Joseph of Arabia (Video)

Throughout my life, I have heard too many weird stories that my mind just couldn’t perceive them all as true. One of the weirdest and most unbelievable of them is the story of Joseph.

I could have dismissed it like any other story of the remote past that didn’t necessarily warrant any scrutiny or investigation to validate its historicity, had it not been a biblical story, and had I not been Egyptian.
Any given story should have a general ambiance that sets it apart by a unique dialogue, location and cultural background. That’s what we call the milieu of the story.
The Story of Joseph is an ancient Arabian tale, and everything about it is Arabian: its linguistic, cultural and geographical milieu.

8 thoughts on “Joseph of Arabia (Video)

  1. Ashraf, I just bought the latest issue of Nexus (Jan/Feb 2019) with your article on Joseph. I’m very happy to find out about your research!

    The Joseph story is actually a global story. There is even a famous Joseph of China named Yu:

    In fact, there was a distinct Joseph-figure in every major dynasty in every major geographical location. For example, in Egypt:
    Old Kingdom: Imhotep/Hemium
    Middle Kingdom: Inyotef IV
    New Kingdom: Yuya

    All of the Biblical Patriarchs are based on universal models that derived from the ancient pantheon. IN Egypt, the role of Joseph was based upon the god Ptah/Khnum. In Mesopotamia, the god Ea/Enki was equivalent. Other regions had their own name(s) for the archetypal Joseph. In terms of Cosmology, the pole star Arcturus (and the ET race of “Arcturians”) from the constellation of Bootes represents Joseph. In the solar system, the planet Jupiter (“the good shepherd,” “big but benign”) performs the Joseph principle.

    The Bible turns out to be a Hebrew version of royal history. It is not talking about persons that lived (only) in the region we call Palestine or Israel today. It is talking about a family of “shepherd-kings” that ruled Palestine/Israel and all other regions of the ancient world. Mistakes were made, tragedies occurred. Lessons need to be learned if we are to move ahead.

    The stories of the Bible are not the “ultimate truth” but do possess a basic understanding of the Cosmos and can be used to help unify mankind instead of perpetuating racial and religious strife.

    Keep asking great questions!!

    Charles Pope


  2. Dear Dr. Ezzat;

    As always, your research is fresh, convincing, utterly lacking in ulterior motives (as all genuine research must be) – and believable as well. Few really want to know the truth. You are one of the few! I commend and bless your efforts! Maybe in some unimaginable future, when people have at last dispensed with the crutches they insist upon relying on… you will be remembered and celebrated! You have many fellow spirits, and I’d like to think I’m one of them! We live in a world of lies, myth and superstition. I’d like to think that someday we may again approach those people whom I most admire, the Ancient Greeks, in terms of their accomplishments… their SCIENCE… and to whom did the Greeks freely admit they were indebted? Well; of course, the Egyptians!

    So, perhaps in some happy future, once the curse of Abrahamic religious beliefs has been dispersed… genuine Science will again be appreciated. You are, as Savitri Devi said of Ahkenaten, “Above Time.” Fear not however, esteemed Friend; your time, and mine, shall come!

    As Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe is reputed to have said upon meeting Napoleon Bonaparte: “At last! A man!” And I would repeat that comment to you.

    Blessings, Success, and as your people of old used to say: Life! Health! Prosperity!

    Wayne Hill
    Henrico, VA USA


  3. Je mets cette vidéo en section commentaire de ce billet “L’histoire biblique de Joseph coule comme le Titanic” et en attendant d’en faire la retranscription en français ►
    Vous savez qu’en France, je relaye vos travaux de recherche en Français bien sûr, dans mon blog.
    C’est moi qui ai réuni, dans un PDF toutes vos traductions par Résistance71 un blog ami, et je l’agrémente au fur et à mesure de vos publications.
    Au plaisir de vous lire ; JBL1960


  4. Hello Ashraf!

    I just finished watching your new mystical trailer. My apologies that I haven’t been able to sit and review the WordPress post yet. I toppled over a shopping cart walking home & inevitably sprained my neck/hips about a month ago now! Yes, of course I had to experience yet another challenge. I do have a sister almost as accident prone as I – or maybe even more so. I tease her we seem to have an ongoing issue with this over the years now.

    Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts on the new trailer with you:

    *I loved your intro/closing shots entering/exiting the site.I also love the filming with pans across the architecture – so much to take in, but shots flowed wonderfully throughout!I had a question or two for you. First, did you choose the site for “hands on” for a special reason? 2nd, Did you experience any energy transfer as you placed your hands on the wall?!And, final comment is “WOW”! I really loved seeing all the carvings. Truly amazing site.*

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Wishing you a blessed day!



    1. Dearest Debby,
      I’m so sorry to have heard of your most unfortunate accident. I wish you a speedy recovery and might this be the last time. Thank you for your emotional response to my video of the Amazing temple of King Ramses III at the West Bank of Luxor. Yes my choice was carefully pre-planned as this site is one of my favorite allover Upper Egypt. As for the physical encounter with the (magical) inscriptions on the wall, elation and emancipation is what I had profoundly experienced afterwards.


  5. I always enjoy your results of research. I also follow the Russian Researchers about the timeslines since the last iceage. Seems we have been told, that Santa Claus exisits and we have to believe it or else. Blackmagic spells to make us obedient.

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