War in Syria: No Sign of a Revolution Yet

It is quite ironical; but where do all conspiracy theorists go/vanish when we need them most?

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

In that Saturday, March 10, 2012, Aida cries as she recovers from severe injuries after the Syrian Army shelled her house in Idlib north Syria. Aida’s husband and and two children were killed after their home was shelled. Wounded people, including children and women, crowded into the clinic in bloodstained clothes. Many had clearly been struck by snipers, who shot them through the legs and arms.

While the world was not even watching and shortly after the Tunisian uprising ended, swiftly and quite unexpectedly actually, with the ousting of President Zin Elabdine Ben Ali, too many conspiracy theories began to hatch up all over the cyber space claiming that the Tunisian revolution has been choreographed by foreign/western powers and pulled off by secret agencies.

And it didn’t take long before the Egyptian domino began to fall. And before the international political circles and observers hardly had any chance to sober up from the Tunisian shock, they were in for the greatest show of civil nonviolent disobedience the world has come to witness since the Indian non-violent struggle against the British Empire led by the legendary mahatma Gandhi.

As the thousands were pouring into the now iconic Tahrir square and practically occupying the heart of the Egyptian capital, forcing the Mubarak regime to bend to their demands, new conspiracy theories began to target Tahrir square.

Unlike the Tunisian case, the whole world was watching the miracle that was unfolding in Tahrir square live, and minute by minute. The world was mesmerized by the power of the Egyptian people to mobilize and non-violently change the course of history.

And once again and after the magical 18 days of the Egyptian uprising had ended the same conspiracy theorists, reloaded with new ammunitions, penned down ridiculous posts, making the same claims that turned the spontaneous Egyptian uprising into some false flag operation.

In their funny analysis of the Egyptian revolution, most of those conspiracy theorists conceded that the struggle of the Egyptians is really commendable and the sight of occupy Tahrir square is so inspiring, but they regret the fact that Egyptians have been duped into this uprising by some foreign powers and covert agencies, e.g., Mossad and CIA, to simply, take Mubarak (the biggest US puppet in the Middle East) down – as if Mubarak was the pain in the ass for US and Israel.

And all it takes is one look at the post-Mubarak situation in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists rising to power, whose anti-American/Israeli sentiment and rhetoric is no secret, to make you laugh out loud at those conspiracy theorists.

And when it was the time for the Syrian domino to fall, and quite clearly by foreign hands, the conspiracy theorists guys declined to indulge in the foul affair.

Who started this madness? Who benefits from this war? Who’s sending the mujahedeen to fight this unholy war? Who is paving the way for yet another Islamists’ take over?  Who is steering this war by proxy? Who will come out winning in the very end; Qatar and Saudi Arabia with their petro-dollars, or the Chinese and the Russians with their unstoppable shipments of heavy weaponry … And most importantly how did the Mossad’s agents play out in this neighboring inferno? … But while I seem to have no answer to these questions, I only know this for certain; this war is going to haunt the Syrians for a long time to come.

It is quite ironical; but where do those conspiracy theorists go/vanish when we need them most?

In Syria, every day that passes, every bullet shot, every human dead screams “false flag” … for months now, we‘ve been following/beholding, most empathetically, the Syrian case as it evolves into an apocalypse … and amidst the bloodshed, the coffins, the UN votes &vetoes, the political initiatives and conspiracies, the daily shelling and the daily horrors … I fail to catch sight of any trace of a revolution.

I even fail to discern any heroism in the deeds of the so called free Syrian army; I can only feel the pain of watching our human folly and incompetence come to life on the Syrian theatre.

Watch the following video and let me know what you feel.

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7 thoughts on “War in Syria: No Sign of a Revolution Yet

  1. Since 2005 the were going to mosques in Europe saying “some welcome the imam from washington” and this imam came complete with cia goons.
    2010 the co called Syria = HRW in London + Europe were on the streets of eu – Kensington/Trafglar aquare screaming insults at Assad, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah

    The Muslims from Birmingham are in Syria + others are waiting to go and they are not even Syrians (the brit gov convicted a Fartbook user because he said that brit soldiers – rape kill torture and he hopes that they die – the first part true and the 2nd part – what is a soldiers profession – kill or be killed) and they have sent 4 Muslims stateside to be tortured, humiliated, and mentally broken) and yet the brit gov FUNDS, ARMS; TRAINS and sends these to TERRORISE the SYRIANS
    Aggressive, violent thugs – refuse their propaganda and they will attack you.

    What do I think of the above propaganda – Sick insanity
    and the worst part what they destroying their country, infra structure, homes, lives, UMMAH, ISLAM for what?
    to be a slutty crusader whore!
    Disagree with you regarding the protest.


  2. The fact that only regimes that the US wants removed are targeted by “spontaneous democracy”? that alone should say it all.
    The entire thing is as fake as 911 and sponsored by the same zionist filth- the ones only who benefit. Entire region destroying itself and each other without the zionists firing one shot or shekel at their arab muslim enemies. Pretty good deal for them if you ask me.


  3. By logging in you’ll post the following comment to War in Syria: No Sign of a Revolution Yet:
    I came across this text sent to me – appropriate for those “actors” in the video
    for me they can go to HELL for slaughtering entire families
    Jordanian Salafis went to Syria and joined their al-Qaedah brothers to
    topple the Assad regime, the only Arab country that refuses to succumb to US
    and Israeli hegemony. Two salafis were killed in Deraa, southern Syria.
    Their proud families celebrated their “martyrdom”.
    I personally wish to see more “celebrations” of Salafis who indiscriminately slaughte Syrian men, women and children and who are committed to the destruction of Syria, rather than to the liberation of occupied Palestine
    from the Israelis. I wish to see all Islamists who murder innocent people in the service of the Israeli American agenda go to “heaven”, real quick. in order to cleanse Arab and Muslim lands from their stupidity, backwardness
    and evil.
    Ali Baghdad
    (Arab Journal)
    Video: Sickening bunch of ignorant criminals.
    for UK JSA =job seeker allowance + slum house these creeps destroy my home! Go and destroy their homes
    For saying this the brit gov convicted a Muslim!
    UK’s Royal Marines join the ranks of shamed NATO troops in
    http://WWW.RT.COM.NEWS. Published: 12 October, 2012.In a first for the UK’s tight-knit, disciplined and fiercely proud
    commandos, seven Royal Marines were arrested on suspicions of murdering an unarmed insurgent after a colleague
    came forward and broke the Marines’ strict ‘code of silence.’Seven Royal Marines were arrested on suspicion of murder
    after a colleague came forward and claimed a disarmed insurgent had been killed in a manner that broke the British
    military’s strict rules of engagement in Afghanistan. The seven soldiers were arrested Thursday by Royal Military police,
    and a murder inquiry will be undertaken by the Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) justice system, which investigates British
    personnel who commit offenses overseas.


  4. Dr Ezzat you said in one of your post “why would the usan get rid of their puppets” or words to that effect. Here is the reason WHY

    This post is from the exIndian ambassador Gajendra Singh

    William Endahl article adds the energy rivalry facet to the East West struggle in greater middle east .Cheers Gajendra


    Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War


  5. Your entire blog, “War in Syria: No Sign of a Revolution Yet
    Pyramidion” ended up being definitely worth commenting down here in the comment section!
    Basically wanted to mention u did a good job. Many thanks ,Ines


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