worth reminding and the theory of Kamal Salibi of “Israel in Arabia”. Salbi argues that ” the place names of the Hebrew Bible actually allude to places in southwest Arabia; many of them were later reinterpreted to refer to places in Palestine, when the Arabian Hebrews migrated to what is now called Eretz Israel, and where they established the Hasmonean kingdom under Simon Maccabaeus in the second century B.C. In this new Israel, they switched from Hebrew to Aramaic. It was this switch in language that created the confusions which lead to the distortion of the immigrants’ stories. He also argued that ‘Lebanon’ itself in high antiquity was a place in the Southern Arabian peninsula”. He argues that the “Exodus” took place in the direction of Arabia, where the Hebrews lived until their deportation by the Assyrians. It would suggest also that the occupation of Palaestine did not occur until the so-called “return” from the Babylonian exile. In fact the Jews have been installed there as a Persian garrison.


    1. Both very interesting! Regarding Lebanese scholar Kamal Salibi (1929-2011) – his theory greatly frightened the Saudi Arabian regime, as described by Robert Fisk in the UK Independent:

      « The Saudis, true to their fears that the Israelis might decide to take Salibi seriously and colonise the mountains of Sarawat (which Salibi believed was the real “Jordan valley” of the Bible), sent hundreds of bulldozers to dozens of Saudi villages which contained buildings or structures from Biblical antiquity. All these ancient abodes were crushed to rubble, Taliban-style, in order to safeguard the land of Muslim Arabia and the house of Saud. At the time of the Prophet there had indeed been Jewish communities in Arabia. »

      Some have presented historical claims that the Saud and Wahhab families are really Jewish in origin … part of the reason Saudi Arabia and Israel, both British creations, have remained secretly co-operating ‘twins’ from the beginning, Saudis even openly and publicly supporting Zionism back in 1919.

      And in addition to Arabia being the ancestral home of the Jews, Koenraad Elst has put out the theory that the Romans arranged for the tortured Jesus to survive the crucifixion – a Roman ‘joke’ against the Jews – after which a revived Jesus did ‘appear’ to his followers, but then went to live in Arabia to try and recover, where Elst suggests Jesus himself likely became the author of the final Bible book ‘Revelations / Apocalypse’.

      Elst points out that the bloody, angry ‘visions’ of Revelations, reflect the hurting mind of a torture victim. Elst suggests that the real Jesus living and aging in Arabia after his aborted execution, is the reason Paul and other early ‘Christians’, who knew this, were so confident about Jesus coming to ‘return’ soon to Palestine. Oral Arabian stories of a surviving Jesus, based in fact, might be the reason Islam itself says Jesus did not die on the cross that day.


  8. Dr Ezzat, Your extensive learned work raises many significant points for the much-needed discussion of the core aspects of the Abrahamic religions, the sometimes truly awful things quite plainly in ‘holy’ texts.

    People have such great desire to connect with the divine, so they overlook the horrid things in the Abrahamic ‘scriptures’ – massacre of women and children, genocide of peoples, human mutilation (circumcision to amputating limbs), the sad animal sacrifices, the brutal intolerance. – It is not just the very blood-soaked ‘Old Testament’, or the Qur’an, either – Jesus has some rough moments too, as when he approvingly speaks of the king killing those who declined to follow him.

    Obviously a good God does not say or want such things – it was perhaps, as some say, a demon who inserted such ‘instructions’ while claiming to speak with God’s voice, burdening us with many ‘Satanic verses’.

    It is interesting to see you speak from the Egyptian perspective … a similar critique has long been common among Hindus, whose core ideology is intrinsically tolerant, versus what some Hindus call the ‘Desert Bloc’ or Abrahamic religions.

    It is quite something to leave the Torah books and then read the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, a much-gentler and often beautifully inspiring set of verses, with nothing horrifying in them, by comparison.

    The Belgian scholar of India, Dr Koenraad Elst, raises many similar points to you, comparing the tolerant Hindu tradition with the Bible and what he calls the ‘predatory’ Abrahamic religions.

    Interesting to note the Hollywood personalities who have published related critiques of the Bible but have been somewhat quashed by the media-internet bullies. Paul Winchell inspired Gary Devaney, now active on the web with ‘The God Murders’ detailing Bible horrors.

    (Speaking of media-internet bullies, Dr Ezzat, it’s sad to see links to the CIA-Mossad Wikipedia. No one should promote or encourage those criminals, plus CIA-Mossad changes the material at whim, and your readers may see the opposite of what was there when you published the link.)

    Not that it excuses the horrid genocide, mutilation etc of the Torah, but some parts of the Judaic Bible do get sublime – for example, in the Prophets where the prophet critiques the king and government in the name of God, calling for justice for the poor and common people. Maybe it is accurate to say the Bible is a hodgepodge, ranging from the horrid to the wonderful. – But sadly, people just refuse to face up to the awful parts of the Bible.

    Some writers speak of the Egyptian tradition as being derivative of the more ancient Hindu traditions, others believe Egypt is the more ancient. Tho from my not-fully-learned view, it does seem the Hindu tradition is a bit ‘richer’ with more broad-based spiritual elements in it, which Hindus and all of us, can pick and choose as seem most useful to us. (And was even the name of the Bible’s Abram – Abraham – Ibrâhîm – lifted from Hindu Sanskrit, ‘a Brahmin’ ?)

    Dr Ezzat, you also publish on Veterans Today, and given your praise for Egypt’s leader Al Sissi (Al-Sisi), I would very much like to see you address the article by VT writer Dr Kevin Barrett, detailing how Al-Sisi’s parents were Jewish connected very high-up to the Israeli regime, and how he seems to be a Mossad plant in Egypt. He has overseen sentencing many hundreds of Egyptians to death by the barbaric method of hanging strangulation, this is brutal on a ‘biblical’ scale. We Europeans are horrified by the death penalty, and hanging is particularly satanic. Even Muslim theologian Tariq Ramadan is calling for its in-practice abolition, as Jewish rabbis declared more than 1000 years ago (modern Israel ignoring them), and as Asian Buddhist – Daoist rulers had done before that.

    Zionist neo-con David P Goldman writing as the popular ‘Spengler’, rubbishes Egyptian society as an economically hopeless collapsing failure, and barbaric because of widespread female circumcision (tho he neglects to critique its Jewish roots in the mutilating of male babies, which even Israelis are beginning to reject). Would like to see your critique of his Egypt views, as well.

    May the gentler spirits of all our ancestors assist your writing, as you continue to inform about Egypt and much else, while expanding the debate about what the Abrahamic religions really are.


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