Egyptian Mountain of the Dead (Documentary)

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Embrace yourself for the afterlife

Like the book of the dead, the Mountain of the Dead stands out as one of ancient Egypt’s mesmerizing mysteries. Both the book & the Mountain have one theme in common and that is death. Were ancient Egyptians obsessed with death? Did they fear it, or did they view it as the passage to the afterlife & immortality they treasured and believed in?

The western mountain in Luxor, Egypt

Visitors who return to Luxor as often as the filmmaker of this documentary does, realize that they are in the ancient city of Thebes/Waset not when they see the temples, the royal tombs, and not even the River Nile.

You get this familiar feeling that you have arrived in Luxor only when your eyes see the Western Mountain which embraces magnificent funerary temples of ancient Egypt’s greatest kings and their necropolis, aka, the valley of kings & queens. 

known as the mountain of the dead for ancient Egyptians used to bury their dead in the west bank of the Nile around its foothills. But is this a fair designation of the mountain?

Watch the award-winning documentary film and let’s find out.

2 thoughts on “Egyptian Mountain of the Dead (Documentary)

  1. About the after”life” i wonder if it means physical existence. Which is when the soul loses direct connection to her spirit. Conscious mind veils it from the soul.


  2. If the invisible realms of spirit is really where life is cause afterall, Spirit means life, light. Without spirit there is no life. Therefore could after”life” really be physical incarnation of the soul where her spiritual reality would then be veiled by the conscious mind?


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