Three Americans Arrested in Occupy Tahrir Square

The latest clashes between Egyptian police and protesters in Tahrir square have been raging since last Saturday

The state television in Egypt aired pictures of three American students who, according to Egypt interior ministry sources, were arrested by the police last Monday on rioting charges.

The American students are facing accusations of participating in Cairo riots and throwing Rocks &Molotov cocktail bottles at the Egyptian police forces near Tahrir square in downtown Cairo.

The TV report didn’t mention the names of the three Americans, but the American embassy in Cairo has confirmed the news of their detention. The trio, studying at the American University in Cairo, have been named as Derrik Sweeney and Gregory Porter, both 19 years old, and Luke Gates, 21.( Watch the video of CBS news coverage interviewing their families in the United States)

It seems the three American teens sympathized with the Egyptian protesters in their latest standoff with the police forces they decided to show some support and give them a hand to occupy Tahrir square!

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7 thoughts on “Three Americans Arrested in Occupy Tahrir Square

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  2. I would like to somehow imagine that if the positions are one day reversed and the OWS expands into an American revolution (you remember, they had once once against the oppressive English and everything they fought for they flushed down the system by the year 2000), that the Egyptian students will come across to America and demonstrate and that they, in turn, will be as safe in America at that time as these students are in Tahir Square..

    My advice would be…stay out, US students. What poor old Egypt doesn’t want is any reason for the empty suited Obama and his feckless government. to raise a ruckus over there and take advantage of the situation even more so than they are doing right now with the help of the parisitic Israelis.

    It is bad enough or good enough, depending on your point of view, right now. The last thing they need is the corruption and destabilisation that is the hallmark of the US in 2011.


    • You are right of course. However, it may already be too late because reports received state that the Israelis are already in the capital weaving their evil deeds, as only they can with the total approval of the US. It is called diplomacy these days and they are even better at it than Obama’s private army, the CIA, a loose, dangerous canon in any country

      Don’t be surprised. This climate is tailor-made for the likes of the Israelis and the CIA. They thrive on it every day all around the world.


  3. Well, as soon as everyone gathers around the pyramids and await the return of the mothership, those whom believe in the Zen-ism of world fiance will be transported back…back to the Great Depression. Unless, by some miracle of the gods, the Mayan Calendar proves correct. Then we’ll just be transported to Mexico for some enlightenment…brought on by marijuana, heroin, hash, opium…you name it.

    Free your mind! Lol!


  4. These kids actually got caught on cellphone videos throwing molotov bomb at the Egyptian
    police on the side streets of Cairo & they had student cards only & no passports ???
    They don’t study anything in Egypt and no passports to show how they enter the country !
    But it’s very ckear that came through the Egyptian Israeli American standard
    they’re and without a doubt terrorist & they should be trated that way .


  5. These guys had no business being in Egypt under the current circumstances. This conflict is between the Egyptian people and their government. Everybody else, butt out! Because of their youth, I hope the government doesn’t shoot them as terrorists (which they could), and instead just throws them in jail. Some time in an Egyptian jail ought to sober them up, real fast!


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