“Dance, dance …otherwise, we are lost” Pina Bausch


It all started- my awareness of the beauty of dance, I mean- when I was around 13.

“Give me an example of an artistic form of expression?” asked our Arabic language teacher, who used to brag about being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, while examining the seemingly clueless eyes of my classmates. I enthusiastically raised my hand, stood up … and unhesitantly replied “Ballet”.

–          “Ballet you said?” asked the teacher

–          “Yes sir” I confirmed

–          Oh, surely you don’t mean those women dancing half naked on the stage.

–          Women and men sir, and they aren’t naked.

–          Come on now, we all should know better than to appreciate this repulsive display of decadence in the name of art.

–          But it is beautiful sir, I mean …

–          Stop it now kid. Ballet is no art and there is absolutely nothing beautiful about it …Period. Do you understand? … Class dismissed.

The class was over and so was the authoritarian discussion but throughout the long years that followed never have I forgotten this psychological trauma.

The only good that came out of this class is that I realized we shouldn’t believe everything we are taught in school.  

Another good thing is that I kept loving ballet as one of the finest and most abstract form of artistic expression.

You don’t have to speak Russian to appreciate the Bolshoi Ballet and indeed you’re in no need for words when you watch the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch.

 Words are the enemy in Wim Wenders’s mysterious, submersive and captivating 3D tribute to German dance pioneer Pina Bausch, who died in 2009 just as Wenders, the director of ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ and ‘Wings of Desire’, was beginning to make this film.

 PINA is a feature-length dance film in 3D with the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, featuring the unique and inspiring art of the great German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in the summer of 2009.

PINA is directed by Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club, Wings of Desire), who was a long-standing friend of Pina’s.

Wenders takes the audience on a sensual, visually stunning journey of discovery into a new dimension: straight onto the stage with the legendary ensemble and follows the dancers out of the theatre into the city and the surrounding areas of Wuppertal – the place, which for 35 years was the home of Pina Bausch’s creativity.

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