MASR: the power of the image

As I grew up, I was always intrigued by the power of the image to convey different ideas and emotions.

I always believed that a picture could speak thousands of words.

‘Masr’, Egypt in Arabic, is a short video, Javier Morgade has done with some shots of people and places he met in Egypt while he was there in December 2009.

Now, as an Egyptian, I’m somehow very familiar with the places and may be the kind of people/faces he managed to capture on camera, but only eyes that got talent, like of Morgade’s, could elicit the beauty out of such challenging locations and people, otherwise, they wouldn’t catch our sight as so revealing or beautiful.

3 thoughts on “MASR: the power of the image

  1. They are beautifully striking images of life as is, no plastic crap; like the Sphinx immovable and immortal… striking natural looks in the eyes, in the palm of we all are. Good photographic images , peaceful and serene and blessed with Egypt’s might and soul ..fresh, clean, refreshing.

    No, there is no helplessness or despair that I recognize,,they are authentic, true to the moment and strong.

    Nabil, texas..san marcos


  2. Different people from all walks of life was a joy to watch but hopelessness and despair could be seen on some proud faces as well.


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