PRESS TV Interview: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on Targeting Iran

“The problem lies not in this chain of US-NATO-Israel command but it lies in the chain of obedience by the people”


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat a columnist at Veterans Today says the world is breaking loose from the ‘chain of obedience’ that he believes is the source of world problems.

“The problem lies not in this chain of American-NATO-Israel command but it lies in the chain of obedience by the people” Ezzat told Press TV’s U.S. Desk in an interview on Tuesday.

“The US-Israel- NATO military coalition is again lying to the world … but this time they are lying about Iran. The problem here lies in people buying that lie one more time after what happened in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan and Libya.

“The horrendous problem this time is that our silence to this political and military obscenity will eventually lead us to a nuclear disaster and an ugly scenario of WWIII.”

“As we all can see, the world is breaking loose of that chain of obedience. People are gaining control now and a new world order is emerging with new powers and new rules … especially in the Middle East. So this Israeli bluff to hit Iran may be the last political stunt,” he concluded.

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4 thoughts on “PRESS TV Interview: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on Targeting Iran

  1. Hello Dr Ezzat.

    I hope you are keeping well. I just watched your Press TV Interview it was exceptionally good and exactly correct.

    Coincidently; I wrote a post about Iran on my Blog this afternoon, which touched upon very similar aspects; although I am afraid my writing style will never match your own articulate and distinguished skills. I do hope you don’t think I plagerised you in any way; it appears we think along the same lines on certain subjects.

    I am genuinely honoured that you have decided to follow my blog; thank you.



  2. I do agrre with the coments and points on the simple facts and its been repted to bordom, but stil adecvat.the MSM.
    Their corruption so blatandt and so “stupid” but the consern is that the USA/NATO dont give a shitt.
    Its take it or leave it, we dont give a fu..
    We do it anyway we will and deem necesery.

    The Serbian war was a stange on, where the propaganda pimped by the western MSM is seen as comon knowledge and the Truth.
    People are genuinly shocked when I presented them with the thruth about the USA/NATO PRwar and the birth of Televised and embeddness, all directed to demonise and to make the Europeans to realy hate the Serbs.
    Serbs have becomed synonymiously conected to Nazi regimes and Consentration Camps.

    And the propaganda and lies where massive.

    PS: the progres in this “humanitarian intervention” pimping and real time war propaganda, can be watched “live” on Al Jazeeras Bloggs.
    Rightnow its the same, that was builded up against Libya, is pimped against Syria.
    And look closly and you will see that the same “humanistas” dont give a shitt about Yemens and Bahrainians, a.s.o.


  3. Hey Hey.

    Why are you forgetting Serbia.
    The worst of the worst – the most unjustified war of all.
    Thats why the determined amnesia of so many who bought the lies of the great neo con/neo lib war machine against ‘oppression’.
    You didn’t like Libya?
    Well Serbia was the blue print. Unfortunately for the Serbs they didn’t have the internet of today so their voice was successfully silenced by the media propaganda service.
    NATO even went to the lehgth of bombing their only TV station killing nearly 20 of their civilan staff.
    The CIA/MI6 in collusion with Bin Laden himself (Yeh real not the phony) created yet another islamic terror group the KLA. Let it loose against the christian Serbs and then bombed them back to the stoneage (Gen Wesley ‘WACO’ Clark) when the fought back against islamic terror.
    Like Libya you are not allowed to fight back against CIA/MI6 sponsored and funded islamic terror.
    If more good men – and women – had spoken out against the completely illegal attacks on the Serbs and Bosnian Serbs in the name of islamic fundamentalists. If they had spoken out against the mass bombing of the completely defenceless Serbs for 78 days and nights and the ethnic cleansing of over half a million of them from their own lands – ALL BASED ON THE LIES we now know are always told – if people had stood up for the right of a free people to resist NATO barbarity – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and maybe Iran wouldn’t be history.
    Serbia showed them they could fool the people and get away with mass murder – which they didi.


  4. Bravo, Dr. Ezzat! Your interview (essentially, it was a speech) was excellent! I’m sure all people of good will in this world hope you are right about Israel NOT attacking Iran, and similarly, that Israel’s lap dog, the United States, doesn’t either! No one hopes that more than I do. Did you hear that Sarkozy and Obama were “accidentally” recorded at a public meeting criticizing Netanyahu? Sarkozy told Obama, “I can’t listen to him (Netanyahu) anymore. He’s a liar.” Obama responded, “I have to listen to him much more often than you do.” Of course, this recording wasn’t an “accident” at all. Such things never are. Could it have been a public attempt to both discredit Netanyahu and to build public support for defying Israel; to further isolate Israel from the international “community” so as to avoid a disastrous war? It appears that cracks are starting to show in the facade of unanimity in “defending Israel” regarding Iran!

    But the question remains, if NATO and U.S. support for an attack on Iran is evaporating, is Israel crazy enough to attack on its own, hoping to drag its recalcitrant allies along? I don’t know. Madmen have started wars before. It might happen again. Israel has talked up an attack so much in the world press that it will make the state look foolish if it backs down now. Of course, logical, reasonable men would endure making their country look foolish in order to avoid such a disastrous attack, as everyone knows it would be. What worries me is the fact that Israel, particularly the fanatical Likudist government, ISN’T logical and reasonable! If Israel attacks, it would be practically impossible for the United States to avoid getting involved.

    In a strange way, this situation is reminiscent of that preceding World War I in Europe, as I think you have pointed out. None of the powers that ended up fighting that war wanted to fight it, but they were drawn into it, almost against their will. However, if you are right about the world’s people changing the way international relations are conducted by “breaking the chain of obedience,” perhaps the world’s people, themselves, will pull humanity back from the brink of Armageddon. I think that depends, though, on how much of a threat to their power the world’s corrupted and evil “leaders” PERCEIVE in the people’s disobedience! These leaders are used to discounting their people’s wishes in everything. As Hermann Goering, Hitler’s second in command at the end of WWII once cynically observed, “…the people can always be dragged along [to do the bidding of their leaders]. All you have to do is tell them the country is being attacked and denounce the peacemakers as exposing the country to danger. … It works the same way in any country.” If the world’s leaders don’t perceive the awakening people as enough of a threat to their power, they will not alter their usual mode of operating, and the world may well be brought to the point of annihilation.


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