The OWS Will Fail – Here’s Why

In its latest videos, the stormclouds gathering’s channel argues that the current occupy movement in the United States is bound to fail for quite a few reasons that are discussed in the video.

And at the same time he doesn’t leave us disappointed and astray in some dead-end alley but he recommends a way out.

In the video he argues “The only way any movement will be able to build the momentum to actually unseat the criminals in government and finance is by building a coalition based on a platform, with both conservative and liberal Americans can agree on.

This should be a pretty simple platform and could look something like this:

1-  Take the power to coin money from the private central banks.

2- Take away the right of corporations to make political contributions.

3- End all wars of aggressions and bring the troops home”


One thought on “The OWS Will Fail – Here’s Why

  1. I agree that the OWS movement, as presently constituted, is probably doomed to “failure.” However, we should remember that the first American Revolution, the one in 1776, began in similar fashion. It took some time for the goals of the Revolution to be formulated. At first, the resistance to Great Britain revolved around taxes the British had imposed upon the Colonies in America which the colonists believed were unjust. Even after 8 Americans were shot down in the street in Boston by British troops, most Americans would have been offended if anyone had suggested that the colonies should be independent of the British government. They only wanted the British to stop oppressing them. It took several years before the colonists began to think of independence, and many more before they looked at themselves, not as British, but as Americans.

    So I think writing off the movement as a failure might be premature. At this point, no one can predict accurately the future course of events.


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