Evolution of Ancient Egyptian Art over 3000 Years

The ancient Egyptian identified himself with perpetual gods and a cosmic order. There is no ancient civilization that longed for eternity, as did Egypt and as magnificently depicted in its distinctive art; the ancient Egyptian artist had simply embalmed time, rescuing it simply from alteration & corruption.

Vizier Ramose and wife, exquisite craftsmanship of relief carving characteristic of the 18 Dynasty, 1370 BC

But was the ancient Egyptian art defiant to change? 

Was Ancient Egyptian art truly unchanging for thousands of years? Were the Egyptians just stuck in the mud or what?

No and no! The Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Myths and Misconceptions continues with an examination of broad changes to Egyptian art across the history of their civilization. We go from the Early Dynastic Period through the Old and Middle Kingdoms up to the New Kingdom and beyond exploring stylistic and thematic variation that’s deeply entrenched in Ancient Egypt’s cultural evolution.

In this episode, we look closely at the Narmer Palette, relief decoration at Karnak Temple, and a plethora of works from the Art Institute of Chicago.

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