Omm Sety, priestess of Abydos (Documentary)

No matter how many weird stories you’ve been told, the most convincing/captivating case of reincarnation in modern times will always be that of Dorothy Eady, or better known as “Omm Sety”.  And also no matter how many sites you have visited in Egypt, the temple of Abydos will always be the one to absorb you the most. Some even believe will help you revitalize your soul.

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She (kind of) rose from the dead, deciphered hieroglyphic inscriptions, brought offerings to the Gods of ancient Egypt and walked into their shrines barefoot. Omm Sety charmed snakes, healed the sick and mesmerized the world with the story of her love affair with King of Egypt, Sety I (who ruled around 1300 BC).

Dorothy was declared clinically dead when she was three- year-old. The English toddler came back from the realm of the dead a new and weird girl with new and even weirder memories but with one destination on her mind, Abydos. One of the holiest sites in ancient Egypt, Abydos was the abode of the Gods of Egypt and its most ancient pilgrimage destination.

To Abydos ancient Egyptians went in their thousands as pilgrims to celebrate the rituals of raising the ‘Djed’ or what they saw as the reenactment of the resurrection of ‘Osiris’. So as you see ‘Abydos’ of all the holy sites in ancient Egypt was intimately connected to the Egyptian theme of immortality and life after death.

And In Abydos is where ‘Omm Sety’ had adamantly decided to spend the rest of, let’s say her second life in Egypt. For according to the story her soul as ‘Bentreshyt’, her ancient Egyptian name, has transmigrated over the thousands of years and reincarnated as Dorothy Eady. Since we have so far no other rational explanation for the unbelievable twists and turns in her life, we have no option but to give Dorothy/Omm Sety the benefit of doubt. Even more we should ponder on her extraordinary life.

In a rare interview Mr. Horus, the native Egyptian apprentice and later assistant to Omm Sety, recalls his never heard before memories of the priestess of Abydos.  Watch my short documentary that sheds the light on the last twenty years of the life of ‘Omm Sety’ in Abydos. Mr. Horus is revealing new information about her rituals as a temple priestess, her hidden discoveries and also her life dream and death wish.

The interview with Mr. Horus was filmed in February 2015 in the ‘House of Life’ spiritual healing resort in the historical and tranquil village of Abydos in Upper Egypt.

21 thoughts on “Omm Sety, priestess of Abydos (Documentary)

  1. I am in possession of one of Om Seti’s needlework pieces. In pencil on lined school paper is a discription of the hieroglyphs she had had stitched with the needlework picture of the Goddess Isis. I have tried to find out more about this piece and hope someone out there can assist me in this quest.


  2. Thank you for this fascinating film about Omm Sety. I feel as though I am now at the beginning of a journey. I will be reading with great interest your future posts about her. I was wondering what happened to her son. I read that he went to live with his father when he was five years old so I was happy to hear that his son or daughter had contacted you. Thanks again, Jane


    1. Hi Jane
      I am very glad to hear from u and to read ur comment eventhough it’s 2 years late hoping is not too late..,first of all let me introduce myself my name is Emad Amer,I am actually very close relative to Omm Sety as her husbad in my direct uncle Imam Abd Elmegeed Fahmy,my mum god bless her soul was raised by Dorothy (Omm Sety) and tonight i was actually talking to her grand som Mohamed Sety and the son of her son Sety Amin who wanting to trace her roots in London and meet with them.if u or anyone could help in that it will be Very much appreciated.
      Thank you so much for ur kind help and support in this matter.
      Yours sincerely
      Emad Amer

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    1. There is a small museum at the ‘House of Life’ Resort in Abydos, Egypt where many of her personal stuff, writings and diaries are being displayed for the guests. Surprisingly I’ve lately been contacted by Omm Seti’s Grand son who is currently based in Kuwait. He is willing to share his memories of Omm Seti as he has agreed to be interviewed in a short film. So we’ll keep all the fans posted.

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  3. Hello Angela. Glad you were excited to watch the video. I certainly hope to discover more about the life of ‘Omm Sety’ as I ‘m planning another trip to ‘Abydos’ in the next couple of months. That lady was a complete mystery, you never know what other secrets will unravel next time we dig deeper into Omm Sety’s past life– winking.

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  4. I was thinking about Omm Sety and , Sety I King of Egypt just last night. So today when I saw your email I was so excited to watch your documentary. I hope you will have more to say on this subject. What a sensational Love Story! You know the ladies love this kind of stuff. winking*)


  5. Likewise, I have developed a growing interest in ‘Omm Sety’ only after I dived deeper into ancient Egyptian history and mythology. I’d like to think some of us, including myself, becoming wiser (as we will rule out nothing) as we get older. Greetings


  6. Most interesting, Dr. Ezzat. I read about Dorothy Eady (Omm Seti) many years ago and dismissed her as somewhat crazy. But that was some time ago and I then knew little or nothing about Ancient Egypt – or quantum physics come to that. From what I have learned since, I will rule nothing….NOTHING out!

    And the video was very nicely done.

    Thank you.


  7. I had no Idea this was a copyrighted photo, but we believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. I Thank you for your comment & understanding and I hope you liked the documentary. It would be nice if you posted your memories about your meeting with ‘Omm Sety’ back in 1975 (six years before she died).
    N.B. I’ll make sure to mention your name in the credits in any future version of the documentary.


    1. I see that you have used a photo that I took of Omm Sety in 1975, the original is in colour, but you’ve used a b/w copy at the time of about 8.17. I don’t know where you have got it from, but I did post it online and it’s on my timeline photos on Facebook. I was not asked for my permission to use it, and there is no credit to me for it. However in reverence to her memory, peace and blessings, I will leave it at that

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      1. Thank you & sincere apologies. I only RE-blogged her fascinating story (with picture) so i am unable to give you any coherent/reasonable explanation. I am glad that (hopefully?) others will see your comment, thereby giving Credit where it is due! Peace and blessings sincerely returned. P.S. so very sorry for this late response. I have to check my ‘settings’ here.


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