In what language did God write the Ten Commandments? (The video)

What was the language that the god of the Israelites used while chiseling down his tablets and also during his long conversations with Moses? Did the god of the Israelites use Chinese, Greek or Ancient Hebrew as the consensus of biblical scholars tends to believe?

Although no archaeological evidence has ever been recovered to attest to such an event of an Exodus or enslavement in Egypt, but, if the story of Moses did happen in Ancient Egypt, then the Ten Commandments as well as the rest of the Mosaic laws should have been written down in Ancient Egyptian language. But that was not the case according to the scholarly consensus. So where is the missing link?

7 thoughts on “In what language did God write the Ten Commandments? (The video)

  1. Yes, here is yet another of a biblical bombshell that passes largely unnoticed even by critical thinkers! Why should displaced “slaves” need laws written in stone and in a language they wouldn’t understand even if they could read? And, as soon as the man-slayer Moses proscribes murder, he leads his people on a genocidal rampage.

    When I was a child reading the Bible I always thought it was rather harsh that God denied Moses entry to the Promised Land because he struck a rock twice instead of only once. Later in the Bible the prophet Elisha rebukes Jehoash for striking the ground three times instead of five or six times. Biblical logic is maddening until you realize the tradition that the stories are based upon. The whole Bible is sanitized mythology and pagan religious practices.

    The idea of a sacred tablet or tablets is found in a number of Mesopotamian myths. The possessor of the tablet/tablets also has possession of kingly dominance and control over the fates of others. The possessor is in a position to effectively dictate laws/commandments. This, of course, is the usual kingly prerogative, and Moses is clearly being typecast as a king, not only in receiving the tablets but also breaking them and receiving a second set. The Hermetic basis of this tradition is derived from cosmology. For example, the “fates” of the planets in our solar system are dictated by the “two tablets” or our sun and the planet Jupiter. The solar system must behave in accordance with fixed laws of motion … until a “foreign body” is introduced and disturbs the fragile balance. Subsequently, either a new balance is reached or the whole system self-destructs. The sun is Ra. The archetypal planetary interloper is Marduk. Biblical Moses is a bastardized composite of both of these so-called pagan deities. In the role(s) of Marduk-Ra, Moses is instructed to only symbolically strike the rock (i.e., Osiris, “the water-pourer”) once. But, he goes “off script.” In a Hermetic sense, he jeopardizes the entire project. In other words, by taking the wrong action he could potentially create a negative outcome instead of positive one. If the collisions that occurred in our solar system had not taken place precisely as they had, then a beautiful, habitable planet Earth would not have emerged.

    New laws (and associated “new covenants”) are required when one form of homeostasis is lost and another must be achieved. Nothing in the Universe is perpetually stable. Shit happens and you deal with it. In the Moses story, there has been a natural disaster and collapse of social order. It becomes necessary to regroup. Part of the recovery is a decision to create a lasting record using written language and a durable media, i.e., stone. This not only reflects cosmology, but the ordeal that human civilization endured since the end of the last Ice Age. Even after the Great Flood, repeated cataclysms rocked the planet. Oral tradition and memory was no longer enough to save us. Knowledge was being progressively lost rather than preserved. Mankind had to take the first step toward the technological age, and that step was written language. And, for better or for worse, the institution that became the custodian of writing and knowledge was kingship.

    The Bible makes all kinds of outrageous claims. For example, it states that there was a time when no rain fell upon the Earth. Well, we now know that all of the continents were once lumped together into a giant land mass called Pangaea, which experienced little of no rainfall. The Bible also states that humans originally only had one tongue, but were deliberately put into confusion and scattered over the earth. Linguists are amazed that each of the major language groups is so grammatically complete. How could that have arisen organically? Language seems to genuinely be one of the gifts (or curses, if we take the Bible literally) from the gods and part of the “starter kit” that was bestowed upon humanity. I’m now sure that our makers fully knew that we would screw it all up, but even that was part of the grand plan.

    Could an Arabian dialect have been the world’s first language, or at least the first written language? It is certainly a reasonable deduction based upon the Moses story. Otherwise, why did Moses and the “mixed-multitude” with him have to be in the desert (of the “Midianites”) before the phenomenon of writing occurred? And why was the first recognizable Moses-figure of history, Sargon the Great, associated with the suppression of Sumerian language and writing and the sudden rise of Semitic/Amorite/Arabic/Hebrew? And what was Sargon’s true obsession with Dilmun/Telmun, generally associated with South Arabia? Had the language of Arabia existing all along, but only resurfaced as the “lingua-franca” at that specific time due to “climate change” and other factors (such as revival/repetition of earlier tradition/precedent)? Was Sargon attempting to reunite the world under one kingdom and language, as before?


  2. The truth will set you free and will also set you apart and if you tell it they will persecute you because you threaten their blanket of delusion that keeps them warm and safe. When they told me Santa was not true I was actually relieved that a fat bearded guy with red clothes and a big bushy beard was not breaking into my house at night to leave me gifts because I was good.

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  3. Dear Dr. Ezzat; Another interesting odyssey in learning, and well produced also. To those who seek a realistic understanding of those events and times, this video will stimulate thought and inquiry. To those, however, who insist on staying in the “ark” of their belief systems, you will be branded a heretic and infidel. Fear not, however; for you’re in the better company! There are those who think and observe – even if they reach the wrong conclusions… and then there’s everyone else! “The great masses of people are not guided by logic and reason; rather, they are driven forth by fanaticism and hysteria.” Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf.” Thanks for not being driven by fanaticism and hysteria, for all the evils of our time (and every time) come from these things. The cause of this, in my opinion? The Abrahamic religions (and their illegitimate children, socialism and Marxism…) of which Moshe or Moses is the progenitor par excellence.

    Yours in Ma-at! Wayne Hill, Virginia, USA


      1. You and I are of like mind, hence spirit. Our “brothers in the Spirit” are Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Copernicus, Galileo, and many others who battled the ignorance and prejudice of their times in order to find the Truth (another meaning of the word/concept Ma-at, as I’m sure you know…) Genuine Knowledge comes from study and observation. You are such a Scientist…

        Please keep up your splendid works! Someday… maybe someday, people will listen, and Know.

        In the mean time, let all of us continue to “Ahnke em Ma-at” or – “Live in Truth.” Someday, maybe far away, but Someday, Truth will win! History proves this… though sometimes it takes many years, unfortunately. Thanks, from Eternity and from your fellow Spirits, for waging the fight you wage. I am with you!

        Someday, the “flat earth” lies will be exposed. You provide a tool to that end. Blessings!
        And, as they used to say long ago, in the Blessed Land in which you dwell – Life! Health! Prosperity!

        Blessings from your Brother in The Spirit!

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