HAMAS: Imminent Menace to Palestine

Gaza was being separated from Palestine geographically by Israel’s occupation and morally by HAMAS’ occupation”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


I knew it, even before I started penning down one word of this post. I was sure most of those who will read my piece will end up, maybe before they will have finished reading it, misunderstanding the whole logic behind the article.

I knew a lot of my readers would hate me for this piece, and others might even go this far and hilarious as to deduce/speculate “what do you expect from someone ruled by the Zionist Al Sisi?” or “mere Zionist propaganda” … and other fun stuff like that.

But this someone who is viewing the post-Arab Spring mayhem from on-the-ground perspective and not from afar and cozy place has the right to write down how he thinks of this hard-to-define entity called “HAMAS” and the readers have the right to accept his views or not. (my views come from first–hand experience through my work as a medical doctor in both Egyptian/Palestinian Rafah and many personal contacts in Gaza)

Defining HAMAS as the democratically elected majority of parliament/Government won’t work anymore; for there were absolutely nothing democratic about 2006 elections. Those Islamists stroke a religious chord to exploit a sweeping majority of pious and gullible Muslim voters (very new to democracy)

With this act of blatant deception HAMAS has turned a political election into a referendum on radical Islam (same scenario deviously pulled by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt)

Fatah simply didn’t compete against HAMAS; rather they competed against representatives of almighty god. Real democracy should be conducted by separating the church/religion from the state. Yet that golden rule is not only overlooked in the Arabic world but its catastrophic outcome is ironically deemed democratic (reason why democracy could never be implemented/sustained in Arabic world)

Moreover, these 2006 elections were to be held every 4 years. Its mandate expired in 2010. Now it’s 2014, so what on earth are we talking about? Or was this a one and only time elections (HAMAS/MB democracy style)

Obviously I chose the worst timing to criticize and write negatively about HAMAS (considering the ongoing clash with Israel following the controversial murder of Israeli/Palestinian teens) … prime time for both Israel and HAMAS’ deception.

Frequent Hamas/Israel operations of missiles/airstrikes are vital for the survival of both. After each war every one of them claims victory (the only losers in this game are always the innocent people of Gaza/Palestine)

We, Arabs and westerners alike, tend to forget about the true nature of HAMAS as a dangerous group of fanatic Islamists and militants, until it is time for yet another brutal Israeli attack on Gaza.

Then, our vision gets myopic and blurry by the horrible scenes of the devastation and killing of Palestinian civilians and we start viewing HAMAS for what it is actually not; some sort of a Palestinian political movement/party engaged in courageous military resistance to Israeli occupation and aggression.

But that simply is not the case, not at all. For HAMAS has nothing to do with neither politics nor organized resistance. Their military operations are carried out in the name of Islamic jihad, not Palestine (huge difference)

And moreover, Palestine (as a free and recognized national homeland for Palestinians) comes at the bottom of HAMAS’ priority list. (So provocative … eh, but bear with me …)

Panoramic view

Muslim-Brotherhood-1Before I expose the true nature of HAMAS and how it is an imminent peril to the future of Palestine, I’d like to take you for a quick panoramic review of the current status quo of the Arab world.

The scene across the Arab world after the so called Arab Spring is of utter chaos, collapse and disintegration.

The scenes in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Bahrain, Lebanon and of course Iraq is of once strong and sovereign states heading slowly but certainly towards what is known as “ failing states” – let’s exclude Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain for the time being.

A failing state is the one that has not enough influence/power over its territories and borders and therefore is incapable of protecting its sovereignty anymore.

A failing state is like a semi-conscious and all bruised- faced boxer, two minutes away from hitting the ground, in a ring with an invisible fighter who’s been throwing all kinds of dirty bunches at him.

The US/Zionist theory of creating political chaos and instability by suddenly and simultaneously doing away with the Arabic long -in- power regimes has actually let the Genie out of the bottle (invisible boxer)

Western political strategists knew that real democracy could not be brought about this way, especially in an Arabic world fraught with religious and ethnic extremism and prejudices. Still “democratizing the Arab world” was the cloak they hid under.

Needless to say that real democracy in the Arab world was/will never be one of the west’s remotest interests. Rather, this whole chaos/collapse scam was really after one thing; gaining more influence and power in the Middle East. This was and always will be the west’s ultimate goal.

But this goal of turning target states into failing regimes and chaotic/divided territories needed inside help.

The 4th generation asymmetric warfare – 4GW, currently applied in the Arab world, doesn’t depend on traditional theories or techniques of 19th/20th centuries warfare. In short no more foreign boots on the ground and no more coffins flying back home.

The same old Zionist “divide and conquer” is still in good use, but this time around the one who will do the dividing and polarizing (wittingly or unwittingly) is a native agent/group of the target state/country.

And in a region where religion is mixed up with every tiny detail of life, what could serve “chaos plan” better than religious and sectarian strife (reinforced by media/internet attack – essential in nowadays 4GW)

That said, then who could help bring about chaos and destabilization and turn any target state into a failed state except the “Islamist extremists and their Al Qaeda-like groups”

Help topple the (secular) strong man in power, along with his military and security forces, and it won’t be long before those Muslim extremists will flourish and prevail and start wreaking havoc on the Arabs’ ground.

It is a simple and result-guaranteed plan/scenario. It worked in Egypt after toppling Mubarak, in Libya after murdering Gaddafi, in Iraq after executing Saddam Hussein and destroying his once strong military forces and in Syria after the war on Assad and his still standing army. And in Palestine after the rise of HAMAS to power in Gaza.

Failed State

I won’t elaborate more about the devastation and disintegration most of the targeted Arab states are going through right now. But I will point the finger at the one blatant example of Iraq and the way it is now easily and bit by bit turning into a FAILED STATE.

Iraq is the perfect example of a failed state, with no national security/military forces to protect its sovereignty/unity and consequently with no powerful leadership or even legislative bodies. Torn apart by deep division and is on the verge of a devastating civil war.

Iraq is like a knocked out-boxer who has been cheated out, thrown into the ring and forced to fight the wrong fight with the wrong opponent.

The fight/struggle that brought Iraq to the knees was not the fight with an outside enemy; rather it was the bitter conflict between the Iraqi Sunnis and Iraqi Shia (Hamas vs. Fatah in the case of Palestine)

Iraq is a model of a failed state (ISIS militants raiding   and executing soldiers and civilians in Salah Eldin province)
Iraq is a model of a failed state (ISIS militants raiding and executing soldiers and civilians in Salah Eldin province)

The Sunni/Shia strife and their impending military conflict, which I believe the Zionist intelligence have worked on for quite some time, was eventually brought about by the help of extremist Islamist groups; mainly ISIS

Hadn’t it been for extremist/terrorist groups like ISIS and its ideology of jihad that is based on blaspheming Shia and other religious sects the imminent partition and collapse of Iraq wouldn’t have been possible or even that easy and swift.

When the national identity and loyalty are slowly replaced by a religious one; then this is the first step taken on the tricky and slippery road towards a “failed state”

Islamist extremist groups, e.g. Muslim Brotherhood, Gamaa Islamyia, ISIS and Al Qaeda, and in our case “HAMAS” do not believe in nationalism and its pillars of belonging to one’s homeland with its unique national culture and history. Islamist Extremists view the world thru their prism of narrow dogmatic duality; Muslim/Kafer “non-Muslim”, Ummah “Caliphate”/nationalism.

You don’t find “patriotism” in the Dictionary of MB or HAMAS because they don’t belong to a nation; they only belong to their supranational dogma of establishing Ummah/Islamic Caliphate

An Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member will always be willing to pledge allegiance to say an Afghani Muslim as his Amir/ Caliph whereas in contrast he views his fellow Egyptian Coptic/Christian unfit (Sharia wise) to even run for any public office. (That’s why MB couldn’t be entrusted with the Egyptian sovereignty, national security and political future)

Any MB member, through years of indoctrination of fundamentalist dogma, will only struggle throughout his life to establish the Immamah/Caliphate. So, he will always look down on secularism, nationalism and democracy as deeds of the devil.

MB members in Egypt don’t share their fellow Egyptian citizens in their celebration of Independence Day, or any other national day of celebration, simply because they don’t believe in the idea of a home land that is uniquely characterized from others by its Egyptian history, struggle for freedom, culture and values. (So what’s the point of celebrating?)

In short all Islamist radical groups, including HAMAS for that matter, don’t believe in the value of a national homeland with sovereignty worthy of protection and sacrifice.

What the hell is HAMAS?

Most of us, Arabs and Westerners alike, take HAMAS and its influence and control on the Gaza strip for granted.

Nobody stopped for a few seconds and wondered what the hell HAMAS is. Why is this group called HAMAS, and not for example “Palestinian democratic party” or “Palestinian conservative party” … or any other Palestinian thing?

Hamas - al qaeda flag-resized
Hamas, AlQeada and Islamic State share the same ideology and flag

Well, that is simply because those radical MB members of HAMAS don’t give a damn about Palestine. They, as MB offshoot, don’t think highly of Palestine as their national homeland, rather they dream of the day they help establish the Caliphate on Muslim Arab land. Any MB member’s homeland is his underground group with its radical belief of Caliphate/Imammah.

A secret deal was struck between Hamas and Mohamed Morsi (ousted President of Egypt/one of the MB head figures) according to which a large chunk of the Sinai Peninsula was going to be added to Gaza (greater Gaza plan) to accommodate more Palestinians from within occupied land and diaspora refugees (more proof HAMAS couldn’t care less about Palestinian land and its willingness to swap it with any other MB land- not Israeli occupied land)

Hence (Islamic resistance movement) HAMAS’ designation came devoid of any reference to PALESTINE, while it candidly focused on relating to Islamist movements/groups (typical of a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Gaza)

That’s why ever since 2006/2007, the rise of Hamas, we rarely heard them talk about Palestine. Bit by bit, Palestine which used to occupy the headlines of mainstream media news was being replaced by news of this new ugly/dangerous entity “HAMAS” (e.g., HAMAS’ missiles, HAMAS’ conflict with PLO, HAMAS’ militant groups, HAMAS’ smuggling tunnels)

Even the ongoing military conflict is being reported worldwide as the war between Gaza/Hamas and Israel (Palestine is being slowly and systematically erased from the culture of current media and politics)

Over the years, the Palestinian sovereignty over GAZA was being slowly eroded by the power and monopoly of this new radical Islamist group “HAMAS”. Gaza was being separated from Palestine geographically by Israel’s occupation and morally by HAMAS’ occupation.

Unfortunately, western political and human activists were duped by the HAMAS’ deception. The many international “Free Gaza” campaigns gave huge publicity to HAMAS and that in a way gave this radical group more international recognition and legitimacy. (Though I’m certain the activists goal was to help the people of Gaza not Hamas”

But little did those good hearted activists know that they were emboldening a militant group of Islamist fanatics who were detaching Gaza from the motherland of Palestine. (The actual siege-not to underrate the Israeli siege- is the thick air of extremism the Palestinians in Gaza have been inhaling since HAMAS rose to power)

Palestinian killed in Khan Younis after Israeli air strikes, their bodies wrapped in Hamas’ flag
Palestinian civilians killed in Khan Younis after Israeli air strikes, their bodies wrapped in Hamas’ flag

The Palestinian flag, during the endless Rallies in Gaza, was being replaced by the HAMAS’ green flag (an obvious variant of Al Qaeda/ISIS black flag)

Even most recently, after the rise of ISIS, the militants of HAMAS dared to raise the black flag of ISIS during the rallies (a clear indication of HAMAS’ real loyalty)

Even the dead victims of the current Israeli attacks are being draped in the HAMAS’ green flag and not the Palestinian flag (little details that usually escape most news viewers)
That simply made them not victims for the long struggle to establish the Palestinian state on its historical and native land but as victims for the HAMAS’ struggle to achieve the goals of international MB web.

This is exactly how the Egyptian public opinion is up against right now. Egyptians are willing to show their solidarity with their Fellow Palestinians in Gaza but they are absolutely not willing to help the terrorist group of HAMAS (whose militants violated the Egyptian national security during the 2011 revolution; raided all prisons and freed MB heads, and  their Jihadist cells have been rampant in Sinai and the rest of the country till now.

To show how Egyptians have drawn a line between the People of Gaza and HAMAS watch this video “excerpts of popular Egyptian TV talk shows”


The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is not a religious conflict (and should never be viewed as such, otherwise the Palestinian cause will be lost). It is a geopolitical conflict with historical underpinnings. Hence, the Palestinian struggle to free their homeland is in no need for religious groups of fundamentalists and extremists (like HAMAS)

Israel and its Zionist think tanks have realized this fact early on, knowing that Jews are not/have never been an ethnic group(people), and also knowing that they are not the true natives of the ancient land of Palestine.

Most of the people, Arabs and Westerners alike, are not aware of the latest revelations made by Western and Israeli archeologists (after digging and excavating the land of Palestine for more than 80 years now)

In short, the result of almost all excavations is NOTHING. The results strongly contradicted the hypothesis that Palestine was the land of the Hebrews’ early Patriarchs or their stories.

In other words, Palestine is not the historical land of the Israelites – maybe some of the late events like the Maccabean revolt (followed by massive waves of conversion to Christianity) took place over there but not the tales of the founding fathers like that of the legendary empire of David and Solomon.

Also Historian Shlomo Sand has concluded in his best seller book “The invention of the Jewish People” that the current Palestinians are probably the descendants of those ancient Jews who over the centuries converted to Christianity and Islam.

Hamas-Israel cartoon-3As for the Zionist Jews currently occupying the land of Palestine; they are but a bunch of Ashkenazi who historically descend from the Khazars (Turks and Slavs converted to Judaism in 8th century)

If these revelations were to be propagated and made use of by shrewd Palestinian diplomacy (which the clerics and militants of HAMAS have absolutely none of) they would help demolish the Zionist claim of the Palestinian land as the historic place of the Jewish Patriarchs.

So, to go back and pick up on what the Zionists know and act accordingly upon. The Zionists know they can’t depend on historical claims to the land of Palestine; for the truth is beginning to unravel thanks to modern archeology.

The Zionists know they can’t win this struggle over Palestine with open minded and resourceful Palestinian nationalists; for nationalists won’t sell out their native homeland no matter what.

So, the only exit/option left for the Zionists is to turn the whole Zionist occupation/deception into a religious thing “The Jewish state of Israel” … the land for all world Jews, something similar to Islamic Caliphate.

The Zionists were clever enough and demanded all international powers to acknowledge Israel as the Jewish state; they even have taken it a step farther and demanded that Palestinians acknowledge Israel as such, and insisted this was a precondition for any future negotiations or peace talks.

That’s why Israel is in desperate need for a radical religious group like HAMAS and MB, for those groups, by virtue of their radical Islamist dogma, would and actually could keep this struggle for a Palestinian state over the native, historical and legitimate land of the native Palestinians trapped inside the realm of obscure religious radicalism and fanaticism (turn it into an eternal conflict)

Israel doesn’t and actually couldn’t win this conflict if it had to deal with nationalists and intellectuals like Edward Said and Hanan Ashrawi and Salam Fayaad. Instead, Zionists would be better off dealing with guys like Khalid Mashal and Ismail Haniya (conveniently radicalized and dangerously stupid)

By the way, where are Brother Haniya and Brother Mashal when their own people, under nonstop Israeli fire, need them most? They always disappear, like criminals, during wars on Gaza. They reappear once again after the dead have been buried and the ruins’ dust settled down.

And how those heads of HAMAS, who are being funded and guided from Doha and Istanbul, react to the recent revelations of many Palestinians from the refugee camps and Jihadists in Gaza are being recruited by ISIS.

Hamas’ ultimate peril to Palestine

Khalid Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh
Khalid Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh

Back to our description of a “Failed State” and I need to emphasize here that the first example of a failed state in the Arab World was Palestine. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been averted and slowly replaced by Hamas vs. Fatah conflict.

It’s a conflict that is constantly draining any sincere political effort to reach a fair resolution to the Palestinian cause. Not to mention that it has also given Israel the golden opportunity to evade any peace talks on grounds of the absence of a (unified) Palestinian negotiator (optimists could keep dreaming of reconciling Fatah with HAMAS, but that won’t last for the differences between the two are irreconcilable)

Military resistance is very essential in the presence of a Zionist military occupation, but the resistance should be carried out in the name of unequivocal unified struggle for liberating Palestine. Missiles shot in the name of Islamic Jihad, once the conflict is resolved, will demand rewarding Jihad (vicious circle of foreboding separatism/conflict)

But once again, HAMAS’s ultimate peril to the future of Palestine is that it’s currently helping Israel to turn the Palestinian struggle for freedom (a secular and national struggle) into a religious one.

HAMAS (an offshoot of MB international web) in its implicit call for an Islamist state is helping Israel morphs into “The Jewish State” and keeps its grip on the land of Palestine for good.

Gaza Jihadists in the Islamic State of Iraq and ash Sham,  the Sheikh Abu al Nur al Maqdisi Brigade
Purported photo of Gaza Jihadists in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Sheikh Abu al Nur al Maqdisi Brigade (posted on ISIS websites)

It all actually comes down to these two options; either Palestinians want a free, secular and national homeland as their future Palestine, therefore they, as the people of Palestine should ban and outlaw HAMAS (a bold move already taken by Egyptians that was followed by Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates and Kuwait)

Or maybe what the Palestinians want and aspire for is the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate, in that case they should stand united behind HAMAS ready to pledge allegiance to the new Caliph of Muslims, the terrorist Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi (end of story)

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30 thoughts on “HAMAS: Imminent Menace to Palestine

    1. Give it more time. Even if Palestine was to be be liberated tomorrow Hamas would still be a problem. Those Islamists don’t want a free Palestine, they aspire for an Islamist Emirate of Greater Gaza (part of international MB plan)


      1. @DrAshrafEzzat,
        when i said/wrote “i am not convinced” i was being nice. i find your article “preaching” over “analysis.” it is so disconnected in its flow of ideas to such an extent that i could not follow its logic except for the fact that you hate/despise anything religious in state affairs. i do not want to comment and expand on my many disagreements with you as it would not be constructive or beneficial to either you, me, or the readers of this blog.

        instead, i want to make one constructive suggestion that you might agree with:
        from now on, let us all who are for Palestine always talk and write “GazaPalestine” instead of just writing “Gaza,” “GazaCity,” or “GazaStrip.” (“GazaStrip” brings to mind a LasVegas-StripteaseShow – demeaning to say the least.)

        perhaps by always saying “GazaPalestine” we can in our very small way keep the memory of Palestine a little longer in the minds of good people like you and me.

        netanyahu et al. will never agree to speak of “GazaPalestine”. for him Palestine does not and will never exist as a sovereign state separate from Israel. for him Gaza is part and parcel of GreaterIsrael as this has been the case in Zionist thought long before Hamas ever existed. netanyahu means to gobble-up GazaPalestine and the WestBankPalestine into his Greater EretzYisrael, a prospect very frightening to Palestinians like me.

        Finally, i enjoyed reading @gerryhiles’ (almost encyclopedic) comments and will check Amazon.com for any book he might have authored.


  1. Excellent analysis. Confirmation is the creeping suggestion that the “terrorism” now comes from Sinai and the new clamor that Jordan should become the “Palestinian country”. According to Oded Yinon’s plan Israel would never renounce to Sinai, so creating trouble of “terrorist” nature there would give them a justification to occupy it. It becomes increasingly clear that the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, ISIS have been fabricated in the laboratories of the MI5, CIA, Mossad.


  2. I take on board your critique of Hamas, but don’t you think that your appeal to nationalism is a bit questionable?

    Nationalism is one of the greatest curses inflicted on us these last 150-100 years, beginning in Europe, then spread throughout Africa and the ME especially, as colonial powers drew arbitrary boundaries on maps, cutting through ancient tribal lands and splintering the former Ottoman Empire.

    I am not in the least commending the obscene ISIS ‘caliphate’ of course, but under the old Caliphate there was none of the current nationalism and diverse groups had lived alongside each other for millennia, mostly at peace – still did in Syria until recently, even though Syria is a colonial construct in part.

    I was born during WW2 in England and know the devastation caused by nationalism and the hatred it engenders amongst people with no real ethnic ties, e.g. England itself, let alone the so-called U.K., is a melting pot and ‘home’ to rabid “British Nationalists”, every bit as dangerous as German National Socialists, or the Ukrainian Right Sector, or the ISIS thugs seeking to establish a “Muslim Nation”.

    Nationalism, ironically, comes after anything like a real nation has been destroyed, e.g. the tribes of N America, with some of the remnants probably as “USA, USA!” as most nationalist Usans are – and look what that leads to amongst people who schizophrenically worship their mythical “individualism”, whilst simultaneously identifying with a wholly fictitious “collective”.

    It is no accident that, especially since the 1950s with Leo Straus at Chicago University, the neo-cons deliberately set out to cause chaos and formulate the PNAC about 1998.

    It is no coincidence that the worst nationalists of all are the Zionists, who have no real ethnic identity whatsoever, so believe in a completely false ‘history’ to rationalize their psychopathic actions, thus there is no fundamental difference between Zionist and Nazi ideology, e.g. a supreme ‘race’ entitled to seize territory.

    My background for what I’ve expressed is a compounding of 50 years of considering philosophical, psychological, anthropological, historical, ideological and personal experience.

    What the answer is to now-global problems, but I am sure it is not nationalism.

    If one factors in massive resource depletion – especially cheap oil – and the associated financial crisis (exponential growth is no longer possible to service compounding interest, e.g.) and such disasters as Fukushima, then I don’t think that any answer is possible.


    1. Maybe being from Egypt (one of the ancient nations on earth) explains why I’m such a staunch nationalist, but of course you have a solid point there.
      But then again, what we are faced with here in the Arabic World is US/Zionist wicked plan of a new map for a new Middle East.
      That new map will dissolve nationalism, as in the Iraq case, and devolve the region into medieval tribalism.
      Maybe Nationalism is not the best choice, for someone of your vast and colorful long experience, but it’s surely the only way out of the current mayhem of religious/tribal extremism.


      1. I can understand where you are coming from, but the trouble is that the US/Zionist plan has done so much damage – far more than Sykes-Picot and Balfour did originally, because at least the region did settle down into viable countries after the maps got drawn, except that poor Lebanon got persistently disrupted by the Zionist entity until Hezbollah got organized.

        You are right that Iraq had a healthy nationalism and Libya too, but now so much brutal harm has been done that I cannot see it being re-established, but Egypt probably stands a chance and maybe Syria too … and Novorussia, though Ukraine is finished by the evil Washington Empire and its puppet zio-thugs in Kiev.

        It seems to me that what many countries had going for them – despite being colonial constructs – was a basis in long history, so though Iraq was never a country-as-such until the London Empire delineated it, as part of former Mesopotamia it had at least 2500 of history and the artefacts to prove it. But now? I seems that part of the job assigned to the CIA/Mossad ISIS mercenaries is to smash those artefacts and all social ties.

        Have you ever read the “Communist Manifesto”? Marx wrote a brilliant polemic in it about Free Trade destroying social ties, with him going on to say (I paraphrase), “Until at last mankind is forced, with sober senses, to know his real relations with his kind.”

        Remember that a central theme for Marx was “alienation’, as observed in the London of the 1850s, when formerly rural people flooded in and lost all real social ties.

        I am not a Marxist, but I am glad that I studied him and can connect through to the neo-Trotskyites who are at the core of neo-liberalism and who have deliberately alienated people since the PNAC, rather than it being an accidental by-product of the Industrial Revolution. And then there are the mainly US Libertarians who worship Ayn Rand and are essentially fellow-travellers of the neo-cons, e.g. both Alan Greenspan and Ron Paul are Ayn Rand disciples, so it’s really rather a joke that Ron Paul criticizes the Fed.

        Margaret Thatcher was another Ayn Rand disciple who deliberately destroyed coal-mining communities and who infamously said, “There is no society, just individuals pursuing their own self-interest.”

        She got called mad, but I knew she was right, for all the wrong reasons, i.e. she rejoiced in social destruction, whereas I knew it was and is a disaster … just as Marx and other socialists knew 150+ years ago.

        Saddam Hussein, Muamur Qadafi and Bashar al Assad had to be destroyed, because they were Ba’ath socialists … and it’s no accident why Qadafi revered Nasser.

        Of course I hope the Egypt survives the machinations of Washington and its satraps.


  3. @”Nationalism is one of the greatest curses inflicted on us these last 150-100 years”…(but) “It is no coincidence that the worst nationalists of all are the Zionists”.

    The (continuous) Great War was not the result of the evil of “nationalisms”, but the result of the machinations of that “worst nationalists” against the “nationalities” aka. Gentiles, Goym.

    From the horse’s mouth:
    “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” ~ Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869 .
    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”—-Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, head of Shas Council of Torah Sages during a sermon delivered Oct. 2010 in Jerusalem.
    “One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I’d had charge of executing Christ, I’d have handled it differently. You see, what I’d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a savior out of mincement!”—– Rabbi Ben Hecht.
    “Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.” —(The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).
    This is just a tiny sample. BTW Ayn Rand was Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum!


    1. I am not arguing with your points too much, but I assure you that nationalism was rife in WW1 England and recently ‘unified’ Germany … nationalism HAS been a major curse for a long while and, unless like myself, you knew, at first hand, WW1 survivors and grew up when much of the jingoism of Empire still remained, you do not know what you are talking about.

      I agree that, behind it all were/are banksters, since well before Rothschild profited mightily from the Battle of Waterloo.


  4. @nationalism was rife in WW1 England and recently ‘unified’ Germany

    British jingoism cannot be separated from the ideology of British Israelism, from the ridiculous belief that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David.
    German nationalism cannot be separated from the ravings of “Aryanism”, an imitation of the racial superiority of Israel (much akin to British Israelism – one of the notorious promoters of German Aryanism was the Brit Houston Stewart Chamberlain!)
    But be that as it is, the War was started at the instigation of the “nation without land” to find (or to create) a “land without people” where to settle. The first choice was, believe it or not, what is today Ukraine.


    1. I don’t know why on Earth you are picking some kind of fight.

      Do you imagine that I believe that nonsense about the so-called British royal family, who are really descended from George 1 – a Sax-Coburg, from Hanover, if I recall correctly. But in any case NOT Germany, because such a country never existed before 1871, when most of the 16 states federated..

      Italy did not exist until 1866 and nor did Britain until 1801, though that started to fall apart about 1922 when Eire gained independence, with the Welsh gaining some autonomy more recently and Scottish independence mooted.

      Clearly you have some special axe to grind and you do not hesitate to pull it out of your hat. cherry-pick.

      I have always been very open to reasonable argument and saw through the London/Paris betrayal of Lawrence and his Arab brethren nearly 60 years ago, when I read “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, so do not try to teach me to suck eggs.

      I cannot be bothered to reply to you anymore but, btw, early modern Zionists – such as Herzl in the 1880s – considered S America and even Madagascar as Jewish ‘homelands’,

      The Ukraine was not their first choice, though it now turns out that most Zionist occupants of Palestine are Ashkenazi descendants from a ruler, in that region, who thrust Judaism on his people.

      Do you have an argument against that?

      I might reply, if your argument does not rely on nonsense about the corrupt Queen and fellow parasites.


      1. What makes you believe that a simple statement of fact shows that I have something special against you? It looks like you have an exaggerated opinion of yourself.


  5. @gerryhiles

    It looks that you don’t recall correctly:

    George I was “Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and a Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire”.
    Saxe Coburg and Gotha was Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria. Victoria’s mother was a Saxe Coburg Saalfeld (Prince Albert was Victoria’s first cousin).


    1. I stand corrected and should have checked my memory, but it does not alter the fact that the so-called “British” royal family originated in what is now called Germany.

      You ignored all else I wrote and resorted to the personal attack, “It looks like you have an exaggerated opinion of yourself.”


      1. Gerry, it seems that the so called “royal family” (the “effendi”) are actually descended from the Venetians – there is a VERY interesting essay by Webster Tarpley (tarpley.net) who is a great historian even though his wife is Jewish, or at least he was, perhaps before he married her!) The article is called The Venetian Conspiracy. He says in there that the 4th. Crusade was the greatest possible catastrophe for humanity because it brought about the power of the Black Guelphs and this “royal family/effendi” are the Black Guelphs.

        ps. Have you noticed how Jewish Charles and his sister look?


  6. Thank you for these perspectives that are not easily availble. Very few people (except Egyptians and those of us expats who lived through the “Arab Spring” and Morsi’s MB regime) seem to understand that both MB and Hamas are, paradoxically, and knowingly or unknowingly agents of the Zionist plan of reshaping of the ME region. For this reason I beg you to keep up this stream of information, from your unique, local perspective.
    Particularly important as a counter measure to certain writers who for unclear reasons, are anxious to promote MB & Hamas as genuine “democratic” islamic parties (lol) and promote the concept of the Islamic caliphate as if they were “countering” Israels expansionist plans. You will know to whom I refer. They fail to see, that all of these so called jihadi organisations are perfectly working for the zionist agenda.
    It is very important for people to clearly distinguish between HAMAS and the Palestinian people. This article explains why very clearly.


  7. You have briefly mentioned Qatar here. Perhaps a future article it would be enlightening for your readers to explore Qatar’s role (including Al Jazeera) in the rise of MB/HAMAS, and the reasons that it is supporting the creation of an Islamic Caliphate.


      1. For what it is worth: I dumped Aljazeera back when they faked events in Libya. And I seem to recall that several journalists quit too.

        Now I’ll go to your previous article link, but first apologize for getting involved in side issues to Hamas.


  8. @gerryhiles,

    I am at a loss to figure out what irked you so much. I have not contradicted you, just adding a few points. If you can take offense at such a trifle you certainly have a problem.


  9. Thank you Dr Ezzat for the link to your article on Qatar. A timely reminder of one of the significant (but less known in the West, apparently) forces behind the destabilisation and chaos (4th generation warfare) which is playing out in the Middle East….AL Jazeera, playing the role of “controlled opposition” media is playing an insidious game of deception and distorted reporting.


  10. I am very grateful to you Dr. Ezzat for this article about Hammas/MB and for the excellent comments. I wonder what is to be made of Putin’s recent connecting with Egypt? Is it as good as it looks – from my point of view, which is that Putin may save the World! At least, I hope so, but some people think he is just the controlled opposition too?


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