ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth

“ISIS fundamentalist militants who are casting terror into the heart of the civilized world are but a copycat of the mujahideen of early Islam. Whether we like it or not this is the ugly truth”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Author’s Note:

Radicals and fanatics don’t get radicalized by intelligence agency e.g. CIA, MOSSAD… etc. Rather they get recruited by those secret agencies because they are hilariously fanatics and stupidly radicalized (reverse logic; a stereotype of herd mentality)

I also expect some zealots of the so called moderate Muslims and many others of conspiracy theory addicts to get slightly offended/shocked by my post.

Fervently they will try and refute my thesis by cherry-picking some benign verses from the Quran that call for benevolence and peace. But if they get to cherry-pick, why deny the fundamentalists and fanatics the same right?

This is the core of the problem, a divine book like the Quran (and that also goes for the Old and New Testament) shouldn’t be like a magician’s pocket; one time a dove is pulled out of it, and oftentimes a dagger. Reforming the rationale of interpreting the holy book of the Quran and also reforming the mainstream narrative of Islam is the only way if this widespread religion to survive the fundamentalist take over.

The world has not seen such brutality and savagery in modern times. Horrible Stories were told about the Celts, the Aztecs and the Mongols; nevertheless they always remained stories of the remote past.   But what the militants of the so called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – ISIS” are doing is something else, what they are perpetrating defy any literary power to try and put it into words.

Driven by what they see as divine command and wreaking havoc and devastation only thought possible in Hollywood productions the Islamic militant group ISIS has pushed the definition of terrorism to a new and scary limit.

Their ongoing banquet of carnage has to be seen, not only to be believed but to grasp how religion, that should have united humans in peace, could turn into a license to lawless slaughter. (Watch this extremely graphic video of ISIS brutal mass execution of Iraqi civilians and soldiers – watch at your discretion)

Contrary to what most commentators have said, it is not the graphic scenes of mass execution and beheading of hundreds of innocent civilians by ISIS that I find most repulsive, the American war on Iraq has left thousands killed in cold blood and countless numbers born with anomalies caused by US radioactive lethal weaponry (Hi-tech savagery that often go unreported by MSM)

What I personally find really scary in the ISIS militants is that they carry out their onslaught seemingly without any shred of guilt or shame. The militants/Mujahideen go about their business as usual; beheading their opponents’ minutes after they fall into their captivity. And minutes later they all go and join each other in a humble prayer to god.

Following the scripture literally

Now what’s interesting, or rather shocking, is the fact that those hideous acts of terrorism are executed by people who claim they are devout Muslims.

I know that the whole world, including the Islamic world, is viewing ISIS Mujahideen as the ultimate example of brutal terrorism and modern time’s savagery.

But this world view doesn’t concern me as much as how those Muslim terrorists really view themselves. Moreover, why a supposedly devout Muslim would/should end up as a global terrorist just for merely doing what his faith oblige him to undertake.

Ladies and gents, regardless of who is funding ISIS and the fact that many of their militants, including Abu Bakr El Baghdadi have been trained in US military base in Jordan and maybe some of their top leaders have been also recruited by CIA, one fact remains so obvious and yet so bewildering.

Those ruthless ISIS terrorists sincerely believe they are pious devotees of Islam’s god “Allah” and that they act according to his holy scripture “Quran” and they are the true followers of his prophet “Mohamed”

You won’t believe this but in a strange way those ISIS terrorists are telling the truth, or what they were made to believe is the truth.

The ugly truth is that ISIS terrorists are acting literally according to some of the many Quran’s verses that incite fighting and killing non-Muslims in almost cold-blooded way.

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.” Quran (2:216)

Now, and before we elaborate any further, let’s get this one thing about Quran straight. Like Judaism, Islam is a religion of laws. Actually Judaism and Islam are so much alike the Quran, not the Christian Bible, should be labeled “The New Testament” … after all, both Quran and the Tanakh are the product of the same Arabic nomadic culture (A topic expanded upon in upcoming series of articles)


Read Dr. Ashraf Ezzat recent book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites) … Discover one of Humanity’s biggest deceptions.


While the Gospels of Christianity have been influenced/softened by the Greco-Roman philosophy and separated from the state by the power of Jesus’ famous line “”Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” The Tanakh and Quran kept their strong tribal culture and binding laws unmitigated over the centuries.

As a Christian, as long as you believe in Jesus Christ, you only need the scripture as a spiritual guideline but in Judaism and Islam you’re bound by the canon of your faith to embrace their rules as the instruction book of your day to day life.

The Hebrew/Muslim laws tell their followers what to eat and what not to eat and drink, how to get married, how to get divorced, how to get into the bathroom … and yes how and when to kill the non-believers.

The key point here is how should the Holy Scripture especially those of Islam be interpreted? The verses of any holy scripture should be interpreted in accordance with their historical context, but that is not what the Muslims, at least nowadays, do. (This is the focal source of all extremism and terrorism)

Islam’s dilemma

The dilemma of Islam, it has been for a while actually, is that its theologians, Imams and clerics refuse/fail to view the scripture, especially the verses that promote fighting and jihad, within the frame of its historical context.

They’d rather keep them open-ended as part of an eternal and always relevant words of Allah. Most conservative Muslim clerics are under the impression that binding many of the verses to its historicity might restrain the authority of a big chunk of the scripture, and consequently the influence of the Islamic clergy.

This dilemma has been ignored for centuries, thus paving more ways and opening more doors for ultra-conservative literalism, also known as fundamentalism (closest backdoor to violence and terrorism)

That said, the more any Muslim conservative reads verses from Quran and memorize Hadith (sayings) by prophet Mohamed, the more he is likely to take it absolutely literally and automatically apply it to his current life and affairs. (Not to mention that piles of Hadith are of doubtful source and purpose)

“Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.  Quran (3:151)

If we to interpret the above verse in its historical context we will learn that some Pagan tribes of the Arab Peninsula were terrified and finally defeated by the raids of Mohamed and his followers back in the early seventh century.

But if we to interpret it literally and maybe relevant to the present point in time, then we are talking about ISIS mujahideen casting terror, by mass execution and beheading like the early Muslim fighters used to do, into the hearts of the followers of the infidels Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and Al- Maliki of Iraq, for they ruled not according to Islamic Sharia.

Do you see how terrifyingly simple this is, and how terrifyingly complicated this has become?

At this point in my article I expect many to be offended by my candid exposition and they might try and refute my thesis by irritably commenting “Early Muslims and Mujahideen never killed fellow Muslims” and my reply would be “yes they did; Sunnis killed Shia in Karbala (680 A.D) and a bloody perpetual conflict between the two sects has ensued ever since till this very day. (Not to mention the massacres perpetrated by Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates)

Bad Dogma

While everybody is agitatedly following the news and videos of ISIS, nobody is asking the logical question “How did such a group of dangerous fanatics create in the first place?

ISIS has created not only due to militarization by US army nor recruitment by CIA but primarily because of misinterpreted scripture and bad dogma.

Another ugly truth is the fact that early Muslims of the Arab Peninsula, during and following the death of Mohamed, were so brutal in their fighting and raids.

The early Muslims “Sahabah” were economically desperate; as a newly formed community they needed money and craved for influence so they began by raiding trade caravans in the Peninsula (the ancient spices and incense road) and ended up raiding Persian, Roman and Egyptian territories.

Beheading the enemies, as a means to evoke fear, was a common practice in the ancient Arabian tribal wars. Khalid Bin Walid, the military commander of the early days of the Islamic state never hesitated to behead the fighters of his enemies.

The Islamic records reveal that Bin Walid after the battle of Ullais 633 A.D, aka the battle of blood river, spent a whole day and night beheading 7000 soldiers and dumping them in the river(flowing it with their blood) in rejoice and gratitude for Allah’s brought-victory over the Persians.

Submit to Islam and be safe. Or agree to the payment of the Jizya, and you and your people will be under our protection, else you will have only yourself to blame for the consequences, for I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life. (Khalid Bin Walid’s letter to the Sassanid Persians before he raided their empire – very similar to ISIS raid threats)

Now, could you see the example ISIS mujahidin are following. What ISIS did to the Christians of Mosul is no different than what Bin Walid had earlier done, with the blessings of Islam’s Caliphate at the time, to the Christians of the Sassanid Empire.

Contrary to what the clergy or Islamic media claim, ISIS and Al Qaeda is not the exception, the millions of so called moderate Muslims around the world are.

Those fundamentalist Islamists who are casting terror into the heart of the civilized world are but a copycat of the mujahidin of early Islam. Whether we like it or not this is the ugly truth.

The reason why the majority of Muslims does not act like ISIS nor condone its crimes is because those millions of the so called moderate Muslims have not been prone to fundamentalist Islamic teaching through indoctrination (intellectual hypnosis)

Once they are, even if they were brought up in western communities, a considerable faction of them especially those with assimilation and economic problems will turn into dogmatic Jihadists ready to be recruited by ISIS.

As a matter of fact one of the most alarming ISIS-related phenomena is western Jihadists. The influx of European, American, Canadian and even Australian fundamentalist Muslims into ISIS held territories has by far been worrying (both Westerners and moderate Muslims)

This massive signing up to ISIS radical ideology, if anything, means that Muslims with their current unchecked fundamentalist religious narrative are not and actually will not be able to assimilate into western community and culture. This is a grave sign of failing multiculturalism that needs more time and space than this post allows.

Another important factor that many tend to overlook is that the majority of world’s Muslims act according to preconceptions that their own indigenous culture and traditions have mainly contributed to and not only Islam. Hence the term “moderate Muslims” denotes an attitude/mindset brought about by a blend between different cultures, be it Egyptian, Syrian or Persian and Islam.

That’s why hordes of moderate Muslims disgustedly point the finger at radical groups like ISIS and cry out “That’s not our Islam” …well of course it’s not.

And indeed that intercultural blend is the reason why the fundamentalist and harsh Bedouin side of Islam has been ameliorated enough to allow millions of Muslims to coexist with their fellow men of other creeds and theology over the long centuries.

Reforming Islam

ISIS could be a peril to Islam’s reputation and future around the world, but there is a good flip-side to this situation. Never before in recent times have the Muslim clergy had the opportunity and the imperative to embark on reforming Islam.

Jihadist groups and the rise of political Islam won’t be eradicated or even curbed by air power and drone attacks. ISIS, Al Qaeda, al-Nusra front and Muslim Brotherhood won’t be dismantled except by reforming and changing the mainstream narrative of Islam. For Muslims, nothing short of that will be like burying their heads in the sand.

ISIS is a reason enough for high profile Muslim scholars to start purifying the Hadith from tons of controversial sayings and teachings, doing more harm than good, claimed to have been told by Mohamed.

ISIS is a reason enough to start a new approach in interpreting the Quran’s verses especially those narrating the chronicles of Mohamed and followers’ battles against pagans.

Launching a new school of credible and enlightened Muslim scholars that will respect the historical context of the scripture verses is the first step toward reforming Islam.

This couldn’t have been more urgent a time, for world Muslims have been leaning dangerously towards fundamentalism and extremism throughout the last 80 years (ever since the establishment of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and following the rise of Wahhabi tide in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan)

If this rare opportunity for reforming Islam passed unnoticed and unexploited, then we will suffer from endless and more powerful tides of fundamentalist Jihadist groups.

And we have to beware of the fact that the groups that will follow ISIS will be more cruel and tougher and they will definitely attract huge numbers of mujahideen, so huge no military coalition will be able to break them down.

Most probably the current coalition led by US will be able to dismantle ISIS militarily but not ideologically. The task of dismantling ISIS bad ideas and dangerous dogma is the vital battle that Muslims themselves led by their scholars and clergy should undertake.

I will wind up with one of ISIS favorite verses that one always hears it narrated in the background, along with their official ode/anthem in most of the execution and beheading videos. And according to ISIS “fitna” here means nonbelievers in Islam.

“And fight with them until there is no more fitna (unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah” Quran (8:39)


“This post is not by any means intended to offend Muslims or degrade the religion of Islam, rather it is a humble attempt by the author to contribute to reforming the current fundamentalist Islamic narrative that if not checked will unfortunately breed more violence, intolerance and terrorism”    Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


28 thoughts on “ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth


    And surely when we remember how fiercely hatreds have developed within the Christian fold – how Dominicans have fought the Jesuits, and the Jesuits have denounced the Dominicans, how the Lutherans have burned Calvinists and the Calvinists have burned the Lutherans – we have no right to demand from an organization of mere earthly origin more than was shown by organizations claiming Divine inspiration. Quarrels among Socialists, forsooth!

    Have we not had quarrels among Catholics? For sixty-eight years the Christian world saw two Popes directing and claiming its allegiance. The Pope at Avignon, supported by half of the bishops and clergy of the world, excommunicated the Pope at Rome and all his supporters; and his Holiness at Rome hurled back his curse in return. In 1604 Henry III of Germany entered Italy and found three Popes in Rome – all claiming the allegiance of the Catholic world, and denouncing each other worse than Socialists are denounced today. In 1527 an army of 30,000 troops under the Catholic Constable of Bourbon attacked and captured Rome, killed the Pope’s soldiers, imprisoned his Holiness Clement VIII in the Castle of St Angelo, and put the sacred city to the sack. They were all Catholic soldiers under Catholic officers, and they plundered and ravished the centre of Catholicity. But, it will be said, these were only quarrels; they were not disputes over doctrine. Father Kane is a Jesuit; the majority of priests who at present are in the forefront of the attack upon Socialism are also Jesuits. Let us remind our reverend critics of a few incidents in the history of their own order – instances of the fierce disputes between the Jesuits and other Catholics on points of important Catholic doctrine:

    In India, Jesuit missionaries adopted the life and practices of the Brahmins in 1609 in order to make converts, and in their desire to conciliate that caste they even refused the Holy Sacrament to no-caste pariah converts. This outrage upon Catholic teaching and practice was reported to the Pope by a Capuchin Friar, Norbert, and by the Bishop of Rosalia, and condemned in the strongest terms by Pope Innocent X in 1645, by Clement IX in 1669, by Clement XII in 1734 and 1739, and by Benedict XIV in 1745. Pope Benedict XIV in 1741 denounced the Jesuits as ‘disobedient contumacious, captious and reprobate persons’. Melchior Cano, Bishop of the Canary Islands, banished the Jesuits from his diocese for teaching false doctrines, and for the same reason St Charles Borromeo expelled them from the diocese of Milan, as did also his successor, Cardinal Frederick Borromeo.

    At the beginning of the seventeenth century a Jesuit missionary, Father Ricci, gained the favour of the Chinese Emperor, and he appointed Catholics to all high positions. The Catholic religion gained a strong foothold in China, established scientific observatories, and founded schools and universities. But the Dominican Fathers accused the Jesuits of allowing their converts to practise their old idolatry, and a fight started between the Jesuits and Dominicans over this question of what were called the ‘Chinese Rites’.
    Nine different Popes condemned these ‘Chinese Rites’, but the Jesuits refused to obey the Popes, and in 1710 imprisoned the Papal Legate of Clement XI in the prison of the Inquisition at Macao, where he died. Sixtus V, Urban VIII and Clement VIII all died so soon after opposing the Jesuits that popular prejudice accused the Society of having had them assassinated.

    The Bishop of Pastoia, Scipio de Ricci, accused the Jesuits of having poisoned Pope Clement XIV, as did also Cardinal de Bernis, and the Spanish ambassador to the Court of Madrid declared that several Jesuits had told the Vicar-General of Padua the approximate date on which the Pope would die. In China the Jesuits in 1700 got an edict from the Pagan Emperor defending them against the charges of heresy brought by the Pope, but eventually the fight between the Catholics became so scandalous that all the heathens withdrew their toleration and suppressed the Christian religion in the empire. In 1661 the Jesuits alone had possessed 151 churches and 28 residences in China, had written 131 works upon religion, 103 on mathematics, and 53 on physical and moral science. All this was lost to Catholicity because of Jesuit perversion of Catholic doctrine, and consequent disgraceful feuds between Catholics. As the Jesuits perverted Catholic doctrine in India and China to gain the support of the great and powerful, is it wonderful if some think that they and other ecclesiastics are now again perverting Catholic doctrine for a like purpose?

    The Jesuits have been expelled from every Catholic country in Europe, and the grounds on which they have been expelled were everywhere the same, viz., that they were the worst enemies of their country, and were constantly intriguing against the government and national welfare, that their teaching made bad subjects, and all their influence was against the welfare of the state – just what they allege against Socialists today.

    They were expelled from Venice during the first half of the seventeenth century, from Portugal in 1759, from the French dominions in 1764 and 1767, from Spain in 1767, from Naples, Parma and Modena about the same time. Maria Theresa of Austria and Emperor Joseph, her son, also expelled them. The kings of Spain, Portugal and France united in an ultimatum to the Pope threatening to withdraw their countries from fealty to Rome and to create a schism unless the Pope suppressed them, and finally in a Brief issued 21 July 1773, his Holiness, Pope Clement XIV, suppressed the Jesuits ‘in all the States of Christendom’. As the Catholic author of the article on the Jesuits in the Encyclopaedia Americana truly says,

    ‘They have been expelled over and over again from almost every Catholic country in Europe.’

    In 1601 the secular priests of England issued a pamphlet entitled ‘Important Considerations’, in which they laid the blame of the Penal Laws against Catholics upon the Jesuits. The author of this work, William Watson, afterwards died a martyr for the Catholic faith.

    The Papal Brief, Dominus ac Redemptor, speaks of their defiance of their own constitution expressly revised by Pope Paul V, forbidding them to interfere in politics, of the great ruin to souls caused by their quarrels with local ordinaries and other religious orders, their conformity to heathen usages in the East, and the disturbances resulting in persecution of the Church which they have stirred up even in Catholic countries, so that several Popes have been obliged to punish them.

    It is instructive to recall that upon their suppression the Jesuits took refuge in Russia under Catherine, and in Prussia under Frederick, both sovereigns being freethinkers. Not until the French Revolution had frightened all liberal ideas out of the crowned heads of Europe, and the fall of Napoleon enabled the sceptred tyrants of England and the Continent to place their iron heels upon the necks of the people did the Jesuits once more receive an invitation to resume their activity and their existence as an order. That invitation was coincident with the suppression of all popular liberties, and the enthronement of absolute power.


    Being a discussion of the Lenten Discourses against
    Socialism delivered by Father Kane, SJ, in Gardiner
    Street Church, Dublin, 1910
    by James Connolly
    First published as a Harp Library pamphlet in Dublin, August 1910.
    Transcribed for JSC and WW BBS by the Workers’ Web ASCII Pamphlet project.


  2. Professor, I don ‘t mean any offence (since I know many Egyptians are quite understandably hostile to the West), but as a Chinese college student studying history, religion and other cultures myself, I think Egypt might actually be better or at least more liberal today if it had remained under Coptic Christianity.

    I mean, after what’s been going on with the Egyptian government under one corrupt Islamist regime after another, I at least don’t see how it could be worse…


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  4. Doctor, I also practice “Cultivation of the Nine Houses” (one of “highest Taoist cultivation of energy practice of “chi”) and “Earth Style Tai Chi” (Oldest form of “Tai Chi”). Saying goes that JESUS went to China and learned these practices too. Shape=Shifted and why “Judas” kissed Jesus, to let the Roman killers know who he was. I do not see this time as other than the pivotal point (“Feng Shui”) to either restore balance as a species whole, or the universe is going to restore balance in our system of “energy”. We are energy and the ZIONISTS’ have caused a serious contamination of our earth world in the system we are IN: “FREE WILL”. The reflection (HELEN KELLER, MARK TWAIN, LAO TZU, CHUANG TZU, ET AL) of “GOD” isn’t. The mirror is unfortunately not DIVINE COSMIC GIGGLE. Those of we the humane humans shall receive the eternity that has always been and those that have chosen subterranean shall be ? Bug shit? Could be there is a system of energy wherein the worst of the human species begins in the excrement of whatever lowest form of “energy” and then maybe in a few billion times of recycling “thought” get to be born at a higher vibration, and maybe not. I CHING, Master NI (rewritten from German fake version from Taoist Master of long, long lineage of Taoists), clarifies how incredible this planet EARTH was, and why the HIGHER BEINGS don’t “visit”, too violent here. TIME FOR CHANGE?! Indeed your work is perfect timing to awaken those that listen to the higher frequencies of our family/ies that are WHOLE BEINGS in the universal power of all powerful powers. You’re chosen alright, for real! xork aka biloxi marx


  5. I don’t fully agree with Dr Ezzat. These extremist killer gangs that call themselves Islamic are in fact no different from the death squads of Latin America in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They were trained by the CIA to fight Leftist movements and Guerrillas. They too murdered people on masse, terrorized entire populations in order to scare people away from political activism. What we see today in the Middle East is the same kind of program under a different banner for a different purpose, which is the implementing of the Yinon plan in favor of Israeli expansion. I wouldn’t put the blame on Islam even though I’m not religious.


  6. Dr. Ezzat,
    Thank you for pointing out the violent nature and separatism of the monotheistic religions. The corruption of Abraham has brought so much heartache to the human race. Islam/Christianity/Judaism are built on the us vs. them ideology, and they have separated humankind since their inception with the worship of the god “El” above the other gods. They are all from the same evil


    1. Hi David, I agree with you that Abraham was not such a good person, and if “God” appears to like him? That would say a lot about that god? Nevertheless, religions played a role in advancing humanity in the West.


  7. Please do it carefully & creatively, so you are not condemned. Your voice is a voice in the wilderness that sees the big picture.


  8. Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, you are approaching the solution. Now, let’s get to it and condemn Sharia law, it’s followers and the nations who subscribe to it.


  9. One aspect that is swept under the carpet is the fundamental opposition of Islam (even the so-called “moderate”) to the Christian view of the world and way of life. In this regard Islam is on a par with Judaism with which it always got along famously. The “West”, which is the end product of a bastardized (i.e. Judaized) Christianity, always came to the defense of Islam, out of spite for Christianity. (The Orthodox Christians will always remember the Crimean War – to evoke only a recent historical instance, still relevant today). They behave like the old western communists who consciously lied about the horrors of Communism in Russia, in order not to weaken the resolve of the fighters against the bourgeoisie.
    So, when we are witnessing the resolute anti-Christian stance of the “West”, how much hope can we put in their help to “reform” Islam? When we see, in England!, where “a branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (serving ‘halal’ chicken) refused to give customers hand-wipes containing alcohol for fear that doing so would cause offence”. Or when we see an immediate howling against “discrimination” when authorities merely suggest (like in Australia) that the burkha should not be worn in the Parliament House (for reasons of security). Or to blame the media that they have shown the photo (considering that “inciting”) of a Muslim child wearing a panel urging the beheading of those who insult the prophet (at a rally protesting a video poking fun at him). Or simply throwing the charge of “Islamophobia” at the slightest criticism of anything islamic.


    1. Wow, I am glad I stumbled on this website of Dr. Ezzat, which brought in people like you, and your insightful comment. My take on East and West goes back to the schism of early Christianity between Orthodox, and Catholic. As Constantinople was surrounded by MUSLIM invaders, the West stayed put and watched Orthodox Christians being slaughtered rather than defending them as fellow Christians. To this day, slaughter of Orthodox Christians at the hands of MUSLIMS do not mean much to the West. Our media do not particularly like the unadulterated Christianity in the East way more than the Zionist Christianity in the West.


  10. Excellent weeb ssite you’ve ggot here.. It’s hard too find good quality wruting lijke yourts these days.
    I truly appreciate individuals likie you! Take care!!


  11. Reblogged this on Puppet Master's Slave Market and commented:
    Excellent synopsis. The rise of Fundamentalist Islam parallels American fundamentalist Christian television programming, all the charlatan TV evangelicals and Bingo Bobs, have been slinging their brand of bacon for decades to regional markets, generally rural and dirt poor, where a large portion of US military personnel are recruited. I think it has always been this way in all times, in all religions. It is the way of the world, to drive men to their death for profit and glory, for God and country, for rape and pillage, for rape and slaughter.


    1. I understand that fundamentalism is not great in any religion, but, if I preach fundamental christianity, for example, how bad can I make this world? Christ asked that we love everyone including our enemies. How bad can such dogma make of our increasingly violent world. But, let me throw you something to contemplate? JESUS said: if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out; it is better for you to go to heaven with one eye then go to hell with two eyes. So, given such commandments, a bunch of priests start teach this literally to teenage boys, and all the school became full of one eyed young men? Do you imagine the emergency rooms, the nightly news, the child protection services, the anti-CHRISTIAN liberals……? I say to you these priests will be shot by the Pope himself to stop such a tragedy? What is the difference here? I can theorize that Christians and their theological leaderships have vastly progressed beyond blind faith or obedience. George Rizk


  12. Doctor why is it that we are afraid to call the extremist who they are ..Wahabis/Salafis…they are not sunnis.
    These wahabis/salafis do not follow the traditional jurispudence of the 4 madhabs and literally translate the quran to justify their killings.These wahabis/Salafis destroyed the loving Islam of Sufism.We have to speak out against against this wahabi ideology which is gaining foot hold into western education system.If you have a look at the white converts (eg Bilal Philips he was an ex terrorist), in the west they follow the wahabi ideology. Saudi and America are the creation of this ideology.


    1. Hello Sam, my observation is similar to Dr. Ezzat? Muslims started at the Arabian desert in the seventh century, and accordingly, the barbarism of that period in that region was common. Later on, ISLAM invaded many countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Granted, they terrorized these countries to control them, but, also they learned civility from these countries. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand did not experience that dilution? They even attempt to stay in the seventh century style of clothes; rags on their heads and galabeiyas (dress)?

      Unfortunately for the world, the Saudis got rich, and went on spending spree to build Wahabi mosques all over the world fully equipped with Wahabi clerics and literature. We know Wahabism is true 7th century Islam, undiluted with the civilized world! Having said so, I put the blame on the Western leaders, as well as the non-Saudi leaders for allowing such intolerant backward dogma being preached in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the small backward nation of Saudi Arabia could have been transformed by the West if the West was not politically correct, and had vision of how harmful such intolerances?

      Furthermore, Dr. Zeb Berjinski opened a can of worms when he started to recruit ISLAMISTS from the slums of Yemen and Cairo to fight in Afghanistan. It is like taking ignorant bunch and revealing the secret of how to time the stock market to them, and then watch them getting filthy rich? You can’t stop the stock market, and you can’t even prevent these groups from getting rich because they go under different name, and will keep draining all the stock market profit to them.

      Dr. Ezzat, thank you for articulating such a taboo subject. George Rizk


  13. Good Doctor. i have read through several times, your thoughts above. I understand you are giving constructive incite. You are a good resource on historical times, and these modern times as history is blended from past to present, and needs to be understood that way.

    Your thought ” This couldn’t have been more urgent a time, for world Muslims ” , is true, however there is a certain resentment of being dragged into the 21st. Century of world Entrepreneurship, Fundamentalism, does not want change, or outside control, / trading partners, over lord trading partners, or economic thieves, and bullies. which means, fundamentalism can not be allowed to be rooted in Iraq, Syria or by some nations Iran. time will tell, but until moderation comes into play, there will be terrible blood shed.

    I can not speak as a Historical Scholar on Affairs in this part of the world, but i do have some skills in Public Safety that analyze cause and effect. my thoughts are for a better life, for all, less violence and a more stable value of life in living.

    You say. ” we have to beware of the fact that the groups that will follow ISIS will be more cruel and tougher ” again in the short run, years on, this is true. it is going to be a tremendous slug fest, as America doesn’t want to loose face, with an established trading partner, ” which was installed ” the float and kick back of money is huge. i am going to guess, 25 to 30 percent of Gross domestic product. the war machine in the USA is very profitable and controlling.

    i do think as more people are ground into the sand, Saudi Arabia will be challenged internally as to its exploits in these religious and control matters, as it is part of the base of this destabilization, .

    i live in a more peaceful, part of the world, and i would like to have that happen for the conflict area that you speak, I know you write for common good, for life and good living, i salute you in your efforts.



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