New President of Egypt Ridiculed in Israeli Video

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat.

Alexandria, Egypt.

Israeli TV has lately screened one of a new series of ads, sponsored by The Temple Institute, which promote the so called “rebuilding of the temple mount.

The video titled ‘The Children are Ready’ is causing a lot of controversy amongst Egyptians, especially users of Twitter, facebook and YouTube who saw the video as an insult to their president.

The proposed location for this temple mount is very provocative, for it is the site occupied, since 705 CE, by the Al-Aqsa mosque, one of the holiest places for Muslims on earth.

Muslims believe that Muhammad was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to al-Aqsa during a miraculous Night Journey. While Judaism regards the Temple Mount as the place where God chose the Divine Presence to rest. Both explanations are really cool.

Anyway, for this “temple mount” to be built, Al-Aqsa mosque has to be demolished. It is as simple as that.

And as a matter of fact, this dangerously ambitious plan is what the Israeli governments have in mind as the non-stop digging underneath the mosque has been going/eroding the foundation of the mosque in the name of archeological excavations for almost four decades now.

The Israeli archeologists know they won’t find/stumble upon any Hebrew relic, but they hope that, thru their ruthless digging under the mosque, they would contribute to the Zionist cause of undermining the Arab/Muslim identity of the old city of Jerusalem. All part of an undergoing plan for the judaization of Palestine

In the video, an Israeli family in a relaxing outing at the beach, only the father is not so relaxed.

While he is totally consumed with reading news of the unrest in Syria and the newly elected president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsy, his kids are having fun building what, on first glance, seemed to be as an ordinary sandcastle.

But upon completion of their work, the boy and the girl haven’t just built any castle. They built something very close to the design of the temple mount, the Israeli media have been promoting for ages now.

Enthusiastic and extremely thrilled by their accomplishment, the kids drag their reluctant father out of his chair and preoccupation with what is going on in Egypt and urge him to take a look at their sand model of the “temple mount”

Speechless and stunned by the kids’ vision clarity and powerful expression, his fears of an Islamist president of post-Mubarak Egypt suddenly seemed groundless and somehow childish.

And still in his dumbstruck mood, the paper slips through his fingers, and falls to the ground, in a slow motion shot, where it thoughtlessly sets close to his feet, highlighting the photo of Mohamed morsy, the new president of Egypt.

There are actually three messages in the video. The first one is simple and straightforward; the newly elected president of Egypt, whose affiliation to the the Muslim Brotherhood MB and support for Hamas that have left a lot of Israelis worried lately, won’t hinder the Zionist dream of Judaizing Palestine.

The second message is somehow subdued and mainly addresses the western audience of Zionist Christians and Jews who are being brainwashed, since 9/11, with the idea that the Islamists are the new bogeyman/ enemy of the west and Israel.

The third one is to embarrass the new president of Egypt, especially that Tel Aviv is fully conscious of the deep divide amongst the Egyptians themselves regarding Mr. Morsy and their doubts of his hidden MB agenda for the most important country in the Middle East.

But the buzz this video has created on the social web sites has clearly shown that while Egyptians, after toppling Mubarak, are willing to criticize whomever will occupy the presidential palace, they remain staunch in their rejection to any disrespectful remark that would touch the Egyptian presidency, especially if it was Israeli.

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22 thoughts on “New President of Egypt Ridiculed in Israeli Video


    Having seen and read the above it is a good idea to read Israel Finkelstein’s book “The Bible Unearthed.” (I did not like the film. It walks on eggshells while the book is quite straightforward while still being s tactful as possible.

    Then there is the matter of the origins of Christianity. Christianity was the religion of ancient Egypt.

    IUSA the KRST was born on the 25th December of a Virgin called IsisMery. He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser – who was beheaded.
    He has 12 companions, He healed the sick and raised the dead and he was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock. He was resurrected.

    KRST meant “The Anointed.” in ancient Egypt.

    The psalms are said to be almost all word for word copies of hymns of Ancient Egypt.


    1. OK…..I’m an avid fan Mike…..I post a LOT of your articles to my facebook page…..but am I the only one who saw the headline the dad was reading about was ASAAD..of Syria???

      Mad Angel on FB


      1. At first I did not notice that,..but when I stopped the video it could be seen….both articles involved Syria and the Egyptian President was lower on the page. These godless heathens have a much broader plan than just destabilizing the ME


    1. “A mature nation”? They are hardly a nation at all and in any case have no right to be there!

      Also, to call themselves “israel” is about as ridiculous as possible because the ancient Kingdom of Israel had nothing whatsoever to do with any Hebrews or the Judeans – and they were dispersed permanently and most thoroughly by Assyrians – I think it was Senacherab. Furthermore the Israelites had nothing to do with the people who lived in Judea and that whole area – or the tiny “very poor village of Jerusalem”. In other words, the Israelites were quite different and separate. Why have these Ashkenazi Jews used teh name of Israel. They really have no right to it. They have no shame.


      1. I agree.
        Mature Nation? They act like a hoard of whiny, bratty, entitled children – not half the time, ALL the time!!


  2. I agree with Mike too. They are ALWAYS provoking, not only because they are unpleasant people but it seems to me that they are also sadistic. They provoke the Palestinians so that they will react – so that they can be even more cruel and it seems to be escalating. They are now destabilising Syria while pretending that it nothing at all to do with them and they just want to be friends with Syria. They are laughing at the World. at all of us because it is so easy to manipulate us poor Gentiles. They like to think that they are intelligent because cheating, lying, stealing and killing seems tio be “intelligent” behaviour to their sick minds! They are simply insane – criminally insane.

    I believe that Jews are more or less psychopathic because the endocrine system of their mothers is constantly pouring out all the hormones which cause tension and aggression. They are conditioned even before birth to be anxious, angry, and aggressive – and then they are indoctrinated by their mothers to believe that all of mankind hates – for no reason at all!!!
    How can they possibly be sane? How can they ever relax and be HUMAN?

    Is this the reason that the Jews say that if your mother is or was Jewish then you are – perhaps?


  3. It’s funny but just about any culture that can trace its lineage back to ancient times can point to physical proof of their prior existence… Egyptians, Peruvians, American Indians, etc. Where is the great cache of ancient Jewish artifacts? We shouldn’t have to look too hard, in fact, we shouldn’t have to look at all! Sad as it is, I think the world is starting to wake up to the horrifying fact that we’ve all been had. Israel knows this… they’re feeling the heat being turned up. The danger in all of this is that they simply can’t let this truth be known. Their psychopathic nature compels them to divert everyone’s attention by engaging in a major conflict, which will result in the loss of an enormous amount of people, but until then they will continue to pressure lawmakers to pass laws and to file lawsuits against anyone who appears to be asking too many questions, who appears to be getting closer to the truth. We in the US are spending billions of dollars every year to prop up this fantasy. It’s time that we bring that money home and spend it where it needs to be spent. Why would I help my neighbor restore his home if my house has holes in the roof and leaky water pipes? Why would I help my neighbor restore his antique automobile if my car has four flat tires and a blown engine? We can only be strong for our neighbors if we ourselves are strong. Israel knows this but they don’t care. Like they’ve always done throughout history, they’re gonna suck the blood for as long as they can and when we become weak and feeble, they’re gonna move on to the next victim. Vampires hate the light. is a shining beacon of truth… thank you Mike Rivero.


  4. Smells to me like they’re running plays from the book of Revelations. Are they serious? Supposedly, that is the final sign before the “End”. These people are evil and insane.


  5. “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever……..nothing the ?Gentiles do will meet our needs, our demands. We need a World of our own.” Maurice Samuel who wrote a book “The Gentiles.” quoted by Douglas Reed in his wonderful book “The Controversy of Zion.”


  6. Everyone knows that the current occupiers of Egypt are anything but Egyptians. They are a multitude of different ethnicities who claim to be Egyptians. The real Egyptians line the bottom of the Red Sea.

    Good luck trying to convince the world y’all are anything but a bunch of crybabies and terrorist wanna-bes.


  7. It would be a wonderful world if we ALL stopped hateful name calling, and could all live in peace with one another.
    “Give Peace A Chance” – John Lennon


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