Beethoven’s Heroic Battle

“O god – grant me at least but one day of pure joy – it is so long since real joy echoed in my heart” … Ludwig Van Beethoven

How many, facing the kind of ordeal faced by Beethoven, would have given up. But his perseverance in the face of tribulations changed the course of the history of music, in countless ways.

Born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770, Ludwig Van Beethoven burst on to the world’s musical stage with brilliance, flare, and charisma. He dazzled audiences and royalty, playing the piano with unmatched virtuosity. Even his early compositions demonstrated that he was a master.

But his world began to change when he realized that he gradually was losing his hearing. As he expressed in a letter written on June 1, 1802, he often felt frustration and desperation.

The depth of his emotions was expressed candidly in a “testament” written in Heiligenstadt, on October 6th, 1802. In this revealing document, discovered only after his death, he wrote, “Although born with a fiery and lively temperament . . . I soon had to cut myself off and live in solitude.

In the years to come, Beethoven more often he became characterized by courageous resolution to accept the challenge of fate. He managed to concentrate even more deeply on his compositions.” The results were works that advanced to new heights, such as his third Symphony, the Eroica symphony, and his philosophical string quartets.

Continuing to seek a solution for his hearing loss, he turned to inventor Johann Maelzel, who created an “ear trumpet,” which had marginal success. But it became more difficult for him to play in public, or conduct lessons.

Forced to retreat into this internal world of solitude, he was able to dive deeper into an internal world no one had probed before. As pianist Andras Schiff recently commented, “Beethoven, after the deterioration of his hearing, turned an obstacle into a virtue.” He “heard” music in new ways, and his music continued to change and deepen. Perhaps the pinnacle of this process was his Ninth Symphony.

As early as 1792, he had been thinking about setting to music the words in Frederick Schiller’s poem, “Ode to Joy.” Around 1817 began developing them further, thinking about creating a new symphony.

His focus became more intense around 1822, and he completed the symphony during the Autumn of 1823. The symphony’s most striking innovation is its use of chorus and solo voices in the finale. This was new, radical thinking.

The first performance of this Symphony took place in Vienna on May 7, 1824. Some felt that it was a failure. Some said he had “gone mad.” One reviewer said that the piece “lost its way.” Some felt it was too long. One writer complained that it was boring. But, overall, this legendary concert was a triumph. At the conclusion of the final movement, the crowd erupted in applause. But Beethoven heard nothing and one of the singers turned him around to see the overwhelming response.

Beethoven had done more than write a symphony. He changed the way people thought about music, about themselves … about art.

The Beethovenhaus at Heiligenstadt, where Beethoven probaply lived in 1817 …

After the Ninth, no one could approach music the same.

We cannot image music today aside from his breakthroughs. His willingness to probe deep emotions, to create new forms and to challenge conventions.

Here we see a man who had risen above his nightmares. Who had adapted to the loss of his hearing. Who had worked through his misery. Who emerged in triumph. Who called on all peoples to celebrate in a spirit of joy and exaltation, with music of pure exhilaration.

Clearly, when we listen to his music we are somehow summoned before the creation of a heroic musical giant.

In many ways, it is ironic that Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” melody from the Ninth Symphony has become the music for the hymn “Joyful, Joyful.” But perhaps his most enduring spiritual legacy is of a man who demonstrated the silent and yet heroic struggle with the adversities in life.

Sources: John E. Roos, BBC & Ludwig Van Beethoven’s website

with joy I hasten towards death – if it comes before I shall have had an opportunity to show all my artistic capacities it will still come too early for me despite my hard fate and I shall probably wish it had come later – but even then I am satisfied, will it not free me from my state of endless suffering? Come when thou will I shall meet thee bravely. – Farewell and do not wholly forget me when I am dead, I deserve this of you in having often in life thought of you how to make you happy, be so –


October 6,1802                                                                 Ludwig Van Beethowen

Beethoven’s Eroica: the Symphony that Changed Music Forever

“What a humiliation for me when someone standing next to me heard a flute in the distance and I heard nothing, or someone standing next to me heard a shepherd singing and again I heard nothing. Such incidents drove me almost to despair; a little more of that and I would have ended my life. It was only my art that held me back”

                                                                                                        Ludwig van Beethoven
                                                                                                        October 6th, 1802


Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven’s Third Symphony in E flat, Opus #55, was originally dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte. He admired Napoleon’s new constitution founded upon “the true principles of representative government, on the sacred rights of property, equality, and liberty.” But when the news came that Napoleon had declared himself Emperor (May 1804), Beethoven flew into a rage declaring “So he too is nothing more than an ordinary man. Now he will also trample all human rights underfoot, and only pander to his ambition; he will place himself above everyone else and become a tyrant!”

Beethoven then ripped up the title page upon which he had written the dedication “Buonaparte” and produced another giving it the new title Sinfonia Eroica— the “Heroic Symphony”, a title with a whole new set of resonances.

Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament (Oct. 6, 1802) shows the depth of his despair on the verge of suicide. The love of his music and dedication to his art saved him. In his letter to Krumpholz (1802), Beethoven writes, “From today on I will take a new path.”

According to Whitmer (Musical Quarterly, 1916), “Beethoven reconstructed for his time and for us the idea of beauty in music. Beauty to Beethoven is the most expressive embodiment of the inner life.” Beethoven was able to share with us the joys and suffering of his inner life in his music. His Eroica was a new outburst of creative energy that changed symphonic music.

This “Heroic Symphony” might as well be dedicated to Beethoven himself, for he has shown us how one who is in the valley of despair can rise to heavenly heights if one is dedicated to his art and love his work.

Beethoven 3rd Symphony, Opus 55, “Eroica” in E flat.
Allegro con brio— Marcia funèbre— Scherzo & Trio— Finale.

Romain Rolland

This is one of the grandest and most powerful of the works in the Second Period style. It is noteworthy that all the principal themes are based on the intervals of the common chord, or on the little pendant of the diminished third which forms the tail of the first subject. The work opens in medias res with two strong chords, the chief subject entering on the cellos.

There is some lovely responsive work between the wood-wind and the string bands for the second subject. The development is masterly and embraces a wonderful new subject, first entering on the oboes in the strange key of E minor. The recapitulation is approached in a marvellous way— the climax of the development being reached with a chord in C flat, the echoing reflections of which gradually die away until they reach a mere shimmering of violins, into which is suddenly thrown an unexpected entrance of the horn with the chief theme in the tonic key. Was it a slip? Of course not. Rather a stroke of genius. The movement has an immense coda, which with Beethoven at this period amounts to a second development. The first movement is the longest movement of any symphony to date.
The Funeral March is one of the grandest things in music. It is a pageant of a great world tribulation rather than an elegy for Napoleon, who was certainly not dead at that time. More probably Beethoven’s mind was occupied with the misery and wretchedness caused by war than with the single hero of that period who reaped both glory and dishonor at one blow.

The oboe counterstatement in the Trio portion is only one of many wonderful passages in this piece. The speaking bass melodies, the majestic second subject that provides the emotional climax with the strings almost bursting with eloquence, and the wonderful coda, not broken-hearted that buoyed up by the rhythm of things viewed broadly.

Any attempt to connect the Scherzo and Finale with Napoleon must fail ludicrously. The Scherzo is simply one of Beethoven’s finest productions in one of his bubbling, vivacious mood. The three horns have a subject which appears to be a genuine hunting call.
It is a seven-bar phrase, the echoes to which are enchantingly colored. The common chordal formation of the duple time interjection near the end suggests something more massive, and the little coda figure, E flat, E natural, F, comes from the opening theme of the Symphony.

The Finale is an amazing set of variations, the bass of the eight-bar theme being displayed and varied many times before the melody itself enters at the eightieth bar; and even then we continually hark back to the bass. It is not until the close, after the melody has been given at a slow rate on the wood-wind in its proper setting, that it is taken up triumphantly and carried victoriously into the coda.

The Eroica, written in 1803, was the single most important work Beethoven had composed to date. It revolutionised not just the symphony, but music itself, moving it into a new century. It is like a novel in the form of notes. Years later Beethoven was asked which of his symphonies was his favourite: Eh! Eh! the Eroica. And yes, it is my favourite of the nine.

In Obama –Netanyahu Meeting, Who Is Who?

“The old game is over fellows, this is a whole new game now and it is going to be Israel once again, and like it or not, who will set the new rules. And as the United States had annexed Texas back in 1845 Israel simply followed in her footsteps and annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem, big deal.” says Benjamin Netanyahu.

 “At this point and as the ticking seconds seemed like ages for Obama, it was clear that Mr. Netanyahu was slapping Obama in the face in public and for the whole world to see.”


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Obama and Bibi


 Carried away by his, on the rise, presidential approval rating following his legendary triumph over Osama Bin Laden, the prince of darkness whose image and recorded video-tapes have been made to haunt the American collective psyche as the destroyer of America president Obama thought it was time to indulge himself with some rhetoric about the Middle East’s chronic crisis and it’s so called peace process.

I cannot blame the man for obviously he was basking in the ecstasy of his political victories. I mean with the monstrous Gulf oil spill overcome and now behind him as history, the health care legislation passed and hailed as a big victory, the boys are out of the Iraqi swamp and soon out of the Afghani poppy fields and with the notorious Bin Laden shot in his bed room and given the most dignified burial ceremony before he was dumped in the bottom of the sea, one thing that would make Obama worthy of his controversial Nobel peace prize remained missing and unaddressed, namely the Palestinian- Israeli conflict, The only hot issue on the US foreign policy that defied any sort of promising outlook.

And since he was all geared up for his second term in office, especially after he had easily shoved away that showy billionaire, Trump by exhibiting a small piece of paper and since Sara Palin has been politically self-decaying by the virtue of her God- given clueless mentality Obama thought that with the presidential elections, a process made to believe controlled by the Zionist lobbies, coming next year why not while rolling out the red carpet for Netanyahu, try and appease the pro-Israeli lobbies in America like, AIPAC, J Street, AFSI, ..etc, and announce that the United States stands firm behind ironclad Israeli security alongside a non-militarized and feeble Palestinian state as an acceptable prerequisite for any negotiations with the Palestinians.

Jewish activists in New York denounce Obama's call for a return to Israel's pre-1967 borders. But the US president declared his 'unshakeable support' of Israel and did not condemn its illegal settlement building

In his Middle East speech Obama carefully refrained from mentioning the Palestinian refugee Issue nor did he mention how the East Jerusalem file would be tackled but he came out explicitly and without a flicker of hesitation and declared to the whole world that the United States strongly believes that the future state of Palestine should be based on the pre-1967 lines with mutually agreed land swaps with Israel,… and this is where his luck ran out on him.

With The United States being a member of the diplomatic quartet on the Middle East the Obama statement subsequently meant that this is where also the United Nations, European Union and Russia probably stood on this thorny matter of the Palestinian borders.

Obama’s speech created a buzz on the mainstream media and on the web and certainly made him go to sleep that Thursday night feeling good about himself and thinking what a splendid speech he gave that surely made everyone happy in North Africa and the Middle east. … Well, maybe not the whole Middle East.

Obama thought, may be the Norwegian Nobel prize committee that granted him the Nobel peace prize had been right all along, a committee of that caliber could not be mistaken, they are all men of good judgment and great expertise and he must be that world peace maker they all agreed he is. He must be the one who could get the job done in the Middle East conflict.

That Thursday must have been one of Obama’s lucky days and it could have stayed so hadn’t it been for the following day visit of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime minister of the state of the chosen people of Israel.

Bibi’s knock out


Receiving his esteemed guest in the oval office and after showing cordiality before the cameras and world press Netanyahu put on his iron gloves and began to punch, the unprepared and still ecstatic from last night, Obama where it really hurts.

Netanyahu with his monotonous and metallic voice and with the aid of his body language began to grab every statement Obama has made on the hoped for Israeli-Palestinian agreement and literally tore it apart and threw it into some shredder machine right in front of Obama’s eyes.

Netanyahu declared that while Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, only he didn’t say what those compromises would be, it cannot go back to the 1967 borders because those borders are indefensible.”

Indefensible, a new word in the vocabulary the Zionist machine is bound to utilize in the coming years and may be decades and to be added to the dictionary of Israel’s most popular words such as anti-Semite, Holocaust denier, Israel-hater, Israel’s right to exist, Israel’s right to defend itself, chosen people and of course the promised land.

Netanyahu looked Obama in the eyes; and referring to his worldwide admired Middle East speech told him “A peace based on illusions will crash upon the rocks of Middle Eastern reality” in other words Netanyahu was saying that Obama, the diplomatic Quartet, the Arab league and the Palestinians they all have been deluded and living in a world of fantasy land and it was he who would take upon himself the arduous task of waking them up to the world of reality.

In a blunt display of arrogance, Netanyahu even went so far as to address, audaciously, unexpectedly and publicly, the highly delicate issue of the Palestinian refugees and their long deliberated upon right to return and declared “It’s not going to happen. Everybody knows it’s not going to happen, and I think it’s time to tell the Palestinians forthrightly it’s not going to happen.”

At this point and as the ticking seconds seemed like ages for Obama, it was clear that Mr. Netanyahu was slapping Obama in the face in public and for the whole world to see.

Obama with a look in his eyes that reflected mixed feelings of amazement, bewilderment and subjugation listened intently, his hands cupping his chin and part of his cheek as if he was feeling the pain and the humiliation and at the same time dodging any more slaps across his face.

New game, new rules


It's not going to happen

Now the whole discourse was taking a dramatic change, as Mr. Netanyahu was lecturing Obama and the United States about the new Israeli geo-political realities on the ground, the Palestinian ground that is, or rather the used to be.

“The old game is over fellows, this is a whole new game now and it is going to be Israel once again, and like it or not, who will set the new rules. And as the United States had annexed Texas back in 1845 Israel simply followed in her footsteps and annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem, big deal. It’s all part of this new game of demographic changes and if America got away with it I can see no reason why we cannot” that was the message Netanyahu was giving and impudently declaring between the lines.

Also between the lines there was a lot more to read than just this slap in the face, UN  resolution 242 and the different interpretation of the Israeli-Palestinian borders issue; there was a clear indication as to who was really pulling the strings in the white house.

This historically awkward moment revealed beyond doubt the true influence Israel and its brigades of Zionist lobbies wield over the white house and the American policy. An old story but this time aired live in a new world edition that will cover, beside the oval office spectacle, the finale scene as Netanyahu speaks triumphantly at the annual policy meeting of AIPAC.

As Obama was hosting Netanyahu In the oval office, the holy of the holies of the American diplomacy, and with the whole world watching, it was not clear which one of them was the real president of the United States and which one was the guest of honor, I mean with this eternal and unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel it has always been kind of hard to tell who is who and which is which.

Clearly that Israeli display of public defiance and contempt for the United States policy and its president raises a lot of comments and questions but on top of which the one question that has been long begging for an answer “is a second term in office, or the first for that matter, worth sacrificing the pride and the interests of the world superpower?”

This hard to die question really needs to be answered, not by Obama but the Americans themselves, for it is one burdening issue that could not be easily terminated, gotten rid of and dumped in the bottom of some sea.

Third Intifada Launched in Tahrir Square While US Peace Envoy Quits

“May be the Arab-Israeli conflict doesn’t need any more US special envoy, may be president Obama shouldn’t bother appointing a replacement, for, as far as the Palestinians are concerned, they had enough of this backstage Zionist-manipulated politics disguised as peace envoys”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat 

Cairo's iconic Tahrir square packed with thousands rallying in solidarity with Palestine.

Cairo's iconic Tahrir square packed with thousands rallying in solidarity with Palestine.

It is hard to believe that those are the same people who were on the verge of being torn apart by the deadly sectarian violence just a few days ago.  It is hard to imagine those are the same people who are yet struggling out of a revolution that weighed down heavily on their economy and security.

How could they, in just few days, grow out of their grief and overcome the dreadful shadow of civil war. How could they easily wipe the tears, put out the fire that meant to engulf the whole country and instead put on a smile, hold hands and head for Tahrir square once again. How could the people of Egypt, while preoccupied and deeply engaged in sorting out the post-Mubarak mess, find the time, or better yet the drive to show solidarity to their Palestinian brethren?

We can only understand this through a historical perspective. Only a people who go back thousands of years and who have been exposed to all sorts of experiences and historical episodes could come up with this remarkable construct of resilience.

Calls for third intifada from Cairo and Tel Aviv 

Knesset member, Hanin Zoabi.

With the dawn break of Friday, May 13th, the prefixed date for Egyptian masses to support the Palestinian cause, thousands rallied in Tahrir square calling for national unity between Muslims and Christians and at the same time showing their everlasting solidarity for the Palestinians and their legitimate struggle to liberate their homeland from the Israeli occupation.

According to a facebook page created by Arab and Palestinian activists, these Friday rallies at the Cairo’s iconic square are meant to, not only revive the popular support for the Palestinian cause but to officially launch Egyptian mass rallies toward Gaza, in a move that would encourage Palestinians in return to take to the streets and start their third intifada.

This call for a third intifada comes at a critical time the wind of change is storming the whole Arab world. And since Israel has been deliberately inserted inside the heart of that world, it will be hard for the politicians in Tel Aviv not to feel the mighty daft.

As a matter of fact the call for a third intifada has been resonating inside Israel itself and specifically from the Israeli Knesset as Hanin Zoabi, a member of the Knesset representing the Balad party called for a third intifada against Israel.
Zoabi, the first Arab woman to be a Knesset member, recommended the Palestinian intifada would be fashioned after the Egyptian Tahrir square peaceful protests which she added should be the model for all the Arab youth.

George Mitchell

And in response to Zoabi’s call, other knesset members said she should be stripped of her parliamentary immunity and put on trial for calling for rebellion.

But while charges of inciting rebellion could be filed against Hanin zoabi for her support for a nonviolent third intifada aimed at ending the brutal siege on Gaza, defiant statements by Avigdor Leiberman, Israel’s foreign minister, declaring that Israel will not entertain any new building freezes and will not consider more peace negotiations with the new Palestinian coalition pass uncommented upon.

But again, the timing of this call for a third intifada comes on the same day George Mitchell, the Obama administration’s special Middle East peace envoy, plans to resign after more than two unsuccessful years of trying to press Israel and the Palestinians into negotiations.

We have to admit that political endeavors to see an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have utterly failed and may be that what Mitchell’s resignation is trying to say.

The only thing that the American-brokered so called peace talks did is buy more time for Israel to grab more Arabic land and create a hard to change or negotiate reality on the ground.

But more wasted time is a luxury Palestinians cannot afford.

May be the Arab-Israeli conflict doesn’t need any more US special envoy, may be president Obama shouldn’t bother appointing a replacement, for, as far as the Palestinians are concerned, they had enough of this backstage Zionist-manipulated politics disguised as peace envoys.

And may be what the whole Middle East conflict needs right now is a new kind of politics, the politics of the street, the kind that is driven by the power of the people.
In fact, it could very well be the third intifada, that we need.

Bin Laden Fictional Film Comes To An End

“The war on terrorism merchandise has been on the market for too long; but with more intellectuals debunking it, and as time went by, and profits went down this product of high tech-deception was approaching its shelf expiry date. In other words the Bin Laden version of fear/submission warfare had to be withdrawn from the market and declared over and done with, successfully that is”

“This bad movie that we have been watching for ten years now was losing on the top ranking and had to be pulled out from world political theatres”


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Wanted not alive but definitely dead, Bin Laden had to be declared finally captured and killed.

The end of a dreary fiction

Almost ten years since 9/11 has passed. A long decade through which the whole world have been following day to day main stream media-or mania, that is- coverage of the so called war on terrorism.

Unlike most declared and waged wars through history this war on terrorism obscured the perception of ordinary people for it specifically lacked one essential element of the definition of embattling namely, an obvious and tangible enemy.

The most sophisticated and devastating terrorist operation in history has been clumsily and conveniently nailed against one person alone.

To our disappointment it was not the joker, the comic book super villain; it was Osama Bin Laden, the frail and gloomy bearded renegade who along with a bunch of so called mujahideen dwelled in the caves of Afghanistan- a country that virtually never existed in the geographical memory of most Americans- formed a group of a handful of professional guerrilla fighters, close to Sylvester Stallone’s “the expendables”, said to be capable of destroying the west and ruling over the world.

There is no denying that 9/11 attacks are the most huge and ugliest terrorist operations ever and so are the conspiracy behind them.

The Expendables

Throughout the last ten years we have not been merely following the military operations of this futile and senseless war on terrorism, rather we were desperately trying to grasp some sort of purpose or any meaning for it altogether.

The United States and allies stumbling through a series of utter failures and embarrassments along this crusade against Bin Laden have realized that this farcical war has unbelievably dragged out to the point of endangering the very rationale and reasoning behind it, and why it started in the first place.

The war on terrorism merchandise has been on the market for too long; with more intellectuals debunking it, and as time went by, and profits went down this product of high tech- deception was approaching its shelf expiry date. In other words the Bin Laden version of fear/submission warfare had to be withdrawn from the market and declared over and done with, successfully that is.
The white house with its shrewd politicians realized that this Bin Laden saga was dwindling away and beginning to lose its grip on people.

Too many anti- 9/11 theses, too many solid conspiracy theories undermining the 9/11 official report in what seemed like a counter-attack by internet battalions of critical blogging and punditocracy began to sway people’s mindset about 9/11.

Playing back “war on terrorism” video picks

Playing backward the war on terrorism video we would probably discover that we are watching some sort of fiction- and not a very good one, I have to say.
Along this awfully long film, not based on a truly honest story, we could stop for moments of discernment as we hit the button and freeze on chosen shots like the following:

- The collapse of world trade center –WTC- buiding7 like a house of cards in 6.5 seconds long after the fall of the twin towers.
- Forensics and experts pointing the finger at missile attacks on the Pentagon.
- Invasion of Iraq 2003 instead of invading Saudi Arabia- Osama Bin Laden’s native country.
- The United States and allies failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but nonetheless managed to massively destroy Iraq for Israel’s sake.
- The American troops and allies in Afghanistan with a mission impossible of trying to drive their indigenous tribes – Taliban- out of the country, a silly mission but sold to the Americans as the reasonable tactic of this military crusade.
- Weapons and opium sales hit new world records as American troops, military contractors and war lords have become the new holders of the Afghani poppy fields’ franchise.
- General Stanley A. McChrystal – US former commander of American and allied troops in Afghanistan- getting high smoking poppy, and in a rare moment of naked truth, began to see the scene in Afghanistan as it really is and sarcastically slammed this whole war and ridiculed the whole bunch of politicians in Washington who had geared it in the first place.
- American soldiers bored with this pathetic mission of fighting natives -who probably never heard of New York before, let alone Ground Zero – began to kill Afghanis for fun and collect their fingers as trophies.
- Wikileaks- or wikidleaks- revealing tons of confidential military documents targeting and accusing Pakistan – one of Israel’s strategic enemies – as not doing enough to help the United States eliminate this super Bin Laden so that the boys could pack up and go home to America.
- Recent massive jail break in Kabul with hundreds of Taliban leaders and top operatives on the loose again bringing those years of American military operations back to scratch.

There is a lot more footage like of drones killing civilians in Pakistan and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed in Iraq … etc, to be replayed and discerned again on this mythical hunt of Bin Laden but that would take time and skills available only to guys at wikileaks.

Bin Laden, the end of a dreary fiction

War on terrorism

 Lately this movie-like plot of the die hard-Bin Laden was waning away and getting boringly overstreched it had to come to an immediate end one way or another. It had to come to an end before more people, with their perception not obscured any more, start wondering what all that devastation and chaos got to do with capturing a single man.

This bad movie that we have been watching for ten years now was losing on the top ranking and had to be pulled out of world political theatres.

There was no way for this world hunt and this war of terror to end without a moment of apparent victory, the huddled masses of viewers of this terribly long movie had to be given a good finale.

They had to be given a catch worthy of their time, taxes and most of all their believing it happened the way it was told.

Wanted not alive but definitely dead, Bin Laden had to be declared finally captured and killed.

"Bin Laden II" released soon in all political theatres

But to get this done and over with without leaving any trace or a chance for someone to doubt or investigate the war on terrorism story, the white house and CIA officials, like what they did back in 9/11 quickly getting rid of the debris of the collapsed towers that contained valuable forensic evidences and clues as to how those gigantic towers were demolished in seconds the CIA took the body of Osama Bin Laden and in less than 24 hours got rid of it and buried it at the bottom of the sea.

Reminiscent of the mafia way of getting rid of the ones they kill out of fear they would squeal on them, and In a critical and long waited for moment of capturing an extremist Muslim and international terrorist, the United States ironically decided to observe the Muslim traditions of burying the dead as soon as possible and to honor Bin Laden by dumping his body at the bottom of the sea.

And exactly as this fictional movie started with a hasty statement from the white house that it was Osama bin laden who pulled off 9/11, the end came quite similarly hasty as president Obama emerged from the white house and with a victorious grin on his face announced “Tonight, I can report to the people of the United States and the world, the United States had carried an operation that has killed Osama bin Laden, a terrorist responsible for killing thousands of innocent people”

End of Bin Laden film. Lights on again and time to take a short break before we start watching another episode of this Bin Laden saga.
The United States has decided it was time to pull the shades down on this going nowhere anymore plot but it won’t be long before the release of Ben Laden part II that will hit the world political theatres by the title of “ Ben Laden’s Affiliates … The Hunt Goes On”

THIRD PALESTINIAN INTIFADA: All Arabs to March on Israel on May 15th

“With those powerful political storms rolling up the Middle East, and with this unstoppable and unpredictable domino effect of popular uprisings, how long before we watch the Israeli domino piece fall down”

“And if dictatorships are not tolerated in the Arab world anymore, why the Israeli quasi-dictatorship over the Palestinians should be any exception”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

All of The popular uprisings that swept through the Arab world have been preplanned and officially launched on facebook pages weeks in advance.

Pro-Israel lobbying. An Israeli Cabinet minister, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a massive American-Zionist campaign have succeeded in pressuring Facebook into removing the“third Intifada” page, which clearly calls for an all-Arab uprising against Israel.
According to the facebook “cause” page, the plan for the intifada would go as follows;

Friday, May 13th
 In Egypt, the epicenter of the Arab world, the biggest Arab country and from Tahrir square at the heart of Cairo where the whole Arab spring has sprung and gained fervent momentum, this massive Arab intifada will be launched.
Millions will gather once again in Tahrir square at the heart of Cairo but this time to call for all Arab-march toward Israel.

This mass protest will come two days prior to the actual march, as a clear message to Israel and the rest of the world that liberating Palestine is the core cause for every Arab in the Middle East. And that restoring Jerusalem is all Arab’s sacred mission

Sunday, May 15th
 To commemorate the Palestinian exodus day 1948 ( Nakba) when well over 750000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled out of their home land by Israel, similar number of Thousands angry Arab protesters from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon along with their Palestinian brothers from Gaza and the occupied west bank will advance toward Israel in what they call, the third intifada


Profile photo of third intifada facebook page

In their march they will be denouncing the ongoing Zionist occupation of the Arabic land of Palestine and calling for internationally recognized independent Palestinian state over its legitimate pre-1967 borders with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Those fair Palestinian demands have been begged for by all ways known to diplomacy over the last 60 years. But since diplomacy has utterly failed the Arabs of Palestine and since politicians have granted them nothing except despair and Diaspora, they thought it was time they put their life into their own hands.

And what could be more timely than this Arab spring, which a lot of Arabs could not see or rather imagine approaching its full bloom without Palestine included.

This revolutionary plan that has been publicly posted on a facebook “cause” page and given the daring title “the third Palestinian Intifada” as there has been two Palestinian Intifada- uprisings- before. The first was sparked in 1987 and the second or what is known as the Aq’sa intifada in 2000, during both uprisings, Israel had to live through years of domestic unrest and worldwide condemnation of its apartheid and oppressive policy toward the Palestinians.

But as this “cause” page managed to attract almost 300000 fans and incredibly growing number of visitors in just few days Israel grew restlessly nervous about it. And nervously restless Israel acted in response.
What was worrying Tel Aviv is the fact that, so far, all Arab uprisings have been kicked off on facebook pages. So, under the boiling situation in the Arab world this facebook call couldn’t be underrated nor neglected.

Bullying facebook

With the unbelievably growing traffic to the facebook page and the spread of the call for a third intifada Israel couldn’t just stand watching underneath its big sign that reads “The only democracy in the Middle East”
Quickly switching signs, Israel grabbed the “Israel-hating and anti-Semitism” sign and put on its despotic mask, and before the administrators of the third intifada knew it, Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Minister of Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, on the last week of March wrote Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and told him ..

“the social network site has great potential to rally the masses around good causes, and we are all thankful for that. However, such potential comes hand in hand with the ability to cause great harm, such as in the case of the wild incitement displayed on the Third Palestinian Intifada page”


Third Inifada

A facebook statement said on Monday of the first week of April that

whiles the “third Intifada” page “may be upsetting for someone, criticism of a certain culture, country, religion, lifestyle, or political ideology, for example — that alone is not a reason to remove the discussion.”

At that point it was clear to Israel that this Zuckerberg is not getting the message, Israel didn’t not seek his eloquent definition of the site’s terms for freedom of speech, removing the page that what Israel wanted. So Israel, with its Zionist lobbies and pro-Israel campaigns began to pull some strings and show some muscles and it did not take long before Mr. Mark Zuckerberg came to his senses and reevaluated the page as inciting violence against Israel.

And to make sure this will always be a lesson, learned the hard way, less than a week after facebook removed the intifada page; Zuckerberg was hit by a law suit seeking more than $ 1 billion in damages, for doing too little too late. The law suit has been filed by one of the American Zionist puppets- let off the leash- by the name of Larry Klayman.

After the page was no longer available on Tuesday, ADL director Abraham Foxman commented ..

“By taking this action, Facebook has now recognized an important standard to be applied when evaluating issues of non-compliance with its terms of service involving distinctions between incitement to violence and legitimate calls for collective expressions of opinion and action. We hope that they will continue to vigilantly monitor their pages for other groups that call for violence or terrorism against Jews and Israel.

Mark Zukerberg, facebook co-founder

Mark Zukerberg, facebook co-founder

But that will be mission impossible, for how could facebook go after thousands of Arab users who replaced their profile photos with the poster photo of the third intifada. Will facebook be able to pull down the other pages that began to play the same intifada tune?
Why can’t Israel face the truth, it is crystal clear, it needs no terrorizing of Zuckerberg or Goldstone. Arabs will never accept Israel as a neighbor state as long as Palestine is being systematically wiped off the map by the Zionist military dictatorship.

Israel could intimidate facebook but not the millions of awakening Arabs.
If facebook to block any page or any account that speaks unfavorably of Israel that will mean that Mr. Zuckerberg is going to sacrifice the hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims who are already using facebook worldwide.

Could facebook, contrary to its previous role in boosting the Arab uprisings, save the Israeli domino piece from falling?
That is yet to be seen.



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