Egypt Closes pyramid Over 11/11/11 Suspected Masonic Rituals

Egypt’s antiquities authority closed the largest of the Giza pyramids Friday following rumors that groups would try to hold suspected spiritual rituals on the site at 11:11 am on 11 November, 2011.

The authority’s head Mustafa Amin said in a statement Friday that the pyramid of Khufu, also known as Cheops, would be closed to visitors until Saturday morning for “necessary maintenance.”

The closure follows a deluge of unconfirmed reports in local media that unidentified groups would try to hold “Jewish” or “Masonic” rites on the site to take advantage of mysterious powers – many like to believe – will be emanating from the pyramid on the rare date.

Amin called all reports of planned ceremonies at the site “completely lacking in truth.”

The complex’s director, Ali al-Asfar, said Friday that an Egyptian company requested permission last month to hold an event called “hug the pyramid,” in which 120 people would join hands around the ancient burial structure.

The authority declined the request a week ago, Asfar said, but that did not stop concerned Egyptians from launching internet campaigns to prevent the event from taking place.

“It has been a big cause now on Facebook and Twitter for many people to write about,” Asfar said.

Passageway to king Khufu's burial chamber, one of the mysteries of the great pyramid.

Freemasonry is a totally strange and obscure subject to most Egyptians but when linked to the Jews it, all of a sudden, attains a whole new definition splashed with sharp shades of a long history of fierce wars and cold peace.   

The closure was unrelated to the rumors, he said, adding that the pyramid needed maintenance after the large number of visitors during the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday last week.

The rest of the complex, which includes two other large pyramids, numerous tombs and the Sphinx, remained open Friday, though security appeared to be heavier than usual.

The pyramid of khufu, the only site of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still exists and defies time, is a continuing source of contemplation, spiritual wonder and spontaneous awe.

Sources: Al Masry Alyoum & Youm7

5 thoughts on “Egypt Closes pyramid Over 11/11/11 Suspected Masonic Rituals

  1. Colonel Mosby your comments are worthless, pointless and the historical content for your ideas have no ground whatsoever, SF wannabe researcher


  2. One will always wonder, Colonel Mosby, just how much ancient wisdom and lore was lost when the Alexandrian lobbies were burned by accident or design by the Romans. It is said that the scrolls lost or stolen contained wisdom and stories which dated back to civilizations now lost from memory. Cleopatra was not the frivolous woman painted throughout history and she wept greatly for this loss to mankind.

    My first thought upon reading the above is that it might have been closed to ensure privacy for those who might wish to meet there for their occult practices. After all, these people move in the very highest of social circles and do have the power to do just such a thing.


    1. I hadn’t thought of that, Noor, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. The “people” who rule this world are Satanists who are heavily devoted to numerology and observing the dates and seasons, so that their Satanic sacrifices will have the greatest evil effect on the world and on human consciousness. It could be that such elite Satanists, perhaps even some from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, were involved. The elite Satanists are probably wearing out their sacrificial knives now. What is happening now in the world, I am convinced, is Cosmic Evil’s bid for “all the marbles.” This is the Endgame for them. I am sure that they, and their Master, will lose, but their pride, and their hatred of God and humanity, will not allow them to back down.

      Such ceremonies are going on all the time, now. When the U.S. Army had secured the whole country of Iraq in 2003, a Russian surveillance satellite recorded a strange scene. One night, the entire site of ancient Babylon was cordoned off and military personnel bearing torches converged on one of the ancient ruins there. At a signal, a huge stone sarcophagus, measuring some thirty feet long, was retrieved from an underground crypt. A bizarre ceremony followed. When it was over, the sarcophagus was loaded upon a semi truck, and driven to a makeshift airstrip, where it was loaded aboard a cargo plane and flown out of the country. What, or who, was in that sarcophagus?

      The great Library at Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, probably held vast amounts of knowledge not only from lost earthly civilizations, but even from extraterrestrial ones! The evidence I have seen suggests that there have been many advanced civilizations on Earth, some started by extraterrestrials and others by indigenous humans who had help from extraterrestrials. The evidence for all these civilizations still exists all over the world, but it has been either hidden or intentionally misinterpreted by “science,” which is designed to enforce a very limited view of human experience and potential on humanity. All the ancient legends, from all over the world, speak of a time in the distant past when the ancient “gods” had a close relationship with humankind, and freely shared their knowledge with us. I no longer have any doubt that these “gods” were beings from elsewhere in the Universe, or even other Universes. I’m also sure that these “gods” are returning. I think they are on their way, and are now very close. When they do return, the evil beings who rule this world will be finished! According to the ancient Maya of Mexico, on December 21st, 2012, the “thirteen and nine” gods will return to Earth, defeat evil once and for all, and bring about a new Golden Age on Earth. Perhaps it will happen. If the “thirteen and nine” really defeat evil, I’ll be all for them!


  3. “Masonic’ and “Jewish” rituals? Freemasonry is Kabbalistic, Satanic Judaism! I’m glad there was a groundswell of Egyptian resistance to allowing these travesties. Kabbalistic Satanism is the foundation, also, of the Muslim Brotherhood, operated out of the Satanic City of London through MI6 (Military Intelligence 6).

    I had to laugh, also, when this article referred to one of the Pyramids (presumably the Great Pyramid) as an “ancient burial structure.” There is not a shred of evidence that has ever been produced indicating that any of the Pyramids of Giza were TOMBS. NOT A SHRED! There is likewise no evidence that even the “sarcophagus” in the “King’s Chamber” in the Great Pyramid was ever used to inter a corpse! All of the conjectures of “egyptologists” about the Pyramids are just that, conjectures! My own view, along with that of many “alternative researchers.” is that the Pyramids of Giza are artifacts of a very high technology, far higher than the scientific technology of today. I, along with many of these researchers, believe that, first. Ancient Egyptian civilization dates back, not to 5,000 years ago, which is the view of most conventional egyptologists, but to 40,000 YEARS AGO, that is, to a time when conventional archaology asserts that NO CIVILIZATION existed on Earth! (the Vedas of ancient India claim a similar date for the first great Indian civilization.) Second, that ancient Egypt, even in those remote times, had access to technologies that were far beyond our technology today, comprising technologies involving anti-gravity flight; quantum materialization and travel; weather modification; advanced stone-quarrying techniques such as cutting, transport and positioning of enormous stones without enormous cranes; sophisticated energy generation, transmission and storage; and interstellar communication and travel. For example, new evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians (before the “Old Kingdom”) understood and could explain why matter can behave differently when it is observed than when it is not observed, a discovery of modern quantum physics that we still do not understand!


  4. All this would be interesting if in fact mysterious powers emanating from the pyramid on this rare date where true. But there is no such power, so life goes on.


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