The Arabian Messiah

“At the core of this whole Messianic culture is ancient Arabian/tribal tradition intimately interwoven with pagan myths”

Messiah Arabian-3

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Have you ever wondered why the so called “Middle East” is the world’s most volatile spot? Moreover, why is it that the Arab World is the world’s hotbed for extremism and violence?

Why the Middle East, with its Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities, has always been engulfed in a state of “perpetual conflict” that is stubbornly unresolvable. And I’m not just referring to the last 50-70 years or so (ever since the [Jewish] state of Israel was cunningly established) but to an era that goes further back in time.

My examination of this perpetual unrest goes back to the crusades time, the rise of Islam with the subsequent conflict between the Shia and Sunni followed by decades of ruthless raids east and west of Arabia, the emergence (and politicization) of Jesus Christ story with the ensuing martyrdom and split between the Eastern and western church and even back to the so called Babylonian Captivity and the notorious ancient tale of the Exodus.

Why the area is (and has always been) in such a mess?

Actually the Arab world identified on the modern world map as the Middle East and in history books as the ancient Near East, has always been in such a mess because of the “Mess-iah” syndrome.

And make no mistake about its origin; for it is purely a Jewish/Arabian product. What first started as an Arabian tribal tradition has over the centuries evolved into a Talmudic religion the ideology of which (based on the Messiah concept) has managed to infiltrate and smear most of the world’s belief systems and cultures with its tribal extremism.

Some might argue that the turmoil and unrest in the Arab world are just like any other part of the world where violence and repeated conflicts and wars are just part and parcel of life itself. But I would argue differently because anywhere else different conflicts usually erupt due to different reasons, but in our Middle East (Arab World) the repeated unrest and conflict are always due to the same reason; the ‘Messiah syndrome’. Maybe that’s why the end of the world scenario is expected to unfold on this wretched piece of land, as foretold by the black (apocalyptic) Messianic literature.

Even when some periods of relative peace and prosperity intercept the cycle of Middle-Eastern unrest, the tribal ideology responsible for the turmoil and violence keeps thriving/boiling over (under the surface) until things heat up and reach another eruption of that unseen volcano of Messiah.

Even when things seem like an entirely imperialist conquest and international (political) exploitation of the area, it is often carried out explicitly (like in the medieval crusades) or implicitly (as in the case of the latest American invasion of Iraq) due to the morbid ideology of Messiah.

While George W. Bush’s military machine was literally demolishing the Iraqi nation and its historical heritage the US former President was utterly euphoric (you can tell by the constant idiotic smirk on the man’s face) and his conscience seemed at ease for he simply believed the destruction that ensued and engulfed the whole Middle East (till this current moment) was the necessary (inevitable) prelude to the second coming of his Messiah.  Well this is how dangerous, chaotic and annihilating this culture of Messiah is coming to be.

Messiah: The true Nativity

Contrary to what western orientalists and scholars have for so long believed, Messiah has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ or Western spirituality for that matter. It has nothing to do with neither the beginning nor the end of our times.

At the core of this whole Messianic culture is ancient Arabian/tribal tradition intimately interwoven with pagan myths.  During the centuries leading up to the birth of Christianity various cults known as `Mystery Religions‘ had spread throughout the Pagan world.

At the center of these Mystery cults was a story about a dying and resurrecting godman who was known by many different names in many different cultures.

In Egypt, where the Mysteries originated, he was known as Osiris, in Greece as Dionysus, in Syria as Adonis, in Italy as Bacchus, in Persia as Mithras. These Pagan myths had been rewritten and interwoven with the theme of the Arabian Messiah as the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without that subtle blend the Arabian Messianic culture couldn’t have managed to seep into and take root in western Psyche and spirituality. But still the main theme was Arabian.

Why do you think Paul the apostle headed to Arabia and sojourned there for long three years before he dared embark on his missionary journeys (in the Roman/Western world).

“But when the God who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me through his grace was pleased to reveal his son in me, so that I might be his herald among the nations, at once I did not confer with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me, but I went away into Arabia, and returned again to Damascus” (Gal.1:15-17)

St. Paul the apostle by Claude Vignon (2)
St. Paul the apostle by Claude Vignon

Paul did not travel to Arabia on a Safari tour nor for meditation. The educated and multilingual man knew that Arabia was the cultural and geographical (native) land of not only Judaism but (believe it or not) the whole doctrine of “Nazarenes” or “Yeshua Natzri” or “Eissa Al Nasrani” in Arabic (later Romanized as Jesus Christ).

According to his own investigation, Paul knew damn well that the man who crossed the Jordan river (from the east side) and then claimed himself the king of the Jews in Jerusalem (before he was killed) had come from Arabia (and not Palestine)

Paul knew that the truth about the real Jesus/Eissa (in Arabic) was to be pursued in Arabia and not by conferring with (illiterate fishermen) who called themselves apostles.

Indeed It was in ancient Arabia where Paul collected the bits and pieces of his gospel (Classical Arabian historians mentioned an ancient and one Gospel of the Nazarenes long before the emergence of the Christ story in the Roman province of Palestine, a theme that is also reiterated in the Quran)

The word ‘Messiah’ is in fact a transliteration of the Jewish/Arabic word “Mashiach/Mashaiakh/sheik /مشيخ that goes back to the remote times of ancient Arabia.

Actually, the word ‘Messiah/Mashiach’ (whether anointed or not and with or without a temple built) has more to do with Judaism and Islam (as two religions of ancient and medieval Arabia and Yemen) than with Christianity (as a composite/hybrid religion that was tailored after the Jewish old theme of Mashiach but with a Greco-Roman pagan twist)

Biblical history: flawed premise

Egypt knew no Pharaohs cover art-15-1- resizedIn my recent book “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” I’ve elaborated on the common cultural and geographical grounds both Judaism and Islam share. (Watch the book trailer)

By tracing back the common (Arabian) roots of Judaism and Islam, we have come to the safe conclusion (supported by evidence-based findings) that Hebrew and Arabic languages are two dialects of the same ancient Arabian tongue, and that Judaism and Islam are the product of one and the same Arabian culture and geography (but at different times)

This is a very crucial premise (almost revolutionary for any western scholar of the Biblical history) that will help us unravel the complexity of this Mess-iah syndrome. This is a key point because it is shedding the light on a long neglected question; where did Judaism first originate?

In other words what is the culture that produced this celebrated faith of Moses and his stone tablets? Where would we end up if we traced back the roots of the Judeo-Christian faith? Most if not all the followers as well as the scholars and priesthood of the so called Judeo-Christian faith would instantly respond and say without a blink of doubt; Palestine.

But guess what, they all are deadly wrong if not downright deceived. They are not only wrong about Palestine as the homeland of Judaism, but they are also about linking Judaism with Christianity in one religious package.

Judaism is not and should not be related to (western) Christianity thematically and philosophically speaking. The long bond between the two religions is only political in nature (thanks to the Romans and their clever attempt to alleviate the militarization/violence of the Arabic/tribal Jews many of whom had already migrated from Yemen to Palestine a couple of centuries before the Christ tale).

The only way that seemed possible to control that ancient tide of militant Judaism (something like the current Islamic militancy – they both share the same Arabian tribal culture) was to dissolve it in a whole new (peaceful and tolerant) faith by making use of and actualizing the Arabian/Jewish ‘Messiah syndrome’. why do think the Gospels were written in Greek and not in Aramaic, the language used by Jesus and his disciples??  And bear in mind that Aramaic is but another dialect of the Arabian tongue (don’t fall for the Zionist classification of those languages as Semitic)

In that way, the Jews got their prophecy fulfilled, but this time around their new Machiach/Messiah was Romanized (that’s why the Jews have trouble believing in Jesus Christ) The new Messiah, contrary to a long and ancient legacy of Jewish (tribal) militancy and intolerance, was unexpectedly peaceful and accepting all of his children (not only the chosen ones) into his kingdom.  But there was a catch here; this paradigm shift did not happen by itself.

The Arabian Bible

If you reflected on the phonetic similarities between the two languages you’d be amazed (may be for the first time) how that the Hebrew is the closest language to Arabic. In the Arabic pronunciation Hebrew is called ‘Abri’ while Arabic is pronounced ‘Arabi’, likewise ‘Eloh’ and ‘Allah’ is the Hebrew and Arabic for ‘God’.

So within this tiny scale and almost negligible (phonetic) difference between ‘Abri’ and ‘Arabi’ and ‘Eloh’ and ‘Allah’, the common and shared ARABIAN cultural background of both Judaism and Islam could and actually should be our guide in examining the historicity of the Biblical/Israelite stories (including that of Jesus Christ). For in essence this is  where the western school of Biblical history has gone wrong.

This is primarily why the western orientalists and historians have so far failed to archeologically corroborate the Biblical stories happened where their distorted Bible said they did; in Palestine.  Their utter failure is due to their flawed premise and hence their misguided quest ensued.

The Christian ideology is based on the distorted narrative that Pharaoh was the king of ancient Egypt and that Moses was raised in an Egyptian royal household and that the Epic Exodus took off from the (heathen) kingdom of Egypt to the new and Promised Land (kingdom) of God’s chosen & righteous people in Palestine/Canaan.  It is based on the false belief that Moses received his tablets on The Egyptian Mount Sinai. But at the time the story of Christ was evolving it seemed that Paul the Apostle was the only one who really knew the truth (after he had dived into ancient Arabia)

“Abraham had two sons, one by the slave woman, one by the free. But the slave woman’s son was born according to the flesh; the free woman’s, through promise. Which is an allegory: for these two women are two covenants. One is from Mount Sinai, born for slavery, which is Hagar. For Sinai is a mountain in Arabia; and [Sinai] corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children. But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is the mother of us all.” (Gal 4:25 )

The truth (as revealed in our book) is that Moses was an Arabian sheep herder and he (and a couple of hundreds of his tribe, and not the thousands you would watch on a Hollywood/Zionist movie) labored as slaves in a small village in south ancient Arabia called “Mizraim”. The man who ruled over this small village of ‘Mizraim was called/designated ‘Faraon/فرعون ’

When Moses killed one of Faraon’s guards he and his people fled Mizraim and headed back to their tribal land at north Yemen, a stretch of barren land known as Asir. That’s why this tribe of Arabian slaves were called Asir-alites or better known as the Israelites. Once again we should stop here to pinpoint a couple of new (paradigm shifting) findings.

Firstly, the fact that Judaism is a genuinely Arabian tribal cult that first originated (as detailed and verified in my book) in North Yemen, and hence Christianity’s core belief is built upon an ancient Arabian tribal culture; the same one that produced Islam and also on the same literature/tradition that helped shape radical groups like Al-Qaeda, and believe it or not ‘the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

Secondly, the Biblical history and archeology is literally in limbo because the whole Biblical stories are set in a fake geography. Tampering with the place names of the original Biblical stories was part of a grand scale deception carried out by seventy Jewish scribes in the third century BC and at the legendary Library of Alexandria in what came to be known as the “Septuagint Bible”. And if we bear in mind that the Greek Septuagint Bible is the ‘only source’ for all the translations of the Holy Bible all over the whole world (even the one tucked under your own pillow) we could come to realize the sheer scale of the (Jewish) deception those seventy Scribe pulled on the world.

If we were to revisit the ancient Near East and re-examine its stories thru a non-Jewish lens we would surprisingly discover (as we did in our research) that Egypt was never the land of the Israelites’ Exodus nor Palestine their Promised one.

Palestine was occupied by blatant Western political debauchery that wouldn’t have been made possible without the Jewish distortion of the ancient Near Eastern history.

We could have a third Intifada, or even thirty more.
We could have a third Intifada, or even thirty more.

What makes this whole conflict unresolvable (as we mentioned earlier) is that generation after generation (not only of Jews but also Muslims and Christians) have been buying into the fake story of Palestine as the Jewish Promised Land over the last two thousand years. We could have a third Intifada (like the one currently in the making), and we could even have thirty more. We will have another Oslo agreement, or even a hundred peace talks but make no mistake, the Palestinian plight will not be resolved unless we expose the deception and correct the region’s ancient history.

The true ancient history is that Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses. And to set the ancient historical narrative right, we have to shock you with another revelation that ancient Palestine never witnessed any of the Biblical stories. All the Israelite stories (whether fictional or not) have taken place in ancient Arabia and North Yemen, all of them, from the flood of Noah and the selling of Joseph as a slave down to the Exodus of Moses and the so called David-Solomon kingdom.

Those tales the west has long known as ‘the stories of the Patriarchs’ are but the folktales of ancient Arabia.

One more astonishing find is that the area all the Biblical scholars and historians refer to as Canaan never really existed. Palestine was never called Canaan at any point in ancient history; the designation is a mere Biblical travesty/distortion of the actual geography of the Levant and specifically of ancient Palestine. Canaan that is endlessly reiterated in the Hebrew Bible is actually the land of the Arabian tribe of Banu Canaan and Banu Kinanah (as shown in my book with maps)

Messiah: the cultural root

Moses according to the ancient Arabian tribal tradition was a Machiach. But the Arabian definition of the Mashiach is so different from the Roman one that has come to determine how we (mainly westerners) view and define the word ‘Messiah’ today.

The Arabian/Jewish title شيخ/Mashiach means nothing more than a tribal (war) leader, period.

No spiritual connotation attached to the term, no anointing, no divinity, no temple and no salvation. Adding those requirements only took place after the Hellenization of the ancient Arabian Jewish cult.

Mashiach-1Since the ancient Arabian community was predominantly tribal (and still is till this very moment), therefore the tribal culture of conquest/raids (as performed today by ISIL) was the main strategy to achieve political dominance. That explains why the Hebrew Bible is laden with tales of tribal wars/raids, and that also in way explains the historical and cultural legacy that drives a militant group like ‘ISIL’.

So whenever any Arabian tribe (not just the Asir-alites) was subjugated by another (more powerful tribe) the people of the tribe dreamed of a new tribal leader, a Mashiach who would deliver them of their misery and subjugation.

In that sense David was a Mashiach, a tribal leader, a man who would lead his tribal warriors in one of ancient Arabia’s ruthless raids (during which no moral conduct ruled except the survival and dominance of the tribe at any expense, even if it meant the extermination of the other tribe and enslaving its women and children (what the civilized world now refer to as genocide)

While the sensibility of the whole western (advanced) world is now offended by the savage raids waged by ISIL and their new Caliph/Mashiach/sheikh, on the other hand the west’s Christian sensibility is totally fine with many of the (Jewish) genocidal tribal raids their Bible is packed with. All those bloody raids were led by the Jewish Mashiachs/Messiahs.

Could you see the contradiction here? But even more importantly could you tell how and when this paradox that alienated the western world from its own inherent cultural values began?

This whole thing happened when we (West and East) renounced our own ancient wisdom and knowledge and instead subscribed to the Mashiach/Messiah culture, a product of ancient Arabia. And since ancient Arabian culture had always been tribal, intolerant and extremely violent Paul the apostle ended his long sojourn there after he had apparently reached two decisive conclusions. And this is the catch we mentioned earlier.

First, Paul turned his back (eternally) on ancient Arabia, for he knew if he didn’t he would again become the (violent and intolerant) Zealot Jew he had once been before he was captivated/hypnotized by the story of the son of God. Second, Paul couldn’t see his Mashiach/Messiah through the tribal and hermetic lens of Arabia; instead he kept the original Arabian story and theme of Mashiach/Messiah but nurtured/molded it with the Roman culture of diversity and tolerance (that didn’t last long afterwards)

By doing so, Paul has managed to turn what seemed as hopelessly violent and unmitigated Arabian/Jewish cult into a universal faith/message that could appeal to all of god’s children and not just his circumcised ones.

But still Paul’s message relied principally on the Arabian concept of Mashiach/Messiah.

The dangerous side of this Meshiach/Messiah doctrine is that it is based on the Arabian/tribal sense of insecurity and vulnerability (due to a culture of militancy and constant raids). This insecurity has always led the Arabian Jews whenever they were subjugated (by internal Arab tribal raids or even external powers like the Egyptian or the Babylonian) to rationalize their subjugation as a divine punishment for their imperfect faith and practices (as in the case of Babylonian Captivity)

Thus the followers (of the Messianic faith) always find themselves in a perpetual state of uncertainty of their faith. For simply every bad turn of their worldly affairs is translated into/rationalized as imperfect (corrupt) faith that had led them astray from god’s true path (a sense of [deeply entrenched sin] frequently manifested in the fundamentalist and dogmatic method of Zionist Christians, Evangelical Christians, Salafi Muslims, Muslim Brotherhood sect, Islamist Takfiri sect, Haredi Jews and of course the Islamic Shia sect and Wahhabi sect)

That’s when the concept of Mashiach/Messiah/Sheikh always comes into play. At times of challenge and controversy, the (Messianic) believers (especially the orthodox), soaked with uncertainty of the righteousness of their current faith and conduct, start dreaming of another Mashiach, Messiah, Sheikh who could lead them back to the righteous path (most often his own path) .

And in the process of returning to the so called God’s righteous path, more Mashiachs/Sheikhs (be that Joseph Smith of the Mormons or Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIL) emerge and the cycle of dogmatism, violence and extremism lingers on indefinitely.

Free yourself of a two-thousand-year deception. Renounce the falsehood you have long embraced as the ultimate and holy truth. Read Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

Published on Kindle book stores – download a free kindle reading app here.  


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  1. A major fault that contradicts your ” endevours’ at eliciting the truth is the term ” abrahamic faiths ” …. The only religion that has its origins directly to Abram /Ebrahim is Islam. And the only messenger from god with a divine holy book from god that is related to Abrahm/Ibrahim is Mohammad. Is it deliberate that you missed the fallacy that Jacob has nothing to do with Moses nor Issu/Issa/Jesus ? And that Israel was one of the righteous people saved with Noah ( not the weird deduction relating Israel’s offsprings to Asseer !!!!!!!!!! )


  2. A very close to truth narrative of the historical elements of judism , jewish deceptions and ” christianity ” ( with some major pitfalls and wrong deductions and conclusions though) , but corrupted by the very biased ideology against the divine , erronously pleuralized religion . ( if the belief there is one and only god, it follows that he would command his created biengs an unchanging basic set of commandments to abide by , … Since his initial creation of Adam , non changing beliefs , basic commandments but with directives and laws in concordance with the people and circumstances his message is sent to them ). What is closest to the truth in your narrative is the geographical mapping part, the languages part, some of the origins of the nations and their movement through the historical frames prior to and after Judaism and christianity


  3. Your entire rambling consists of grammar errors and self-statements being masqueraded as a scholarly piece. You sir, lack a clear understanding about Jewish history and Israel’s history.


    1. Who are you? Why use Malaysia in your name which is a multi-faith multi-culture country? Jesus was highly probably a Hindu monk. Someone pls research the lost years, what he did during these crucial period . He could walk on water and raise the dead. All these are psychic powers begotten only through meditation and attaining the jhanas.

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  4. “in Syria as Adonis”?

    What is this nonsense? Adonis was a Canaanite/Phoenician pagan god.

    Your theory omits one of the most important people and their religion in the elaboration of the “Abrahamic” religions: the Canaanites, later renamed as Phoenicians by the ancient Greeks. The Hebrew Bible plagiarized it after vilifying it.


      1. Your entire rambling consists of grammar errors and self-statements being masqueraded as a scholarly piece. You sir, lack a clear understanding about Jewish history and Israel’s history.


  5. Just found out about a relevant book on a “politically incorrect” site; a book which Dr. Ezzat may have mentioned elsewhere; not sure. It’s titled “The Bible Came From Arabia” by Kamal Salibi. Not sure about availability, but I’m sure it would be a good source.

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  6. Dear Sir: perhaps you will be able to shed some light on this mystery. I went to the Amazon store, signed in, and tried to purchase the kindle edition of your book just entering my address particulars, and checking out, this message appeared – |this book is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.” So, I decided to enter another card, with another country address. The card accepted, I returned to check out, and relocating your title, was confronted with the following – “This title is not currently available for purchase.” How very strange.

    Are you sure that amazon is working totally in your interests? Is there another way to get the book?


    1. I took a quick look at the PDF file, and I will reply once I get the chance (I’m currently in the process of writing a script for my next documentary and I’m struggling to meet some deadlines) Thank you.


  7. No wonder the Saudis, and their Zionist allies, have been going apeshit in Yemen, for the past 9 months. There have even been reports of artifacts being smuggled from Yemen, with the help of MOSSAD. It could be they plan to burry them underneath the soil of Palestine, only to be “discovered” there in the future.


  8. Thank you and you’re very welcome, Dr. Ezzat. Your erudite style compliments the legacy of the ancients. Far too many handle events from antiquity (especially when it comes to ancient Egypt) in a forced, self- aggrandizing, unsophisticated manner mired in half-truths and ignorance. It should not be about the modern day “messenger” but about honoring the “message.” Currently, the Ancient Egyptians are one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented people. Individuals such as yourself are doing them and their legacy a great service.

    I will leave a similar review on Amazon in the next few days.

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  9. Thank you very much, Dr. Ezzat for another eye-opening article. I have just recently found out about your research work and the least that I can say is that it is very impressive. I will probably need to read this article several times, though. I wouldn’t want to sound too optimistic, but I have the feeling that more and more people are waking up to the truth however disturbing it may be. Do I have your permission to put a link to this article on my recently-created blog Seek and You Shall Find? With my renewed thanks and my sincere admiration. André


  10. Dr. Ezzat is absolutely right. Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism or Islam. Jesus Christ is not the Messiah awaited by the Jews to crush their ennemies and deliver to them the dominion of the world.
    On the very contrary. This expectation of the Jews is duly condemned by Jesus. He denounced in no equivocal terms their iniquities and paranoid ambitions. This is the reason of the inextinguishably hatred of the Jews for Christ and his Church. Christianity is not the “continuation” of Judaism and the mission of the Christ on earth was not the fulfilment of their dreams. The Good News (Evangelion) brought by Him was that the Holy Spirit, retreated from the world due to the iniquities of the Jews, has returned through Him and dispensed to the whole world, provided that the world would cleanse and regenerate itself through the waters of Baptism.
    The Jews persisted in their iniquities and rejected the Christ (properly speaking this is Judaism). Islam follows in the steps of Judaism. Western “Christanity” is a bastardized form, result of a long process of subversion by the Jews who succeded in “judaizing” it. The true message of the Chist was preserved only in the Orthodox Church. Hence the burning hatred of Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants for the Orthodox.


    1. Thanks for distinguishing the difference between the Orthodox Church and the other Christian sects, Seraphim. Most do not bother to see if there is any disparity between them. There is. I actually read Dr. Ezzat’s book in one day, last month. Wow! From there, I ordered Dr. Salibi’s three books (“The Bible Came from Arabia,” “Secrets of the Bible People” and “Who was Jesus? A Conspiracy in Jerusalem.”) Have read the first two with the final one arriving today. I make mention of Dr. Kamal Salibi since Dr. Ezzat references his work. This information should not be withheld. More importantly, one must be careful to realize that there is also plenty of disinformation concerning this topic. Two glaring ones? “The Bible Unearthed,” by N. A. Silberman and I. Finkelstein and “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazreth,” by Reza Aslan.

      The former work still pushes the fabled and erroneous “Hebrew Slaves and their Exodus out of Egypt” fabrication. The Hebrews were in an ancient Egyptian colony in their own homeland, Asir, in West Arabia. This is the true location of their infamous “Exodus” occurred. The latter book is presented in such an “in your face” nasty manner that most will be turned off just by the title itself. Zealot? Yeah, that’s going to attract a lot readers who are fastly entranced under the sway of Judaics’ version of Christianity. On the contrary, Ashraf Ezzat, Dr. Salibi and those of their ilk approach this topic in a manner that is more balanced and far more convincing.

      The more one learns about this subject and absorbs it, the more apparent it becomes just how iniquitous and deeply sordid the deeds of those who constructed the Abrahamic faiths are. Humanity horrifically and collectively live with the consequences of far too many being manipulated by the Abrahamic construct (and its “Messiah complex”) to this very day. It is tragic. It must change.

      If one takes the ‘Programming and Metaprogramming’ process discussed by scientist John C. Lilly M.D., it becomes apparent that a virulent spiritual retardation has occurred within the consciousness of those gripped by the highly destructive beliefs of the Abrahamic faiths. Becoming spiritually mature is the first step.

      There are others who are pointing this out as well. Someone above mentioned the work of John L. Lash. His book, “Not in His Image” is pertinent reading.

      Apologies for the rather “lengthy” reply, Seraphim. Your comment struck a chord with me. I’ve been researching what is wrong with the Abrahamic faiths for quite some time. Dr. Ezzat’s material is very welcomed when it comes to providing clarification on this topic and question. Humanity can learn a lot from glorious cultures of antiquity such as Egypt. The most important lesson could be how to create and maintain sane, humane and spiritually prosperous societies once more.

      I close with a quote from antiquity that amply applies to the sinister tyranny of the Abrahamic faiths:

      “Our ears, accustomed from early childhood to hearing their false stories, and our minds, imbued with those preconceptions for centuries, preserve those fantastic suppositions as if they were a sacred trust…so that truth seems incredible, and adulterated stories have the appearance of truth.”
      -Sanchuniathon of Berytus

      Berytus is now known as Beirut in Lebanon.

      All of us who are aware of this spiritual deceit need to work toward giving Dr. Ezzat and his material a larger platform.

      P.S. I am solely speaking about exposing the heinous constructs and ideologies, not individual people. Some people just like to identify with concepts and ideologies as opposed to being a human.


      1. Thank you Shentale, for what seems like one of the most ‘insightful’ comments I had in a long time. In all my writings, as you have already noticed, I’m trying to accomplish two things; exposing the distortion of our ancient history, and restoring some of our ancient wisdom and mysticism. Since you share my quest for the truth and my passion for the ancient wisdom, I just hope you’d consider writing me a review on the Book’s Amazon page. In Peace.

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  11. I really enjoyed reading this. It is so very enlightening and it fills me with the desire to know more. I feel so grateful this knowledge is being shared to those willing to receive.


  12. Dr. Ezzat,
    another great analysis of the history behind the desert culture, and the mythology of god. The talk show host Ibrahim Issa uses the same exact terminology that I use ‘”the desert Culture” to identify the crazy infiltration of niquab , and other women abusive traditions that have invaded Egypt recently.

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  13. thankyou Dr Ezzat for your work and insights;
    I have long thought the Old Testament Bible was brainwashing fodder for gullible Christians who bow to Jewish propaganda that they are “Gods chosen people”, and for many years I embarked on my own studies referring to Dr Sitchins work from Sumerian clay tablets, to John Lamb Lash’s interpretations of the GNOSTIC Coptic Nag Hammadi Codices. To me it is apparent that there does exist some Evil demonic force of darkness that authored these various “inspired” books that make up the 3 Abrahamic Faiths ( Judaism, RCC Christianity & Islam), and it is no wonder the atrocities continue most heavily in the Middle East, as engineered that way, by these ARCHONTIC FORCES that feed off human suffering.
    The passions of these poor ignorant / misinformed / blinded peoples, are exploited by the ELITES (NWO BANKSTERS / US PENTAGON WAR MONGERS – Real AXIS OF EVIL ~ UK-SAUDI-US and their minion puppet states) all over ENERGY RESOURCES, Pipeline Access & MARKET SHARES OF GREED & profitable weapons supply. These deluded CRAZY DESPOTS who rule the world, FEAR the masses will rise up and rebel to take away their ill gotten wealth and so ARCHONTIC Forces of EVIL perpetuate wars & human suffering on this PRISON PLANET we call EARTH.
    Solutions have to be through education, TRUTH & sharing with others,until we no longer accept the LIES fed by the Controlled mass media through TV & print.
    Then we all as one can tell our leaders and politicians like Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollandaise…. etc “NO WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR BULLSHIT LIES ANY MORE, WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU, WE DO NOT FOLLOW YOU”!
    I draw attention to these dynamics through my twitter account as Hermes Trismegistus

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      1. That took some careful reading to find the Hollandaise. Sitchin is illuminati. His books totally debunked by science, nowhere giving any references. I believe he himself denounced his writings. Since then
        there was found a better way to translate sumerian claytablets, as they found an inscripture in some mountains where something was written in sumerian as well as in a language already known by men. No idea what happened to that. What his books prove though is how powerful memes are. For the concept of the Anunnaki’s can be found everywhere these days. Some real historians claim that our entire history of the past 2000 years has been frauded/faked. What is of interest though is that there were nuclear wars in those days, proven by current scientific research.


    1. Well said, Mr. GENDERmes! (Politically Correct for “Hermes” – can’t use any “gender sensitive” phrases; Dimensionally Enhanced Sibling (Oldthinker: Big Brother) doesn’t like it!

      It truly is a nuthouse of a planet… and, rather than trying to fix it, everyone waits for “big god daddy” to come down and straighten things out! What a pathetic species we are! Only a few shine above the rest… and they’re usually destroyed for being “non-herd.” Humans LOVE slavery; spiritual slavery most of all, it seems.

      Salutations, fellow free spirit!

      Wayne in VA, occupied USA


  14. Fantastic stuff Dr. Ezzat – your researchers are to be commended – let alone you yourself – but i have a small problem with ‘Gal-14/22-26’ – I can’t find that reference…? Thanks for your no rush reply – gf


  15. Fascinating! Thank you for this intense, eye-opening information. Hopefully, one day, people like you & your info. Will help break the chains that bind us in judgmentalism, separatism, false beliefs, lies, etc.

    Incredibly important info. for those w/the intelligence & Heart to HEAR/ACCEPT the Truth.


  16. Well I don’t think there can be a second coming until they find Osiris’s real penis . We really do need a second son for the Mother Earth . Son shine 24/7 would be cool , Haaa haa , lol !!!


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