“Joker” film: everything must go

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”

Friedrich Nietzsche

If you haven’t yet watched the “JOKER” film, you are definitely missing a lot. The 2019”Joker” by Todd Phillips has so little to do with the DC series of previous films. This extraordinary film, starring Joaquin Phoenix in a legendary performance, has nothing to do with Batman, previous depiction of Joker and indeed the whole DC franchise. However, all respect & admiration are still valid and strong for Heath Ledger’s unique performance of Joker in 2008 “The Dark Night”.

Todd Phillips’s Joker is a creative cinematic work, all of its own. Compelling in its deep unraveling of the psychological and political backdrop that led to the morphing of Arthur Fleck, the mentally ill and marginalized figure, into the Infamous character of Joker.

Arthur is struggling to barely survive, let alone realizing his dream of bringing laughter & joy to the cruel world of Gotham city.

In realizing this solid and captivating script, Phillips and Phoenix are breaking all rules of expectations. One ( highly recommended)  review has pointed out that the “Joker” film has  managed – in a subtle way – to break down/smash all mainstream narratives.

The sign that reads ” Every Thing Must Go” The hired clown holds at the intro scene is way more than just a promotional sign. Though, that sign will most probably pass unnoticed, but It is indeed the core concept the whole “Joker” script is based upon.

Deep down, the 2019 “Joker” film is more like a prophecy, a revolt against stagnated corruption. It is an invitation – so be it melancholic – to open the door to happiness & start anew. But for this to happen, everything must go first. By everything the film means shattering all political, economic and social (corrupt) norms / narratives. We must break free from our gloomy past. For, unlike what Robert De Nero always says  before he ends up his comic TV show in the film, This is not life

The “JOKER” is a cinematic masterpiece. Meant to write a detailed review on the film but I’ currently overwhelmed with other (past-deadline) projects.

The script is so skillfully crafted, the cinematography is a work of art, the editing is keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, and the music is phenomenal by a female-composer, Hildur Guðnadóttir.

The composer wrote the character’s theme before the film even began shooting. (This is rare. Most scores are written afterwards.) Phillips decided to play it on set during a pivotal scene — after Arthur crosses a certain line and effectively becomes the Joker — and it changed the whole movie. Take Guðnadóttir’s music score out of the film , and you will have a totally different reaction/effect. This Joker owes a lot to the music Hildur composed.

The director, Todd Philips has created a classical/original film, that I believe will stand the test of time. As for the “Joker” character played by Joaquin Phoenix, his amazing performance has literally haunted me. So much so, I have in a strange way discovered that there exist some kind of a Joker inside every one of us.

Here is mine.


4 thoughts on ““Joker” film: everything must go

  1. I read your new article on this film that you recommend we go see.

    In French, and what challenged me in this short analysis is that for you, this film is an invitation to a new beginning, and what I have always called “Tep Zépi”, which in ancient Egyptian means “Time Zero” or New Time.

    And for having also studied the Mayan civilization, Zero Time or New Time is called Zep Tépi….

    That’s why, having referred to the PDF of all your writings in French in my last article on Baghdadi
    and after I had already read your article on the movie “Joker”, he reminded me of this blog opening post that I later published in English ► https://jbl1960blog.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/tep-zepi-beginning-of-a-new-era/

    Proof that we can decide that this New Time or Year Zero of collective political awareness has come…

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    With respect ; Mrs. Jo Busta Lally from French Countryside

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