Lamb of a Bloodthirsty God (Video)


Two of the holiest days in Islamic & Jewish faith are called Eid Kippir &Yom Kippur.

Do you discern any similarity?

Both religious traditions (of Judaism & Islam) are grounded in animal sacrifice, a glaring Pagan tradition.

During those holy festivities, thousands of animals are slaughtered leaving the ground drenched with rivers of blood.

The Muslims and Jews sacrifice to Allah/Elohim

However, the ultimate sacrifice came with Jesus Christ

The ultimate human sacrifice

Nailed to the Roman Cross, his body was all soaked in blood.

The last words Jesus said (in Aramaic) on the cross were “Elahi, why have you forsaken me?”

“Elahi – Allah – Ellohim”

They seem like one and the same God

Are we worshiping the same God? And more importantly, is he a pagan God in disguise?

… Do I dare contemplate the question?

“Do I dare disturb the universe?”

14 thoughts on “Lamb of a Bloodthirsty God (Video)

  1. I have now purchased your Kindle book and have read through it. It is difficult to make a judgment, because the study you reference about the 100 place names does not seem to be available in English on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is an extremely significant area of investigation and I applaud your efforts to make the public aware. The “hell hole” that is Yemen and South Arabia very well could have been a “garden spot” in the distant past, and a “Club Red” for the ancient “jet set.” It certainly remained of strategic and commercial importance as a trade route hub. Do you think that the fabled Land of Punt mentioned by the Egyptians was the same as Ethiopia and Yemen, or would it have been an even more remote location, such as India?

    In my own research, I’ve proven that the Biblical stories of the Patriarchs are about the most powerful people in the ancient world, not humble shepherds. Although this conclusion is now beyond reasonable doubt, it is still not always clear exactly where certain events took place within the far-flung territories controlled by those ancient “god-kings.” For example, where was the “Promised Land” associated with the most significant/iconic Exodus caused by the massive Nile floods at the end of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom? Could it have been Ethiopia (and Yemen), which was receiving very beneficial rains (from their perspective) that swamped Egypt downstream?

    In the Exodus story, it is perhaps telling that “the Lord” offers to kill all the people and just start over with Moses! “The Lord” didn’t seem to care what people were “chosen,” as long as they did exactly what they were told! Anybody (such as Korah) that exhibited any self-dignity or nobility was at risk of being blinded or worse!!

    I previously suspected that many of the cities mentioned in the Amarna Tablets were not in Palestine proper, but in Upper Egypt (or even Nubia). You are obviously arguing for destinations even further away from Egypt, and I’m willing to consider that also! The rebellion associated with the Amarna Period was a “stock scenario” that had been played out at the end of each major dynasty/kingdom in Egypt. It became a type of “theater of the absurd.” Although contrived by the royal family, the suffering was undoubtedly quite real for those people who were forced to endure it.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here in our own lifetimes we have the rich and powerful playing god and creating new nations based on highly dubious/artificial precedents.

    If I find any fault in your mindset, it is the continued focus on tribes/groups/religions. No matter what our backgrounds or beliefs, we are all just trying to exist on this planet. The focus needs to be on those that have the wealth and influence. They are the ones perpetuating ancient lies and hatred. The rest of us are still just sheep being led to the slaughter. Do we need leadership in the world? Yes, we do. But we have to find another way to perform population control and other essential functions without resorting to counter-productive and destructive wars and genocides. We have to find a sustainable balance between the good of the individual and the good of the planet and human civilization. There is a Higher Power, but that Entity is not necessarily going to simply “bail us out” of our problems. They might wipe us out and start over, but perhaps only if we cannot get our own act together.

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      Thank you for buying/downloading my book. I’m currently working on the final editing before I’m satisfied that the content is solid and good enough for a hard copy version. Worry not, for you will be notified with the final version (by Kindle publishing) once it is uploaded and okayed by me.
      However, your initial thoughts so far on the content are highly appreciated. And yes I do believe the land of Punt, that Queen Hatshepsut recorded its naval trip to, is absolutely Yemen/Ethiopia. Moreover, though the idea remains almost elusive to most Egyptologists, this was a routine trade trip and a strategic tradition that was kept by predecessor and successor kings of Ancient Egypt.
      Looking forward to hearing from you again once you have finished reading the whole book.
      In the meantime we are glad to have you aboard in our sacred mission of reviving our ancient wisdom and demystifying our ancient history.

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      1. Hi Ashraf,

        Thank you for being such a gracious host. I have not committed my own books “to stone” either. Historical revisionism is a very tricky enterprise. But, we keep trying until we get it right (haha).

        This topic really gets people’s emotions going! Yet, it’s time to defuse the situation by unmasking the perpetrators of all this madness. In ancient times, large groups of people did not just rise up and relocate to a new homeland. It was the ancient royal family that employed this practice. And one group did not just steal the religion, history and topography of another. It was, again, the royal family that repackaged the original foundation stories over and over and created religions and “peculiar peoples.” The royal family considered itself to be the keeper of knowledge and only revealed what they chose to reveal and in whatever form they wished.

        The royal family considered itself the paragon of every ethnic group, including Jewish. A “court Jew” was merely a royal family member or sworn deputy that was designated to represent Jews on behalf of the royal family. In other words, the royal family provided and controlled the leadership of every major population group and religion. It was a “top-down” not a “bottom-up” world.

        The royal culture of “slaves and masters” is the legacy we are still dealing with today. Only the royal family was considered “free.” Participating in the projects and programs of the royal family was compulsory. Commoners might be fed and clothed and even compensated for their labor, however they weren’t free to reject the royal will. In the Bible, it is the nominally Jewish character of Solomon that emerges as the greatest of the oppressors. It was a fundamental element of the Solomonic/Noetic typecasting to build monuments and wear out the people (including the nobility) in doing so. When Rehoboam, the successor of Solomon, is asked if he will lighten the burden, he boasts that his pinky finger is bigger than Solomon’s phallus! The Bible implies that this is “Jew on Jew” crime, but in reality it is referring to the international ruling elite imposing its will on everyone else, and appealing to tradition/precedent in order to justify it. When the Jews began to kick back, they paid the price.

        Jesus shockingly conceded that “the poor will always be among you.” But, wasn’t that just another way of saying that “the rich will get richer” and “the many will always be dominated by the few”? Christianity mandates willing obedience to established authority. It was a “social engineering” work of “evil genius” that only offered limited improvements in quality of life for commoners, and much less aggravation for the rulers. As conditions on Earth continue to deteriorate, the ruling elite will once again offer the people a “New Deal,” and it will likely be an offer that can’t be refused!

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  2. Nice to see this reblogged on Bmans Revolt. You both are on the same team attempting to awaken the masses. I an honored to know you both. Silence is a form of consent. By spreading this information we are not silent. Once you know what you know you cannot unlearn it. Without responsibility there is no freedom. Heads in the sand get chopped off at the neck. We are brain dead if we do not use our critical thinking ability which is a gift from Source. (and Egypt as they were enlightened with Source) They cannot control you if you have no fear. Claim your sovereignty while it is still possible. Darkness is driven into the abyss by the light. Be the light you want to see in this realm we call the world. Do not expect any government or religion to save you. It is in your hands alone.

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    1. I have bought you book and been totally awed by it, thank you for the truth. I have also posted some of your videos on Facebook, I want as many people as possible to learn the truth. I have always questioned The Hebrew bible, and asked my self why this “god” was so demanding with sacrifice, and would swipe so many people of the map if he was inclined. now I am beginning to learn why.

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  3. Amazing once again. People need to rid themselves of their cognitive dissonance and listen with their hearts, not their minds. This is the recipe for world peace. A gift from Egypt. We can undo the damage that has been caused if we have love in our hearts for all humanity. No one comes into this world religious. NO ONE. It is imparted upon us. It is geography. We are all one. If we get that concept we can be FREE. No more burkas no more stars of David, no more missionaries offering salvation no more WAR. We are our own salvation. It is possible. Thank you Dr. Ezzat for your tireless efforts for the cause of awakening the masses.


      1. It’s not the trivial matter of different consonants and how they are pronounced in different traditions. It is a matter of how strikingly both Judaism & Islam are similar in creed, laws, phonetics and rituals. We are talking here about comparative religion and mythology. I’m digging deeper than the mainstream indoctrination does. Hence, I expect my audience –once they are on this platform- to strip themselves of the shallowness of the (pandemic) herd mentality, or else this site is not for them after all.

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  4. It all started with the Palestinian deity El, which the passing nomadic Israelites (on their way northwards from the Arabian Peninsula) borrowed and called Elohim. In its Arabized form, El was transformed to Alla, a result of adding the definite article “al” — which renders “The God”. El still exists in many Jewish names such as Israel, Michael, Daniel, etc; and in Arabic Abdalla, Nasralla, etc. Yahweh was a later invention to distinguish the Israelites from the Arab neighbours, and to earn the unique label “The Chosen People” and who were granted “The Promised Land.” This drama is unbelievable –or is it?

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