Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites

This is a re-edited version of my original article posted in 2011. I’m re-blogging it for it will be followed soon by a series of articles carrying the same title & expounding the findings of my 3-year-reasearch. The research (published in my recent book) will reveal with evidence-based findings that ancient Egypt never knew Pharaohs nor any Israelites. That means the Israelite’s Exodus did not take place in the valley of the Nile.In other words and to put it bluntly; Egypt knew neither Pharaoh nor Moses.

We are digging deep into the history of ancient Egypt and Israel. By getting to heart of this ‘ancient Pharaoh deception’ the Jewish connection will finally be exposed. Continue reading


Ashraf Ezzat

If you think that history is all about the past …  you’d better think again.

If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt was the whole truth … you’d better think once again.

And if you believe that ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs … then you’d better read the next lines

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

King Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs


The title might sound a bit strange and perplexing, but throughout the following series of articles I’m going to elaborate on the historical reasons why the rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and not Pharaohs. It is a research that has taken many years of my life in which I hope to reveal that by straightening out this bizarre issue of pharaoh, the Israelite connection will eventually be exposed.

“Kings or pharaohs, what difference does it make?” some might argue.

Well, it would make…

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8 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites

  1. As you look at the images of the ancient Egyptians they depicted human body with no hang ups on “sexual” parts as it is common among the Israelites and the Arabs? Hence thinking alongside the idea that sex is dirty is part of the Israelites – Arab heritages?

    Another observation regarding Moses, and his instruction not to worship idols? He appeared to have left the Israelites and went up mount Sisai? Stayed up there for about a month, then came down with two “stone tablets” on them the Ten Commandments? It is evident that on top of that mountain there was stones? It is also evident if he hanged up there for several weeks that would give him enough time to engrave any commandment he wants? A better miracle would have been if he came down with a laptop showing the Ten Commandments in fancy colors and fonts? Something that was not available on the mountain top and certainly on earth at that time?

    The simple gimmicks that our ancestors believed in amazes me, but, what amaze me even more today with all the knoweledge, there are still people believing that God was a real estate broker, who favored one people over others and awarded chucks of real estate as he please.


    1. Dear Dr. Ezzat and readers;

      I know you were not raised, as I was, among ignorant people with no knowledge (or interest) in anything beyond their doorsteps… in the South of the United States… so you didn’t have to listen to ignorant rabble-rousers rant and rave about “JEEEEEZus” and all that stuff. Consider yourself fortunate!

      These people claim they are redeemed and “going to heaven” but they’re just as obsessed (even more so than the Catholics or just about anyone, else, best as I can tell…) about nudity and the human body.
      Their “salvation” has, apparently, not made them any more innocent, and certainly nothing like the fictional “Adam and Eve.” The Protestants, in particular, are horrified by nudity of any sort… which is probably why they removed the (Catholic) image of “the dying JEEEEEZus” from their churches, for he wasn’t properly dressed, and was “practically naked.” In fact, the Romans probably crucified people sans culottes…or any OTHER type of clothing… so if you want an ACCURATE portrayal of the crucifixion… Well – guess you know where I’m going, here! By the way; they TYPICALLY nailed their victims to the post… and reused the nails, as modern archeology has demonstrated… (Biblical Archeological Review; I’m a subscriber…)

      The Muslims seem to be even worse about this – if that’s even possible… Especially with women of course. Egyptian “belly-dancing” is – most fortunately – given a reprieve, which is a mark in their favor.

      Innocent people have no problem with the way “God” made the human body… I’ll let that sit and see what type of flack it draws. They claim God makes no mistakes… and all the “Adam and Eve” stuff… but they CERTAINLY lack the innocence they would lead us to believe they regained by being “saved” when it comes to the human body… which means their minds, to quote “St. Paul” are STILL “carnal!”
      Oh, dear! (I’m being flippant with that comment…)

      During the 18th Dynasty women were portrayed in positions of apparent worship (and in casual situations as well) wearing “see through” gowns… Can you imagine any of our “pious” religious people appearing before God the way HE is said to have made them, that way, now? Another thing the monotheistic religions (excluding my beloved Aten and his first known adherents, Akhenaten and Nefertiti; [may they rest in the Peace and Love of the Aten!] – did, was make the human form evil. What a crock! If you look at the entire religious pantheon… Heck; the first Olympic Games were in Greece of course, and no one was wearing ANYTHING! They were appearing before their Gods, as they were made! The difference between their “pagan” and our “monotheistic” perspective is so monumental that it escapes easy explanation.

      Unfortunately, the religion of the Aten was smothered, practically in its cradle. But what the OTHER “monotheistic religions” have made of “worship” is… ignoring the “appearing as He made you” aspect of it… is in my opinion a “S & M cult.” Their God(s) is/are the gods of denial, suffering, self-abnegation. Aten and the other “pagan” religions were the “faiths” of self-fulfillment, self-realization and pleasure. Any god who made us so he could torture us and condemn us for being “imperfect as he MADE us” is not a god I can pay allegiance to.

      To sum everything up, in our modern climate-controlled environments there is no need for clothing, really. It is worn to reflect social status, and for “religious reasons” because the bulk of world religions still consider the human form to be evil; yet they claim that their god made this form. Hence they are hypocrites and liars. They are sexually obsessed and sexually repressed, by their own design. I trust the apparent dichotomy/contradiction of “obsessed” and “repressed” is understood by the reading audience.

      Ah; idols. Well; you remember – was it Abraham? Some woman had hidden the “family idols” and she hid it under her menstrual bench or something, and the deceit was not detected? Must be “Genesis.” She was not “held to account” for hiding them; neither was Abraham (or whomever it was) condemned for HAVING them… So, as is so typical in that book, “It’s OK, but it’s NOT OK.” Think it had something to do with Lot… long time and I read too much… And it’s all fairy tales anyway!

      Moshe (Hebrew version) on “Sinai” – the one in Egypt isn’t the right peak but that’s another issue… Well of course, he would have had time to chisel away. And just as with the “televangelists” in America today, the goyim lapped it up, hook. line and sinker! FURNITURE I call them… they are incapable of leading themselves, and will do ANYTHING “Fearless Leader” says, once they have accepted him. Stalin, anyone? Or Hitler? Or Obama?

      Judge ye, oh Gods! A tribe owns a piece of real estate in 30 A.D. Two thousand years later they still claim it, and conquer it, as their deity told them it belongs to them forever. Ok… so what happened for the 2000 missing years, if it belongs to them forever? This sort of thing is anti-logical, is “in the realm of faith/belief” and as such is not amenable to logic or history or reason.

      IF there were any “Sumerians” left in the world, could they, too, demand to return to the lands they owned 3000 years ago? After World War Two they expelled 18 million Germans from lands they’d lived on for a thousand years (Ost Preussen,, Schliesen, Pommern, Sudetenland, etc.) – and millions of them perished in the process. This is another “holocaust” that the west, with their Soviet allies perpetrated, but NO ONE has even heard about it. It’s taboo. Not in the history books. They perpetrate a holocaust (so they don’t say) because the Germans perpetrated a holocaust (so they say.) And we are to believe this makes them morally superior? Ergo they talk out of both sides of their mouths. They are pigs, liars and hypocrites. If there is any justice on this planet, then may the wrongs they perpetrated against the German People be redressed! As for the perpetrators, let them stand before the Godess Ma-At, and explain themselves.

      I’m for the “right of return” – It isn’t morally right to steal peoples’ land from them, I don’t care WHICH “god” you worship. But I’ll be as amazed to see this done in my life as I would to see the Germans allowed to return to the lands stolen from them in 1945, with the full approval of the Americans, French, British and those bastards the Russians. And I live in America, which was stolen from the natives, whom my culture systematically exterminated and displaced. How, then, does America go around the world “proclaiming justice” and all of that crap? Heck; look at Detroit! And we’re going to tell other people how do to do THEIR stuff?

      Hope I live to see the end of the Kali Yuga (a Buddhist concept) asI don’t see how we can continue to go down the paths that men still travel. But I can dream…

      As Akhenaten and Nefertiti dreamed, so long ago. A return to what the ancients (PAGANS) called the “Golden Age” of Saturn (Romans) – the concept exists in all religions. In my heart and mind and soul I am still in that Golden Age.

      Life! Health! Prosperity to you all!

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  2. I commend your efforts to free people’s minds. The entire “there’s only one god” conundrum – excluding Akhenaton, Nefertiti and the Aten of course – has been history’s worst nightmare and has resulted in the deaths of untold millions of “infidels” – murdered by Christians, Jews, or Muslims in the name of their “merciful” and/or “loving” god. Such a way of thinking and acting was unknown in the Ancient World. Heck; even the “Communist religion” was yet another offshoot of the Judeo-Christian fantasy. Their religions are a war against what IS and what SHOULD be. They think their god wants them to be miserable, and they believe it’s their holy duty to spread the misery too!

    I say, hail to the Gods Epicurus, Dionysus and Aten!

    Color me pagan! Or Buddhist maybe. ANYTHING but one of Yahveh’s mindless killing machines!

    Wayne Hill, Henrico, VA


  3. Except as a child, I never believed crap still told by believers in The Old Testament, nor the New, nor anything between, including Islamic acceptance of what is total BS about such nonsense figures as Abraham and Moses.


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