ISIL vs. Israel: two sides of the same coin

“What the Zionists are doing in Israel is exactly what ISIL (Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant) or Al Qaeda is aspiring to achieve”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

ISIL militants in (Manbij, Aleppo) Rejoicing over the capture of Iraqi city of Mosul.
ISIL militants in (Manbij, Aleppo) Rejoicing over the capture of Iraqi city of Mosul. June 11, 2014

It must have been an alarming shock, I know it was to me, when the breaking news of the sudden and swift fall of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, to the hands and daggers of Jihadist militants of ISIL (Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant) – a parallel to some of the raids by early Islamic medieval conquests (some say)

Ironically, the nowadays Muslim school children are being told in their history books that the Early Muslim conquests were so civilized and peaceful. And that the natives of the then non-Arab countries simply welcomed the Muslim armies with Jubilation and eagerness to convert to Islam (no mention of sword and coercion)

What astonished me was the little resistance ISIL militants had encountered before they raided with their black flags and convoys of armed pickup trucks one Iraqi town after another; Mosul, Tikrit, Salah El Din and Bayji.

Armed member of ISIL holding up Iraqi soldier uniforms before tossing them on the ground-Mosul, Iraq.
Armed member of ISIL holding up Iraqi soldier uniforms before tossing them on the ground-Mosul, Iraq (June, 11, 2014)

Something went terribly wrong. The Iraqi police and military forces were simply abandoning their positions, uniforms and weapons. The Iraqi soldiers and officers were committing the ultimate sin, according to the military code of conduct, namely desertion.

Iraqi soldiers ( mostly Shia) were not actually over-numbered or under-equipped they were simply faithless. They somehow lost their belief in the value of their role as defenders of their nation (or the Sunni part of it)

Maybe Iraqi soldiers had uniforms, vehicles and weaponry and training but they lacked the most vital ammunition a soldier should obtain and treasure; loyalty and patriotism.

According to the military law those Iraqi soldiers were committing high treason. They were fleeing and selling out their homeland and country.

Iraqi soldier executed by the savage Jihadists of ISIL
Iraqi soldier executed by the savage Jihadists of ISIL

Of course there were exceptions; there were fine soldiers who fought hard and even died in the battle field –decapitated by those ISIL savages

But it was obvious that ISIL militias were advancing, in the Sunni territories of Iraq, towards Baghdad with no military resistance. Moreover, their advance and capture of military bases were also facilitated by local hard-core Sunni natives. The ISIL advance was so unexpectedly easy-going, its militants focused on looting military bases and banks and filming propaganda videos.

This whole scene might have come as a shock to many of the regular viewers and news follower around the Middle East and the world, but I believe political analysts and politicians had seen it coming a long time ago.

Iraq was the first Arab country to get hit and invaded by the American and so called allied forces soon after the 9/11 attacks.

Iraq, a country not involved in 9/11 nor posed a direct threat to American interests and security, was chosen as the model to launch and apply the chaos scenario of 4th generation warfare on its land. Maybe Iraq did not pose a threat to US, but it did to Israel.

Iraq, an ancient nation with a rich culture, had a stable governing system with growing solid economy and a strong military but the Iraqi leadership showed anti-Israeli sentiments. That bothered Tel Aviv, and consequently it had to bother Washington.

9/11 and war in Iraq

Area of control and activity of ISIL in Syria and Iraq
Area of control and activity of ISIL in Syria and Iraq – Updated June 2014

It was already two years since the covert Israeli masterpiece attack, aka 9/11, and seemed like the right time to start profiting from this grand false flag operation.

Those who planned for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan knew they were not planning another Vietnam. This was something else, something new.

In Vietnam US politicians and military were dragged very deep into a jungle they had no f***ing idea what they were getting into.

In Iraq all that changed. The US knew better than to put boots on ground open-endedly.

The theory of 4th generation warfare weaved with the creative chaos one guaranteed that a swift but devastating blow to the infrastructure and the military of any target nation would yield the desired result on the long run, namely destabilization and fragmentation.

Any given country has intrinsic liability for sectarianism and division based on race, religion and culture.

Iraq, as the case with so many neighboring Arab countries like Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, harbored communities of Shia, Sunni and Kurds.

The plan was simple; it always is when it is related to inflaming sectarian conflict and building the theatre up for a long civil war.

(ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was among the prisoners released in 2009 from the U.S.’s now-closed Camp Bucca near Umm Qasr in Iraq.
(ISIL) leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, despite his notorious history, was among the prisoners released unexpectedly in 2009 from the U.S.’s detention center in Iraq.

The goal was to put the Iraqi people under psychological pressure and economic hardships. And that was effectively achieved by the long years of sanctions over god knows what or why.

The German people under the pressure of the 1930s great depression had easily cracked and embraced Nazism, a move that ultimately lead to the destruction of the German army and the fragmentation of the once strong country into Eastern and Western territories.

Iraq has astonishingly showed more resilience and the crack did not show until after the US military invasion and devastation- If there is a god in heaven, I believe Mr. Bush and allies will forever burn in hell for what they did in Iraq.

After the war and as the smoke of the heavy bombardment was still hanging in the air, a series of car bombings – so classic of Mossad agents- began blasting in both the Shiite and Sunni territories.

And that was it. All foreign troops and intelligence could, at that point in time, depart and clear the Iraqi ground to be devoured by the flames of sectarian violence. The Iraqis will now finish the dirty job of fragmenting Iraq themselves (this is the very essence of 4th generation warfare simplified)

The country that is being currently raided by the ISIL terrorists is not a unified and one country anymore. Iraq has already been divided into three regions – Shia, Kurdish and Sunni territories.

That’s why ISIL, Guerillas of Sunni terrorists, are advancing easily in the Sunni territories of Iraq. The ISIL militias encountered no resistance from the Iraqi army forces for the simple and painful reason that Iraq has no army anymore. Iraq is a used to be-nation.

The US/EU/Israel made sure to destroy the Iraqi army and do away with the Iraqi sovereignty and now all we, Arabs, could get is a young US Republican politician telling the BBC “I think we pulled out of Iraq prematurely” …. If anything has been prematurely I believe is some of the Arab leaders gullibly believing US could be an ally and a friend.

ISIL vs. Israel: could you tell the difference

Now all you could hear on news bulletins is the silly definition of ISIL as an offshoot of al Qaeda.

What audacity and deception, ISIL or ISIS for that matter is but an ugly and inevitable outcome of the American and western devastation of Iraq.

Al Qaeda itself is not but the logical and expected result for the Zionist project in the Arab World

Osama Bin Laden was initially an American operative recruited, financed and trained by the CIA and chances are that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, ISIL leader is likewise; especially that he was detained and then suddenly released by the Americans back in 2009

ISIS and Al Qaeda is the normal response to the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel.

Creating a military enclave that will gather Jews from around the world, no matter what nationality they once had or what language or culture they bring over with them to Israel is the same mindset and goal of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

In ISIS, as the case in Israel, you would find hordes of extremists from Arab countries, Asia and Europe united only by their shared fundamentalism and militancy.

What the Zionists are doing in Israel is exactly what ISIL or Al Qaeda is aspiring to achieve. Al Qaeda and ISIL are fighting for the same vicious Zionist dream that is ironically celebrated by the west.

Israel wants the Arabs to acknowledge it as the Jewish state that is founded according to the laws and history of Judaism, and at the same time ISIS and its savage terrorists are trying to create a an Islamic caliphate that abide by the laws of Quran and Sharia. Could you see the similarities here? Could anyone tell the difference?

Is it so hard to feel the extremism, and the wind of belligerence, that is sweeping across the Middle East ever since the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel? It is the very same extremism and violence that will lead to an apocalyptic global confrontation. If the superpowers kept this stupid pattern of bias and double standards, with Israel and Arabs, I’m afraid this end is inescapable.

When secular and national regimes and armies fail to defend its land and people, then it’s time for religious extremism to step in and take over. And that’s when fragmentation and division is two steps away.  It is so basic and historically-tested and result-guaranteed. That’s exactly what the US/Zionist plan was all about.

That is why the White House is looking away and mulling all options that will keep US out of the scene for the time being. Obama unfortunately has no appetite now to interfere militarily in Iraq (not even with the US notorious drone attacks).  

Nouri al Maliki, Iraqi Proime minister with US President Obama
Is President Obama & Iran undermining the authority of Iraqi Prime minister, Nouri al Maliki.

But of course the Iraqi prime minister could count on the white house’s unlimited emotional support – Good Mr. Obama will mention Iraq in his Sunday prayers.

As for Mr. William Hague, the prestigious British foreign minister, he is currently so engaged teaming up with the glamorous Angelina Jolie to fight the global phenomenon of raping girls.  So nice, but I’m curious to find out what does Mr. Hague think of the superpowers that are constantly in the business of raping other sovereign countries?

Egyptian Scene once again

Now let’s move to Egypt. Let’s imagine that the MB still in power.

The scene would be like the following; Mr. Morsi is supporting Jihadist ISIS in Syria and Iraq and at the same time turning Sinai Peninsula into a new Taliban.

The Muslim Brotherhood carried on with their plan of exhausting and liquefying the Egyptian national army and police forces while at the same time emboldening their Sinai guerillas of Jihadists.

Before we knew it, Egypt would have followed the footsteps of Syria and Iraq, and finally got devoured by sectarian war and would have been divided into 3 minor territories; one for Christian Copts, another one for Muslims and Sinai as the haven for Jihadists and Salafis.

No wonder the US/EU are still supporting MB and no wonder that the gullible, the extremists and the deluded in the Arab world and in the west are still crying over the ousting of Morsi and the banning of MB.

By contrast to the shameful attitude of the Iraqi military forces, the Egyptian army and police forces are carrying out very successful operations to wipe out the jihadists threat from the Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian military unit patrolling the northern territories of Sinai near the Jihadists' foothold in the peninsula
Egyptian military unit patrolling the northern territories of Sinai near the Jihadists’ foothold in the peninsula

Egyptian military and police forces, and without any outside help or drones, are fighting an honorable war against terrorism all over the country.

Our new president, field Marshal El Sisi, is pulling the country together while keeping his eyes on securing the country’s borders and safeguarding Egypt’s national security.

At the same time Egypt is cooperatively working with its Arab neighbors and Russia (through intelligence and training-sharing) to curb the tide of militant Jihadist terrorism- fueled by MB theorists- now rampant throughout the region.

The chaos theory is effectively engulfing the Arab world and its end result is looming near; a new Middle East is indeed underway.

47 thoughts on “ISIL vs. Israel: two sides of the same coin

  1. PEACE IN…
    It has been reported that the leader of ISIS is a Mossad trained Jew, with both parents being Jews, who has been a mole operative within Islamic society for some time. We must remember Mossad’s motto – “by way of deception, thy shall do war” – give qualified substance to the charge.

    For the most part, near all the bombings in Irag, Pakistan, Syria, Kenya, Nigeria, etcetera, especially suicide ones, are the work of Mossad and it’s hired gun private security firm murderers from the USA and other European nations. The Malayan air plane disasters have been tied to Mossad treachery because of the tribunal held in November 2013 that found zionazis Jews guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    Deception in treacherous zionazis Jew drama.


    It’s hard to believe that these so-called Jihadist are so much in clear violation of what they are suppose to be standing and fighting for. ISIS, ISIL. ISS, WHATEVER, ARE zionazis Jew led operations that give support to evil plans for zionazis Jew ruler ship over and in Muslim lands.

    Christians are indoctrinated to believe a blasphemous falsehood that a Jewish man-G-d – Jesus – calls the shots and it is violation of Divine rules to act against Jews. These Christians are dumbed down fool tools being used to murder and harm themselves in an all out intent to stay true to the indoctrinated course.
    Waiting on Jesus to return.

    It’s well known in military and intelligence that Mossad did 911 as a false flag to justify zionazis Jew war on Muslims in Middle East to support zionazis Jews intent to expand into a so-called “greater Israel”, to satisfy zionazis Christians indoctrinated yearning for Armageddon, and to prevent Islamic Faith success from exposing the history and scriptural fraud in Jewish and Christian not so sacred text that has caused misunderstanding and unjustifiable hostility toward Muslims for all these centuries; and of course, there’s the GREED, oil, and geopolitical power play against Russia and China.

    zionazis Jews control the USA and western European nations because they have bought and paid for elected officials who have been directed to put zionazis Jew interest first before the interest of their own nations, which is treasonous to the core.

    Muslims world wide need to quarantine Islamic nations and communities from contact with western people, especially Jews, because westerners are an untrustworthy gang of cold blooded murderers and thieves who seek to destroy by conquest the entire Islamic world community.

    We must keep in mind that zionazis Jew control of media and finance has been major reason for tyrannical dictates to western elected officials, most of whom have been nagged in the NSA spy operation that’s headquartered in occupied Palestine, in Jerusalem. That’s right. NSA has main office in Jerusalem, giving zionazis first access to information gleaned from spy probe. BLACK MAIL IS A REFINED TOOL OF zionazis Jew rulership over goyim leaders.

    Historically, barbaric, uncivilized, and savage behavior have always been mode of operation of Judeo Christian people, as led by their religious leadership who have habitual intent on violating moral guidance of their own scriptural text. Murder Killing, stealing, lying, drunkenness, blasphemous beliefs, etcetera have a normal place in Judeo Christian nations. Un-ashamed sinning is the rule, not the exception. Majority of Jews and Christians sin out of habit, with no sense of doing wrong.

    I could go on and on with this, but I’ll quit for now with prayers that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are able to establish peace with justice around the globe.


    1. @RnBtamwell,
      you write: “You defend this barbaric mentality?”
      of course not … as i do not agree (as you seem you do) with the murderous killers Zio-jews that are now running israel …

      by the way, turning to ad hominem attacks against me will get you nowhere.
      checkthe nizkor project:

      “ad hominem” is a diatribe:
      directed against a person rather than against his arguments
      based on or appealing to emotion rather than reason


    2. It’s incredible your double think denial is incredible RnBramwell in the face of obvious logic.
      Israel is the 4th most powerful military force in the WORLD!!! What is Israeli doing in GAZA??
      Gaza doesn’t even have an army? Israeli soldiers admit targeting children. Israel attacks UN depots for god’s sake. Hamas was partly created and funded by Israel to oppose Arafat.
      Israel has illegally occupied Palestinian for 67 years.
      How has Israel been able to continuously build illegal settlements for 67 years, housing tens of thousands of Israelis with exclusive connecting highways and infrastructure.
      If they are also under attack? How?


  2. This is not a direct response to anything above. It is simply one of the hundreds of great things Israelis do. Show me one thing of this pro-life and pro-happiness caliber produced by serious Islamists Where Israel produces brilliant things, the Islamic culture and mentality primarily produces destruction, a lot of hate speech, and/or whining about perceived past injustices, to blame anyone but themselves. Even their terrorists’ weapons (including IEDS) rely on Western technology.


      1. Keep imagining you make sense….

        Here in, contrast to the Israeli SCiO, is the ISIL use of technology:

        If the Arabic/Muslim countries of the Middle East, including Israel, were a football field, Israel would occupy an area the size of a pack of paper matches. ISIL is conquering other Muslims by violence to assert its faintly different views. In contrast, Israel was formed by The Allies after WW2, to allow Jews (who are also Arabic) a region of their original, religious homeland. That land was largely desert, and many living on it were family members of men who fought for Hitler with the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini. They lost, and the Allies get to decide who gets what. There was some talk of creating a new area for local anti-Semitic Arabs but what with all the other Arab-Muslim lands, such a creation was superfluous.

        The Arab people in the area known as Palestine were not a specific ethnic group any more than the American people in New England are a specific ethnic group. The ethnic ‘thing’ appeared later.

        While Israelis (which even included Muslims) carved a successful and growing economy out of the desert, the rest of that Middle Eastern ‘football field’ remained crappy and destitute. The only real exception is where men such as the Saudi Princes enriched themselves with oil money, after confiscating installations built by outside, Western, interests to extract and refine that oil.

        Ashraf Ezzat has hit upon the idea that Israelis and the people of ISIL both want their own land, and has discarded all the other important, no essential, differences to create his fantasy argument. The people of ISIL do not want their own area (The Islamic State) to live peaceful and productive lives. They already had that. They want an ever growing Dar al-Islam without infidels (Jews, Sunnis, Christians etc.). The Levant is just their first step (which includes eliminating Israel).


      1. RnBtamwell, at least 90% of Israelis have geographical, genetic or historical link to the land known as Israel. Claims of these European AshkeNazi’s of Jewish ancestry from that region is an entire fraud.
        That’s not me saying that, but Israeli professor Shlomo Sand.


    1. Only someone who believes in the innate right of certain human beings as more valuable than others. would say something as stupid and inaccurate as that!!!
      IEDS are not needed if certain people would just stop invading and killing and invading and killing and invading and killing and invading and killing and pretending that they went to the moon.
      Not to mention that written language, astronomy, mathmatics and science all come from the middle east.
      If Israel put all the useless gadgets that they’ve ever made, and likely make together.
      It wouldn’t make a scratch on the untold suffering and murder caused by this apartheid, master race, death cultist, forgers of a history, exaggerating, lying, identity thieving parasites.


    2. Western historians wrote some books a few years ago that our entire history of the last 2000 years has been faked. So there go all your arguments. Changing history is so easy as all current media, owned by just a few, show. None of us have a clear idea about truths, whether past or present. You are confusing several concepts. Stating one truth does not mean one denies another that is equally despicable. I am aware some Palestinian do support Hitler and his Jesuit based views. As most israeli jews are ashkenazi, descending from Khazars, they are not Semites and many Palestinians and Arabs are Semites. Hitler himself had jewish DNA and several jewish familymembers. If you would bother to listen to Kissinger you would find he has no sympathy for jews in Israel. Googling him one finds he was in Hitler’s jewish army and a doublespy. Instead of sitting on your high horse, insulting everyone, keep an open mind and try to find what is really going on in our world. My fiercest hope is that jews in Israel will wake up to their Rothchild governed society. Google the new Supreme court in Jerusalem and you will find their faith and allegiance lies with Lucifer, the place filled with Illuminati symbology. 20 families rule Israel. We have no democracies in our world. If after WW II you select people at the border due to their intelligence and the fact if they will or will not be a burden on the new government, if you let in all sorts of people if only they converted to judaism, again based on their intelligence, and if you have no qualms stealing other people’s properties, i guess you could say Israel did a brilliant job. Like killing thousands of innocent children in the recent Gaza attack testing the newest weapons, including american weapons to be sold at the next weaponfair with the promotion that the weapons had been tested. A weaponfair in the Netherlands included i am sad to say. Isis fights with american weapons, accidentally???? left behind or dropped from planes.


  3. Apparently Ashraf’s linkage of Israel and ISIS has gone over peoples heads, so I’ll try another tack.
    This is to point out the fundamental sameness of Nazi and Zionist ideology.


    1. Never mind that it was the Muslim Palestinians that joined with the Nazis. Never mind that the sales of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” have dramatically risen in Muslim bookstores. “It’s the Zionists, I tell you, and their blood soaked Matzohs.” What a ridiculously blind anti-Semite ,,, who is apparently projecting his own psychology onto those he accuses of holding a “pre-determined mindset”. A waste, by choice, of his own cerebral cortex.


      1. Western historians wrote some books a few years ago that our entire history of the last 2000 years has been faked. So there go all your arguments. Changing history is so easy as all current media, owned by just a few, show. None of us have a clear idea about truths, whether past or present. You are confusing several concepts. Stating one truth does not mean one denies another that is equally despicable. I am aware some Palestinian do support Hitler and his Jesuit based views. As most israeli jews are ashkenazi, descending from Khazars, they are not Semites and many Palestinians and Arabs are Semites. Hitler himself had jewish DNA and several jewish familymembers. If you would bother to listen to Kissinger you would find he has no sympathy for jews in Israel. Googling him one finds he was in Hitler’s jewish army and a doublespy. Instead of sitting on your high horse, insulting everyone, keep an open mind and try to find what is really going on in our world. My fiercest hope is that jews in Israel will wake up to their Rothchild governed society. Google the new Supreme court in Jerusalem and you will find their faith and allegiance lies with Lucifer, the place filled with Illuminati symbology. 20 families rule Israel. We have no democracies in our world.


    2. thanks @gerryhiles … you understand the central point of the article. i think we should let @RnBramwell dig his hole deeper and deeper and then go sleep in it. he doesn’t understand simple english and his logic is flawed. when i tell him “you are a biased hateful person stuck in your own views and the only thing that will perhaps start you thinking otherwise will be actual events like those currently taking place on the ground in the middle east, events that will chatter your world view and plunge you into a state of mental dissonance.” his messed up brain reads “You cannot cause me mental dissonance, by showering me with yours.” this a non-sequitur. he should go back to highschool and take some more english comprehension classes. again, i will answer his diatribes in due time. in the last week, i have been following the events unfolding in Palestine-Israel-Gaza, read over two thousands comments on blogs reporting on the issue, and found that they covered a wide spectrum of opinions and evaluations ranging from the stupid and irrelevant (like @RnBramwell’s) to the highly intelligent and constructive.


      1. That word, non sequitur, “I do not think it means what you think it means.

        So far you have written many hundreds of words that do not address that content of my first two comments, with respect to Islam, and do nothing to support the awful article precipitating this. I retract my statement that at least you were trying to make an argument. You say you teach… heaven forbid, the world has no need of another teacher who thinks knowledge only consists of an encyclopedia of facts & previously digested conclusions without the understanding needed to discern meaning.

        It is pretty clear that your idea of “Intelligent and constructive” means “agrees with my own”.


  4. Good Reply to jjcostandi, Seraphym.

    I notice that jjcostandi can find the time to give you a verbose litany of bits from history, but avoids addressing my comment.

    My points, about the article and the nature of Islam stand. What is particularly dangerous is the utter unwillingness of committed Muslims to look at reality with any sort of reason. It is all blind faith, including their hatred of the most wealthy and successful cultures. They hate the Good, because it is Good (& makes them look bad). Other, less vehement Muslims want that wealth and success but do not realize that they are achieved by the implementation of Individual Rights. Sharia is the opposite, and creates the opposite culture —except where the West buys oil from Muslim nations, which only *gives* wealth to the well connected. Still other Muslims move to the wealthy successful cultures, and then try to implement Sharia. Wherever they have been successful, the wealth and success of the culture has declined; They want their cake (wealth & peace) and to eat it (wreck it) too. They are not alone. Socialists/communists do the same thing. They too become violent when they think they can get away with it. Such is the absurdity of Religious nihilism and Secular nihilism, as ideals.

    In argument, such as attempted by jjconstandi and Ashraf Assat, it is always Confirmation Bias in the extreme. Any fact that confirms Islam must be important, and the flip-side:any fact that disputes Islam must be drawn of hate or improper interpretation. Any fact that disputes non-Islam (especially Judaism and Christianity) is important and any facts that support non-Islam must be evil and misguided. Disgustingly brainwashed, often willingly so…


      1. But I have read the article. My comment takes a broader, look at the ideas than does the author. One should not spend forever looking at individual trees, whilst failing to realize they are in a forest. jjcostandi, like the author, focuses on historical events and details, evading the ideas that are at stake, in the present. Hashing over those historical events, as justifications for today’s behaviors and ideology, is to not learn from history to bring about positive change..

        Of course, everyone with an opinion can be accused of having “a pre-determined mindset”. What a stupid remark. A man of your obvious age, if your avatar is your photo, should a) know better, and b) show a heck of a lot more wisdom.


    1. @RnBramwell,

      i will answer you in due time. if you don’t want me to quote you facts from history … then fine with me. i will answer your irrational (so-called) argumentation as well as i can using your own method, though i am sure that you are a biased hateful person stuck in your own views and the only thing that will perhaps start you thinking otherwise will be actual events like those currently taking place on the ground in the middle east, events that will chatter your world view and plunge you into a state of mental dissonance. @RnBramwell and especially @seraphim, you both are disgustingly brainwashed hateful fools.

      again, i will answer you in due time.


      1. ” i am sure that you are a biased hateful person stuck in your own views”

        More psychological projection on any who might have a different view from your own. Has it occurred to you that I have read enough of the Quran to recognize, as inescapable fact, that it is not only very poorly written, but dreadfully immoral, and anything but peaceful. Above all, it causes believers to think everything that is a negative reaction to their own barbaric behavior is injustice & evidence of Islamophobia? No it is not injustice and nor is it a phobia. It is fully and absolutely deserved. You cannot cause me mental dissonance, by showering me with yours.


      2. Western historians wrote some books a few years ago that our entire history of the last 2000 years has been faked. So there go all your arguments. Changing history is so easy as all current media, owned by just a few, show. None of us have a clear idea about truths, whether past or present.


  5. @At least jjcostandi offers an argument, instead of a silly smear.

    His is admittedly a more subtle hasbara, but no less ridiculous (“emperor constantine of rome in the fourth century spilled much blood forcing the more than 300 sects of christianity that existed at that time to compile the 27 books that are now the new testament”).


    1. @seraphim,

      you don’t know what habara means and you do not have an idea about the role of emperor constantine in forcing the consolidation of the then existing many christian sects into one christian “church” under his tutelage.

      if you do what i suggest you do here, perhaps you could then decide on your own to shut up your mouth in the future and refrain from spewing the utter ridiculous off-hand and knee-jerk comments that you have now twice made. if you were a student in my class, i would not only gave an F but will definitely throw you out of class and let you seek knowledge elsewhere.

      just google “constantine and how the christian canon was established.” Peruse the many linked articles but carefully check the first article ( which focuses on the history of the first (and subsequent) council(s) of nicea. then if you keep an open mind perhaps you can learn something of interest.

      notice the many paragraphs citing what was done to those bishops that disagreed with the (i would say) surviving majority of the first council of nicea attending bishops.

      here’s some of them:

      1. “St. Alexander of Alexandria and Athanasius took the first position; the popular presbyter Arius, from whom the term Arianism comes, took the second. The council decided against the Arians overwhelmingly (of the estimated 250–318 attendees, all but two agreed to sign the creed and these two, along with Arius, were banished to Illyria).[12]”
      [ jjc comments: the estimated 250-318 attendees were the remnants of “the total number of attendees [that] could have been above 1800. Eusebius speaks of an almost innumerable host of accompanying priests, deacons and acolytes.” history records that many attendees that did not agree were persecuted, excommunicated, banished, and executed/killed. ]

      1a. “Constantine had invited all 1800 bishops of the Christian church (about 1000 in the east and 800 in the west), but a smaller and unknown number attended. Eusebius of Caesarea counted more than 250,[18] Athanasius of Alexandria counted 318,[9] and Eustathius of Antioch estimated “about 270″[19] (all three were present at the council). Later, Socrates Scholasticus recorded more than 300,[20] and Evagrius,[21] Hilary of Poitiers,[22] Jerome,[23] Dionysius Exiguus,[24] and Rufinus[25] recorded 318. …..
      Delegates came from every region of the Roman Empire except Britain. The participating bishops were given free travel to and from their episcopal sees to the council, as well as lodging. These bishops did not travel alone; each one had permission to bring with him two priests and three deacons, so the total number of attendees could have been above 1800. Eusebius speaks of an almost innumerable host of accompanying priests, deacons and acolytes.

      2. “The Emperor [constantine] carried out his earlier statement: everybody who refused to endorse the Creed would be exiled. Arius, Theonas, and Secundus refused to adhere to the creed, and were thus exiled to Illyria, in addition to being excommunicated. The works of Arius were ordered to be confiscated and consigned to the flames while all persons found possessing them were to be executed.[47] Nevertheless, the controversy continued in various parts of the empire.[48]”
      [ jjc comments: now you know the origin of all those christian gospels that were saved by their adherents and that were unearthed in Nag Hammadi in egypt in the last century, e.g. the gospel of thomas which gives us a completely different picture of who the “jesus” of christianity might have been and what he might have said that the first council of nicea found objectionable. ]

      3. “When Arius and two followers refused to agree, the bishops pronounced clerical judgement by excommunicating them from the Church. Respecting the clerical decision, and seeing the threat of continued unrest, Constantine also pronounced civil judgement, banishing them into exile.”

      4. “The Creed was amended to a new version by the First Council of Constantinople in 381” [ and the subsequent nine council meetings. ]

      @seraphim, my comments above took time to set down and for the like of smart-alecs like you i usually charge for my time. for me to answer your off-hand comments in the future you will have to prove to this blog’s readers that you are worth it to educate. otherwise, go on dreaming and try to have a good life.

      to close: @RnBramwell, if i find the time, i will try to answer your comments in good time.


      1. @jjcostandi,

        It takes more than the cursory cut and paste from Wikipedia to really know what happened with the Emperor Constantin and the Church. You will have to read books.


  6. I am a Canadian, once of the Anglican Church. I became modern when I realized that religions are all a barbaric assault on the minds of all men. This author is an intellectual failure or deeply dishonest. Either way, his ideas should be thrown out as pig swill.

    The Holy Works of Judaism and Christianity ask that one *choose* to commit oneself to their imaginary God. Islam is much worse Its Holy Works repeatedly demand that believers force all others to commit themselves to God *or face a painful death*.

    Leaders of both groups seek and maintain power over their ‘flock’ by keeping believers in fear (of God) or in positions of power. Islam keeps believers in fear of other believers or in positions of violent power over others. Islam is as barbaric and as stupid as any belief system can be.

    To equate Israel with ISIL is abominable nonsense. Muslims live safely in Israel, but no Jew lives safely where Muslims number more than about 20% of the local population. The murderous extortionist Mafia gangs of Chicago in the early 1900s were at least honest enough *not* to claim to be about peace.


    1. @RnBramwell, most likely you became too modern too fast. you should have read the historical records of your anglican church, rome’s catholic papal church, and constantinople’s orthodox church, and what they did to each other long before islam came on stage in the fifth century c.e. there is more jewish blood and inter-christian blood on the hands of christians and jews than what islam ever caused in the history of monotheistic religions. check your facts.

      check how the hebrew chumash and tanakh were compiled into the hebrew bible 400 years after the facts recorded therein, and check how emperor constantine of rome in the fourth century spilled much blood forcing the more than 300 sects of christianity that existed at that time to compile the 27 books that are now the new testament. much intra-christian blood, intra-jewish blood, and inter-christian-jewish blood was spilled in the name of your jesus and your yahweh “than your philosophy can ever dream of” and imagine.

      i’ll use here the likes of your stupid “pig swill” expression and tell you to your face that you are the epitome of ignorance and a pompous moron who prefers to swim in the kind of “horse manure” thinking that many christians and jews employ when talking against islam, and you are one who prefers to rest on his laurels of a lacking understanding of the history of religions and how their adherents killed and massacred each other from time immemorial up to the present day. Nothing has changed of how the gods of judaism, christianity, and islam have been portrayed by their radical adherents as “the evils on the other side” but not “on our side.”

      i could go on and on but i really do not have the time to educate a closed mind like yours, be it radical anglican christian or otherwise radical jewish. yours is the kind of western crusader moronic thinking that is best left alone.

      i will give you the benefit of the doubt however just in case you want someone to show you the way to logical unimpeded thinking, and if you first ask for it and learn to be polite and say “please”, “yes sir”, “thank you”, and “i am sorry.” if you have a point, make it in the proper way and perhaps you might regain the respect that you think you are owed.

      to finish up: i know what i’m talking about when i say that i can educate the likes of you but i’ll do it only if you are prepared to spend the time to read some books that you probably don’t know exist. otherwise @RnBramwell you are a lost cause and i don’t care whether you rot in there where you are, now a reformed anglican christian who thinks he found the right way and at last saw the truth.

      i do not always agree with dr. ashraf ezzat and i definitely do not agree with what he said in the subject article above but @RnBramwell you owe dr. ezzat an apology. i am not holding my breath though.

      the moral of all this: if you want respect, be civilized and show respect.

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      1. jjcostandi, you would do well to heed my arguments, both in method of reasoning and the use of facts, some directly from The Quran. Have you read it, critically? You have written paragraphs about me & my knowledge, with no evidence for any of your claims. I am fully aware of the nasty history you cite, and those facts you say I should “check”. If I have missed some, they do not change or negate my point.

        Apparently, you have not grasped the nature of my comment, because you have chosen to narrow your focus to non-essentials… a common practice among the religious, particularly among apologists for Islam. So eager are you to practice this narrow focus that you discard facts that do not suit your narrative, and then spout your narrative. E.g. you describe Yahweh as being my belief (you wrote, “your Yahweh”), failing to note that my opening sentences show I have divested myself of that nonsense. Take a hard look at how you form your ideas and conclusions…

        I have commented on the essential difference between Islam and other faiths. An essential in the realm of ideas, is that which explains the most about a particular class and that distinguishes it from other similar classes. Rational understanding requires thinking in essentials. Most of your arguments wrestle with details, non-essentials, from history. E.g., you chant doubtful doctrine in claiming Jews & Christians spilled more blood than Islam:
        First, it is difficult to verify exact numbers.
        Second, I suspect you disregard the enormously bloody invasion of Islam into the East (today’s Pakistan, India, Bangladesh).
        Third, one cannot judge the backwards culture of nearly two millennia ago by modern standards —especially prior to the existence of Islam— and use that as a justification for Islam’s violent approach to the modern, peaceful descendants of those cultures.

        One must compare the religious systems within common eras. The Bible describes the bloody history, but rarely advocates violence as a moral imperative, especially in The New Testament. Indeed, the NT made Christianity very very attractive to a great many people, because it advocated non-violent human interaction [but in keeping & popularizing mysticism, it strangled the spread of Aristotelian reason]. The Inquisition years of Christianity were an implementation of Catholic Popes & Bishops. Killing people for disbelief was never a moral imperative in the Bible, as it is in the Quran. Christianity became even more peaceful as it became diluted by The Enlightenment —a product of Aristotelian ideas that Christian leaders slowly, usually grudgingly, accepted, starting with Thomas Aquinas.

        Criticizing the the Jewish (Hebrew is a language) Bible (Torah) for it’s late assembly is valid to a point. Similarly, there is no reference to Mohammed by other writers in his supposed time, and none appear until two hundred years after his claimed existence. Yet writers in his time do record many other events and significant people. If Mohammed’s exploits and importance are real, they would have been recorded. The Quran too, is a product of many rewrites, a view that infuriates the blind faithful who refuse reason.

        Perhaps most important for any Muslim to understand is the reason for my condescending remarks. Islam and its apologists must first earn intellectual respect, but they cannot because of the ideas to which they adhere. Indeed, anyone who reads all of Surah 2, the first full chapter, and thinks the ideas therein to be worth considering is a vicious and irrational being…

        Surah 2:7 expressly states that Allah caused men to disbelieve and then sets believers against them (2:24). Isn’t that a ridiculous god! The Quran quickly engages in precisely the condescension you dislike, referring to those not properly practicing the Sabbath as “monkeys” (2:65), followed by other Jew-bashing verses. Then it gets serious about violence. 2:191-193 “[Of unbelievers:] And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [explained next] is worse than killing.,,, And fight them until there is no more Fitnah.“. Disgusting mystical nonsense, raving hatred, and blatant advocacy of violence, posing as sublime morality.

        Thus, I stand by my remarks for their accuracy. Such beliefs do not deserve academic consideration.

        It is ironic that you say my mind is closed, when your entire response is a rationalization (false reasoning) for keeping your own mind closed. However, you are right. My mind is closed to Islam, because my mind is closed to the evil ideas and upside down thinking that drives its believers to demote their women to the level of animals and to hate and murder peaceful productive people. How much better Muslim children would be if they were taught to ignore the Quran, and emulate the peaceful and productive people, joining with them to make the world a better place, as have many (~1.3 million / 17%), smarter, Muslims in Israel.


    2. RnBramwell, what an incredible example of “doublethink” hypocrisy and deliberate bigoted ignorance!!!!

      Indigenous Palestinian Jews have lived in peace within a Muslim Arab nation for hundreds of years of years. Until this Eastern Europeans Zionist Jewish AshkeNazi invasion of Palestine.
      Against the objection of a majority of Jews at that time I might add.
      And you know perfectly well; Jewish and Christian minorities have lived in peace throughout the Arab Muslim world for centuries. And by and large still do, in spite of Zionist Israeli provocation. Even in Iran, but more obviously throughout North and East Africa.

      Of course you also know very well RnBramwell, that it was Christians by and large that have been responsible for the persecution of the Sephardic Jews throughout history before the time of Napoleon, followed by the Christian Nazis persecution of the Khazar AskeNazi European Jews. Of which Zionists have to yet admit any responsibility given their role in the defeat of Germany in WWl

      You say: “The Holy Works of Judaism ask that one *choose* to commit oneself to their imaginary God.
      No Judaism doesn’t “ask one!!!” The works of Judaism/ Jehovahism as it was known at that time by the followers of the Levite priests who had attached themselves to; and controlled the tribe of Judah. Asked an exclusively “chosen” group, depicted as racially superior to “utterly destroy and spare them not” any and all who were not of the “chosen,” in the name of their YHWH God. For which they would be forever rewarded with “his” favour.

      Biblical Jews were of three religious sects and political parties. namely the Pharisees, Suddusee and Essenes. Of which the Pharisees were by far the most powerful and extreme. And today are the equivalent of the Zionists. It was the Pharisees that insisted that Jesus be put to death. Mainly because of his challenge to them at the Sermon of the mount.. “Love thy neighbour” and accusation of them placing themselves in the seat of Moses.
      As was it with the Levite priests of Judah, the Pharisees, then Talmudists and now the Zionists. Loving thy neighbour is not tolerated where scripture demands “Utterly destroying and sparing them not” by the god of the “chosen”
      Indeed the same scripture that Zionist adhere to in their false claim to Palestine as being Israel of the Scripture. Although 100 years of archaeological digs have revealed zilch evidence of these people ever being on that land. Though they have continuously attacked ALL of their neighbours.

      So far from equating “Israel with ISIL [as] abominable nonsense” Israel and ISIL/ ISIS extreme views, are indeed parallel and the same and emanate from the same blood sacrifice dogma as Israeli religious dogma by which they validate their own existence.

      BECAUSE ISIL/ ISIS ARE FIGHTING A PROXY WAR FOR ISRAEL. Formed, Trained, Funded by US, UK, Saudi and Israel.

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    3. You really should learn some historic facts. Palestinian children are imprisoned in israeli prisons. Black refugees from Africa are put in concentrationcamps. Watch Miko Peled, son of a general, about the illegal construction of Israel. Palestinian women about to give birth at the wrong time before a checkpoint, not allowed to go to a hospital across, have been known to have their babies die on them. Most Palestinians are without jobs, their oliveorchards stolen, their oliveharvests stolen by israeli soldiers. It is illegal for israeli jews to travel into the West Bank by israeli law so they cannot see for themselves. Palestinian children in Hebron are thrown with rocks by israeli settler children who illegally settled in Hebron and are destroying the town. Regarding muslims in Israel they hardly have the same rights and privileges as the israeli citizens. Moreover all that land was mostly their property, stolen from them with the support of the international community. The entire bible is a fake written by the jew Joseph of Arimethea Flavius. And if you would have taken the trouble to read the Quran you would have read that force is absolutely forbidden in islam. If you want to contest that with what happened in practice, i suggest you watch some of the docus by the austalian nonembedded journalist John Pilger and the documove Dirty Wars. More then 72 countries and counting invaded by the USA after WW II. Do not forget to watch about Operation Glaudio formed from stay behind nazis to assassinate anyone not to the liking of a certain group. And watch the deathcamps of Eisenhower in the Rhineland the slaughter of 1,5 million german prisoners of war. Remember the 4,5, million dead Vietnamese,, also counting due to Agent Orange done by the false flag in the Gulf of Tonkin. A french journalist proved Al Baghdadi to be an american jewish actor, 2 jewish parents, photographed even with John Mccain. So yes i too am of the opinion that Isis/Daas is there to empty out the region so that the construction of the Greater Israel can continue. Watch a speech about that by Netanyahu on the site of Ariel University. Regarding WW II, Lie after lie is being discovered. Jews from Palestine had a deal with Hitler. Also good to watch is the Ringworm children, the genocide on sephardic jewish children with dark complexions. And if you have any balls google Fallujah birthdefects, caused by the use of illegal weapons like plutionium filled warheads and white phosphorus by the americans, which will leave that entire area radioactive possibly for all eternity leading to a 50 % abortion=miscarriage/birthdefects rate of iraqi children in that region. Horrific birthdefects i must add. Babycorpses now found on the dump there, first thing mothers ask is it alright, meaning does it look normal.


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