Luxor Temple: Get Ready for a Retrospective visit (Short film)

‘I lost count of how many times I have visited the magnificent temple of Luxor. But somehow, every time I step into the place I feel like it is the first time. I never lose that thrill, that energy when I am on the sacred ground of Luxor Temple’

Actually I love to refer to it as the temple of King Ramses II, for most of the awe-inspiring royal figures and war scenes engraved on the walls are almost of the legendary king.

But I did not film this short video to highlight Ramses II’s prominent presence in the temple. Rather, I filmed the architecture of the temple, or the geometry of Luxor Temple, typical of the Egyptian architectural archetype for planning & establishing sacred temples (houses of life, ancient Egyptians called them)

I simply wanted to highlight the amazing creation of ancient Egyptian architects, artisans, and builders whose artistic products/artifacts still defy the decaying effect of time. The ancient Egyptian believed in eternity and the work of ancient Egyptian artists/architects simply reflected that sacred concept of conquering time. So this short video is but a humble (retrospective) tribute to ancient Egyptian artisans & workers not kings and conquerors.

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