The Real Exodus: End of Israel

“The Hebrew clergy, equipped with Talmudic  opportunism and deceit, decided to erase the Israelites’ remote Arabian history and invent a whole new one in Egypt and Palestine”

Exodus the true story-resized

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

History doesn’t only shape our reality but it is also crucial for our decision making. If our reality was devoid of any past experience, I couldn’t see how we could plan for a better future.

Though history is long-gone, it remains the only thing to learn from, as the future has not yet come into existence.  And if we learned from a false or tampered with history then all our perceptions of reality will be wrong. If we were given/inherited a fake history we would be bound to indefinitely linger in falsehood.

The real history is not necessarily the stories you were told in the school. The real history is the one you will discover yourself. Unless you make the effort and embark on a quest for the truth, you may never know what really happened. The first step on the road to truth is to doubt all the stories you were told happened in the past.

With some critical thinking employed, many of us have come to doubt and question some of the modern stories dished out to us by mainstream politics and media. One blatant example is the official story of 911. We simply can’t buy it, for first and foremost the story doesn’t make sense.

And if we are entitled to question stories as recent as 911 and WW II, who can deny us the same right when dealing with ancient stories.

Defying academia and breaking stereotypes.

Never make the mistake of believing that old stories can not be doubted for they are history now. History might be gone already but could still be seen differently. If old stories are properly investigated they could be revisited /reinterpreted again. For like 911, many old stories just don’t make any sense.

No matter whom you are, and no matter where you are (America, Africa, Australia, etc.), whether you’re a man of faith (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) or not, there are some stories, old stories that have contributed to your reality.  The ancient story of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt is one of those stories.

The story of Pharaoh and Moses is not just any story. It is at the core of the belief system of all Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is the ultimate display of God’s might and his watching over his so called chosen people. It is the ultimate thriller in otherwise, a completely dreary story of the Israelites and their Promised Land.

The story of Pharaoh and Moses is simply a blockbuster. Hollywood never failed to turn the Exodus story into multi-million dollars business. At the same time films about Moses/Pharaoh (from Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten commandments 1923/1956 to Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings 2014) have managed to turn that historically unverified story into an unshakable truth in the minds of generations of gullible and uneducated masses.

The story of Moses/Pharaoh is so mesmerizing it’s often used as a starter (hors-d’oeuvre) when indoctrinating the kids into any of the Abrahamic religions. It is always so much easier to talk the kids into their ancestors’ faith after telling them that ancient and epical story.

Maybe as a grown-up you don’t fully appreciate the powerful impact the story of Pharaoh/Moses had on you. But actually looking back many years ago, it could turn out that this story is one of the main reasons why you are now such a devout Jew /Muslim /Christian.

In case you are not that religious, there is no denying that the same story of Pharaoh and Moses is responsible for many of the stereotypes lurking in the back of your mind. I mean, could you deny that whenever Egypt is mentioned an uncontrollable visual association with Moses’ ruthless Pharaoh is instantly evoked in your mind.

Egypt and Pharaohs have become almost identical and inseparable mental associations. Whenever we are talking about Egypt, then we must be talking about Pharaohs.

And therefore the ousting of the Egyptian President Mubarak, an incident 3500 years away from Exodus, has been seen as the fall of the last Pharaoh (lingering stereotype)

The same stereotype has infiltrated the realm of academia. Egyptology is an established science for studying ancient Egyptian history and civilization. Unfortunately, Archeologists and historians of ancient Egypt are also referring to ancient Egypt as Pharaonic Egypt. The reason for that is not based on scientific research or any archeological findings rather the Egyptologists’ Bible-geared mindset. (The word Pharaoh/Faraon has never been found in ancient Egyptian records)

There is a weird Hollywood insistence on pinpointing one of Egypt’s most glorious kings, Ramses II 1279–1213 BC, as the Pharaoh of Moses. But little did Mr. Demille or Mr. Scott know when they made their films that Ramses (Greek name) is not the actual (Egyptian) name of the king they chose to defame. Actually King Ramses II official (coronation) name is Usermaatre Setepenre (does that sound anything like Pharaoh?)

With that bias archeologists have embarked on their extensive excavations in Egypt and Palestine. In this way, most archeologists didn’t set out to seek the historical truth, rather to enforce their Biblical narrative on the ancient history of Egypt and Palestine. An obvious example of that predisposition is the archeological work in the first half of the 20th century by the American school of oriental research in Jerusalem headed by William F. Albright.

Usually religious clerics and academic scholars don’t see eye to eye when it comes to ancient history. The one thing they both agree upon though is that ancient Egypt was ruled by so called Pharaohs and that from Egypt that Moses led the epic Exodus of the Israelites. But guess what? They both are deadly wrong.

Actually the Hebrew book of tales, also known as the Hebrew Bible, never referred to Egypt as the land of the Exodus. The Story of Pharaoh and Moses according to the Hebrew book happened in a place called ‘Mizraim/Misrim’

Mizraim is an obscure little village in south west of ancient Arabia and Faraon/فرعون (according to classical Arabic historians) was the Arabic title of its chieftain.

In my recent book, Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites, I join a community of high profile scholars in exposing a two-thousand-year conspiracy. (All the evidence-based findings and research are cited in the book)

In the third century BC, the Hebrew Bible was translated to Greek at the legendary library of Alexandria. Seventy-two Jewish scribes, hence the designation Septuagint Bible, were assigned this task by king Ptolemy II (Greek monarch of Egypt) in which they cunningly replaced this obscure Mizraim and its Faraon with the mighty Egypt and its king (Rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and queens and not Pharaohs).

The Greek forged version, with this malicious distortion of ancient history, has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since. (The source of even the Bible tucked under your pillow  … heh)

Generations after generations have been fed this fake story of Pharaoh of Egypt and Moses of the Israelites. What added to the drama and made it all the more mesmerizing is the fact that Egypt, with its fame and glory in the ancient world, had been the theatre of the Exodus story.

Now, try and take the land of Egypt with its Pyramids, temples, music, riches, costumes, culture, sculpture, priests, military chariots, people and River Nile out of the Exodus Story and then see what you’ve got (not much left for Mr. DeMille or Mr.Scott eh?)

That’s right, you will end up with a totally different story; boring and irrelevant to any audience except may be the sheep herders and tribesmen from ancient Arabia.

Not much would be left for Mr. DeMille or Mr.Scott, should we take Egypt out of the Exodus story.
Not much would be left for director Cesil B DeMille or Ridely Scott, should we take Egypt out of the Exodus story.

Could you see why the Jewish scribes thought it was not a bad idea to relocate the theater of their stories from the obscure and small Mizraim to the land of the Pyramids and the Nile ? From the tribe to the Empire.

Translating the Hebrew Bible to Greek gave the Jewish scribes the golden opportunity to disseminate their tribal stories far and wide. Faking the Exodus story also ensured the whole Levant as the Israelites’ Promised Land instead of a small and obscure piece of the arid Arabian Desert in North Yemen.

Surely the Jewish scribes didn’t waste the opportunity, even if it meant tainting the whole history of ancient Egypt and messing up the history of the whole Ancient World. (Not to mention deceiving generations of credulous believers)


Prof. Ze'ev Herzog
Prof. Ze’ev Herzog

It never crossed the Jewish clergy/scribes’ mind that two thousand years later, a Jewish archeologist was going to be the one to invalidate and expose their fake story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their Promised Land in Palestine.

From Ha’aretz Magazine, Friday, October 29, 1999)

“Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The patriarchs’ acts are legendary stories, we did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, we did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon. Those who take an interest have known these facts for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and doesn’t want to hear about it”

Prof. Ze’ev Herzog, head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Interestingly, modern Israeli diplomats and high officials will answer any questions from the public or the press except those relating to ancient history or archeology (Rule of thumb for Zionists and Israeli Diplomats). The Zionist elite/illuminati and intelligentsia are quite aware of the Septuagint fraud.

Top level Zionists/Israeli heads know that the Zionist project is well and thriving as long as its historical claims are not questioned or challenged.

We could (and actually should) carry on with our very legitimate effort to expose Zionism on the political side. Surely that will hinder the ongoing project of a bigger Israel, but it will not deter or stop the Zionist project. If we want to hit Israel hard where it really hurts, then we must expose the original Jewish lie (the very historical claims the state of Israel has been founded upon)

We should expose the Septuagint fraud. Let’s reveal (make known among the nations) that ancient Egypt never knew Pharaohs nor any Israelites.  In other words we’ll be saying that Egypt was never the land of the Exodus and that Palestine is not the Promised Land (End of the state of Israel)

Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites new cover art-8Click the link or the photo to buy Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s new Kindle book “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites”

Find out how the Israelites copycatted myths from Assyrian and Babylonian culture, how the Hebrews hijacked and tarnished the ancient Egyptian history and how the Jews are currently grabbing the Palestinian land by historical fraud.  Discover the real and violent history of the Israelites in ancient Arabia and Yemen.

Only by exposing the true history of the Israelites and their Yemenite origin, could we shake the foundations of Zionism and hinder its evil project. Seek the truth; for the truth will set us all free.

N.B. You don’h have to have a Kindle device to read the book. Download a free Kindle reading app here

58 thoughts on “The Real Exodus: End of Israel

  1. You should do more Lectures on Solely Canaan itself. I mean Real Canaan aka Preadamtic/Prehebraic mythos no Ham or noah or Abraham as we Know No Adam or Enoch or Cain but Real Canaan no Moses or Melchizedek/Shem none that but Real and LONG LONG LONG before. Real Canaanite aka Levantine People like Milkilu, Yappahu, Adadanu, Abdi Heba, Rapinu, Ashiranu, Bali-Malki, Milku Pabili etc.

    Talk about the Cities Urushalimu (Jerusalem), Aradu, Lakishu, Gaza, Yariku (Jericho), Shikmu, Magidu, Hazari, Damashashi (Damascus), Bir Shava (Beer Sheva), Ilatu, Ushu (Tyre), Ugarit, and Ubla (Ebla), Balu Biku (Aka Baal Bek)


  2. Hello Ashraf,

    Do you have any friends who do the exact same things here as you do ? Please let me know or better have them start doing it now as you are, and have them come and do it with their own websites. And have them open out the Truth many many other directions in terms of Hebraism (Judaism Christianity Islam Satanism Bahai etc the fake middle east hebraics cults) hence Hebraism. Please Let me know ASAP.


  3. Hello. Here is a link to archaeological work that professor Gunanr Heinsohn did in ‘Israel’ a few years ago:

    Note that there is a “mysterious hiatus from Saul via David to Ahaz’. In other words, NO “King of Israel” from Saul through to Ahaz ever set one foot in Palestine.

    The ‘Habiru’ are FIRST mentioned during the 6th century BC as raiders in Palestine. Heinsohn subscribes to the idea that they arose from a small, local tribe. Yet this doesn’t fit the record. it would appear that the ‘Habiru’ were situated OUTSIDE Palestine and made northerly raids into Palestine beginning in the 6th century BC.

    This fits perfectly with the Habiru being based in what is today Saudi Arabia, and attacking the civilised peoples of the Fertile Crescent.

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      1. I have a Little problem with your jews/hebrews/israelites coming from saudi arabia since theres none evidence for it my friend and all all evidence against it. The hebrew word for egypt is mizraim like the real ancient canaanite name for egypt was Misru and mesopotamian name for egypt was mizri. Ancient Arabic term for egypt was Misr or Misara still used today.

        The hebrew-jews via israelites in Truth came from the back waters or back desert of east of canaan or palestine on the eastern borders of modern day jordan west of mesopotamia/Babylonia but east of canaan too.


  4. Well done. What you do not know, you do not know that you do not know it. You are ignorant because you are misinformed. So many are comfortably misinformed and choose not to know, as they have no interest. FOOTBALLER ‘S dyspepsia.

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      1. I know it’s crazy but …..I don’t get the Tel Aviv connection and we should all use avatars and pseudonyms. Is that your real face ?


    1. talkig about him essrat is all informed on thus as many truthers are. If you think other wise you are more deceived then ever before. Exodus genesis joshua all hebrew fiction mythos of the Iron age hebrew people from the out reaches of palestine and mesopotamia wake up.


  5. I am a bit perplexed. At this link, , is an article that said that the Ancient Egyptians wrote an account of “AN” Exodus which has survived, and it’s there in the Kolbrin, Book of Manuscripts. Yvonne Whiteman compares the Kolbrin version with five other ancient accounts that reinforce its long-forgotten record, She does make a point that the group was just called slaves, not Israelites. One point that I found that I found congruous that your write-up stated “The escape coincided with the break of a mighty storm (some sources say earthquake) which hit Mizraim and the desert all around it.” and the Whiteman (a bit ironic!) version stated “The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and they were foretold by strange omens in the skies. All men were silent and went about with pale faces. [PAPYRUS IPUWER: Indeed, the face is pale.] [YW note: throughout The Kolbrin, the Destroyer is frequently referred to as an overwhelming destructive heavenly phenomenon that appears regularly every few thousand years and is so terrible as to be beyond man’s understanding.] (Hypothetical comet near encounter)”. Could it be that both events happened either in the same time-frame (The areas (Egypt/Arabia) are next to each other and slaves would take the opportunity to flee from wherever calamity. A further thought, perhaps the slaves met up with each other and shared their tales aggregating the events.) or in different time periods with the later Greek Jews having access to the Egyptian sources in Alexandria and as you have postulated inventing their merged version? Your thoughts are most appreciated and I will purchase the book.


    1. I don’t consider the so called ‘Kolbrin bible’ as a reliable historical source, but rather a ‘Modern fraud’. Still, I thank you for your interest in reading my book and I’ll be looking forward to hearing your feedback after you’ll have read it.

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  6. Are your sources provided in the book? Please provide them.

    Curious that, and especially as a doctor, you’ve not cited a single one here?…


  7. I’ve downloaded your book and I’m very much looking forward to reading it. Briefly on Ammon and the Ammonites, my feeling had been that these people were the subject of Israelite projection and propaganda, in that they were unjustly accused of the very things that some Israelites were doing (child sacrifice, idolatry etc) This has been a standard practice for centuries after all and something that is clearly evident in today’s role by occult Zionists. Would you agree that the Ammonites are not the debauched psychopaths that the Israelites made them out to be?


    1. Make no mistake; all the nations, tribes and people slandered by the Israelites are in fact quite the opposite of everything the Israelites had claimed they are. The Israelites were driven by a deeply rooted grudge against almost all of their neighbors.
      I hope you’ll like the book and don’t forget to write me a good review on the Book’s Amazon page.

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  8. Ashraf,
    Is Misr (مصر) not derived from “Mizraim”? Could you please provide some references for the actual location of Mizraim?


    1. Misr is misara the Arabic term for egypt. Like the canaanite Kananian the original true gentile peoples israel land today but back in the iron and bronze during and before the hebrew jews was the name of egypt by them was Misru or Misrami mainly Misru.

      The Real Babylonians or mesopotamains called egypt Mizri.


  9. Much more to add to this story…. it omits a crucial fact, and that id if your white, it is impossible to be a Jew as all true jews were black from Ethiopia….. all white jews are in fact conscience caananites, The Annunaki removed the conscience of cain so that him and his crew would be more subservient…… then the reptillans saw an opening and sprung them from servitude so to speak by parting the Red Sea


  10. The Truth shall set us free .
    Maybe we can stop the hatred and needless blood shed after grappling with the following ;

    Many surprised by genetic and cultural links between Palestinians and Jews
    September 16, 2011
    Chromosome for the Cohen, “priestly” line shows up in Palestinians
    Israeli and Palestinian boys

    By Mark Ellis

    In some of the dry and dusty Palestinian and Bedouin villages they still circumcise their boys after the seventh day. Hidden away in some Palestinian homes are Jewish mezuzahs and tefillin. Some older residents can recall lighting candles on the Sabbath.

    “Many of the Palestinians know it, but it’s not politically correct to acknowledge this publicly among Muslims,” says Steve Hagerman, founder of Turkish World Outreach. “There are two houses of Israel in the Holy Land: one aligned with the West and primarily secular or Jewish and the other aligned with the East and primarily Islam.”

    When the northern kingdom of Israel was deported by the Assyrians in 745-702 B.C., most were sent to the east, Hagerman notes. After the Roman conquest, many Jews were carried away as slaves or fled to the west. “Many of the people in southern and central Italy are of Jewish origin, because so many slaves were carried away by the Romans to big estates in southern Italy.”

    Hagerman cites a documentary that appeared on Israeli television in 2009 that established many common links. The documentary, produced by Nissim Mossek, quotes Rabbi Dov Stein, secretary of the New Sanhedrin, “It becomes clear that a significant part of the Arabs in the land of Israel are actually descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to Islam over the centuries,” he says. “There are studies which indicate that 85% of this group is of Jewish origin.”

    Genetic studies have confirmed the connection. Ariella Oppenheim PhD, a researcher at Hebrew University and the Hadassah Medical School labs, did several important studies in 2000 and 2001. She was able to demonstrate common origins and a number of surprising relationships. Oppenheim established that both the Palestinians and the Jews descended from the Kurds of Babylon, homeland of the patriarch Abraham.

    Perhaps more surprising, she found the Ashkenazi Jews from Europe are genetically closer to the Palestinians than Middle East Jews.

    Oppenheim also isolated and traced the chromosome for the “priestly” Cohen line. “We find that Arabs also carry this chromosome,” she noted on the documentary, which means that some Palestinians are also Cohens, genetically.

    The Palestinian city of Yatta, located south of Hebron in the West Bank, has a population of 50,000 to 60,000 people. The Israeli documentary states that 90 % of the town has Jewish roots.

    The film crew visited one Palestinian home where the Jewish mezuzah was hidden under a shelf, and the tefillin are hidden among the socks in a dresser. The mezuzah was a parchment of Scripture placed on the doorpost by religious Jews. Tefillin, also known as phylacteries, are a set of small boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with Scripture, which are worn by observant Jews during morning prayers.

    A Palestinian woman interviewed on the program says, “That is how I pray and everyone keeps the secret.”

    “Will your little boy find out he is Jewish? an interviewer asks.

    “He will find out eventually,” she says.

    As Israelis and Palestinians prepare to battle one another over the issue of statehood in the United Nations, it may be a radical notion to inform each party that the one they consider their worst enemy is actually their brother – far removed by the tides of history.


  11. Dr. Ezzat,

    I look forward to reading your book. The article is more than enticing in that it roughly answers questions regarding the veracity of the Old Testament. These are questions that nearly every modern person must ponder at some time in their lives. I can recall my young son looking up to me following a scripture reading in a Catholic Mass and saying: “Dad, that doesn’t make any sense”. He was right of course, he was too young to have been fully indoctrinated and exposed to the various apologetics of faith.

    Regarding the questions, perhaps the greatest mystery of the Bible is why is there no Egyptian account of the Jewish enslavement and Exodus? Why didn’t the Egyptian Kingdoms collapse having been bested by the Jewish God? Why did the Jews disinherit their Biblical Shemitic cousins? Why has the animosity between Jews and Arabs continued throughout recorded history? Why are Arab antiquities being destroyed at an unprecedented pace?

    It would seem at a glance that these questions will be answered to some extent in your book. Answered I would guess to a more satisfying end than what history and religion have offered thus far. I know I’m not alone in hoping that at some future date you will be able to offer this work in printed form. I can only imagine the struggle at getting this controversial work through a corporate owned publishing house. This could put a lot of people around the world on unemployment lines.

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  12. “if we are entitled to question stories as recent as 911 and WW II, who can deny us the same right when dealing with ancient stories”
    “though History is long gone”

    Comments on above quotations:
    In Canada and Germany, UK, and other European countries, you are NOT allowed to question the stories of WW2. Those who question the accounts of what happened to the Jews in WW2, or point out that there is not a shred of documentary evidence that Hitler planned genocide against the Jews, people such as French Professor Robert Faurisson, the British WW2 Historian David Irving, have been detained and brought to Court. They have been threatened, beaten up and had their houses broken into/ set on fire, their reputaions ruined by Zionists and their government supporters. Many Germans are presently in prison for questioning the official War accounts. People are vilified if they dare to place WW2 events into the larger context of Zionist politics by mentioning the Jewish involvement in the Paris “Peace”Conference which produced the Treaty of Versailles aiming at crippling the Germany civilization and leading directly to WW2; the worldwide Jewish blockade on German goods in 1933 which did cripple the German economy by causing hyper-inflation, mass starvation and homelessness of innocent German civililians; Hitlers frequent offers of Peace to Britain which were refused or ignored; Hitlers many attempts to meet the Polish Govt to end the massacre of German citizens in Poland and the British encouragement of Poland to refuse negotiations so that they could have a justification for entering the war against Germany; the Zionist bankers and industrialists support of the war; These and many more important, documented facts are unmentionable and remain unrecorded in school/college/university textbooks. So we are denied the right to question, if the governments don’t like the questions. The German people have, up to this day, been held captive to the false history they have been fed about themselves.

    This leads me to the second Quotation. History is not long-gone. It is the hundreth year since World War 1 and the UK Govt spent millions of pounds on commemorations of the war. I’ve visited two of the most prestigious museums in the UK to look at their exhibitions: the Imperial War Museum in London and the War Museum North in Manchester. There is hardly a mention of Zionism’s involvement in the war or of the role played by the UK in wanting to destroy German cultural, maritime and economic ascendancy which they saw as threatening their own empire. Nor is there a mention of the underhand Zionist agreement with the British War Cabinet to bring USA into the War in support of Britain if the Brits would give Palestine to the Jews.The American Jews in high places, who wanted to get their hands on Palestine, and who had funded President Woodrow Wilson’s election campaign, manipulated him into bringing his country into WW1.

    Money is poured into public projects which promote the official fake histories. David Cameron has given millions to building yet ANOTHER NEW Holocaust Memorial Centre in London. Haven’t we got enough Holocaust Memorials for Pete’s sake? Thousands of our people have to visit church-run food banks to get free food for their families. Our Governments MAKE SURE that their version of History does not die even if their own people are living in poverty.

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    1. Thank you Anna Salmon,
      Your comment is quite informative and true. I’m aware that Western freedom of speech is not totally (FREE) when it comes to questioning the Zionist version of our Modern history (or ancient one, for that matter)


    2. Anna Salomon..U dont know Polish history..absolutly.Tell me what realu U know about Polish history? If U say some thing about Polish agresy against Germany in my country U can have a lot a problems. Better if U will let know about US is not start and ending on Germany…


  13. Did I understand correctly, Dr. Ezzat?
    “the Jewish clergy/illuminati, from the Hasmonean dynasty 140 BC–37 BC, embarked on a malevolent scheme for establishing a parallel Jewish history in Palestine (a scheme that has recently been revived by the Zionists)

    The Hebrew clergy/illuminati, equipped with Talmudic & Pharisaic opportunism and deceit, decided to erase the Israelites’ remote Arabian history and invent a whole new one in Egypt and Palestine (Talmudic laws allow such deceptions and devious Machiavellian conduct)”

    According to Wiki, Talmud was formulated after Christ. So the Jew clergy couldn’t have used it s moral base for forging history.


    1. Talmudic here refers to envisioning the world (and in this case, the history) thru distorted Rabbinical prism (A trend as ancient as the Israelites)
      Judaism is first and foremost Talmudic in nature. Talmudic here means oral teachings, laws and exegetical commentaries. The Talmudic teachings are as old as the first Jerusalem temple (Darsalem temple) . However, it was only after the destruction of the second temple 70 CE that the Rabbis began to write down their Talmud (oral teachings) . But the Talmudic spirit/culture has been there all along, from the very beginning of Judaism.

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  14. Great story Ashraf, looking for an expose to the slaughter of the Christians (Armenians & Syrians) one hundred years ago. History is repeating itself as Turkey is helping the MUSLIM jihadis to kill the Syrian Christians as they have done during WWI.


  15. Thank you for your articles. I have learned a great deal and look forward to continued reading.

    It’s bizarrely like “The Matrix” script where Neo was taken out of the matrix and in one of his first face to face conversations with Morpheus he asked “Why do my eyes hurt?” and the reply: “Because you’ve never used them before”.

    Sorry if it seems like rambling but it’s prescient to me because at the point when I realized that most everything I had been taught was a lie then it was as though I was seeing for the first time.

    I took history classes in high school and college and being inquisitive I discovered the history teachers strongly ridiculed any questioning of their orthodox history as it was disseminated to them (i.e. Heresy).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES. WHAT? I am so tired of religionists ruling the world with their insanity and that insanity is based on at best, stolen myths. This is so malevalent that I truly want to scream with frustration.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Keep fighting the Real Good fight. Hebraism should never have taken over the World but it is that is Why illuminati exists. By Gracefully by the Real True God/s All High it is starting to Die out they say end times but the only true end here is the End of them and their occult Evil Hebraic Deception. Everyone will become God Fearing Gentile Real People aka Blessed Pagans and Finally be Divinely free forever More. Blessings.


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