Egypt’s Activists Bid Farewell to the Revolution

“Anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation.”

 Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

“I believe our revolution is being hijacked” commented one of the Tahrir protesters “The army and the people is one hand” chanted the thousands of protesters in the iconic Tahrir square … Soldiers have stormed an anti-government protest camp in Cairo …Mubarak says he will not run for another term as president … violent clashes have killed at least Nine people and injured more than 350 others- and still counting …Tahrir square is packed with millions of Egyptians …

Tahrir square saga

…  Protesters set cars alight and threw stones at military police in the Egyptian capital …what inspiring scenes we are getting here from Tahrir square … a wounded activist said that he had been arrested and beaten by soldiers at a sit-in near the parliamentary building earlier… the United States calls for a peaceful transition of power in Egypt … the military attacked protesters who have been camping outside the Cabinet headquarters in Cairo for the past three weeks, protesting against the appointment of Dr. Kamal Ganzoury, who served for long years under Mubarak, as Egypt new prime minister … Mubarak has stepped down after 18 days of huge protests … The troops responded by firing shots in the air and using water cannon, before throwing stones back at the protesters from the roof of the nearby parliament building … Egypt military council pledges to protect the revolution and hand over power to a civilian government in six months

Egypt military abducting dissidents who had to be dragged out of Tahrir sqaure

…This sit-in has been going on for weeks in protest against the military…Two churches set on fire and 27 killed by the military violent crackdown on thousands of protesters in Maspero, downtown Cairo… PM in press conference denies army attacked Egypt’s Occupy Cabinet … Sounds of gunfire can be heard near the cabinet building. Protesters retreated. Some are falling from rubber bullet injuries. Men on motorcycles are rushing to carry the wounded to field hospitals

Activists chased out of Tahrir square

it is happening in Israel. Italy, Spain, Yemen and the United States, it is World Wide Tahrir Square movement now … Protesters in Qasr al-Aini Street chant, “kill Khaled and kill Mina, each of your bullets make us stronger.” They refer to Khaled Saeed, who was tortured to death by policemen last year …Egypt elections results show Islamists are winning… Egypt government will keep its promise not to use violence against protesters …  Egypt’s ruling generals appear confident that Islamist parties who swept recent elections will stay out of the fight while other pro-democracy protesters become increasingly isolated.… Egypt’s Military Police sets Tahrir Square ablaze and forcefully pushes away protesters demonstrating outside the Cabinet on the first anniversary of the Arab spring …Egypt’s Prime Minister says fighting since Friday between protesters and soldiers is an attack on the country’s revolution

The army used live ammunition to disperse Tahrir protesters … Egypt PM described the demonstrators in front of Cabinet as “not the revolution’s youth.”

Tahrir square on fire

“restoring lost dignity and total regime change is what this revolution is all about” a political activist said…Minutes later, a full offensive was waged on the protesters, pushing them away from the cabinet and clearing and burning Tahrir Square …Israel eyeing reoccupaion of Sinai … a massacre is taking place in Tahrir square right now …a deal has been struck between the Muslim brothers and the military council behind closed doors … Groups of soldiers roaming square, Some people getting beaten randomly … Tents burning … Tahrir looks like a war zone … “we lost the square” one activist tweeted… president Mubarak is due to make a speech any minute now.

A revolution hijacked and raped

2 thoughts on “Egypt’s Activists Bid Farewell to the Revolution

  1. Let’s see now. Between Israeli cowards (IDF) and Egyptian traitots, how much money does the US spend in “foreign aid? I guess I should ask “how many pieces of Silver”.


  2. OMG that looks horrid.

    The soldiers look appallingly like Israeli IDF thugs.

    I think one of the most shocking of the riot shots ever is that last one of the young woman with her body exposed. That is an indication of just how bad tthings are in a MUSLIM country when the military acts so dishonorably in public. What do they do to these young women in their torture holes?

    And the one is about to stomp on her unprotected belly?

    Dear lord…

    Doctor, this story upsets me greatly … Almost as badly as hearing that there is a move to destroy the ancient monuments of your ancient country…

    I hope you do not mind but I must post this story….


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