Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

If you think that history is all about the past …  you’d better think again.

If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt was the whole truth … you’d better think once again.

And if you believe that ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs … then you’d better read the next lines

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

King Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs


The title might sound a bit strange and perplexing, but throughout the following series of articles I’m going to elaborate on the historical reasons why the rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and not Pharaohs.

Supported by a serious community of scholars and their amazing findings, the author will reveal one of the biggest acts of deception in history hidden behind the myth of Egyptian Pharaohs.

And yes, the whole story of Egypt ever being ruled by so called Pharaohs is nothing but a pure myth and a blatant deception. as a matter of fact the Exodus story took place in an obscure small Arabian village called Mizraim.

Our research combined with that of a serious community of scholars will expose a staggering two-thousand-year deception.

In the second century BC, the Hebrew Bible was translated to Greek at the legendary library of Alexandria. Seventy Jewish scribes, hence the designation Septuagint Bible, were assigned this task by the Ptolemies in which they cunningly replaced this obscure Mizraim and its Faraon with the mighty Egypt and its king. The Greek forged version, with this malicious distortion of ancient history, has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since.

“Kings or pharaohs, what difference does it make?” some might argue. Well, it would make a world of difference if we discovered that for thousands of years we’ve been living a myth, another twisted/misinterpreted Jewish tale that we continue to cling to and hold dear as the only irrefutable truth till this very day. It would make a difference to discover that we had renounced truth and instead embraced falsehood.

It would make a world of difference if we knew that what took place at that remote period of time in the ancient Near East has shaped, over the centuries and through our willful ignorance, the way we live today with all this web of political, ethnic and religious conflict and intolerance.

It is only by exposing the ancient deception and revealing the truth could we untangle this web of antagonism and belligerence we currently endure. Separating the truth from the myth is what we hope to achieve by debunking this myth of Pharaoh/Moses in Egypt.

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16 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

  1. “The Brotherhood is counting on the new parliament to have considerable political power to eclipse the military until its handover. In the drafting of the new constitution, the Brotherhood wants to curtail the powers of the president, which were nearly unlimited under Mubarak, and give parliament greater authority.

    The group fears that electing the president before rewriting the constitution will bring a head of state with the same overwhelming power.

    “Will (the president) have the same pharaonic powers as Hosni Mubarak had? How do we guarantee that this doesn’t impact the transition to democracy?” said Wahid Abdel-Meguid, leading member of the Brotherhood-led alliance.

    But Islam Lutfi, a former Brotherhood member whose political party backs the initiatives for an early military exit, said the Brotherhood has no clear plan for ensuring the army steps down.

    “They are scared of the military,” said Lutfi, a founder of the Egyptian Current Party. “They are only hungry for the parliament.”

    so here’s a news report featuring real Egyptian citizens speaking in real Egyptian Arabic, referencing the Pharaohs as a real political phenomenom which reverberates down the ages till late December 2011


    1. In the US we have many organizations supporting color people because they are minority class that could be overtaken or oppressed by the majority white people. In Egypt however, the minority CHRISTIANS are not organized and are given no position of power, yet the majority muslims, who hold all positions of power are afraid of losing control, and are in need of having a solidarity organization as the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD to assure their rights? How sick or paranoid you have to be if you control ALL positions of power, yet you are still afraid from a meek, unarmed MINORITY who have been routinely oppressed for more than thousand years?

      Any rational thinker who assume that inclusivity in EGYPTIAN society must include the MB, must tell me if he is prepared to have the KKK included in our congress if they preach that black Americans are subhuman, and must be segregated from White? Would Germany include the Nazis? Would the Saudis include catholic priests in their Parliement? Oh, I know the Saudis don’t have a Parliement or allow priests in their country, yet they are not pressured to be inclusive!


  2. You have a serious complex mate… why not get a life? (quickly, before the Brotherhood and Salafists ordain one for you… then you can request political asylum with your democratic secular Israeli/te neighbours to the east)


    1. Get a life..! why don’t you get realistic and go join the thousands of secular Israelis in their protest against the haredi Jews at Beit Shemesh. they don’t seem better than the salafis, if not worth, afterall the salafis don’t spit on little girls walking down the street wearing a regular school uniform.
      ..And i don’t think you should bother yourself with the paper work needed for political asylum .. for all you have to do is to get back where you came from, before you settled in Palestine.


    1. The etymology of israel is not this simple. Be mindful, you are showing the English spelling of a Hebrew word. Israel most likely is the combination of the words “misra” and “el”. Misra most likely means rule or dominian over, and the obvious mention of the Canaanite god El. It’s not in any way Egyptian.


  3. Ashraf I left a comment on my youtube video you commented on. I am not sure, if it got through to you. So I repost it here:

    Thank you for your feedback. I must say that there is not much of a theory. What we have here is a mere hypothesis. I presented the evidence that speaks against its current formulation in Part II. I think however that with some modifications it can lead the the origin of the Semitic people and this is worth investigating.
    Regarding your thesis of the total absence of Pharaohs. I actually came across your article earlier while researching the claims of the Badr society. Is there a particular reason, that you do not go in your research beyond Akhenaton forward in time? I would recommend you to do a quick research on Siamun, who was a Pharaoh some 200 years after Akhenaton.
    Best wishes


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