Egyptians Warn of Strike Over Military Junta

Prominent Egyptian activists have threatened to call for a general strike, should Egypt’s ruling junta fail to transfer power to a democratically-elected government, Press TV reports.


Egyptian activists from the left, Hossamel-Hamalawy, Mohannad, Lilian Wagdy, Gigi Ibrahim and Sarrah.

At a conference in the Egyptian capital city, Cairo, various prominent revolutionary activists called for an end to military rule and denounced the repressive apparatuses redoubled by the military council since it came to power after the ouster of former dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The activists warned that their campaign against the ruling junta will not be restricted to mass protests in Cairo’s iconic Liberation (Tahrir) Square, and they might escalate their movement to a general strike.

“The Supreme Council and the armed forces will not be overthrown by just a mass protest in Tahrir. It will fall by a general strike and what we are doing in Tahrir is only helping the efforts to mobilize the Egyptian people further, once they are closer to the general strike,” said revolutionary activist Hossam el-Hamalawy.

“The supreme Council is part of the old regime … These generals are Mubarak’s generals and they are trying to roll the time back to what it was prior to the revolution. We are here to assert our public’s position that this revolution will continue,” he added.

The activists warned that the junta’s presence in power threatens the road to democracy and the principles of Egypt’s revolution.

“The military council came for a very limited period of time, for transition to the kind of Egypt that the revolution [was aimed for,]” said Hany Shukrallah chief editor of al-Ahram Online.

Egyptian protesters have been rallying since the February 11 revolution, calling on the military council to hand over power to a civilian government.

Egypt is still ruled by a junta ten months after the ouster of the US-backed Mubarak regime.

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One thought on “Egyptians Warn of Strike Over Military Junta

  1. I wish the OWS protesters could enforce a general strike! That’s what we need here in the U.S.! Our population is too brainwashed to do it, though, at least right now. Public support for the movement is just not there yet, In the U.S. Once people are shot down by the cops, or soldiers, in our streets, though, which I think is coming soon, there will be far more sympathy for a general strike. I don’t know where things are headed. I don’t think anyone can predict it, yet. There will be a declaration of Martial Law here, I’m certain. After that, all hell may break loose in the United States.


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