Atheism and Critical Thinking

This is a web series by a UK artist and secular humanist (QualiaSoup) discussing critical thinking, science, philosophy and the natural world.

In the video he looks at some of the flawed thinking that prompts people who believe in certain non-scientific concepts to challenge others into proving them wrong.

He discusses the following: Makers of supernatural claims have an inescapable burden of proof. When someone makes a factual claim, the obligation lies with them to support their claim. It’s not the obligation of the skeptic to prove the claim false.

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7 thoughts on “Atheism and Critical Thinking

  1. I cannot take the time to listen to this, though I hope others will. I am Buddhist and I have no need to prove anything to anyone. They either have a sense of the Sacred and Life or they do not and I cannot persuade them to feel from deep in the heart rather than think with the head.


  2. I have my Yale students read the old classic THE GREEKS AND THE IRRATIONAL by E. R. Dodds.
    Since Descartes, the push toward the rational has led to a lock down in my field of Art History where critical theory rules. We have a discourse void of heart, soul, and any notion of the numinous. As a Catholic intellectual who dared to use words like transcendence, I lost my job at Barnard as did the other Catholic art historian, The Marxist, Freudian intellectuals want no other points of view.


  3. The Old Testament stories and the copying from the mythologies of the surrounding cultures by the “priests and scribes” of poor old Hezekiah and his grandson Josiah, were written up. During that time the “priests and scribes” decided that they must force the people to worship only one god and his name (their tribal god or perhaps a minor god of ancient Egypt) called Yahweh. Yahweh had a wife at the time, or a consort called Asherah. She was their equivalent of Astart or the Goddess. The “priests” took her, smashed her, broke her in pieces, burnt her and ground her fine to powder and threw her in the River Hebron.”

    That seems to be the time that the disrespect for Nature started. It seems to me to be to do with the beginning of the domination of the Thinking Function of Mind at the expense of the Feeling Function of Mind – and we have that culminating now.

    Socrates bear the same time declared that myth was nonsense and he loved what he called thought of as logic so much that he also oppressed the Goddess – or the feminine Nature .

    He was a homosexual so he was sick and did not realise what he was doing.

    It seems that we actually now at the point when the Yin and Yang are so out of balance that Kali (Mother Nature in her wrathful form) will set about restoring that balance.

    God help us all. The Gulf Stream has stopped and Fukushima is casting radiation to the four corners – and they are creating babies with three genetic parents – and we are ruled by machines, the product of the Thinking mind.

    And the women have been masculinised, The fe-manists are further and further from being feminine!

    Holy men in India are making ceremonies to pray that Life on this Earth continues!


    • The Old Testament stories and the copying from the mythologies of the surrounding cultures by the Hebrew scribes, was definitely the beginning of centuries of concealed truth.
      Due to their ignorance and their infringement on other cultures’ literature and mythology, we still today can’t draw a distinctive line between myth and history in this wonder book of the Israelites, aka “Old Testament” …
      BTW, this will be the topic of my next post.


  4. There are so many claims made today by politicians, CEO’s, Bankers, Religious leaders etc who do not carry the burden of proof. In the US there are Rebublicans advocating banning critical thinkig in schools. This post is very timely and extremely important because there are many powerful people trying to turn back the clock to the dark ages.
    People who feel the need for religion or a spirituality I have no problem with if it gives them comfort, it is a private matter. Society needs to be run on secular principles. Too many powerful individuals use religion for dark reasons to control the population for their own ends.
    Tolerance of religion is OK but only in the private sphere.
    This is a brilliant post..


    • I couldn’t agree more Jean.
      We certainly don’t have to apply any critical thinking/Judgment to any scripture, as long as their advocates and followers acknowledge it as some supernatural/metaphysical entity.
      But, unfortunately the problem lies in the clergy’s endeveaour to market and sell their cult as some logical- based on fact- structure.


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