Libyan confessed to killing Gaddafi

A young Libyan fighter claimed in a video posted on the internet overnight that he had captured Libya’s deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi and shot him twice, fatally wounding him.

The claim, made by a youth from Benghazi identified as Sanad al-Sadek al-Ureibi, added fuel to growing speculation over how Gaddafi died on Thursday.

It also seemingly contradicted claims by Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council that Gaddafi was shot in the head when he was caught “in crossfire” between his supporters and new regime fighters soon after his capture.

On the video, Ureibi, said to have been born in 1989, is shown being interviewed by several unidentified men, some of them wearing military fatigues, who are congratulating him.

They showed to the camera a gold ring and a bloody jacket allegedly belonging to Gaddafi, with the ring being engraved with the name of his second wife, Safia, and the September 10, 1970, date of their marriage.

“I fired two bullets at him, one hit under his armpit, the other his head. He did not die immediately. It took him half an hour,” he said.

He described being separated from members of his brigade in Benghazi and his decision to join fighters in Misrata when new regime forces assaulted Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown.

“We came across Gaddafi in a street, as he was walking with some children and girls.

“He was wearing a hat. We recognised his hair, and a fighter from Misrati said to me, ‘That’s Gaddafi; let’s get him’.”

Ureibi said he neutralised the ex-Libyan leader, who was carrying a gold pistol, by grabbing his arms.

“I slapped him. He said to me ‘you are like my son.’ I slapped him a second time. He said, ‘I am like your father.’

Then I grabbed him by the hair and put him on the ground.”

He said he wanted to take Gaddafi to Benghazi, but when Misrati fighters insisted on taking the fallen leader back to their city, he decided to open fire and shot Gaddafi twice.

He said the Misrata fighters confiscated his pistol and threatened him with death if he returned to Libya’s third city.

Sources: Russia Today, The Ugly Truth and Arabia.


2 thoughts on “Libyan confessed to killing Gaddafi

  1. Yes, and I assassinated president John F. Kennedy when I was sixteen, in 1963! (I really WAS sixteen years old in 1963, but, of course, I didn’t assassinate the president! I just watched the assassination unfold on television.) We have no idea who this “young Libyan fighter” really is, or what the objects he shows to the camera really are, and we never will know, but the NTC and the Major Media they feed with their lies has a terrible record for the fabrication of “news.” They claimed repeatedly that Gaddafi’s advisors, his sons, his generals, and other people were either killed or captured, and what they said later proved to be untrue. They claimed that civilian hospitals and schools were legitimate military targets, even as pieces of the dead bodies of children and mothers littered the ruins of the buildings they demolished. Let’s see if this proves to be untrue, as well, and if the purported videos of Gaddafi’s “capture” and “death” also prove to be untrue. The American media are such liars that if they told me the sun were shining I would go to the window to verify it! That goes, pretty much, for all the Western media, for Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya as well. I don’t believe anything any of them say, anymore. Video can easily be faked, especially if you are an intelligence agency with access to unlimited funds and supercomputers.

    A few days ago, I thought, like many, that Gaddafi really HAD been killed. Now, I’m not so sure. Mathaba, which purports to represent the Libyan resistance to NATO, is still claiming Gaddafi is alive. Some other independent researchers are, too. Let’s wait and see. It really doesn’t matter to the resistance, anyway. They are not fighting for Gaddafi, or because of Gaddafi. They are fighting to liberate their country from a criminal occupation aided by a still more criminal cabal of rogue nations: NATO and the United States. They still control vast areas of their country, and they don’t intend to surrender. They don’t have a choice. Their backs are to the wall. They either fight, or they die.

    I am not now a religious person, though I once was, and the continual lying of the Western media, their hypocrisy and venality, on top of all the egregious crimes being committed by all the Western countries, chief among them, of course, the United States, has convinced me that “the West” can now properly be considered what faithful Christians call the Antichrist. That designation, I think, is most appropriate for my own county, the United States, precisely because so many Americans claim to be faithful Christians! Americans lie to themselves, to the world, and to God, but their most egregious and destructive lies are to themselves. Committing horrendous sins against themselves and the world, they deny that they do them, and even claim that they are acting virtuously. But God is not fooled. He is the one Person to whom one CANNOT lie! About lying, Jesus (pbuh) had this to say, speaking of Satan: “When he lies, he is speaking from his own nature, for he always lies, and is the father of lying. The truth is not in him.” Muslim “extremists” call the United States the “Great Satan.” They’re right. We are.


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