Hilarious: Aljazeera & MB Duplicity Caught on Camera

 “We didn’t oust Morsi for his diplomatic or economic failures- you’ll be surprised to find out how adaptively everyday Egyptians, over the heavy years, learned to live with such failures.  We ousted him, by a revolution, for his loyalty to the MB was far more than to the state of Egypt”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Operation Sumatra Assist

Now it has become clearer than ever that Aljazeera is waging a war against Egypt. Well, actually to be specific and avoid any hint of exaggeration, Aljazeera and a bunch of others, e.g. The White House, EU, Tel Aviv and Western Zionism … oh my gosh, almost forgot, our beloved Qatar- that cute little Gulf county is so tiny it’s almost ½ the size of Tahrir Square.

Though we live in the so called world of information, yet we are soaked to the eye brows in total deception and misinformation.

We need, more than ever, to know what’s really happening next door and everywhere on the globe. And instead of properly and ethically satisfying that human need, MSM has become the main stream of distorted truth. A lot of factors and powers are at work here, but the benefit of those controlling the media has become the only authority deciding how and when this distorted truth hits the market. And we are currently witnessing the big time to flood Egypt with MSM propaganda drones.

A blatant example for this distortion is the Qatari Aljazeera. Besides manipulating the truth by being selective which side to shed light on and which to dim to complete darkness, Aljazeera decided to fabricate the whole thing all together.

The fact that Qatar is one of the main sponsors and financers of the Muslim Brotherhood is no secret. Since the fall of the MB by the Egyptian uprising in June 30, and the channel’s anti-Egyptian attitude has aggressively taken new dimensions and shape.

And since the pace of developments in the Egyptian scene has been hectic, Aljazeera staff had to breathlessly keep up with updates and sometimes ahead of them – By fabricating non-existing stories.

Moving rapidly trying to cover nonstop events and updates, Aljazeera staff, in the Doha headquarters and on Egyptian ground, had to sometimes lose their subtleness, operate sloppily and to forget to cover their tracks.

Friday of Aljazeera rage

Armoured police vehicle pushed off a bridge near Ramses by violent MB mob.
Armoured police vehicle pushed off a bridge near Ramses, downtown Cairo, by violent MB mob.

In all MB rallies Aljazeera makes sure that one of its correspondents, and if not available one of the MB experienced members, is inside the event equipped with live streaming gadget- smart phone, laptop or ipad and high quality audio Mic. The live stream is of double benefit; transmitting the event from the side and MB/Aljazeera perspective … and also to take instructions from Aljazeera headquarters as how to act and what to say in front of cameras in a certain situation to achieve the desired effect.

On Friday August 16, the MB rallied to downtown Cairo, Ramses square, in what they called the Friday of rage.

Heads of MB assured the Qataris and the American embassy in Cairo which closed for the day, that the rallies will be so powerful and sweeping that once they reach Ramses square, they will declare their regime re-instated.

The rallies included units of MB militants plus foreign agents from Hamas, Syria and Pakistan. Rounds of live bullets were heard and sometimes caught on camera targeting the armless civilians on the street and onlookers from windows and balconies in a way that would invoke fear and panic amongst the Egyptians.

MB managed to finally reach Ramses square, because they were allowed to rally as equal Egyptian citizens, but the minute they reached the square they acted as citizens of another nation and with different identity.

Muslim Brothers of Taliban

The excited MB crowd, all of a sudden, encircled a small car that we later knew harbored one of the MB leaders, Saad Emara, and one of the crowd around the car grabbed a flag from the trunk of the car and raised it amidst tides of jubilation and arrogance.

And did they raise the Egyptian flag or the MB one, no; they raised and started waving the black flag of Al-Qaeda in a victorious way. That’s for me is terrorism in the wind.

Watch video of MB militants shooting firearms and rallying under al-Qaeda banner

The hidden target of the MB, which the western media and political circles are aware of but prefer to put a lid on, is turning the republic of Egypt into an Islamic emirate similar to the Taliban emirate. This is an international crime against the people of Egypt. This is tantamount to national identity cleansing.

This is a monstrous conspiracy that no democracy of the so called free world should subscribe to, that’s why this solidarity with MB has to take more appealing titles and more deceiving media coverage. This whole depraved politics has to aesthetically look pro-democratic. Wake up free world.

This is Ladies and Gents the core of the current Egyptian issue, this whole thing is not about breaching the norms of democracy and it’s not about some coup, many of the conspiracy addicts are currently and brilliantly exposing its funding by some covert US or Saudi government department.

What has taken place in Egypt is not about crucifying the MB and ousting an elected president, it is about hijacking a nation and its identity by a terrorist group whose interests are compatible with the Zionist American agenda for the Middle East. What has happened in Egypt, believe it or not, is a revolution. It is as bloody simple as that.

Dear western analysts, this is why we ousted Morsi

obama supports MBSome of the pro-Morsi writers and analysts, including European and American, often build their pro-MB thesis by saying “look we admit the man did mistakes, he failed to tackle the economic and political crises of Egypt but that doesn’t give the army the right to kick him out by a coup.

Actually, this is completely the wrong thesis; we didn’t oust Morsi for his diplomatic or economic failures- you’ll be surprised to find out how adaptively everyday Egyptians, over the heavy years, learned to live with such failures.  We ousted him, by a revolution, for his loyalty to the terrorist group of MB was far more than to the state of Egypt.

Again, MB, unlike any political party in the so called free world, doesn’t feel like related to the Egyptian strategic interest or security – simply because the MB organization has its own agenda and goal. And ironically, MB used the Egyptian presidency to reach and fulfill that goal.

MB doesn’t believe that citizenship should be defined by belonging to one’s homeland and sharing and cherishing its history and traditions, but rather by a citizen’s religion. MB doesn’t see that all citizens have equal rights and obligations. Non-Muslim Egyptians, be they Christian Orthodox, Catholic, Baha’is, Shiites, or even Atheists are citizens of a lesser god. And again, that’s for me is the very definition of terrorism.

You don’t wait, gullibly, until people take up arms and then, only then, you start yelling “terrorism” (watch video of MB armed militias shooting on civilians in downtown Cairo)

This is a medieval and obscurantist tribal definition of citizenship. This kind of definition that has been applied before in other countries that subscribed to MB political Islam, e.g. Sudan, is bound to ultimately divide Egypt into two states, exactly like what has taken place in Sudan.

MY dear western analysts, political experts and pundits; any MB member usually defines himself as a fundamentalist Muslim who happened, by the rule of mere genetic coincidence, to dwell on Egyptian land. In other words, a Muslim from Afghanistan or Yemen or Somalia could be closer to him than, say for instance, an Egyptian Coptic Christian.

My dear sophisticated western intellectuals, in your fervent support for the MB, you are quite painfully blind to the fact that MB might go along with you as long as you’ll assist them to rise to power once again, and maybe foolishly subscribe to the foreseeable UN sanctions on Egypt.

Vittorio Arrigoni
Vittorio Arrigoni

But any MB will not hesitate, not for a second, to slaughter you and your likes of the infidels, and leave you to rot hanging by the neck, as the MB perverted dogma preaches- May the soul of Vittorio Arrigoni, if you still remember him, who was slaughtered by MB of Gaza, rest in peace.

(At this point some will hastily and disapprovingly comment: oh no, you’re mistaken. Arrigoni was slaughtered by Islamist extremists and they are not exactly Hamas.

My response: Reeealy. How interesting.)

Watch the video of his abduction and slaughter by Hamas Islamists (MB offshoot)

My dear western intellectuals and staunch human rights watchdogs, you’re simply patting the head of the big bad wolf.

And if you are let in on the filthy deal the west is in with the MB, you will soon discover that it is worth the risk of instigating a civil war in Egypt; for selling a big chunk of the Egyptian land, namely Sinai to the Israeli/Hamas side is the price of re-instating the MB in Egypt.

MB, financed by the satellite country of Qatar, and backed by the White house, EU and Tel Aviv, is trying to gain hold once again of the Egyptian state. And in doing so all kinds of dirty diplomacy, intelligence and propaganda are being played out in day light and with unprecedented political debauchery.

MB desecrates the holiness of mosques

MB proesters using Firearms in their rallies and sit-ins
MB proesters using Firearms in their rallies and sit-ins

Back to Ramses square, and when the local community of Ramses and adjacent neighborhoods saw this al-Qaeda rally getting more violent and way out of line, they were so provoked they started dispersing MB rally and chasing the militarized group with the al-Qaeda flag.

The Police forces joined the local community and the al-Qaeda flag group found no way to run, and the only place for them to hide was inside a big mosque in the periphery of Ramses square, known as Fateh Mosque.

The MB militarized unit took refuge inside the Fateh mosque and since this group was the front- line in the MB rally, it had to include a leading figure of the MB and of course Al Jazeera live streaming unit.

The trapped group refused to go out of the mosque fearing they might get arrested. And while the majority had nothing to fear, certainly Saad Emara, the MB leader was bound to get arrested for instigating violence and acts of terrorism.

On contacting Al Jazeera, the trapped group was told to calm down and do as the headquarters tell them.  They were told that the only way out is to pull a big stunt, a live make-believe show for the whole world to see.

Aljazeera’s big stunt

MB violent rally ends up trapped in a mosque
MB violent rally ends up trapped in a mosque

The Group was told to make some of their members act like they were severely wounded; their forearms and heads wrapped with bandages. And moreover, others were told to play the dead; yes the dead, lie on the ground with their eyes shot and clothes soaked in red anti-septic solutions and make believe they were shot dead in the head and abdomen.

The trick was huge; a MB woman, by the name of Shaima, who was conducting the live streaming from inside the mosque was the one doing most of the talking.

In her answers to the Doha broadcaster she tried to convince the millions of viewers who were watching the live Aljazeera coverage that the mosque had been hit by Egyptian military helicopters that were hovering over the mosque and that the planes blasted the mosque, which believe it or not was in downtown Cairo, with deadly missiles.  And afterwards the aired interview went as follows;

Shaima, in an intermittent transmission: there is around 1000 people trapped; hungry and thirsty and some are wounded and dead

Aljazeera broadcaster: let me repeat what shaima said, there are thousands trapped and they refuse the military proposal to leave the mosque for fear of arrest and persecution.

Shaima: I have with me some of the brothers who want the whole world to know they are armless and have nothing on them except the Koran.

Aljazeera broadcaster: The hostages implore the free world, the NGOs, the UN and the Security Council to intervene and save them.

A few minutes later, and as our Shaima was taking 5 to rest, she gave the ipad to one of the brothers to do some panning of the mosque and zooming on the wounded and those playing dead lying on the floor.

But as I mentioned before, and due to sloppiness of some of Al Jazeera crew and the MB inexperienced members, the viewers were in for the surprise of a life time.

As the camera was panning, it suddenly zoomed in a young man lying on the floor. He was motionless he nearly seemed like in a death coma. He was wounded in the head and his shirt was stained with what seemed like a large leaking abdominal wound.

It looked like the poor man was hit by a live bullet that somehow penetrated his abdomen.

The size of the bloody stain and the state of unconsciousness of the wounded man made one of the brothers who was not aware of Al Jazeera scheme try and check on the fatal wound. And as the MB fellow was pulling up the bloody shirt guess what happened; the wounded man, taken by the surprise, woke up from his coma and kicked the hell out of his MB fellow for revealing the deception. And guess again what; there was no wound, not even a scratch; his abdomen was normal and ok. His bare abdomen allowed the bare truth to unravel.

Watch video of Aljazeera and MB deception caught on camera

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the wounded MB man who was bleeding to death on the ground of the mosque was pulling out a stunt. Wake up ‘free world’ … Al Jazeera, the MSM and the American and European Zionism are pulling a cheap trick on you and playing you all for a bunch of fools. Don’t fall for the trick.

The MB is an extremist group, with an appetite for religious fascism, endorsed by an international terrorist mafia. What is happening in Egypt is history in the making. Don’t stand on the wrong side of history, for what happens in Egypt will not eventually stay in Egypt.

11 thoughts on “Hilarious: Aljazeera & MB Duplicity Caught on Camera

  1. Sorry Dr. Ezzat, the main reason I came to your blog was to thank you for your excellent article. i hope you don’t mind me putting it on my blog sometime in the future.

    Take care,


  2. Dr another El LIEzeera b movie and just makes you wonder what sadistic barbaric world it has become
    UNSC doing the crusader zionised shuffle – A DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENS – one has to be extremely DUMB!
    Al Jazeera, Reuters published the news of massacre in East Ghouta, Damascus one day before the massacre happened. Tens of videos were uploaded one day before the massacre. All these evidences show that the terrorists massacred people then recorded the scenes to deceive people of the world, but they were SO FAST and they gave themselves up.READ REST OF ARTICLE http://www.intifada-palestine.com/2013/08/exclusive-photo-al-jazzera-reuter-published-the-news-of-massacre-in-syria-one-day-before-the-massacre-happened/


  3. A powerful piece Dr. Ezzat. We have been doing our best to keep the world abreast of the TRUTH in Egypt and you confirm it all so well. I will be posting this at some point today, actually it is almost all ready to go. Egypt Lebanon Syria and Iran are the forefront of the battle for the human race these days but very few in the West understand the true lay of the land. Almost two years ago the guys at The Ugly Truth pointed out the exact truths that are taking place today ~ so some of us are not at all surprised at the truth of it. I refer to Al Jazeera as the Fox News of the Arab World.

    I do have a question I would love to have answered by you. Recently films came out on the Pallywood aspect of things in Egypt and Syria, the use of crisis actors etc. I cannot figure out if the film session IS a Pallywood type production OR an Israeli psy ops SAYING this is a Pallywood production since the presenter in YouTube is Jewish. I have posted regularly on faux settings for political action so I am not unaware but this one confuddles my little brain.

    In the meantime, my prayers to Egyptians and …. dear God I hope there is a humane compromise to all of this.


    1. Thank you nooralhaqiqa, as for the alleged Pallywood video, it’s quite funny that you bring it up, for I’ve been doing some research about it … and yes I can tell you now that it is real. It is MB boys and girls engaged in a degraded show of Pallywood, though I hate to use the term. I think I should say MBwood.


    Dr we are sad, disgusted, and furious because we informed the silent COMPLICIT globe what Qatari queers were doing in OUR LIBYA (we are Asians/Africans/Europeans/Arabs) but everybody was busy demonising our Col and destroying our Ummah. This is a bit long and may seem off subject but it is not. Educate/inform and act
    Re regarding the El LIEzeera crap show re “On contacting Al Jazeera, the trapped group was told to calm down and do as the headquarters tell them. They were told that the only way out is to pull a big stunt, a live make-believe show for the whole world to see.”
    Re: Aljazeera’s big stunt see:Mathaba net: see the Green Square made in koshe/bollywood and the lies/insane WHOLESALE barbarity and role of other states you would not think involved like INDIA – brown skin/coolie UK colony. TATA and their COLLABORATION with IDF. Incidentally, we would like to inform: India the western mythological democracy + Gandhi propaganda: India was DRYING to destroy our Iraq and join the UK/Usrahelli + 40 thieves of Bagdad. The only reason it did not manage to join the bloody brutal terrorist was the Communist were part of the Indian coalition government and they refused any participation. The only politician to pay for the Iraq oil for food, an insane barbarity forced on our people by the crusader zionist bastards was an Indian – though that is not say that there weren’t other – Europeans like: Oil for Food Program Scandal: The Complete al-Mada List … creative.sulekha.com/oil-for-food-program-scandal-the…
    Oil For Food Program Scandal: … Formigoni had visited India with a business delegation and praised Sonia Gandhi. Formigoni said at that time … Roberto Frimigoni …
    Re: the western “mythological darling of “peace” Gandhi”: Rev. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi | Sikh Spectrum
    http://www.sikhspectrum.com/ 2003/ 08/ rev-martin-luther-king-and-mahatma-gandhi/ – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight
    During that show, you compared Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King with Mahatma Gandhi. Written by Baldev Singh. Print Email. Dear Oprah,. I am writing this…..
    By the way Indians were holding conferences on INVESTMENT IN LIBYA! Pls read the brilliant article of the late Baldev Singh
    Qatar sent out their goons to train –divide et imperia corrupt ignorant stupid Syrians on the same methods you have mentioned above. So we once again give credit to all you have presented.
    Our members from Italy informed as on Aljazeera’s big stunt at AL Fateh mosque and the so called Italian journalist (LIE news 24/RIA – radio Israhelli Audio)


  5. Egypt’s army and the loyal and secular citizens of all faiths are truly heroic in their refusal to bow down to MB pressure and fear, to resist western overtures to accommodate the MB in any way whatsoever. An army that does the will of the people and is for the country first is rare these days, especially in the region of the middle east. Take note all those who wish to exploit the current events, you won’t have much luck with a steadfast and committed population and armed forces. Viva Egypt!


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