Meet Egypt’s next leader

“Muslim Brotherhood is nothing but a blight in the Egyptian contemporary socio-political fabric and wiping it off requires a leader with a vision”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Iraq is devastated, Lebanon is worn out, Yemen is collapsing, Sudan is split, Libya is ruins, Palestine is history and Syria is dying and the Gulf states are feeling the tremor approaching … all eyes are on Egypt now. Welcome to the new Middle East … welcome to the aftermath of designed chaos and fake democracy, or the so called Arab Spring.

Welcome to a new kind of warfare where any target state gets hit by what seems like homemade drones of turmoil and violence, where in fact the whole thing is a foreign orchestration.

And bit by bit that state falls down on its knees and gets crushed, apparently, by the hands of its own people.

Arab states, like dominos, have been falling one after another. In a sea of violence and fragmentation they have fallen and were left to sink and hit dark bottom.

Though Egypt was one of the first dominos to tremble … but, to everybody’s astonishment, Egypt has not yet fallen. But the operation “Arab Spring” won’t be successful unless Egypt falls down.

Arab states are tumbling down not by invading foreign armies like what happened in Iraq a decade ago, but this time by cunningly and remotely triggering all the hot buttons/spots that will ultimately lead to instability, sectarian violence and civil war.

In other words, fourth generation warfare (4GW) has been set in motion across the Arab world where Another Sykes- Picot scheme is under way – all in the name of democratizing the Middle East.

Breaking the rules

First of all I want to explain why I wrote Egypt’s next leader and not Egypt’s next president.

Egypt had its share of those shadowy presidents and rulers; the last of whom was Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the so called democratically elected president. Egypt doesn’t need another president; that ancient nation awaits a leader.

Western mainstream media is alluding to this cliché “Democratically elected” as if referring to something /someone holy and sacred.

Hilariously, the west keeps playing the democratically deaf and blind as long as its interests are being properly served. But when the going gets wrong, the west quickly steps in and screams; democracy!

Hitler was democratically elected and so was the deranged George W. Bush and even Yanukovych of Ukraine was democratically elected.

My dear western pundits, slaves of the terminology and illuminati rules, there is nothing holy about western democracy … and sometimes we’d be better off when rules are broken.

I hope I won’t be misunderstood, for I’m not anti-democracy. But it has taken the west centuries of political and social evolution/sacrifices to get the kind of democracy they embrace right now. I wonder why the west expects the Middle East to get democratized overnight.  Fast democracy is like fast food; they are both Junk stuff.

If the western call for democratizing the Middle East is genuine, then I would have expected the west to invest in the Middle East development not its warfare.

When we’re talking about establishing democracy in a place packed with illiteracy, ignorance, fundamentalism, sectarianism and poverty then we are either foolish dreamers or shameless collaborators.

We live in dangerous times beset with conspiracies and false flag operations that intend to transform any target state into a failing and crumbling down state.

Those who will manage to challenge the conspiracies and fight back won’t do it by blindly following the stupid rules of western democracy – a democratic puppet vs. a republican puppet- but they will make history by breaking the damn rules.

Field Marshal Al Sissi and president Putin

Field Marshal Al Sissi and president Putin

Vladimir Putin, aware of the western conspiracy, fought back with absolute courage and determination and so did General Al Sissi in Egypt. They both broke the rules as they stood against the US/EU plot to destabilize Russia and Egypt.

Well, that democratically elected puppet tool, Morsi of the MB, was doing nothing except making sure that the Egyptian domino would fall and shatter into irreparable pieces.

This clueless and clumsy Morsi, backed by Washington and Tel Aviv, was setting up the stage so that Egypt would join the chaotic circus of the new Middle East.

MB exposed in Syrian war

Had the MB been given more time in power, Egypt would have followed Syria in line.

‘Syria, here we come’ said Morsi in his last and most stupid speech at Nasser stadium days before he was ousted. Here we come, simply meant that Morsi was opening the door for flocks of Egyptian Mujahideen to join their Muslim brothers/terrorists in the Syrian war.

The call for Jihad itself, if you happened to know anything about Jihad, is a totally undemocratic call. It is simply a call for chaos and violence to prevail. A call, if answered, would demolish the pillars of any given civil society- as the case in Syria.

It is a call that would come out from the mouth of an ignorant tribal chieftain not a clever statesman.

Morsi, the so called democratically elected president of the most populous and most strategically important Arab country is calling for jihad/terror in Syria when all world leaders know that only diplomacy could bring this ugly and brutal war to a halt.

But the MB didn’t just want to see the Syrian war end. They wanted it to end victoriously. And victory for MB meant getting rid of Bashar Al-Assad and replacing him in power over Syria the same way they managed to replace Mubarak in Egypt – all part of their sick dream of an Islamist emirate.

Most westerners are deliberately being misinformed about the MB as they often rely on controlled mainstream news outlets that never tell the truth, like CNN, Aljazeera and The Guardian.

Unfortunately some of the independent analysts, who haven’t the faintest clue what they are talking about, are also siding with MB out of the deluded conviction they are backing a persecuted and moderate political party.

MB supporters rallying against democracy

MB supporters rallying against democracy

But I think those ardent supporters of MB were not informed that MB was never a political party nor that the radical group outrageously condemn democracy as blasphemous (Sharia is the only way to govern by)

Moreover, MB agents were/ and are prosecuted (not persecuted) for crimes (mainly terrorism) against their community.

The free Syrian army of Mujahideen, Takfiris and terrorists who are burning up Syria while beheading each other with the sword of Jihad are but the MB members in action executing MB dogma.  Kill the infidels; and the infidels are everybody and anybody who is not MB.

Ironically all hell broke loose in Syria, with all kinds of foreign funding and intelligence at play … and all that inferno of violence is in the name of democracy.

Every Egyptian knows that Israel is the real enemy, from outside Egyptian territories, and now most Egyptians are discovering a new enemy, from within, The Muslim Brotherhood.

Some will frown on this thesis as farfetched and a bit crazy, as if sleeping with the enemy and yielding to the fanatic terms of radical Islamists is the sensible and democratic thing to do.

If anybody wants to know how those words, farfetched and crazy, really taste like I sincerely invite him/her to temporarily quit his/her warm and secure room and come over to spend a most memorable weekend on the Syrian, Iraqi or even the Libyan territories.

A one way ticket will actually do for this get your feet wet- weekend, for the return is highly unguaranteed.

Come visit and try to survive the horror and the killing machine of MB and affiliates in the new Middle East, and then, only then, we could discuss your irregular sleep pattern over the undemocratic course Egypt has taken … And who knows maybe I would even hand you a clean tissue to wipe the tears you shed over banning the moderate MB – the mother ship of all Islamist terrorist groups around the globe.

Osama Bin Laden and Ayman El Zawahry are actually disciples of  Muhamed & Sayed Kotb, the notorious MB theorist whose writings have given the religious legitimate license for all Islamist terrorist groups to kill the infidels (other than MB) in cold blood.

A new star is born

MB is nothing but a blight in the Egyptian contemporary socio-political fabric and wiping it off requires a leader with a vision.

The Reason why Egyptians await a leader has to do with the Egyptian collective psyche and inherited tradition. It is so simple; Egyptians don’t want just another president – a high official who will reside in the presidential palace. The turmoil Egypt is going through is hardly the time for yet another high official/president in office.

The people of Egypt crave for a leader- a patriot with a charisma and a vision whose most important credential for the office is his unconditional commitment for the country’s security, stability and progress.

Throughout its ancient history, and despite being ruled by a long line of kings, sultans, khedives and presidents Egypt only remembers a handful of them who were leaders and patriots in the true sense of the word.

King Thutmose III (1479–1425 BCE)

King Thutmose III (1479–1425 BCE)

The list of leaders start all the way from Menes, Egypt’s first king, who unified the country 3100 BC passing through king Thotmose III (1420 BC) the warrior who built the ancient Egyptian empire, king Ramses II (1350 BC) the master of builders, king Baibars (1260) the conqueror of Mongols and the last crusaders, Khedive Mohammed Ali (1805) the architect of Modern Egypt, president Gamal abdel Nasser (1954) who ended the colonial era in Egypt and the Middle East and now the Egyptian nation is witnessing the born of a new star in that long list of honor and glory, namely Abdel Fatah Al Sissi.

By the way, all of the leaders mentioned above are men of the Egyptian army and this is why the military acquired new definition and role in Egypt. Egyptian military is the country’s stronghold of nationalism.

Throughout its long history the military has always been the guardian of Egypt’s unity and sovereignty, which have never been so endangered in recent times.

Abdel Fattah Al Sissi is the savior of Egypt from the perils of the fundamentalist and terrorist group of (MB) and the one who has put the new (chaotic) Middle East plan for the country to a halt.

Al Sissi, a hero in the eyes of most Egyptians, has already proved that he is a sincere patriot and army commander who won’t look the other way when the future of his country and his fellow citizens is jeopardized.

MB was morphing the Egyptian republic into a medieval theocracy – also under the guise of democracy.

When Al Sissi as Egypt’s chief of armed forces sided with the will of the people on June 30 2013 he was not exactly leading a coup, but the man was steering the ship of the Egyptian nation out of the dark waters of extremism, sectarianism and fragmentation.

But since we live in the facebook/Twitter era, aka the hearsay culture, people everywhere are constantly fed with rumors, misinformation and garbage news.

Amongst heaps of garbage news, targeting garbage minds, we would frequently stumble on the following; MB is a moderate group, Morsi ruled democratically, Morsi was undemocratically ousted, Egypt is headed back to military rule, Mubarak regime is reviving… and yes my favorite piece of junk, Al Sissi is a Jew, a thug, a scum bag who is collaborating with Mossad and the international Zionist circles.

Before I wind up my piece, I’d like to remind everybody that we’re talking about Egypt, not some obscure little island in the Pacific Ocean.

The world’s first centralized government and military started in Egypt 3000 BC.  Egyptians have their own unique and ancient way of governance and leadership.

Egyptian ancient traditions are the only mandate according to which the Egyptian military will always perform in protecting the unity and the sovereignty of the country.

The ancient Egyptian culture is the only authority how Egyptians choose their leaders, and not according to some misused western political methodology.

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15 thoughts on “Meet Egypt’s next leader

  1. Democracy has never existed and never can exist, simply because all people can never be equally informed/educated, capable, fit and so on for every human attribute.

    Athenian “democracy” comprised only males of sufficient means to sit around debating, whether or not many or any had talent. It was an abject failure and Plato likened it to boarding a ship, then voting for the most charismatic person as captain, whether or not he had any navigation skills.

    The fact is that humans (and all other social animals probably) have ALWAYS had leaders and that must surely be our natural state … not having committee meetings “(democracy”), nor especially this absurd “libertarianism” beloved by Usans (everyone is an American from Argentina to Canada) especially. Are they nuts to believe that the most vulnerable, least adapted species could live without co-operation and organization?

    I agree with you completely that leadership is essential, though I don’t know about Al Sissi … if only Nasser could be re-incarnated! If only Qadafi had not been slaughtered, ditto Saddam Hussein, but hopefully not Assad. And where would Russia be without Putin and N Korea without Kim.

    OK I expect to get ‘slaughtered’ myself for citing Kim, but I stand by it because, without an ideology and cult figure, how could N Korea have recovered from a genocidal war and 60 years of continuance with sanctions?


    • gerryhiles … with all due respect (ha ha) you have the intellect of a bee in a beehive. if i had the power of arms (as sisi has) i would take over the ship of Egypt, declare myself captain of the ship and, to save Egypt, get you, sisi, and all “readers with profound intellect” like yours to vote for me and then throw you all together overboard to teach you how to swim (whether you want it or not). after all, Egypt needs good swimmers to protect it from democracy …


  2. @DrAshraf: you say ” democracy was not meant for the mob, nor was freedom of speech”. … and who decides who belongs to the mob and who belongs to the “ruling class” … oops … i meant to say “dictator’s club” … Answer (according to your thinking @DrAshraf): it will be the one who has the most technologically advanced and lethal weapons … because then and by your definition anyone and everyone who disagrees with the one (leader you call him) who has the most technologically advanced and lethal weapon will definitely be classed by that leader as belonging to the mob … what a neat logic for a dictator and your kind of leader.


      • @gerryhiles: Yes, I read “Plato’s Republic” and taught it several times at the post-graduate level, and (judging from your photo) long before you were born. Now please refresh my memory: Do you know who Socrates was? Have you heard of Aristotle? Kant? Jefferson? The Federalist Papers? Stalin? Have you read any Philosophy or History books lately? Do you know how to read at all or are you just trying to impress? In plain, simple, crystal-clear english: What is the point you want to make about “Plato’s Republic”?


  3. The really stupefying thing is the endorsement of a reactionary, obscurantist and downright criminal outfit like Muslim Brotherhood by the “progressive”, “enlightened” Left. It tells much about the intellectual abilities (and honesty) of the Left which can only regurgitate slogans like “dictatorshio” versus “democracy”. It will be to much to ask them to see that the Muslim Brotherhood was in fact doing stealthily the bidding of Zionism.


  4. @ Jj I am 71. Socrates was Plato’s inspiration and I have read all available Dialogues. I didn’t like Aristotle much, but I have loved Descartes, Hume, Kant, Schopenhaurer, Heidegger and several more.

    Concerning the “Republic” I agree with others who have said that “everything written since Plato is just a footnote”. BTW you cannot teach philosophy (except the history of ) the desire for wisdom is an active process towards understanding, whereas one could study the republic and pass an exam, but understand nothing, e.g. about the Forms.

    Get off your pontificating high pedantic horse, I’ve met too many of your sort.


    • @gerryhiles. Good. You can read. Now answer my original question or shut up: In plain, simple, crystal-clear english: What is the point you want to make about “Plato’s Republic”? If you don’t or can’t provide a rational answer, you’re off my list. … i don’t have time for the likes of you. Kefaya Ba@a …


      • “Concerning the “Republic” I agree with others who have said that “everything written since Plato is just a footnote”.

        I thought that someone with your vaunted intellect and vast knowledge would understand that, because it means that Plato covered just about every topic philosophers have contemplated since.

        It’s not dissimilar to saying that Newton laid the groundwork (granted others prior work) for modern physics and maths. Can’t put things much simpler than that and I shan’t bother again.

        What hubris! What on Earth makes you imagine that I’d want to be on your list? What for? A yes man, disciple?


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