ISIL helps Israel conceal historical origin

“The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians, but the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt or Palestine. Actually they never left Ancient Arabia and North Yemen, their origin land, before the Babylonian Captivity”

Secret of the Dead: Hanging Garden of Bablyon

                                                       … By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

The so called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has started losing ground. While the ISIL retreat is somehow slow on the Syrian front, the pace of the operations on the Iraqi side is considerably faster and so is the liberation of once held Sunni-Territories (though the broiling Sunni-Shia strife in Iraq remains unmitigated)

With Iranian military strategists conducting ground attacks and US aerial forces supplying valuable intelligence and conducting air raids, the situation is getting somehow tougher for so called Mujahideen/Takfiris

Judging by the latest Advances of Iraqi forces, it seems that the days of ISIL are numbered (even if they held on to their captured territories for another year or two)

Actually nobody doubted that ISIL wouldn’t last for long. A terrorist organization soaked in such hatred and violence was doomed to failure from the first day of its inception.

So the question here is not how long ISIL will last but what it will have achieved before its final demise. 

Of course it will take many decades before the people (especially in the Middle East) forget about the havoc ISIL wreaked.  While cold-blooded killing and beheading is going to be the core of their legacy, looting and destruction of the ancient Iraqi artifacts and museums is definitely will be one of their key achievements.

Everything will slowly get back to normal long after ISIL has been completely crushed. The land will be liberated, the people will return to their homes and native land. One thing will remain irrevocably destroyed and lost; Iraqi and Syrian ancient heritage and history.

The question here; why a purportedly Islamist organization want to destroy ancient Assyrian and Babylonia artifacts. Islamic laws don’t ban sculpture per se (most Islamic countries have museums packed with statues) but only prohibits worshiping idols as used to be during pagan cultures. Everybody knew that neither Assyrian nor Babylonian ancient idols/statues were honored or worshipped by modern day Iraqis or Syrians. Still that did not deter ISIL from destroying the ancient statues, cuneiform tablets and artifacts.

Asymmetric warfare

ISIL militants destroy ancient artifacts of Mosul Museum
ISIL militants destroy ancient artifacts of Mosul Museum

So what is the deal here with ISIL ruining the Mosul museum and the ancient city of Nimrud (not to mention hundreds of cuneiform tablets ruined and smuggled out of Iraq)

By default damaging and looting the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform tablets is not on any Jihadist’s agenda, but it seems like a top priority for the hidden collaborators responsible for the very establishment of this terrorist group called ISIL/ISIS.

I’m not going to elaborate on how ISIL’s circle of command had been infiltrated from the very beginning by Mossad and how their top leaders were trained (in Jordan and Saudi Arabia) by CIA forces.

This has been common knowledge for quite some time now, a premise that is gaining evermore authority by the fact that all of Israel’s Arab neighbors are targeted by ISIL, while the Zionist state remains out of Mujahideen’s range and rage.

Israel is waging asymmetric warfare on her Arab neighbors under the false flag operations carried out by their agents in ISIL.

The Israeli gains after almost a decade of ISIL propagation and activity are remarkably evident. The Iraqi and Syrian armies (long regarded as a threat to Israel) have been destroyed after the two big Arab countries turned into failed states. The likelihood of those two armies regaining their organization and power is very slim. That’s an obvious achievement for ISIL. But how on earth destroying ancient Assyrian and Babylonian artifacts and cuneiform tablets would benefit Israel?

To answer this question we have to go back in time more than 2500 years and exactly to the six century BC. We won’t have to change the location where ISIL is currently established, but we’ll only revisit the place (ancient Arabia and Iraq) in ancient times.

The Arabian tribe of Israelites

As reveled in my book ‘Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites  the origin land of Judaism and the Israelite tribe was – contrary to what most believed – in ancient Arabia and North Yemen and not in Palestine.

The tradition of linking Judaism to Christianity as the as (Judeo-Christian faith) and (Old/New Testament) has led many, mostly westerners, to believe Judaism was a western or west-influenced faith. Thus Judaism is perceived (actually misperceived) as a monotheistic faith whose early Patriarchs lived in ancient Palestine (part of western Greek/Roman empire)

The distorted translation of the Hebrew book to Greek in what came later to be known as the Septuagint Bible, had helped disseminate the (Arabic) Israelite faith and stories in the West. From that moment on, the Israelite book and stories have been seeping into the Western cultural fabric

Moses, Michelangelo, Church of San Pietro in Vincola
Moses, Michelangelo, Church of San Pietro in Vincola

As many Arabic names in the Israelite book got westernized (Aaron, Joseph, Abela, Abraham, Sarah, Adam and Noah) so did the stories and the faith. In his phenomenal sculpture of Moses, Michelangelo wouldn’t have surpassed the tradition boundaries and ventured into ingenuity had he not believed Moses and his book was one of the building blocks of western culture.

Unfortunately with this misperception (overshadowed and diluted by ingenious works of classical art and literature inspired by the Israelite book) the state of Israel has been established on Palestine (a land completely alien from the Israelite Patriarchs and their stories) with the blessings and support of the deluded western world.

The truth of the matter is that Judaism originated in ancient Southern Arabia and Northern Yemen (why do you think Jews wear the Arabic skull cap).

Actually, one of the most amusing scenes is when a western diplomat is photographed wearing Kippah while sucking up to a congregation of Zionist masters. He looks weird because the Jewish Kippah doesn’t fit into the western style and culture and neither should the Israelite stories.

The point of origin should not make any difference had the theology been universal in nature (like Buddhism) but the fact is that Judaism is nothing but one of ancient Arabia’s tribal cults. So Judaism was not meant, by the wildest stretch of tribal imagination, to spread one inch beyond the tribal boundaries of ancient Arabia.

Not to mention that the violent Israelite theology (based on the prejudiced and tribal concept of God’s chosen people) couldn’t by any means aspire to be a universal faith (hadn’t it been for the Greeks and the Romans who deviously politicized the Israelite faith and stories)

The Hebrew book was a local book of tribal tales aimed at an audience of the same tribes. The dissemination of its stories came after the Greek Septuagint forgery that falsely established the king of Egypt as Pharaoh of Moses (the very first steps of globalizing the local Arabian tale based on mass deception)

In the book documents from renowned classical Arabic geographers depicting a whole Arabic landscape in South Arabia and North Yemen founded on the place names the Bible generously offer as a Biblical road map.

A body of high profile anthropologists and historians trace the Israelite tribe back to their Arabian origin in Northen Yemen.   One of their amazing evidence-based findings is that Jerusalem is originally called Dar Salam/ safe house that is located near mountain Zion in Northern Yemen.

There is no Mountain Zion in the whole of Palestine, is there? (the one in Palestine/Israel referred to as Zion is hardly a hill, for crying out loud. Obviously the Rabbis from the temple mount Institute are gravely myopic.

Have you ever wondered why Sheba -Solomon’s mistress- was a Yemenite queen? Haven’t you ever been perplexed by designating the Biblical Paradise as the gardens of Eden? If you haven’t then maybe you have been so indoctrinated with the Israelite stories to the point of hypnotization and drunkenness (not too late to wake out of it)

Anyway, and to pick up on the reason for ISIL’s destruction of ancient Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform tablets, we need to know more about the geopolitics and the economics of ancient Arabia (bear with me as we try to turn complicated history into a story; as simple as possible)

Ancient Caravan trade route

Arabian incense trade route-1Like today with its riches of oil and natural Gas, ancient Arabia controlled the ancient Caravan Trade (transferring spices, frankincense, myrrh, gum, gold, textile and Ivory) from India, Yemen and East African Horn to Iraq, Egypt, the Mediterranean coast and Greece. The Caravan Road and the ancient Silk Road were the main trade routes for the ancient world (Both roads neither terminated at nor crossed Palestine/Jerusalem)

The ancient Caravan Road cut across ancient Arabia, from North Yemen in the south to Petra and Egypt in the North. And it flourished from 9th century BC to the 2nd century AD, that’s when it began to lose its strategic value. Poor Arabian economic conditions and a growing direct naval route between India and the Mediterranean heralded the end of Caravan route.

That ancient and valuable Caravan Road needed protection. Besides, the endless camel caravans that travelled for weeks and months across the Arabian Peninsula had to be supplied with necessary provisions.

This is where role of the Arabian tribes came into play. The tribes located along the southern and western coast of ancient Arabia often did that catering and protection. In return they benefited from the trade exchange besides charging the caravan merchants for food, water and other supplies.

But not all Arabian tribes benefitted from the Caravan trade. Some tribes were located deeper into the mountainous area of North Yemen and away from the western coast. Their distant location and economic hardships had prompted them to frequently attack the lucrative caravan trade and loot the valuable cargo.  Among those tribes were the Israelites (thieves and thugs from the very beginning)

Since the ancient Caravan Trade had been of strategic value to both the Egyptian Kingdom in the west and the Assyrian and the Babylonian kingdoms in the East they had to control ancient Arabia. Most of the Egyptian and Assyrian military campaigns were targeted at western and southern Arabia. The goal of those campaigns was to secure the Caravan route.

It was customary for the Egyptians after they have completed their military campaign in ancient Arabia to assign one of the tribe leaders as their vassal/representative. Many tribe heads acted as vassals for ancient Egypt along the ancient caravan route. The mission of the vassal chiefdom, which kept a minor Egyptian garrison, was to secure the Caravan route and keep Egypt posted on any Arabian rebellion.

But the Assyrians and Babylonians had different ways. They usually resorted to blunt force to crush any rebellion amongst the Arabian tribes. Whenever their caravans were threatened or looted it meant one thing, another Assyrian raid is underway.

Many ancient Cuneiform tablets excavated in the first half of the twentieth century recorded frequent Assyrian and Babylonian military campaigns in ancient Arabia

Nine raids, not one of them mentioned Palestine as their destination. Whereas the records clearly mentioned locations in Southern Arabia and North Yemen.

We have for example; a raid led by Assyrian king Tiglath-Pileser III 729 – 727 BC, and later on another military campaign conducted by the Assyrian king Sharrukin II (Sargon II) 710 – 705 BC.

But after the frequent military campaigns proved ineffective at securing the caravan trade for long period of time, it was time for a different deterring mechanism.

As the Babylonians came to power, they decided not to follow the footsteps of the Egyptians and Assyrians. They knew already that limited military campaigns wouldn’t prevent the rebellious Arabian tribes from attacking the Caravan trade.

Babylonian Captivity: the true story

A lion from the Ishtar Gate into the city of Babylon. Constructed around 575 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar II
A lion from the Ishtar Gate into the city of Babylon. Constructed around 575 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar II

To safeguard the Babylonian interests, Nebuchadnezzar 605 – 562 BC, the Chaldean king in the Neo-Babylonian Empire decided to change course. Instead of just crushing the Arabian tribes for their frequent rebellion, which proved inefficient, he saw the answer to recurrent Arabian headache was mass transfer.

Nebuchadnezzar shortly after his ascension to power, unleashed one of the biggest military raids in the history of ancient Arabia. The raid’s target was crushing the Arabian rebellion and transferring/deporting all the tribes involved in attacking the caravan route to Babylonian-controlled territories. But the obscurantist Israelites saw Nebuchadnezzar’s devastating campaign as a divine punishment; for they had forsaken Yahweh and killed many of his prophets.

Once again this point needs to be clarified; king Nebuchadnezzar did not target the Israelites in specific like the distorted history books and Hebrew Bible will tell you, but he besieged and captured many Arabian tribal strongholds. The Israelite tribe and their DarSalam (Yemeni Jerusalem) just happened to be one of them (as documented by Classical Arabic historians, e.g. Al Tabari, Al-Masudi and Al- Hamadani)

After the siege and the capture all the Arabian tribes (including the Istraelites) were deported en masse to Babylon where they were kept there till 539 BC.

After the fall of Babylon to the Persian king Cyrus the Great in 539 BCE, all exiled Arabian tribes (and not only the Israelites) were granted a pardon and were free to return to their homeland in west and south ancient Arabia.

Once again we need to pause here for a while for this point needs to be reiterated. The Nebuchadnezzar military raids were targeted against all Arabian tribes who needed to be punished for their frequent attacking and plundering the Caravan trade.

In other words, Nebuchadnezzar did not set out to exclusively attack the Israelites, besiege their DarSalam (Jerusalem), kill their chieftain/king (Jehoiakim) and destroy their temple; rather he waged an outright war against all Arabs in southern and western regions of the Peninsula.

Nebuchadnezzar attacked all Arab’s strongholds in the southern and western Arabia and also in North Yemen and after years of battles and blockades he returned to Babylon with hordes of captivated Arabian tribes (The Israelites just happened to be one of them)

The Israelites were captivated (as lawbreakers) for their continuous piracy and plundering not because of their faith, their city and temple destroyed (as collateral damage) in a Babylonian raid aimed at crushing Arabs’ rebellion.

What the Zionist machine of twisting facts will tell the kids in their history books is quite different. The Zionist version depicts Nebuchadnezzar as planning his whole campaign with one enemy and target on his mind; the Israelites and their new faith in Palestine (not ancient Arabia)

But the truth is Nebuchadnezzar might have never heard of the Israelites or their cult before he embarked on his military raids. The Israelite tribe was indeed not the biggest nor the most connected tribe in ancient Arabia. As a matter of fact the Adnan tribe of western Arabia was the key adversary to reckon with in Nebuchadnezzar’s raid.

The point we are trying to clarify is that the Israelites were dragged, from North Yemen not Palestine, along many other tribes to Babylon in captivity for their rebellion and plundering. And guess what, Nebuchadnezzar’s plan worked.

After the Great Cyrus’s pardon most of the Arabian tribes preferred to continue in Babylon. The only tribes that couldn’t assimilate into the new urban culture of Babylon are the Israelites. Obviously the Jewish creed has turned the Israelites into hard-to-assimilate antagonistic sect/group (that same attitude has lingered with the hardcore Jews till this day)

But on the other hand the captivity in Babylon has given the Israelites the golden opportunity to discover a wealth of Sumerian and Babylonian culture and mythology. Feeling the inferiority of their cult, the Israelite scribes embarked on writing down a new book for their tribe.

In the book, later known as the Hebrew Bible, loads of copycatted Sumerian and Babylonian profound myths were intertwined with the tribal and shallow stories of the Israelite tribes. (Adam and Eve, the tree of knowledge, and the Noah flood are but ancient Assyrian/Sumerian myths)

So what we’re looking at here is the Israelite/Jewish distorted version of the ancient Near Eastern history. In the phony version; the Israelites were prosecuted by Egyptian king (so called Pharaoh- another fraud) and attacked by Babylonian king and held in captivity for their faith. But the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt and that their Captivity in Babylon was part of a bigger exile of Arabian tribes.

Because we’ve been envisioning the ancient world through the fake Israelite prism, we were deceived into believing that Moses was born as a prince in Egypt where he grow up and fought its king (Pharaoh) and lead the thousands of Israelite slaves out of the Nile valley (a completely false story)

Also, the Israelite book, kept on distorting the ancient history of Babylon and Assyria where they monopolized the Nebuchadnezzar’s raids and deportation of Arabs.

The Captivity of most of Arabian tribes had been twisted into the Exclusive Captivity of the Israelites.

All that persecution and forced migration took place not due to their plundering and piracy but because of their beliefs. They were held in captivity to preserve their faith (what deception)

The same deception was carried out again when the modern Zionists distorted the history of the World War II. They turned/distorted the war that swept across the whole of Europe, Russia, North Africa and the Far East into an exclusive war against the Jews.

The heavy toll of that devastating war (over 60 million were killed) was twisted and somehow monopolized by the Zionist Propaganda machine as the Jewish exclusive calamity.

This is how history (ancient and modern) is being distorted by the Israelites and the Zionists. We are living a big lie that was invented by the ancient Israelites, and passed down to us, generation after generation, in their distorted book and stories.

Back to ISIL and their destruction of the Assyrian and Babylonian Cuneiform tablets. The Zionists know damn well that the truth about their Yemenite origin could be revealed if more Babylonian Cuneiform tablets are unearthed.

Once the true story of the Captivity and the Arabian origin of the Israelite tribe are exposed, the whole Zionist project could crumble under the power of the historical truth.

Already there is a new archeological and anthropological trend that doubts the mainstream narrative about the origin of the Israelites and questions the Biblical/Zionist interpretation of the Babylonian/Assyrian Cuneiform tablets. The Zionist (Khazarian) Mafia is keen not to let more incriminating evidence fall in the hands of those obviously audacious and impartial scholars.

ISIL has done so well so far. Facilitated by Mossad, hundreds of Babylonian and Assyrian Artifacts have been smuggled out of Iraq and Syria. Months later many of them resurfaced again in Tel Aviv and put on display at the Bible Lands Museum under the title ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’.

Of course the new smuggled items were exhibited after they had been professionally distorted and forged to keep in line with the Israelite/Zionist story. Israelis are the masters of faking ancient artifacts (remember the fake ivory Pomegranate of Solomon)

The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians. That’s why their God had promised them the land stretching from Egypt to Iraq. And the Zionist narrative is that the descendants of those Israelites are returning en masse to modern day Israel (what nonsense)

This is the twisted narrative of the Israelites/Zionists. Anybody who would dare mess with that premise/narrative is crossing the Zionist red line. But red lines should sometimes be crossed in order for the truth to be revealed. For the truth will set us all free.

Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites new cover art-8Discover the grand scale Israelite deception. Uncover the Israelites’ true story/histoy in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Arabia and Yemen.  Find out who was the true Pharaoh of Moses, and where the real Exodus took place.

Find out why neither Egypt was the land of the Israelites’ Exodus nor Palestine their promised land.

Click the photo to go to Amazon where you could buy a Kindle copy of Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s new book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

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  2. Dr. Ashraf Ezzat you said, “There is no Mountain Zion in the whole of Palestine, is there? (the one in Palestine/Israel referred to as Zion is hardly a hill, for crying out loud. Obviously the Rabbis from the temple mount Institute are gravely myopic.”

    Mount Zion is hardly a hill now because it was razed to the ground in the Maccabean period.

    Also you said that the Dead Sea Scrolls were placed in Qumran from another location, that it didn’t originate there. Well isn’t that convenient for your theory! Where’s your proof?


    1. You don’t expect me to disclose all the bits and pieces in my essay. If I did there would no reason for reading my book. Even independent researchers have to make a living you know. However, those who read the book will be getting far more than what they pay for. Truth is priceless.

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  3. Dear Dr. Ashraf Ezzat,
    thank you so much for your brilliant article.
    We allowed ourselves to share it in our web space, to better disseminate the text and also spread more the knowledge of your book, for which we are now releasing a feedback on Amazon.
    Congratulations and good luck for your work.

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    1. Mr. SFP-WP chief editor of the Syrian free press,
      Thank you for sharing the post on your website. The truth will only pick up momentum and reach more people by sharing this new revelation and spreading the word about this ancient (Jewish) deception. Greetings and I’m looking forward for your review on Amazon after you’ll have read my book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites


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  5. I would like to know if you have read any of Robert Feathers work. He says that the copper dead sea scroll that he worked on is about Akhenaten / Tut Moses and the temple was not in Israel but Egypt.
    Anyway I look forward to reading your book.


    1. Dear Angela,
      I’m aware with some of Robert Feathers writings, especially about the copper scrolls. But actually I don’t find myself in agreement with his thesis and interpretation of the Dead Sea scrolls. I have been lately investigating the historicity of those renowned scrolls, and I can assure you the scrolls have nothing to do with modern day Palestine/Israel nor Egypt. According to my investigation( combined with other high-profile scholars’). Those scrolls had cleverly been planted in Palestine where in fact they came from a destination thousands of miles away to the south. Anyway, I hope you’d consider reading my book. Your feedback would be very interesting to me.


  6. Greetings Dr. Ashraf Ezzat,
    I read your article with great interest.
    And I would like to point out a few things if you don’t mind.
    1) The connection between the “Mosad” and the CIA to the creation of the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS)
    is not yet proven. But if it is true that there is such connection – it is most likely that it was done in order to help the state of Israel to secure its borders against Islamic extremest, and NOT in order to justify the so-called world’s view on the history of the Jews.
    IF such connection is true – than no doubt this is bad news for all who cares about the ethical and moral status of the state of Israel, in trying to protect its land.
    2) In my personal research I have found countless facts – which support the period in which the Jews were salves in Egypt, and later on escaped their captivity and settled in Judea.
    Therefore I think that the theory about destroying all these valuable and precious archeological artifacts in order to conceal he truth about the origin of the Jewish nation is quite frankly nonsense.
    No one is trying to hide the fact that Abraham was originally from the ancient land of Iraq.
    It is a well known fact. And no one is trying to hide the fact that he lived a lifestyle of a nomad with herds of goats and sheep.
    3) It is common practice among many Arab researchers to try and dispute the right of the Jewish people to the land of ancient Judea. And it seems to me that you are not an exception to the rule.
    What a shame.
    Still, my personal view is that the Islamic State is a creation of a Reptilian type mentality, not Jewish and not christian and not even from true Islamic motives.
    The Order of the Jesuits, which the Pope is their leader was infiltrated by The Reptilians race from Draco and the Orion Belt about 200 years ago is it is still very much at their mercy.
    They can duplicate genetically any human being, and get rid of the original person after downloading their memory. They do have this technology unfortunately. And they are at the forefront of Genetic Manipulation on this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. I know that this sounds like Sci-Fi – but it is NOT.

    And so, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, one must use a bit of discernment before jumping to any conclusions here.
    The truth is sometimes complicated more then we think.
    please – do check about the history of the Reptillian Race on Planet Earth, and about the way they managed to replace so many head of states, politicians, bankers, military officers, and other key people of different nations and religions – and thereby (without anybody suspecting) taking over
    of foolish humanity for a long long time.
    Hopefully this horrible saga is now coming to an end. And the victims which are from almost every nation on earth will soon wake up.
    With respect,

    Ayelet H. Zimmerman
    A jewish lady from Israel
    who has nothing against the Islam or the Arabs, but who
    believe that the land of ancient Judea is by right the land of the Jews.


    1. Believing that there is a race of reptiles taking over is nearly as silly as believing that the land of ancient Judea is by right the land of the Jews.


    2. lmfao there are tons of FACTS ISISRAEL is pure scum !!!
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  7. Well, I feel silly. I had missed reading this page, really; and so, now that I read it I see that much of what I was saying in the comments of ‘Response to VT’ was just rehashing what you already said.


  8. Reblogged this on davidalexandermeyers289756 and commented:
    The most important thing about this Zionist myth, is that the Ancient Israelites were not blonde haired, blue eyed, Europeans! 90% of today’s Jews descended from European converts of Judaism. The real descendants of the ancient Israelites are the Palestinians who have converted to Islam and Christianity. There was never a Roman exile, the Jews were simply removed from Jerusalem, not the whole of Palestine which the whole entire dubious bloodline claim is built on. Zionism is merely the smoldering ashes of a once politically acceptable belief of white superiority.


  9. A riveting story , and very informative. There was a documentary done on NAT GEO about the Bible and how it first came from that side of world. It was deciphered by one man who died before completed. Then some one else try write it as well. As we know there are words that can not be Deciphered in many languages. Well then you had it in control of Catholic Church for long time and most people were uneducated and believed what the church told them. Then along comes Guttenberg and he takes back to Germany and deciphers it in Gutenberg Bible ! Over the course of hundreds and even decades of years it has been written in many versions. When I began to talk to many Muslim friends I was amazed to learn many stories I learned they did as well. But ours has been distorted there is no doubt about it. We learn from History and this article helped to put it in perspective and explain many questions I have. I have wondered why Saudi and Israel have joined forces and why Saudi is attacking Yemen and now I have one more piece of the very big and confusing puzzle. Time for Islam to wake up . Time for many ask questions and not follow Zionist Israel to slaughter as sheep.


  10. Very informative article! I first read it on — then I came over here, and I just downloaded your book: Egypt Knew No Pharaos nor Any Israelites, which I am looking forward to reading.

    ONE QUESTION: Perhaps this is covered in the book — but I’m very curious to know — What is the REAL story about what happened AFTER Cyrus released the deported South Arabian tribe. Is that when they all (or some of them) first went to Palestine?

    Thank you!



    1. It is in the the book. Nevertheless, I’m going to elaborate on the why, when and how the Hebrews first migrated to Palestine in my upcoming article (you will be notified by email)
      NB, don’t forget to write me a good review on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.


  11. I’m sorry but I’m not following your history. Are there any ancient text or sources you can name that supports your claims? Or is the only way to find out this information is to buy your book? Something else that strikes me as odd is your view on the origins of Judaism and the israelites being the same. Judaism was not even around when the 12 tribes came on the scene. In fact the word Judah as A faction of the israelites was not around until the split of the tibes under the rule of Saul. And im pretty sure the family line of Sheba is from Ethiopa. The sons of Shem and Ham have mingled since the beginning and are even said to look similiar. ALSO noah, moses, jacob/israel did not follow the religion Judaism or Islam they followed the word of God! Which is not tied down to any religion or group of people but is here for us all to have salvation! From reading your post you have a lot of views that are not proven, but yet you claim the views you argue against are false lies, where is your proof? It’s 2015 aren’t we to old as a race for these tall tales and race baiting? Love and Peace


  12. Great post, Dr. Ezzat. I am sure you are familiar with Professor Ahmad Dawood’s work on this issue. He has published six volumes so far on Ancient Syrian Civilization, including one on the origin of Semitics, Israelites, Jews, and Hebrews. I know you have knowledge of Kamal Salibi’s theory which is very similar to what your book discusses.


    1. Thank you Mr. Mahdi Alosh,
      Of course I’m aware of the work by Dr. Ahmed Dawood. As a matter of fact I truly believe that a body of ARABIC scholars is currently emerging and revealing the true story of the Israelites and their Yemenite origin. My dear friend, this could be the salvation for our Palestinian brotheres.


  13. Dear Dr Ashraf,
    Little of what is said in the above article surprises me. I studied Divinity over 50 yrs ago in Liverpool . My tutor was an enlightened Notre Dame Roman Catholic Sister who was Professor of Divinity. One of the academic textbooks she used in the Divinity Course showed how the 10 commandments were based on the Code of Hammurabi, the Babylonian king. The Code was learned by the Jews when they were in Babylon and then “tweaked” to come out of the mouth of God and put into the “Jewish” myth of Moses receiving the 10 commandments at Mt Sinai. This was the first lesson I received in how myths are built up and come to be believed as historical truth.
    Second, in the 1990’s I attended a lecture at Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival by Professor Piotr Bienovsky (I think that’s the correct spelling of his name) who had been living with Bedouin tribes in Yemen and Jordan and studying Bedouin culture. He said there wasn’t a shred of archaelogical evidence that the Jews were ever in Egypt or that they had ever entered Palestine.
    Third, in Palestine about 8 yrs ago, I met a Palestinian writer/poet who had been researching the history of Jews and he said that the wailing wall could not be the wall of the Jewish Temple because he was convinced, from his research, that the Temple had been in Yemen.
    In the last 5 years I have been reading alternative accounts of WW2 and discovered a whole raft of distortions, omissions and lies told about the Germans, about the Third Reich, about Hitler, about the Allies. There is no evidence of Gas Chambers, for example – the one at Auschwitz was a fake built after the war by the Russians and many scholars have shown that it couldn’t possibly have been used to gas Jews or anyone else. The people who were actually burned alive were the Japanese victims of radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and by saturation bombing in Tokyo,and the Germans in Dresden who were burned alive by the fireballs created from Allied saturation bombing. The criminals who committed these unspeakable atrocities of course were not the Nazis, but the Americans and English war-leaders, who managed to distract world attention from their own war crimes by getting Hollywood to make hundreds of movies which demonised the Germans.The falsehood that has been presented to us all as “History” is monumental and sickening. It has disfigured western culture. It has inflicted a terrible burden of undeserved guilt on the German people who suffered horribly at the hands of Zionists and their supporters in the UK and USA.
    One of the most urgent projects of humanity is to uncover the lies and concealments fed to us through schools, universities and media. We all need to know the truth of our shared Human History and we must all do our bit to uncover and share the truth. Thankyou for what you are doing.

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  14. Now I’m confused. So when did the “Jews” first occupy Israel? Was Jesus In Israel or Arabia? The New Testament mentions many locations that correspond to today’s Israel. Where was the second temple built, the one Jesus said would be totally destroyed? I may be swayed into believing the Hebrews never went to Egypt but the New Testament mentions so many landmarks in Israel that tie it in with today’s Israel location, how could this not be true.


  15. Dear Dr Ezzat
    I’m no expert on ancient history, but just a question on view of the critique on Amazon, by Jan on March 14, 2015…
    Would it be possible that Jews went to Egypt to corrupt, rob and hijack it, as they do today with other empires? When the pharaoh got his act together and threw them out, the Jews presented it in the Bible and history books for goyim as an epic, heroic Exodus martyrology?
    Piotr Bein


    1. Definitely not. The Israelites never set foot in Egypt. So we should not hypothesize alternative narratives for their expulsion/Exodus. The historical truth is that Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites.


  16. The Jews are NOT Israel. Any attempt at analizing the Jews while beginning with this false assumption must therefore be flawed.

    True Israel are the Pure White, Western European Peoples(the “lost tribes”. Jews are Esau/Edom.

    It literally is the universe’s greatest case of ID theft

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well said! It is obvious what the motivates this alleged scholar to create his false narrative: to try discredit the Bible’s trustworthiness and authenticity once again. Many have tried; all have failed.

      In truth, greater than 95% of those claiming to be Jews today are Turko-Mongolian Khazar impostors who stole the names Judahite, Israel, Hebrew and Semite from their rightful owners: the white or Caucasian people whose ancestors migrated through the Caucasus mountain range from the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles and into northwestern Europe in three massive waves of human migration around 500 A.D. This history of the Hebrews/Caucasians is well-documented for those with any interest in the objective truth of demographic history. Sadly, few care to know the truth.

      While the descendants of Esau (Edom) were part of the distortion of the teachings of the Old Testament, today the vast majority of impostors posing as Jews (the “jews”) are Ashkenazi or Khazar Jews, as chronicled in Arthur Koestler’s 1976 book, “The Thirteenth Tribe.” The Jews of today ( fanatical religions and satanic cult) base their worldview on the hides and vile anti-Christ teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar Kaballah of the occult, which make up the core teachings of the very secretive orthodox Judaism. It is satanic and demonic to its core, and these impostors are the antichrist of theses final days of the end times, in which Yahushua (Christ) is returning in His second coming in late 2016.

      YHWH has spoken.


      1. Watchman .. Were those the words of YHWH? I thought that was your comment. Seriously, do you think that the name of the Jews ‘God is YHWH. Watchman, you haven’t been watching closely enough. You see, the translated version of your Bible is a FAKE. The Israelite Exodus never took place in Egypt, and Palestine is not your Promised Land. Even YHWH is not the name of your GOD. The Hebrew is one of the ancient Arabian tongues/dialects And YHWH is originally Hwah which simply means HE.


      2. Oh how sad for you! Insane people, totally disconnected from and in denial of objective reality, as you clearly are come up with the most ludicrous and preposterous claims to try to delude themselves into believing anything other than that which is already proven to be objectively true.

        Sure thing, dimwit, thousands of Hebrew, Greek and Bible scholars have had countless opportunities to examine, challenge and correct the KJV English translation of the 5,366 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament and only 400 words are in any doubt, none of them impacting any matter of doctrine. Academia with any intellectual integrity has long since accepted the accuracy of the Bible. That’s a proven fact.

        As for the Exodus, you cannot suppress and silence the photo evidence of hundreds of human and horse bones and coral encrusted chariot wheels on the land bridge 60 feet beneath the surface of the Gulf of Aqaba or of Mt Sinai in western Saudi Arabia.

        Thus, as a proven liar, you should have no credibility with anyone. You have an agenda to deceive, on behalf of your master, the father of lies, the devil. That much is quite obvious to all. You’re busted.


      3. Re: “Oh how sad for you! Insane people(…) Sure thing, dimwit (…) That’s a proven fact.(…)Thus, as a proven liar, you should have no credibility with anyone. You have an agenda to deceive, on behalf of your master, the father of lies, the devil. That much is quite obvious to all. You’re busted.”
        You write such railing accusations like bully and then do you wonder why people find you offensive? Where did you learn to address another man like this?

        Here’s a plausible alternative explanation to what you propose.
        “When dealing with Ron Wyatt, you have to remember you are dealing with
        a proponent of alternative history and one who is prone to flights of
        the imagination. He also claimed to “see the Blood of Christ” on the
        “Judgement Seat” beneath the Temple site in Jerusalem. Ron Wyatt has
        no little or no standing within the archaeological community. He
        ranks right along with J. Anthony West and VonDanikan (sp?) for
        speculative fictions passed off as history and archaeology.

        In fact, Ron Wyatt was not an archaeologist at all. He was a nurse
        anesthetist from Tennessee who had a special interest in Bible
        archeology. He had a Biblical agenda to prove and was able to dodge
        realities and provide an excellent scientific doggeral to back his
        positions. For far too many people, if it “sounds” like science it
        probably “is” science. Ron Wyatt, like creationists and others with
        an agenda based on religious dogmatic absolutes, was a master at such
        misuse of language.

        The so-called discoveries of Ron Wyatt are nothing more than a great
        hoax perpetrated upon the Christian community for money and fame.

        As to the so-called discoveries on Ron Wyatt’s video entitled
        “Presentation of Discoveries,” those interviewed whom Ron Wyatt
        presented with his “facts” put little or no archaeological value on
        any of the material. “Fraud” was the word most often used when
        discussing these discoveries.

        That part of the Red Sea had trading centers and seaports from the
        time of ancient Egypt through the Byzantine Empire and later.

        The discovery of chariot wheels, bone and other items on the sea
        bottom came as no surprise to legit archaeologists. It was expected.
        So much so, in fact, that the sea bottom in the region is not that
        high a priority for research. Things found there are safer and better
        off left where they are and reserved for future study.

        If an Egyptian king and his army had been lost, the Egyptians would
        have been very vocal about it. There is nothing in the record
        pointing to any such loss and there is no “missing” Pharoah.

        There is also no archaeological record in the Sinai of the passage of
        large groups of people as there would be if such a thing had taken
        place, especially if they were wandering around for forty years. The
        archaeological evidence from very small groups still remains, so we
        know that the remains from a large group would have an even easier
        time surviving. They simply don’t exist.


      4. Rahn… Khazar impostor posing as a Jew aren’t you? You pathological liars and demon-possessed psychos deserve and will get no mercy from any of us of the truth.

        Your endless crimes against humanity follow you “jew” boy! Find that offensive do you? YHWH (God) finds you and all “jews” deeply offensive. Your fraud, lies, immorality, injustice and evil behaviors condemn every last one of you as guilty and heading to the burning fires of hell. Nothing could be more richly deserved. Justice is coming. there is no place to run and nowhere to hide from the coming wrath and fury of Almighty YHWH upon the wicked synagogue of Satan!


      5. Watchman; Again, you are making railing accusations. You assume to know my history? Yes, my last name is Hebrew (OK first and last) but I don’t even know when my forefathers quit practicing Judaism. I find your level of hostility, well, normal. I’ve grown up in the “Bible Belt” and I have practiced and learned most variations of Christianity. As such, I’ve learned over and over that the Christians (at least the ones I’ve encountered) are very dangerous people. I do not hold this against the Christ because you have been led astray. In fact, I believe you are so defensive of ‘your faith’ because you have uncertainties yourself. That, like the knights of the crusades, somehow waging war against other men will earn you favor with God. I believe you are mistaken. I know the Scriptures. I know the history of the KJV and I know of errors. I know men like you who are always ready to fight about the KJV. I do not care to fight about the KJV. I also know that men put some books in and left some books out of the Biblical (means Books) canon.
        I have not declared Dr. Ezzat’s work to be known fact to me but I have considered it worth further examination. I did wonder why in the Scriptures, Yeshua (I believe you had an alternate spelling) when defaming the religious authorities he included the scribes…why the scribes? Anyway, I’m not interested in resuming any ‘fights’ and I only said something to you because you were using very offensive language in your address to Dr. Ezzat — you can debate without the vitriol — and this goes against common decency and it does actually go against the teachings of the Christ. If you would examine the books that were included in the New Testament you’ll find instructions telling you not to address another man this way.


      6. Don’t talk to me about decency when you lie like hell and experience no remorse over it. These are the tell-tale signs of a dangerous and evil psychopath who serves the devil. How those demons working out for you, now that the truth has been revealed? Not well, is the honest answer.

        “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11


      7. Watchman: I have tried to reason with you and that has failed. It is inadvisable to continue to communicate with someone who is unreasonable. I already suspect your reply will be vitriolic and accusing as that has been you consistent styling; however, I just want you to think about what you will do if your prediction of “Yahushua (Christ) is returning in His second coming in late 2016” doesn’t happen. Do you know how many times this has been predicted already?


      8. Watchman (aka. David Curtis): You challenge your readers to examine everything they’ve been told and taught and yet you attack people for doing just that.
        You go on the say how you’ve suffered scorn, dismissal, ridicule and yet you are the most scornful, ridiculing and dismissive on the message board.
        You then given a rather exhaustive study on identifying a psychopath; but, per your own description, you’re the one behaving like a psychopath.

        Your theology resembles that of the Brethren Assemblies (neo-Puritans). From my mothers side I descend from Isaac Ewer (a Puritan in Cromwell’s New Model Army). I suppose you’ll hurl a lot of abusive scorn at me for that or maybe not — never sure what will evoke your wrath and scorn.
        Well, based upon the evidence here you do not show the “love of God” and you are but a clanging cymbal to me — no love, just irritating noise of your bellicose accusing. You seem to portray yourself as a ‘prophet’ but it’ll be a year and a half before that is proved and I’m planning to make this my last communication with you as I’ve dealt with enough people like you — the people who claim to be victims and yet are the bullies. You have no idea how I’ve suffered because of men like you!

        Say hello to Dave Hunt for me, it’s been a while.


  17. Thank you for your most enlightening commentaries Dr Asrad Essat. Your account would appear to be consistent with the now known works of a number of noted researchers including Zechariah Sitchin, or at least on the point concerning the plagiarising and modification of the deluge phenomenon from a Sumerian source. The Epic of Gilgamesh obviously rings quite true and the question of the link with the Noachim deluge store will always suggest itself. May I invite you to post to my Quantum Organiculture Institute (Q.O.I.) WEBSITE FOR THE FURTHERANCE OF TRUTH, BEAUTY and HEALTH and those matters that are of collateral significance. As Founder/Director of the Institute I encourage positive and edifying accounts relating to Cosmic Studies linked to The History and Development of Terran Earth Human Civilization, The Kundalini as a key to Evolving our Humanity/Experimental Natural Medicine and Natural Medicine per se, Quantum Organiculture and Organic Hydroponics linked to Functional Foods production, and Research Entrepreneurship/Affiliate Marketing and Sales. I cannot afford payment but would welcome your posts, to the site at, for the furtherance of the upgrading of our Terran Earth Human Conscience and hence Consciousness in our evolution to Higher Ground in Galactic, and ultimately Cosmic Emergence in Oneness before the Supreme Personality of the Eternal GODHEAD, CREATOR OF ALL THAT THERE IS. As you have correctly pointed out, one route towards a better Earth is through Demythification, and (our epithet) Delieification. I, we, of Q.O.I. do not venture into Almighty God’s Mystification WHERE WE UNDERSTAND IT TO BE SO per se!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr. Gordon,
      I am interested in reading more of your information but, unfortunately, the only link is a Facebook link and I don’t/won’t use Facebook. Do you have another site for you information?


  18. Another point to consider is the illegal trade in antiquities to the benefit of billionaire ruling class collectors. Israel is the mafia family that specializes in this crime.


  19. Actually before the American invasion of Iraq, a team of history professionals visited the White House and gave the Bush cabal specific list and areas to protect the priceless historical treasures. That was reported in our media a few days before the invasion, which gave me and others the impression that the U.S. is a responsible power that respects the historical treasures of other civilizations? Boy was I wrong!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you are unaware of who owns and controls the MSM let it be a wake up call for you. America is under occupation, and if you were unaware of the “dual citizens” in YOUR govt. not mine who are the most aggressive advocates of removing your rights, freedom and liberties and supporting a rogue leader who defies only a ceremonial congress and WE THE PEOPLE and they have busied themselves with a full scale attack on the constitution while posing as citizens and are imposters as well as enemies of OUR COUNTRY!


  20. Hello Ashraf

    You could be right.

    My recollection of the events in 2003 when the Americans invaded Iraq, that the Library and the Museums pieces related to the Assyrian culture disappeared practically overnight.

    I was genuinely in tears as, like yourself, I love history especially that related to religion.

    I asked 3 questions: who? where are these things now? and why?

    The answer for the first two question of who and where; slowly surfaced where most of these things appeared in USA and Israel. I believe you are now answering the third question of WHY.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Osama. I still can’t get over the scene of US soldiers storming into Baghdad Museum. The Americans did a lot of plundering. The same scheme is continued now by ISIL. Great to meet you on my website. Come back again.


  21. The Zionists keep talking about a war between Mohammad and his goons, and the Jews? They reportedly saying that he deceived them? Is that in anyway relating to the Yemeni Jews?

    Dr. Ezzat, your take on this is very unique, and obviously if more people know about the garden of Edin was in Yemen, and that the Noah story was lifted from Babylonia, perhaps a vigorous discussions can begin. Best regards.


  22. Great post and very informative. I wonder that if the original cunieform texts survive and are made widely available to scholars that the true narrative may be corrected. Incidentally, Sheldon Adelson, American-Israeli puppet master and Godfather of Israel is the world’s 10th richest man, with a net worth of 38 Billion USD. He owns Netanyahu and is a zealous Zionist. His wife is a chemical-biological weapons specialist, he and a handful of other global Jews control the American military and Congress .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jtremaine. Actually there are already unearthed cuneiform tablets that if interpreted in the right way could expose the Israelite distortion. The problem is that orthodox Egyptology and Mesopotamian archeology are dominated by Biblically biased scholars (funded by Zionist- controlled institutions)
      I would like to see you around the blog again. Greetings


      1. one of the best things on the web.
        destroying Iraq’s ancient heritage precludes all possibility of disproving Zionists’ lies with factual, physical evidence. they can forever rewrite history in their self-seeking, self-serving fashion- as victims, ‘Chosen’, supieror etc there will always be a majority of Useful and Useless Idiots who believe the lies. Cui BonO? ISRAEL and their history fraud


      2. @Dr Ezzat A great document and disclosure of one of the or maybe the biggest LIE in history!!
        Thanks. 🙂
        Inspite of the looting and falsification of the history of the exodus of these tribe there is hope. Not alle commen sense of people and mankind can be destroyed with historic fraude.
        I read the exodus of the Old Testament(Thora) and i think every reasonable man who can think logical sees the whole story is bull shit, only you have to see the whole puzzle/image the link with cabal, superstition the evil and arrogance of this tribe is unbelieveble, how they plague the Egyptians with unrealistic, untrue hocus pocus and at leaving stealing the silver and gold of the egyptians.
        On this very day the do the same, stealing and cheating the world!!!

        Only if people (critical mass ca 10%?) learn about the 3 BIGGEST LIES in history, than the world will be a better place hopely more free etc.
        1. Bible esp The Exodus (the chosen people of god etc.)
        2. World war II (Holofraud Diaryfraud of Anne Frank, Bolsjewism etc.)
        3. 9/11 (zionism/nazism conspiracy)

        All Zionist/tribe committed conspiracies meant to rob and murder not jews/tribe goyim, read talmud and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion f.e.


  23. Reblogged this on Puppet Master's Slave Market and commented:
    This is the purpose of all the lootng and destruction of ancient cuneiform texts.ISIS is Israel backed. The profiteering in the stolen antiquities is a matter of course and notoriously attributed to Israeil counterfitters.

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