Time to Attack Iran

The council on foreign relations, one of the think tanks seen as a major contributor to the forecasting of the White House foreign policies, has lately published an opinion piece that says “Time to attack Iran”. In the piece the council downplays the fears of many skeptics who envision the perilous consequences of an attack on Iran tantamount to a WWIII scenario, and therefore refuse to subscribe to a preemptive strike of its nuclear facilities.

But CFR refers to the skeptics’ attitude as a faulty assumption and concludes in the article “The truth is that a military strike intended to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, if managed carefully, could spare the region and the world a very real threat and dramatically improve the long-term national security of the United States”

 … But the council’s article lacked a great deal of transparency and impartiality when it intentionally failed to mention that striking Iran would only protect and serve Israel’s interests and not the United States’ nor the region’s.


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