The Egyptian

Despite the tons of thoughts, conversations and writings that have been reflecting on the Egyptian Revolution which first sparked off on January 25 2011, but not so many have managed to grasp the true essence of who steered this revolution and why they did it in the first place.

Ana al masri

And curiously enough it seems that the Egyptian revolution is still evolving into something that is not only gigantic, but also totally innovative and new to modern democracy..

Watch my short video, one minute plus, in which I have tried to visually sum up the story of the Egyptian revolution 2011-2013

One thought on “The Egyptian

  1. 1st time your article comes across confused and making no sense but here some brilliant profound analysis
    America’s Plan B in Egypt: Bring Back the Old Regime
    Mahdi Darius NAZEMROAYA | 06.07.2013 | 00:00

    “Morsi’s government also abandoned the amnesty it had given to the Jamahiriya supporters from Libya that took refuge in Egypt.
    The United States and Israel have always wanted Egypt to look inward in a pathetic state of paralysis. Washington has always tried to keep Egypt as a dependent state that would fall apart politically and economy without US assistance. It has allowed the situation in Egypt to degenerate as a means of neutralizing the Egyptians by keeping them divided and exhausted. The US, however, will be haunted by the coup against Morsi. Washington will dearly feel the repercussions of what has happened in Egypt. Morsi’s fall sends a negative message to all of America’s allies. Everyone in the Arab World, corrupt and just alike, is more aware than ever that an alliance with Washington or Tel Aviv will not protect them. Instead they are noticing that those that are aligned with the Iranians and the Russians are the ones that are standing.
    An empire that cannot guarantee the security of its satraps is one that will eventually find many of its minions turning their backs on it or betraying it. Just as America’s regime change project in Syria is failing, its time in the Middle East is drawing to an end. Those who gambled on Washington’s success, like the Saudi royals, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, will find themselves on the losing side of the Middle East’s regional equation…


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