UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem: The Hidden Truth

“The (crazy) idea of bringing world’s Jews to leave their homelands, settle in the occupied (Palestinian) land and ‘inventing a Jewish People’ out of them is the real ‘theatre of the absurd’. ” jerusalem-unesco-resolution-2

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

In a recent and exceptionally bold and daring UNESCO resolution on the historical sites in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel is explicitly referred to as “the occupying power”, the Western Wall is mentioned by its Arabic name, the Al-Buraq Plaza and the Temple Mount as Al Haram Al Sharif. In other words, after years of research and investigation the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization (UNESCO) has failed to find genuine HISTORICAL Jewish roots in the ancient city of Jerusalem. How shocking is that?  And how true is that as well?  Oh, you’d be surprised.

UNESCO’s Executive Board has been meeting in Paris from October 4th. After a week of scrutiny and deliberation UNESCO has decided that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The vote on the resolution, which was submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan, had been postponed from July. However, a previous similar resolution was approved in April.

26 countries abstained from the vote while 24 countries supported the initiative and six voted against it, namely, US, UK, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Germany.

The resolution “strongly condemns the Israeli escalating aggressions and illegal actions in Eastern Jerusalem. It also deplores the illegal Israeli measures that deny Muslims’ access to their Holy Site Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al Sharif, and requests Israel, the Occupying Power, to respect the historic Status Quo and to immediately stop these measures”. Read the whole text of the UNESCO decision here.

 PM Netanyahu responded, saying “The theatre of the absurd continues with UNESCO and today the organization has made its most bizarre decision. By saying that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall is like saying China has no connection to the Great Wall, or Egypt to the Pyramids”.

“Obviously they have never read the Bible, but I would advise UNESCO members to visit the Arch of Titus in Rome, where they can see what the Romans brought to Rome after they destroyed and looted the Temple Mount two thousand years ago” Netanyaho added.

On face value what Mr. Netanyaho said would sound for many as persuasive as common sense. But, actually it is not. Moreover, the UNESCO resolution is neither politicized nor biased.

Actually, the parallel Mr. Netanyaho drew is invalid. The link of the Egyptian and Chinese people to the Pyramids/Great Wall is primarily based on their common history and culture as a nation/ethnic group, therefore the link is culturally indisputable.

The Temple Mount (if indeed there was such a thing in Palestine) is only as relevant to the Jews as ‘Mecca’ to any Muslim worldwide.

Just as it would be ridiculous to hear that Muslims of Indonesia are claiming historical rights in Mecca, for merely being Muslims (or newly converts to Islam) it would be as such with the European Jews claiming historical rights in Jerusalem.

To put it in a nut shell, Judaism is a religion, the followers of which should not be entitled to any historical rights over the land of their holy sites.

Just as Latin Christians cannot (and should not) claim “Vatican’ as their historic homeland, neither should European Jews Jerusalem.

Late Israeli President, Shimon Peres
Late Israeli President, Shimon Peres

Unlike the Egyptian and the Chinese people the Jews are not a nation/ethnic group that has a common culture/land/history. For crying out loud Simon Peres, the late Israeli President was a European citizen from Poland who should have never come to Palestine in the first place.

But, here we are, not only did Peres (Szymon Perski) come to Palestine but he also lived long enough to see to it that most of its native people kicked out by brutal force and deceitful diplomacy. For that, Peres, a war criminal in essence, has been buried in Palestine as an Israeli national hero.

The Jews who were conquered by the Roman Emperor Titus were a small community that once inhabited part of Jerusalem two thousand years ago. The long-held perception that a Jewish Diapora took place afterwards is merely a myth; the Romans did not exile anybody from Palestine, least of all, the Jewish community. The descendants of those ancient Jews are most probably the Muslims and Christians of modern day Palestine.

The modern Israeli state was founded on belief in a “Jewish people” as a unified nation, established in biblical times, scattered by Rome, stranded in exile for 2,000 years, and then returned to the Promised Land.

But according to Shlomo Sand, the Israeli historian, there was no exile, and as he seeks to prove by dense forensic archaeological and historical analysis, it is meaningless to talk today about a “people of Israel”, at least not if by that you mean the Jews.

The Jews who have recently migrated from Europe to Israel are descendants of Khazars, and if they feel homesick they’d better settle in Ukraine and Russia (or Poland as the case with Peres), but not in Palestine.

Jews are like Muslims and Christians; they come in all colors, sizes and cultures from all around the world. The (crazy) idea of bringing world’s Jews to leave their homelands, settle in the occupied (Palestinian) land and ‘inventing a Jewish People’ out of them is the real ‘theatre of the absurd’. 

The Menorah relief on the Arch of Titus
The Menorah relief on the Arch of Titus

In a frantic response to the (expected) UNESCO resolution, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a brochure of the historical Jewish connection to Jerusalem, which has been distributed to all 120 permanent delegates to UNESCO whose countries have diplomatic relations with Israel. Highlighted in the Israeli brochure is a photo of the triumphal Arch of Titus which commemorated the Roman Emperor conquest of Jerusalem back in 70 AD. Engraved on the arch is the seven-branched menorah, which is widely regarded as a Jewish symbol.

Indeed the Roman Emperor Titus had led a huge army and conquered the ancient city of Jerusalem. As a matter of fact Titus left Jerusalem in complete ruin.

“Now the Romans set fire to the extreme parts of the city [the suburbs] and burnt them down, and entirely demolished its [Jerusalem’s] walls” Josephus (War VI. 9,4.)

Christians are aware of four prophecies given by Jesus in the New Testament that there would not be one stone left upon another, either of the Temple and its walls or even of the City of Jerusalem and its walls (Matthew 24:1,2; Mark 13:1,2; Luke 19:43,44; 21:5,6.). But strange as it may appear, the walls surrounding Al Haram Al Sharif still remain in their glory with their 10,000+ Herodian and pre-Herodian stones solidly in place in their lower courses. If those stones are those of the Temple, the prophecies of Jesus can be seriously doubted as having any historical value or merit in any analysis by intelligent and unbiased observers.

According to eye-witness accounts of Titus ruthless campaign, everything in the ancient city of Jerusalem was leveled to the ground; markets, official buildings, houses and of course the Jewish Temple and its surrounding walls. So, if that was the (historical) case, then what on earth is that huge wall modern day Israel calls the “Western Wall”?

What Mr. Netanyaho did not mention, though I ‘m quite certain the Zionist historians are aware of, is that Titus demolished almost every building that had once stood on the ground in Ancient Jerusalem except for one construction, his Roman military fortress.

What we have come to know as the Western Wall is but one of the remaining walls of that Roman fortress, aka Fort Antonia.

American archaeologist and author, Professor Dr. Ernest L. Martin (1932-2002) had conducted archaeology work in East Jerusalem. In his controversial book ‘The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot’, published in 1999 – following his extensive fieldwork – Dr. Martin concluded that Muslim holy sites, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Rock are not built on top of the Temple Mount ruins.

Several other historians – including Professor Benjamin Mazar, former President of the Hebrew University – had reached similar conclusion that the 45-acre site known as Haram al-Sharif to the Muslim world since 638 CE is in fact a Roman fortress built by King Herod and that the Jewish holy Wailing Wall (the Western Wall) had never been part of the second Temple destroyed in 70 CE.

Actually if you come to think of it, the UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem is not as shocking a revelation as finding out the truth about the so called “Western Wall”. I mean to suddenly discover that millions of world Jews have been praying (and wailing) to a (pagan) Roman wall is ludicrously painful. Archaeologists cannot conclusively point to stones they know comprised the Second Temple, let alone the first one. Equally painful is the fact that the experts and historians commissioned by UNESCO did not manage to find any Jewish connection to the place the Zionist Israelis call “Temple Mount”.

Fort antonia-2

The historicity of the site kicked off as Al Aqsa mosque that was originally a small prayer house built by Caliph Umar, but was rebuilt and expanded by the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik and finished by his son Al-Walid in 705 CE. Like it or not, that is what the historical records tell us about that ancient site.

But then again, many will find these new revelations quite disturbing, for as Mr. Netanyaho said what is mentioned in the Bible tells a different story. The Bible says that the Jewish Temple as well as all the Israelite stories somehow took place in Jerusalem. Could the Bible be wrong?

Wrong is not the Bible, but it is how the world has come to interpret the book and the stories in it. First of all the Bible has never said anything about Palestine, but rather it was made clear in the book that the land the ancient Israelites settled in was called ‘Canaan’.

In other words what the (Hebrew) Bible repeatedly mentioned as ‘Jerusalem” is not geographically located on the ancient land of Palestine.

Hence, all the Israelite stories (of Abraham, David, Solomon and Moses) have actually taken place in another land, far away from Palestine and Modern day ‘Israel. In that ancient land is where the original Israelite (first) Temple once stood.

This is not a conspiracy theory but it is the hidden truth. To help you digest these shocking new revelations let’s stimulate your critical thinking with some historical facts that will again help you differentiate between Palestine and Canaan.

  • As early as the late Bronze Age (1150BC) the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River was known as “Peleset” in the Egyptian records and “Pilistu” in the Assyrian records.
  • The first clear use of the term Palestine to refer to the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece, when Herodotus wrote of a ‘district of Syria, called Palaistinê in The Histories. Interestingly, in his historical records, Herodotus never mentioned seeing or even hearing about any Jews or their Temple.
  • In 332 BC when Alexander the Great conquered the whole Eastern Mediterranean coast, the cities he conquered (Tyre, Gaza and Jerusalem) were referred to as Phoenician cities and not Canaanite.
  • When Emperor Titus conquered Jerusalem the whole land was called ‘Palastina’ and not Israel nor Canaan.
  • Following the siege of 70 AD and prior to the 132 AD Jewish revolt (Bar Kokhba) Jerusalem was reconstructed and given a new name “Aelia Capitolina” by the Romans. The designation lingered on till the Islamic conquest in 638 AD. After that it was – and still is till this very moment – called ‘Quds’ by Arabs.

The place the Israelite slaves conquered after their Exodus is biblically referred to as ‘Canaan”.

If, historically speaking, the land of Ancient Palestine was, at any point in ancient times, referred to as Canaan then we could have a basis/common ground for considering modern day ‘Jerusalem’ as the biblical city of David and Solomon.

But never was Palestine called Canaan and never had Jerusalem been the city of David. “Canaan” is a biblical designation that has been fraudulently projected by (western and biased) scholars on the land of Palestine.

What is absurd is not the UNESCO resolution; rather it has all along been our (false) reading of the biblical History and that of the Ancient Near East.

For more (sobering) revelations read Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s book ‘Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites’.

46 thoughts on “UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem: The Hidden Truth

  1. Happy Ground Hog Day (2019)! It’s deja vous all over again!!

    Yes, we have history repeating itself with the recreation of Israel in Palestine in our own times!

    Much of the Old Testament served to convince the Jews that the site of the Second Temple should be accepted as the new home of Judaism. That “disaster of biblical proportions” is now being used as a precedent to enact another “doomsday scenario” in the same provocative location.

    Thank you Dr. Ezzat for pointing out the absurdity of the situation. It was a bad idea 2,000 years ago, and it is still a bad idea. It only perpetuates ancient tribalism and enmities. The establishment of modern day Israel was a consummate “power trip” on the part of modern global elites. it is being exploited to keep the entire region in constant turmoil.

    The story of David and his conquest of Jerusalem in the Old Testament is a rip-off of pagan tradition. Although David had supposedly captured Jerusalem and become its undisputed king, he still felt obligated to “purchase” a “threshing floor” from someone named “Araunah,” and as “from one king to another.” The threshing floor was of course sacred to the god Osiris and was the site of his ritual murder in one version of the myth. (It is also the version that features Aso, Queen of Ethiopia.) The building of an altar and making a sacrifice by David is a deliberate identification with the god Osiris by the supposedly Hebrew/Jewish king. The name Araunah is also very clearly a form of the god Osiris. Compare Varuna (Hindi/Vedic); Arunas-il (Hittite); Uruvansh-il (Hurrian); and Uruwana (Mitanni).

    The story of David in the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) is a composite of two historical kings, namely Thutmose I and Thutmose III. They were, in turn, being modeled after two figures from Egyptian myth, namely Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger, respectively. The elements of the David story are highly scripted/contrived and would have been based upon what was known about the original pattern in myth. The birth of Solomon is patterned after the birth of Horus the Younger, who was born after the death of Uriah, i.e., the legal husband of Bath-Sheba even as Horus the Younger was born after the death of Osiris, the recognized partner of Isis. The purchase of the “Threshing Floor” by David as propitiation for his sin is also a direct allusion to Osiris and that god’s role as both judge and forgiver of sins. In fulfillment of the Horus role, Biblical David knows that he must deliberately commit a “sinful act” worthy of death and then seek pardon through repentance and the appropriate sacrifice.

    Note: The name Bath-Sheba is another reference to Ethiopia/Yemen! Solomon is later “visited” by another Queen (of) Sheba, but she is not really an exotic lady. Solomon was himself the “King of Sheba.”

    The ruthless, bloody wars of David would have been similarly patterned after the two Horus figures of myth, who were mighty but highly tragic warriors. The three battles of David against the Philistines come across as particularly staged and reflect campaigns of Thutmose I in Upper Egypt (and perhaps points even further south) rather than in the so-called Holy Lands.

    There is some actual history in the Biblical narrative of David, but it is not the history of an exclusively Hebrew/Jewish king, but instead of kings that ruled from both sides of the Nile and Euphrates and were operating in the kingly traditions of Egypt and Mesopotamia. These kings (and their queens) also clearly controlled what is now Ethiopia and Yemen and had regional identities there. They would have also been recognized as “Kings of Israel,” at least in retrospect.

    It is time for the world to stop being manipulated by myths and to actually start understanding those myths!


  2. I’ve read this article and comments. I do not believe the khazars I need isreal today are descendants of that land. The Jews are wreaking world wide havoc and killing peoples and nation so everywhere. When will they be stopped?!!

    Also. How accurate is the KJV bible ? Is there a Jesus ? How badly have we been lied to? Is the Bible even real ? these Jews are terrorists and worship satan. They are enslaving the entire world!! No more banks!! Why is it so hard to stop these khazarian Jews. They are infecting the world!! I want to know if that bible is real. I understand all churches are false doctrine. How bad is this epic lie? The entire world seems be lying to the masses!


  3. I’ve read this article and comments. I do not believe the khazars I need isreal today are descendants of that land. The Jews are wreaking world wide havoc and killing peoples and nation so everywhere. She be will they be stopped?!!

    Also. How accurate is the KJV bible ? Is there a Jesus ? How badly have we been lied to? I see the Bible even real ? they these Jews are terrorists and worship satan. They are enslaving the entire world!! No more banks!! Why is so hard to stop these khazarian Jews. They are infecting the world!! I just want to know if that bible is real. I understand all churches are false doctrine. How bad is this epic lie? The entire world seems be my lying to the people!


  4. Now when your employers have fukkedd up thier Empire again at last you naturally preserve thier lines of communication with markets and money and metals and gold the widespread/global/Chinese ships/ economic connections do not die on the battlefields. Get the picture with Fomenco. EtRUScans, the mysterious people, no they aren’t anymore. The commonly held history of last week can’t be trusted what do think you know about 1952, 1592, 1122?


  5. Fomenko the Russian, explains the modern Israeli origins as the commercial/economic class of the Imperial Czars of the not to distant past, Rome was here and there in time and so was Jeruselem pay attention to Rus, this Empire owned much of North American before it was discovered. Such is the rubbished condition of popular modern widespread diseminated history. Those who forget history repeat it, and so all that had to be done to win was to make them forget history. And now you know the value/’birth of public education/miseducation.


  6. Interesting writing and I believe a lot. The slave exodus story was hard to believe even before.
    In recent years I have frequently met the claim that not only Abraham, Isac and Jacob but also David and Solomon were Egyptian kings in or close to the Hyksos capital Avaris. Also claims that the temple of Solomon was there and not in Jerusalem.
    Do you disagree strongly?


      1. Thanks for your rapid answer. The claims regarding Abraham et al was not that they were Israelite patriarchs but rather that there were kings in Egypt which later in form of myths were taken over as patriarchs. Those who say this have found kings in Egypt with names close to the stories in the Bible.

        It has been very hard to find any evidence in Palestine that King David and King Solomon ever existed. From archeological evidence Jerusalem seems to have been a very small town when David was said to be a mighty king. The most spectacular visions are presented by Ralph Ellis who essentially only have read a lot of ancient documents.

        Do you know of kings in Egypt around 1000 BCE with names similar to David and Solomon?



      2. I have read and been told that a king Pseuannes I (or Pseusennes I) ruled in a city in the Nile delta from 1046 BCE and that he moved the “capital” Pi-Rameses to a new position because the Nile arm at Pi-Rameses was no longer useful (i.e. heavily silted). The new place is called Tanis by the Greeks. The boundaries of his kingdom are not well specified. This king is nowadays called The Silver Pharaoh due to his sarcofagus.
        Is this correct?
        According to available information he had a son called Sol-Amon.
        Do you find this true?


      3. I have been taught that the Nile delta was invaded about 1730 BCE and that the invaders established a kingdom covering the Nile up to Thebe.
        The invaders are often called Hyksos, you may have another name for these “shepherd kings”. They built a new capital in the eastern side of the delta.
        Kahmose and Ahmose united Egypt again by defeating the foreign people and forcing them to leave Egypt in great numbers about 1550 BCE.
        Where do you think the Hyksos went?
        They were probably more than 100 000.


  7. If you examine who burned the old history books and the authors in many cases you will find thier tracks. They work tirelessly to change thier history now as they did in the remote past, thier finest work is making mankind forget history so that same mankind is always at thier mercy. History was weaponized by them beginning in the fifteenth century, Scalinger was thier man.

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  8. My Dear Doctor Ezzat: It was good to read that you are well and ‘up and at em’ by your excellent article – With all that is occurring in your part of the world you must take care. Makes one wonder how long it will be before the Americas will be as embroiled as is the middle East The great US python seems enthralled with the notion of totally crushing us all eventually – so in my mind it is really just a question of time with that unpleasantness to occur. There is one thought on the Jewish problem and that is the Kurds – These people are a bit of a conundrum, their being hailed as ‘friends’ of Israel – I believe (and perhaps you also) that Kurds are the same peoples as the so-called-jews in Israel, since they have advocated a separate or ‘second Israel’ in both Syria and Turkey! I thought it very astute of President Assad to maintain his country’s integrity by including the Kurds within the framework of his country rather than giving Israel the opportunity of helping create “another so-called-jewish” state. What with NAZINATO now showing that it intends to attack Russia (noting stupid German tank deployment) how soon do think the war will begin – before or after the U$ election? Your thoughts on this aspect! Sincerely,

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  9. Richard, everything that came to pass in Ukraine recently is because of Khazar. The US us perfectly fine with the ethnic cleansing of people from Eastern Ukraine. Why is this? They are behind it all. I know this from personal experience as in showing the carnage to my representative I was told “Maybe those people will just have to leave.” Ukraine is still on fire and people forget. They are distracted with false flags and bogus news. Ukraine is not front page news at the moment but the parasite is after what it believes is it’s former territory. Yes Ukraine is about money and about gas but it is also about gaining back what they think is theirs. What they feel they need to accomplish their goal. It is also a strike against Russia, which they left for dead when the wall fell. That was engineered to allow the parasites to go out and infect the rest of the world. To take it all over without a shot fired. Eastern Ukraine is their bonus Jerusalem. It has always been part of the plan. Israel is a home base and Eastern Ukraine is a satelite. It is their game. It is a part of their modus operandi. Connect the dots. The Noahide laws are in the US via Education day. We are toast unless the people wake up. All of this is courtesy of George W. Bush. Look up Education day. I voted for him when I was unawake. The US is owned. The election is bogus. It has been for decades. It is an illusion of choice. The order to kill the Tsar came from the US. It is time to wake up to the deception and the deceptions begins with Egypt Knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites. Egypt has been thrown under the bus and their heritage stolen. The parasite is who the parasite has always been. Look at history and do your research. If there is no evidence of Israelite slaves in egypt the whole house of cards topples. Get out from under this tyranny! Free your mind! Share Ashraf’s work. Wake people up! We are in the fight of our lives! We need to create critical mass.

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    1. Thankyou for your post. I have no difference of opinion with you. Any nation with the mutinational banking establishment is of course a nation of slaves to that establishment. Syria is one of three holdouts left I think.

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  10. “The Jews who have recently migrated from Europe to Israel are descendants of Khazars, and if they feel homesick they’d better settle in Ukraine and Russia (or Poland as the case with Peres), but not in Palestine.”

    The Jews migrated from diaspora to Palestine to become Israel. They have returned from hell, so to speak.

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    A T Fomenko has formidable credentials.

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  12. A T Fomenko in his book How It Was in Reality adds these to the confusion about time and place.




  13. The true Israelites, referred to
    as the “beni Isra’il” in the Quran, lived throughout the Near East. Two thousand plus years ago, they were expecting the Temple in Jerusalem to be destroyed at a given date in history. The most respected rabbis and Doctors of Law were trained by the Pharisees, who were guiding their people, preparing them for the Second Temple’s destruction and five hundred years of atonement that would follow. After that, their final Prophet would appear to unite the entire Middle East under a new and lasting covenant. That last prophet would be a second Moses. The Jews were a small fraction of a people who considered themselves Israelites. The Jews defined themselves according to a small plot of land in greater Palestine, which they named Judaea. It was not the location of the original temple that Solomon had built. The one in Jerusalem was built to replace the original one. Solomon’s temple was built in Mesopotamia and was destroyed as a result of wars between Israelite tribes that caused them to scatter throughout the Near East. Not only were the Jews responsible for writing the Biblical stories, but they were condemned by the Israelite prophets for having distorted the history of their people by claiming the events from Abraham onwards took place in Palestine. Archaeology has shown that those stories do not match historical fact.

    The Messiah ‘Isa condemned the Jews in Palestine because of their frequent breaches of the covenants agreed to with the Israelite prophets. The Jews were considered to be untruthful distorters of history, where they falsely gave themselves a primary role as the original “Hebrews,” which they were not. Once again, the biblical narrative that we see in the New Testament was distorted by deviant Jews who rejected what their own Messiah was preaching. Those Jews were responsible for the cult of Christianity that chose a Palestinian martyr as their own Jewish Messiah, so-named Jesus. The followers of the Messiah ‘Isa actually saved his life when the Jews brought false charges against him and tried to have him executed.

    The Messiah was not born in Palestine. He was there on a temporary mission protected by the Pharisee Doctors of Law and rabbis who arrived from what is today’s Iraq/Western Iran/Syria. The Pharisees were from Fars (Farsees) in the Mesopotamian lands. Their role was to prepare the entire Fertile Crescent for the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad, the second Moses. They had five centuries to do that. As a result, the majority of the Israelites became Muslim and some of them became the greatest military commanders who conquered Morocco and Spain. It was because of the true Israelites that Islam spread in such a short period of time.

    A perfect example of who the descendants are of those true Israelites is today’s Shi’ites and all of the sects that they divided themselves into. They are a complete fulfillment of prophecy. Of course they resent today’s Jews, who have come from Europe to once again distort scripture. They wait for the liberation of Jerusalem once again.

    The territory that the followers of Moses (Musa) conquered stretched from western Iran to the Mediterranean. That took place beginning 2300 BCE. They created the world’s first empire and that did include today’s Egypt. After the Islamic conquests and liberation of the Fertile Crescent from Byzantine rule,
    those lands were renamed the Caliphate. Egypt was not the location of the original Exodus and the
    famed story of the tyrannical pharaoh. Egyptian kings and pharaohs travelled. They had a military-run city-state in southern Iraq during the third millennium BCE that lasted for centuries, and that is where they persecuted the Israelites who had immigrated there in large numbers and were seen as a threat by those rulers. Ancient Egyptian texts refer to this region as the land of their origin which was completely destroyed, with all
    of their civilization., except what remains of them in their cemeteries deep inder the ground. There is archaeological proof that the civilization in southern Iraq was connected to the earliest kings of Egypt. The location of the Exodus is the region where the Marsh Arabs live, the “yam suph” or “sea of reeds” where pharoah’s people were drowned in a deluge of melting snow from the Zagros and Kabir Kuh mountain ranges that was typical of the month of Nissan, the month of the Passover. When expanding their empire over a century, the Israelite warriors arrived in Egypt and overthrew their kings. They turned their world upside down. It took the Egyptian dynasties centuries to recover. The Israelites did live in Egypt, but as conquerors not as slaves. They came and went throughout their history but preferred to reside in the Fertile Crescent, The Israelites were related to the Hittites, the Amorites, the Hurrians, the Assyrians, and were all over Anatolia, today’s Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt. The Quran states that they were not just tribes, but were nations who ruled with great power. The majority became Muslim. A fulfillment of prophecy. The evidence is in my books. There is no mistaking it. When all the puzzle pieces fit and form the picture on the box, then
    you know you have uncovered the
    truth. When all the scholarly research keeps pointing in the same direction, then you know what happened in history.


    1. except jews are not from europe but are actually mulatto’s from persia and anatolia. they crossed into the caucasus and north as they cowardly fleed the muslim hoardes. once these had ‘jews’ interbred with some cauucasians aquiring the genetic vigor and some physical characteristics that helped them infiltrate and subvert european culture they had acuired the means to make them more energetic intelligent and dominant in the world today.


    2. Haaaa u need to check out when the letter J was even invented .. Its only a couple hundred years old ….lol
      Its a off shoot of the letter I .. And vowels were interchangeable as well 😂…lol


      1. Hebrew language has no letter J or sound for it … The closest sound they have is the Y sound 😂…lol
        Need to study up on language’s 😆…lol


    3. funny how people make assumptions. perhaps you also can explain why in Thorah there are 738 mentioned :”Thy children of Israel”, and in christian bible 7 times BUT ALSO in Quran it’s 25 TIMES! The prophet said Jews, Christians and Muslims and some others were people of the BOOK not BOOKS ?? aka it’s the same book, but different versions? It’s known christians “borrowed” a lot from Judaism, f.i. the Old Testament.


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