The Pyramids: Egyptian Genesis (Film)

The pyramids: Egyptian Genesisis my first video art film (its debut was in 2014)

I had in this short film the opportunity to capture glimpses, albeit experimental, of two of my most obsessive passions, cinema and ancient Egypt. The film has been screened in a couple of international film festivals in Europe and Egypt.

Pyramids poster-7

Through the film technique, I try to tell the story/myth in the film without distracting the viewer’s eyes/ears with unnecessary effects and narration.  Of course the film has all the shortcomings/limitations of a first project, still I believe it has some good sequences, and I especially think we did a fairly good job when it comes to the sound track.

Every time I’m tackling the remote history of ancient Egypt in my films and even in my books, I find myself confronted with the challenge of how to shift my time-machine’s gear and travel (with the viewers) thousands of years back in time.  That’s why the rather slow pace of my camera is both deliberate and of major significance to me. The aim obviously is to put the viewer in a contemplative mood, which could help her/him view Egypt anew (untainted by the long legacy of Hollywood’s fake stories of walking mummies, ruthless pharaohs and of the notorious story of the Israelite Exodus that never took place in Egypt)

Watch the film trailer

The Pyramids starts with picturesque images, from the (newly renovated) relief carving on the ceiling of Dendera temple, illustrating the myth of the perpetual rebirth of the sun in the morning out of the womb of Nut, the sky lady/Goddess, who devours the sun disk every day at sunset.

The film ends with the sunset, the time for Ra (the one and supreme creator God) to embark (riding his barque) on his perilous night journey, through the many dungeons and gates of which he triumphs over the power of darkness. At the next dawn, Ra emerges once again in his glorious and eternal rise of the sun.

The theme of the pyramids is preceded by excerpts from the Egyptian myth of creation, according to which the filmmaker builds his visual thesis and answer to the long standing and enigmatic question of why those colossal stone constructions, known as the Pyramids, were built.

The title of the film suggests that the filmmaker envisions the colossal pyramidal masonry as physical embodiment of the Benben/Pyramidion, the primordial mound which was the first sign of land/life that had appeared after the receding of the primordial chaotic waters known as Nun according to the ancient Egyptian myth of creation.

Watch a synopsis of the Egyptian creation myth

As we mentioned earlier, the Pyramids film uses no narration and relies solely on imagery and music to communicate visually, emotionally and somewhat intellectually with the viewers. The slow pace of the camera is subtly employed in sync with the music to capture those remote–in-time moments of mythology and mysticism in ancient Egypt.

I have chosen an ancient era of antiquity for my film, where people spoke differently, ate and drank differently, fought war and made money and even made love differently. They also believed in different creation stories/myths and worshiped different deities. They perceived the world differently and may be more profoundly than we, modern people, do. And speaking of perception, it is worth mentioning here that the actual story of ancient Egypt is completely different from the Biblical one that we (generation after generation) have been spoon fed for more than two thousand years.

The cinema that tries to retell humanity’s ancient stories is bound to not only be different, but to also respect the time and cultural gap that were we not conscious of its depth, boundaries and maybe ambiguity; we would be bound to commit the double sin of misinterpreting the historical story and eventually alienating/misinforming the viewers.

Egypt knew no Pharaohs cover art-15-1- resizedIn my film, it is true that I’m celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of ancient Egyptian art, colossal monuments and mythology, but I’m also trying to reestablish the lost link between modern day Egyptians and their remote ancestral culture. I’m persistently pursuing that goal, in both my films and books, because I think the crisis of modern day Egyptian cinema, as well as Egyptian culture and geo-politics, is of lost identity. The same predicament applies to westerners as they try to bridge the (unbridgeable) gulf between the true history of ancient Egypt and the (tampered with) Biblical stories about the land of the Pyramids. Or what the Biblical stories had deceptively designated as the land of the ‘Pharaohs’.

To help you discover the truth about ancient Egypt, read my book (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites) available now on Amazon.

Watch the whole film (try and watch it in HD and pop up your speakers volume)

8 thoughts on “The Pyramids: Egyptian Genesis (Film)

  1. Alien Is correct but conditional, we are unable to replicate much of the magnificent stone works of Egypt just to name one place on this old planet and one people who laughed at gravity and cut and positioned big big stone to machine tool precision. Make no mistake mankind has risen time and time again here in the valley of the shadow of death. In the Ukraine a wheel was found in a coal seam at on kilometer depth or so but a coal seam is an easy thing to make in five minutes with a lightening bolt a mile wide sweeping over the land a thousand years ago or ten thousand or next year. Yes Egypt is a gem, someday they well let us see all of it even the giants and the eleves who cut mies of tunnels in Turkey and India all the old myths will come true again. Very nice little trailer. I liked the music.


  2. As the INNER VISION of man’s HEART is opened, there is no longer any night and darkness for him on EARTH. – A downright proof, so to speak, is all the very sensitive people and those who are in an ECSTACY. – These are able to see with their eyes closed far more than a thousand people possessing the best, soundest and keenest eyes; for they see through the most solid matter, see easily through the whole earth, and they, the ecstatic (magnetic) people, can even penetrate the stars which are not beyond their reach.

    The way in which men could achieve this blissful state of ecstasy — and that finally whenever they want it — was taught and very actively practiced in the interior of the PYRAMIDS. – [Since the Lord wanted it to be a very thorough pre-school for His Coming, He send His closely chosen nation, the Hebraemites, to a LONG continuing school in Egypt. [4.204]]

    The pyramids are large-scale copies of the brain pyramids and, as their name and their inner structure implies, used to serve the people as wisdom schools. For the meaning of Pira mi dai is obviously: `Give me wisdom!’ Their inner structure was such that it forced the man who was completely isolated from the outside world to contemplate his within, thus finding his innermost life-light. This is why it was always pitch-dark in the wide inner passages of such a pyramid, and not until man began to light up everything with his inner life-light did it become light.

    The ANCIENT sages well knew from their ecstatic visions that the very material souls who loved the world and themselves beyond measure, after the shedding of their body had to live in the beyond under very deplorable conditions, and they used to call this very lamentable state also She oul a, or Hell.

    It is certainly true that, compared to the state of life of a truly wise man living within the divine order, such a state can be called ‘death’. Since this is an everlasting and necessarily immutable and permanent attribute of all that is called ‘world’ and ‘matter,’ it becomes quite clear why it has been named `eternal death’.

    A soul that remains in such a condition, either here or in the beyond, obviously is in a state of eternal death from which it is exceedingly difficult to become FREE. – For many a soul it may take an eon of time before it will achieve anything out of itself. [5.72]

    All eyes were now directed towards the rising SUN and all admired the wondrous RED of dawn. Graceful groups of nebula showed above the horizon, which became increasingly brighter and brighter and all say that they haven’t seen such a beautiful sunrise for a long time.

    And I said to the many bystanders: “See, such a sunrise is very similar to the spiritual dawn of life in man and also to the rise of the spiritual sun of heavens in his SOUL!

    If man hears the WORD of God, it begins to dawn in his soul. If he believes and trusts the heard word, it becomes lighter in him. He then starts to experience an ever increasing joy in the teaching and becomes active accordingly. Such deeds are then reddened by love, just like those lovely morning clouds, and it becomes brighter and brighter in man. Upon such joy of towards good and truth out of God, man reaches an ever brighter realization about God, and his heart lights up in total love for God, very similar to this now bright shining red of dawn. His realizations about God and through it also about himself and his great destination, are growing to such an extend, just like the beautiful places of the surrounding earth becomes visible through the extensive glow of dawn.

    But it gets still brighter and brighter. The little clouds closest to the rising sun – just like the deeds out of pure love for God – change to bright shining gold. Suddenly the morning lights up, and see, the sun itself rises in all glory of light and majesty above the horizon, and like the new day is born out of the night through the power of the sun’s light, man will be reborn through the power of the word of God and through the ever increasing love for God and his fellow man; therein consists the spiritual rebirth of man, that he gets to know God more and more and therefore also loves Him more and more.

    If he succeeded in bringing his HEART to truly glow, it will become brighter and brighter in him, and the glowing will turn into a brightest flame of light, and the spirit of God rises like the morning sun, and it will become a perfect day in man. But it is not a day like a day on this earth, which again ends in the evening, no, this is then an everlasting day of life and the full new- or rebirth of the spirit of God in the soul of man.

    Verily I say to you: In whom such a DAY will dawn in his soul, he will no more see, feel or taste death for ever, and upon leaving his body he will be similar to a prisoner in a dungeon who was pardoned, and whose prison guard will come to him with a friendly face to open the prison door and say to him: ‘Get up; you have been pardoned and you are free! Put on these clothes of honour, leave this prison cell and walk from now on free in view of him who showed you such mercy!’

    As a prisoner will have the highest degree of joy in such mercy, in the same manner and so much more will a person be full of joy when he is reborn in the spirit and an angel comes to him and says: ‘Immortal brother, leave your prison cell, put on the ROBE of light of honour in God, and come and walk hereafter free and independently in the fullness of everlasting life in the face of God, whose great love has shown you such mercy; because from now on you will not be required to carry such heavy and mortal body ever again!’

    Do you think such a soul will feel sad, if My angel comes to it in such a manner?” [GGJ 7.1]

    I say it to you: Always be merciful even towards the great sinners and criminals against your and against the DIVINE laws! Since it is only possible for an ILL soul to commit a sin, but never for a healthy soul, because for a healthy soul it is impossible to sin, since the sin is always the result of an ill soul.

    Who of you people can judge and punish a soul because she was violating one of My commandments, since you are all standing under the same LAW?! One of the laws by Me explicitly states, that you should not judge anyone! – If you judge one of your neighbours who have sinned against My laws, you also sin in the same measure against my law! But how can you as being a sinner yourself, judge and condemn another sinner?! Don’t you know, that, when condemning your soul sick bother to hard atonement, you have served a double condemning judgement on yourself, which one day, if not under circumstances already here, will be fulfilled?!

    If somebody from you is a sinner, he should RE•SIGN as a judge; because if he judges someone, he judges himself into downfall twofold, from which he will recover more difficult than him who was judged and condemned by him. Can a blind man ever lead someone else and put him on the right path?! Or can one deaf person tell another deaf person something about the harmonic effects of music, as it was practised in the purest form by David? Or can one disabled person say to another: ‘Come here, you poor man, I will take you to the inn!?’ Will not soon both slip and fall into a ditch?!

    Hence, remember this above all, NOT to judge anybody, and make sure that also those who one day will become your disciples, take this to heart! Because by practising this My teaching, you will make angels out of people, – but through non-observance you will create devils and judges against yourselves.

    It is true, NO•BODY on this earth is perfect; however, the one who is more perfect in his mind and heart, should be the guide and doctor of his ill brothers and sisters, and the strong should carry the weak, otherwise he succumbs with the weak, and both will not make any progress! [GGJ 4.58]

    – A M E N –

    Very FEW people know that our Lord gave a much more complete story of the events that happened during His last 3 years before His crucifiXion. A much more complete gospel than what we can find in the Bible. It is up to each individual to discover and proof the many Teachings and revelations that were not intended to reveal to the world at that TIME but which are now revealed in a very clear way to us. For every simple humble person whose main purpose it is to KNOW the TRUTH.



  3. Trust yourself. There is a part of that knows everything there is to know. It can tell you why you came to this world and where you were before you came here. Why would you need to build anything? It is all within. I am seeking as well. It will come…The wisdom of Osiris. That is what I have been told.

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  4. Hi Dr Ashraf, I just viewed the short film It is beautiful. The visuals, sound of wind and subject matter take me there, where one day before I pass away, I would like to visit; To build my BENBEN PROJECT atop the truncated GIZA Pyramid. Fanciful? Who knows but I have the VISION. Destiny? Time will tell. Secrets? Are Many………but who can I trust?

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  5. Dear Ashraf,
    that is excellent music, artwork & atmosphere as an opening to a great movie, only I do believe the 3 main Pyramids on the GIZA Plateau were aided by ALIEN Technology of space beings per “ANUNNAKI” as referred to Z. Sitchins books, or the Sons of “GODS” from ZEP TEPI- the first time . I.e The NEPHILIM GIANTS per Books of Enoch & Genesis the latter plagiarised in part from the Ancient Sumerian “Epic of Gilgamesh”.
    Please also study the following references and get back to me directly at

    I have constructed my own BENBEN in part but ran out of money to complete it, and cannot proceed unless I have a safe and very high hidden secure place away from nefarious forces.
    I await KYBALION for the right timing and place to proceed. Maybe you can share in it?

    Kind Regards
    Hermes Trismegistus, per same name on my twitter account. (see profile pic there = “EYE of Horus” with SACRED Geometry I know to be correct because mathematics does not lie.

    Refer “The Secret In The Bible” by Tony Bushby – Published 2003
    Pg 59 “the Great Ennead, the original gods….of ‘First Time’….responsible for the creation of ‘the line of the Immortal race’ on Earth and the descendants of that line exist today…..ATUM and three generations of his progeny….they were the original gods on Earth……Bringing with them the sacred and mysterious Benben,…..Earth’s first divine rulers.”
    Pg 78 “Early Egyptian priests believed that RA and Khepra personally arrived on Earth in a mysterious ‘secret object’ called ‘AKKA’. That object was later renamed ‘Benben’, a term meaning ‘seed’ or ‘essence’………Benben came from the sky………..most esteemed object of the time.
    Pg 248 “The Benben and Bennu bird were both worshipped at sunrise because at that time the first rays of the sun hit the Benben and activated it, making it ‘luminous’ (The Luminous Crown). The refractory crystal reflections of vibrant rainbow colours were then seen lighted within, and reflecting about the ‘Throne of Radiance’, shimmering and glistening Benben”
    Pg 221 “Celestial Chamber”…..holds within itself the primary element of all Mystery School teachings……the Pyramid texts reveals that the Benben was made of “star’ material and it ‘came from the heavens”.
    According to ancient Egyptian and Sumerian depictions, the Benben was a pyramidal-shaped object maybe 15 feet high and credited with an inexplicable cosmic origin.
    Another intriguing description suggested that it was a 55 – faceted sphere with one larger base facet upon which it sat and all facets pyramidal in shape.”…..
    People ….believed that RA, their Sun god, and Khepra, an attribute of RA, came to earth in the Benben from the ‘Planet of Millions of Years’.”
    Pg 222 “Something being ‘in’ or, ‘within’…the Benben was widely reported, and a ‘mystery’ in itself existed around the interior of the object”.
    Pg 223 “Some researchers call it the ‘Benben Stone’, but in its original form, it was not a stone as such, for in every recorded description, observers clearly stated that they could ‘see into it’. Maybe it was the discovery of a Benben reproduction that was responsible for the object being considered something dense.”…
    The oldest written reference appeared in the Book of the Dead where it is called the ‘Throne of Radiance’……..could be looked into.”…supernatural origin”.
    Pg 226 Preserved in the angles of the Benben is the origin of the true pyramid shape,…………pyramid building was directly related to the arrival of the Benben….
    “The conclusion reached in this work is that the Great Pyramid was originally and specifically built to accommodate the Benben upon its platformed location at the highest point. When the object was in place, it somehow activated the pyramid effect, or invisible force, that subsequently ‘switched the pyramid on’.” ~ Tony Bushby
    When the Egyptian priests told Herodotus that the Great Pyramid was built from the top down, they meant that the Benben came first and provided the precise angles required to construct the Pyramid proper………..When the main structure was completed, the smaller Benben was placed in its special position on top of the larger Benben.”
    Pg 227 “An interesting Pharonic relief carving was recently found in a pyramid at Abu Sir, just 15 km outside Cairo, and shows workers dragging the Benben depicted as illuminated. Under the carving is a hieroglyphic inscription variously translated as ‘pure light’, ‘white light’ or ‘white gold’. Permission to publish a photograph of that carving in this book was denied”.
    Pg 246 … extraordinary luminous serpent – type coloured image rising vertically in the crystal Benben. It was called Khepra, the Serpent God……….””called the ‘Pyramidion Bird’, or the Bennu bird……’Phoenix’ in Greek…..Bennu bird fed only on air, ….symbol of the flight of the soul and its resurrection.”
    Pg 251 “Planes and particularly helicopters are warned not to fly low over tops of pyramids because of the force operating above the centre of the apex.”……….
    “When a light is shone down into the apex of a glass or crystal pyramid of any size, but built to the same angles and ratio at the Great Pyramid, something remarkable occurs. Rising out of the area that would be the location of the Queen’s chamber and moving up through the King’s chamber area, a spectacular spiral or swirl of light resembling a serpent standing upright upon its tail is seen. That beautifully proportioned form is created in the seven rainbow colours, and its highest-most point disappears out the top centre of the pyramid in an ever-decreasing spiral.”
    Pg 252 “Priesthood knowledge appears to directly reference the known existence of an invisible spiral force operating within the confines of the Great Pyramid, precisely in the same manner as the spiral of visible light was seen in the Benben….it was a clear pyramidal structure acting as a focal point to gather in, convert and distribute light from the sun into energy, and project its force deep into the heart of the Pyramid…. A God given perpetual generator…a type of amplifying principle to activate power into the specially designed chambers and passageways in the structure below.”
    Pg 253 “With the BENBEN in place, the Great Pyramid became a living ark of mysterious force. A fiery halo was often seen to glow around the apex, and strange deep rumbling sounds arose around the structure”
    Pg 292 “The Pyramid Texts speak of the builders of the Great Pyramid as ‘The Nine’……….The Great Pyramid provided mankind with the shape and design of a structure to move human consciousness into other worlds.
    Pg 228 “Ref Sumerian inscriptions of GUDEA 2150 BC…eldest son Ninagel….invaded Giza to steal the BENBEN Ref pgs 232,233; ‘There was the Benben ‘as high as the sky’…..its brilliance ‘as a diamond glows’.
    Pg 234 “It appears the Sumerians were in possession of the Benben around 2100 BC , but Egyptian texts record that it was back in the original temple of the Benben at Heliopolis some 1350 years later… (750BC).
    Pg 237 “Where is the Benben today? … various kings and leaders in the East once possessed it……Berber tribe from north Africa removed it from Heliopolis and after 14 months overland travel relocated it in southwest Asia … their new settlement they called “AKKA”…..M akka…..Mecca..…???….. “Muslims themselves claim that within the Ka’aba is God’s Celestial Chamber, the same term used in the Pyramid Texts to describe the Benben.”
    Refer “SECRET CHAMBER The Quest for the Hall of Records” by Robert Bauval. Published 1999
    Prologue Pg xix ‘’prophecies by Edgar Cayce….placing of a gilded capstone on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza; The apex (capstone), the crown or apex, was of metal; that was to be indestructible, being of copper, brass and gold with other alloys……
    Pg 395 ‘The Giza Pyramids serve one ultimate purpose to indicate the Gateway to the Underworld of pure Geometry………a geometric picture that ties in the geometries of the pentagon, hexagon and heptagon….five, six, seven. Sacred geometry was the fundamental of Egyptian mathematics.”
    Pg 383 “In Quicksilver Heritage, intuitive scholar Paul Screeton states that ‘the earth’s magnetic field is estimated to have been 50 percent stronger in AD 500,and could have been even greater in Megalithic times’. This raises a basic conundrum concerning geomagnetism. Obviously it exists but no one in the scientific world is clear how it works. Measurements suggests that ‘the earth’s magnetic field strength is approaching zero and may reverse as early as AD 2030’, but no one knows what this might portend.
    For further relevant knowledge connected with this project;
    Refer Book ‘Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark’ by Laurence Gardner Published 2003
    Pg 284…………..symbol of point within a circle, is the hieroglyph for LIGHT..
    Pg 285 Copper is a powerful type 2 superconductor, which will superconduct in the presence of large magnetic fields and currents…. ……Super conductors, once in resonance, will operate over any expanse of space and time.
    Pg 267 Sir Isaac Newton…an ardent alchemist… embarked on a translation of The Emerald Tablet and the Corpus Hermeticum of Hermes Trismegistus and was especially interested in the prisca sapient (a Unified theory of the Law of the Universe)…. The Frame of Nature’….directly allied with the maxim of Hermes ‘as above so below’ – harmony of earthly proportion is representative of universal equivalent….image of cosmological structure. From the smallest cell to the widest expanse of the galaxies, a repetitive geometric law prevails and this was understood from the earliest of times.’
    ==========================I kept back my discovery here========= not for public view==
    Pg 9 .. a mysterious substance called mfkzt (sometimes pronounced mufkutz), which had dozens of mentions in the Serabit wall and stelae inscriptions…some claim mfkzt might have been copper……
    Pg 10 After more than 100 years of research to 1955, the best Egyptologists could determine was that mfkzt was a valuable mineral product.’……..’Field of MFKZT and another ethereal location called FIELD OF IARU, -the dimension of the blessed – are keys to an elusive field – an alternative dimensional state of being……..regions where operative forces such as gravity and magnetism are active..”
    Nb this book refers to conical stones and shapes and white powder gold all connected with inter-dimensional transformations – a mysterious physics.~ VL
    Pg 15 ….Pyramid texts refer to jackal God ANUBIS.. called the Guardian of the Secret…. depicted sitting on an ark, while the Pharaoh presents him with a conical loaf of the precious stone”.
    Pg 42 ‘The great ones manufactured from gold, a mysterious white ‘powder of projection’ called mfkzt, which the Israelites questioned as being manna…… The mfkzt was formed into conical cakes – white bread – and fed to the kings of the royal house of Gold.. It seemingly enhanced their qualities of kingship and was also connected with an enigmatic field of the afterlife into which the kings were transported.”
    Pg 129/130 “33 vertebrae of the spine until reaching the pituitary gland…The science of regeneration is one of the lost keys of wisdom, and why true ancient freemasonry was founded on 33 degrees’………
    Hal Puthoff – “because gravity determines space-time, then monatomic white powder is capable of bending space-time.”-‘exotic matter with gravitational attraction less than zero”- substance contrived to weigh less than zero……to disappear into an unknown dimension……perhaps how Egyptians built the pyramids and erected massive stone blocks raised to great heights..”
    Pg 131 “recent white powder research… 2 of its constituent elements are aluminum and silica from 100% platinum compound…
    pg 123 platinum group metals iridium and rhodium in the high spin state are found in animal brain tissue…..
    Pg 90 …heating gold produces molten gold…continued burning turns it black and unrenderable……the physics of monatomic (single atom) gold powder, achievable by the arc light fire of electrikus (electricity).
    Pg 92/93 Egyptian scribal God THOTH, revered founder of alchemy and geometry…had special knowledge of the lost wisdom of antediluvian Lamech (4th in succession from Enoch son of Cain in Genesis – pre-flood era) as recorded in Emerald Tablets ………..inherited by Pythagoras 570-500 BC.
    ‘By degrees adepts will enter into the ways of immortality and will attain a conception of the Ogdoad which in turn reveal the Ennead. The Ogdoad (eightfold) corresponds to the heaven of the stars, outside the individual heavens of the planets, and the Ennead (ninefold) refers to the great outer heaven of the Universe”….”The separate heaven of Earth itself was called the Hebdomad (sevenfold).”
    ‘Following the teachings of PLATO (429-327 BC), the Neo-Platonist claimed that the human intellect was not related to the material world, and that individual Spirituality would increase in relation to one’s contempt for earthly values.”
    Pg 94 ‘Thoth was reckoned to have written 42 books containing all the wisdom of the world…dossiers of great magic…divine alchemy of human regeneration along with matters of science, astronomy and numerology.’
    Pg 95 ‘Lost forever though is the famous “Book of Thoth”, which explained the secrets of regeneration and longelivity”. Along with other hermetic texts and over half a million irreplaceable documents of history, science and philosophy, it was destroyed by a fevered Christian mob in AD 391. Led by the Roman appointed Bishop Theophilus, they marched upon the Serapeum, where the collection was held in the great Library of Alexandria, and razed it to the ground in order to clear the field for the doctrines of the new Church –approved literature.” (VL SAYS – ONE OF THE GREATEST CRIMES OF ALL TIME!)
    Further Reading;
    Refer Book “Anti-Gravity and the World Grid” Edited by Havid Hatcher Childress 1995
    Refer Book “Heavens Mirror” by Graham Hancock & Santha Faiia 1998
    ===============end of my contribution (c) Hermes Trismegistus==========22.1.2016

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    1. Dear Hermes Trismegistus,
      As usual I find your commentary very intriguing and insightful. Of course I had been aware of most of the ’theories’ you mentioned, and I specifically tend to believe that the ‘Giza Plateau’ and indeed many spots around upper Egypt had somehow enjoyed a different kind of geomagnetism thousands of years BC. In a way that could have made the process of building/lifting those ‘colossal stone Pyramids’ a much easier job than we, men of today, think.
      Thank you for your contribution, and I certainly will communicate more with you on this ‘controversial’ topic via your personal email. Greetings from the land of the Pyramids.

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