Pilgrimage to heal your soul (Documentary film)

Abydos, the holiest place in Ancient Egypt

Many times I walked up the stairway to its majestic temple, but this time, I’m in Abydos for another reason. I’m in the land of Osiris to attend and film an event, so intriguing and unique I couldn’t resist not to go and visually document.

The first “House of Life Healing conference”. The conference is sponsored by and held at the “House of Life Hotel and Healing Center” located in the heart of the holy land of Abydos.

Abydos is the ancient sacred land where the first ever religious pilgrimage/healing rituals used to occur every year. Thousands of years ago, not very far away from Abydos temple, hordes of ancient Egyptians flocked to witness the annual ritual of erecting the “Djed” – the esoteric iconography of Osiris, the god of the afterlife & eternity. The annual pilgrimage & rituals were overseen/protected by Osiris’ wife Isis, Goddess of magic & healing.

In March 2019, during the conference, participants (from around the world) had a rare access to delve deep into the esoteric healing traditions that Ancient Egyptians practiced for thousands of years. Those ancient traditions kept the Egyptians in harmony with nature and its eternal cycle of sunset & sunrise (death & rebirth)

The conference was packed with lectures by specialists, exclusive excursions to ancient sites and recreational evenings where we indulged ourselves in native food, music and dance.

One exceptional ritual I found spiritually transforming during the conference is the “Zhar dance”—an ancient Egyptian ritual esoterically connected to the resurrection of Osiris (strongly featured in the film)

I have really enjoyed every minute of this spiritually uplifting event. It has been an amazing 7-day-experince. Healing and transforming in so many ways.

I’m sure this conference will be held again, for indeed it takes more than one’s lifetime to fully grasp the mysticism of Ancient Egypt and its unique cultural iconography. But most of all its esoteric traditions of physical & spiritual healing.

So, make that mystical pilgrimage to Abydos.

Waste no time, and grab your place in 2020 House of Life conference on healing tradition in Ancient Egypt.

Give your body the relaxation it needs, and your soul the healing it longs for.

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