Israeli women take off clothes for Egypt “nude revolutionary” blogger

‘Love without limits’ Forty Israeli women in solidarity with Egyptian blogger, Aliaa el-Mahdy

As an act of solidarity with Egypt’s Aliya el-Mahdy, 40 Israeli women posed for a nearly naked photo in protest of limited expression in Egypt, however, not fully displaying their intimate parts for the camera.

“Girls, let’s give the world a good reason to see the unique beauty of Israeli women. Regardless of whether they are Jewish, Arab, straight or Lesbian – because here, as of now, it doesn’t matter. (…) Let us show the doubters that our international discourse doesn’t depend on governments,” the Israelis wrote on their Facebook page in solidarity.

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Or Tepler, an Israeli 28-year-old woman, opened a Facebook event inviting women “to show support in a non-violent and legitimate way for a woman who is just like us – young, ambitious, full of dreams and evidently has a developed sense of humor.”Tepler was inspired by el-Mahdy, a 20-year-old Egyptian university student, who shocked Egyptian society last week when she posted a naked photo of herself in protest against the limits on free expression in the country.

For Tepler it seems to clear: “When a liberal, enlightened woman in Cairo cannot express herself and gets threats from her state, we should show solidarity.”

Aliaa el-Mahdy in the full nude photo posted on her blog.

Mahdy’s nude pictures triggered an uproar in Egypt and was condemned from conservatives and liberals alike. While liberals criticize her of casting a damning light on them ahead of the elections on November 28, fundamentalist Islamists accuse her of “violating morals, inciting indecency and insulting Islam.”

Mahdy received threats and harsh criticism for her actions. On Thursday the first legal move against her revolutionary pictures have occurred. The coalition of Islamic law graduates filed a case against her and her boyfriend and blogger, Kareem Amer accusing them of “violating morals, inciting indecency and insulting Islam.

Sources: Ynetnews & bikyamasr

14 thoughts on “Israeli women take off clothes for Egypt “nude revolutionary” blogger

  1. Bravo! This is a major statement of intent to express the right of Individual Human Free expression. Well done you Brave One. All the outraged sexually repressed Self righteous Holier then Thou Fascists are as bad as the Military oppressing their own people. The Naked Truth is clearly visible here.
    Aliaa el-Mahdy is a Great Hero!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Well, I’ll be d***ed! Israeli women showing solidarity with a young Egyptian blogger! I am impressed. Something tells me this would not have happened a few years ago. Perhaps there really is a spirit of freedom asserting itself now in the entire world, and the “Arab Spring” may have started it. I hope so. However, knowing, as I do, that the “Arab Spring” was absolutely, positively cooked up in the diseased, evil brains of Western intelligence personnel for the purpose of fomenting revolution and war in the Middle East, ultimately benefiting Western governments, I can’t help but wonder if the “forty Israeli women” might have been moved by some in the Israeli government who definitely could have had a different motive for permitting this “solidarity with an Egyptian sister” being expressed! It might be a subtle attempt to show Israeli sympathy with the Egyptian revolution for the purpose of “divide and conquer,” and to show Israeli support for “human rights” and “freedom.” We must remember that the U.S., NATO and Israel are now all using such hypocritical, deceptive reasons for attacking Arab countries. The action of the “forty women” would fit well with this deceptive strategy.


  3. mosby, you and your kind, who are sadly the majority of the secular arabs deserve the sharia nightmare you are about to fall under, just as the sharia monster deserves itself.
    you arabs will get yours, because you bring it on yourself.


  4. I thought that these 40 women are doing that to express their solidarity with non-violent people in Tahrir sq. who have been killed by army and police forces !!!!


  5. “guy,” you flatter me! Thank you! You apparently thought I was a “secular Arab,” but, unfortunately, I don’t have a drop of Arab blood in my veins. I wish I did. I admire all the Arabs tremendously for standing up against the onslaught of the Antichrist United States, Europe and Israel. No, I’m just a plain vanilla American. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy in the American Civil War. That’s why I emulate Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the “Grey Ghost,” one of the most famous Confederate commanders. Turns out, though, that my earlier French ancestors were probably Jewish, and were forced to convert to Catholicism. Guess that makes me a “self-hater!” All my ancestors were soldiers, and fought in America’s wars. That’s why it so pains me to see what has happened to my country. It has indeed become the power of the Antichrist, which means, of course, that it, Europe and Israel will ultimately be utterly destroyed.

    Since when, “guy,” does fighting for freedom mean that the end result will be “the Sharia monster?” It might well happen, but not if those who are fighting and dying in the streets of Egypt get their way. Even if they don’t, they will die fighting for what they believed was right. You might try fighting for freedom yourself, “guy.” The threat of imminent death powerfully concentrates the mind. There’s nothing like it!


  6. colonel mosby, all you need to do is look at lybia, not far from egypt, and see how they are about to fall under sharia.
    when you speak of freedom, do you include women’s rights ?
    because sharia has no place for that.
    yet here in this post, about women’s rights, you are willing to set it aside at the first mention of the word israel, yet you speak of freedom ???
    i don’t believe you for one second !!
    your sole purpose is hate for israel.
    if you truly have hope for arabs it is that they beg forgiveness from israel, accept it as a sovereign state, and begin to embrace the “so called” liberal views of islam.
    instead of it’s harshest and cruelest interpertation as the salafis and wahabis do.


  7. You may very well be right, “guy,” about Libya. It may very well fall under Sharia law, given the fact that its socialist Jamahiriya government was overthrown by NATO/American Al-Qaeda terrorist thugs. Al-Qaeda operatives historically favor radical Islamist governments, like the Taliban in Afghanistan. Apparently, that’s all according to the NATO/American plan, which probably envisions using Al-Qaeda-occupied Libya against Egypt, and all of North Africa, in the future.

    Of course I include women’s rights when I speak of freedom. I’m an American, remember? You seem to be saying that I “set aside” women’s rights when I speak of Israel! No, I don’t. That wasn’t my intention. Israel is well known for its women’s rights, JEWISH women, that is! Palestinian and Arab women, as well as Palestinian and Arab men have few rights. Because of that, actually, I think that the words “Israel” and “freedom” shouldn’t appear in the same sentence!

    No, my sole purpose in commenting on this site isn’t to express hate for Israel, although I do hate Israel. I admit it. I think anyone who values democracy and freedom should hate Israel for its racist policies, its brutal aggressiveness, its murderous intrigues and duplicity, and its arrogant, wholly unwarranted attitude of supremacy. I think that Americans especially should loathe and hate Israel because Israel’s Mossad, in collusion with their “sayanim” embedded throughout the American government and society, and the U.S. “intelligence” community (really, the “murder, treason, lying and sabotage” community!) carried out the attacks of 9-11 in order to provoke America to visit retribution on innocent Muslims. I think Americans should also hate Israel because of Israel’s murder of Rachel Corrie, and because of their treatment of many more U.S. activists who have been abused in Israel. You think the Arabs should “beg forgiveness from Israel??? No, no! Israel should beg forgiveness from the Arabs! But the Arabs should never forgive them! Let God forgive them! After all, they’re God’s “CHOSEN PEOPLE!”


    1. blaming israel for 9/11, wow !
      that is indeed a hateful attitude.
      i saw a video on youtube where bill clinton specifically denied it, calling the 9/11 as an attack perpetrated by 19 arabs.
      he laughed at any theories saying they are ridiculous.
      yet here you are full of certainty.
      certain that muslims are innocent, certain that israel is the source of all evil.
      so clear so simple.
      i know convincing you is pointless, i mean you probably believe any conspiracy out there, my consolation is that the world has finally opened it’s eyes to the arab world and islam facism.
      they will be stopped.
      look at the laws creted in europe, if americans will adhere to your hatred, islam will fall on them like a ton of bricks.
      imo, your whole motivation in this is hatred of jews, pure and simple.
      not israel per se, but jews wherever they are.
      no wonder you go to an egyptian blogger, as egypt is the main market for the “mein kamfe” book.
      i guess you found your soulmates.

      funny how in the end, the people you hug, are those who hate you, as an american, so much.
      and you’d be sadly mistaken to think that it’s because of israel.


  8. ************Need to learn about “they who call themself Jews and are not.”
    We are being tricked by the flim-flammers.


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