OWS To Send Delegation to Egypt

On Nov. 11, the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly agreed to send a delegation of twenty members to Egypt to participate in monitoring, in a symbolic way, the first post-Mubarak parliamentary election due to take place on November 28th.

Lately, a group of Egyptian activists have visited OWS in a show of solidarity to the movement which a lot of the participating American youths envision as a revolution in the making.

In a meeting of the think tank at OWS on Nov.12, the group discussed who will be sent to Egypt by the end of the month.

One thought on “OWS To Send Delegation to Egypt

  1. Well, I wish them well. What else can I say? Now, I’m convinced that the Western powers intend to start World War III. Can the “Worldwide Revolutionary Movement” stop it? I don’t think they can. I’ve written before on this site on the more than 100 internment camps (FEMA camps) that have been built here in the United States over the last 20 years and more, which can house tens of millions of people. Similar internment camps, all fully staffed and capable of housing prisoners, have been built all over Europe. I think the demonic Western powers are fully intending to imprison all their dissidents in these camps and to exterminate them, if they think they can get away with it. Why wouldn’t they? Stalin did the same before and during World War II. Estimates are that Stalin’s regime murdered 60 MILLION Russians!


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