Syria’s Unreported Bravery and Horror

“All hell could break loose anytime in Syria” That is one statement President Bashaar al-Assad made that I can’t undermine nor challenge.

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Syrian president, Bashaar al-Assad

Though Syria has caught the last train to the Arab spring, and despite the ambiguity regarding who set this popular upheaval off, and how all that killing started in the first place there was something at the back of my mind that told me the Syrian uprising was going to be the ugliest and the bloodiest of all the undergoing Arabs’ historical revolutions. Historical revolutions they are, but whether they will succeed to make history that is yet to be seen.

The Syrian situation is far from simple; as a country virtually replete with all sorts of sectarian prejudices, potential military conflicts, religious denominational differences, Israeli-Arab hot friction points, and political ambitions for foreign powers Syria could very well play the catalyst role Poland played in the Second World War once the wrong move has been taken.

All hell could break loose anytime in Syria. That is one statement president Bashaar Al-Assad made that I can’t undermine nor challenge.

We have all possible scenarios and major players ready to be dragged into this Syrian drama; we’ve got the ayatollahs of Iran trying to breathe life into the Assad’s regime, the Saudis delegitimizing the Alawite/Shiite rule of the Assad’s clan, we have the Americans eyeing the reactions of the Chinese/Russian evolving alliance while keeping in mind the security of Israel, we have the Turks in their dilemma between securing the borders with Syria and anticipating a Kurdish aspiration to join the Arab spring and we have the Israelis hoping to play the wild card that will rid them of the perpetuating headache of Hezbollah and Hamas and eventually Iran with a little help of their friends at the white House.

But while political analysts, strategic think tanks as well as the regional and international powers are counting the cost of resolving this Syrian impasse, few are those who bothered to integrate the power of the Syrian people as one of the decisive factors to reckon with in these unprecedented convulsions of civil unrest.

And while all the scenarios imagined for the Syrian predicament are shrouded in ambivalence and highly unpredictable, the struggle of the Syrian people that has been irrevocably triggered by the vicious bloodshed- a non-negotiable case in an honor society like Syria- is certainly bound to go the whole way through no matter what.

And as the Assad’s regime has banned all foreign media in Syria since the uprising took off, the whole world relied on YouTube videos uploaded by anti-Assad protesters and posts published by Syrian activists- mostly reporting from neighboring countries like Lebanon and Turkey- to get updated on the news of the Assad’s brutal crackdown on protests and activists.

Britain’s Channel 4 News’s Ramita Navai hiding in the safe place in Syria

These reports are a reminder of the amazing courage of not only those who take to the streets to denounce the regime, but also those who record the videos and upload them to the Internet for the rest of the country, and the world, to see.

Lately, Britain’s Channel 4 News’s Ramita Navai and director Wael Dabbous went undercover in Syria to report on the anti-Assad uprising.

One of the few teams to avoid the ban on foreign media operating without official permission, they meet the protestors and the victims of the bloody crackdown, and visit the clandestine hospitals set up in private homes by doctors who risk torture or death for treating the injured.

Navi&Dabbous managed not only to convey the horror of one of the most ghastly episodes of a repressive regime but also the courage of the underground resistance of the unarmed and almost forsaken by the world Syrian opposition. 

In two weeks, Navi and Dabbous have recorded enough footage for a tremendously daring report, worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, that managed to display yet another chapter of human bravery in both confronting tyranny and recording it at the same time.
You can watch the report here:


7 thoughts on “Syria’s Unreported Bravery and Horror

  1. I don’t think it is ALWAYS inevitable that the “super powers” of the world will always rule us. At least, I find it impossible not to hope that that is the case. One cannot, ultimately, live without hope. But I’m convinced that the “Occupy” movement was thought up and kicked off by some of those forces. Now, perhaps we can “hijack” the movement they created and make it a true agent of change! Perhaps, if we refuse to engage in violence, as I think “they” are trying to make us do (I think that is why Scott was wounded.), if we stay focused on bringing the “banksters” to justice, and breaking their power over us in whatever peaceful way we can, and if we can see to it that the Fed is dismantled and audited, and make sure that the power to print money is returned to Congress, where it was placed by the Constitution and where it belongs, then I think we can effect real change.

    But I’m afraid some of us must be prepared to die in this effort. The “powers” will use greater and greater force against us, until they start killing us. Then, if we haven’t resorted to violence ourselves, if we stay the course no matter what they throw at us, the tide of public opinion will swing massively in our favor, and we will see a level of civil disobedience and peaceful resistance that has never been seen in this country before. “They” want us to become violent, so they can use the massive force they have against us to destroy us. If we refuse to do what they want, to play their game, we, and the world, might have a chance at breaking free of them. Of course, be prepared for “them” to put agents provocateurs among us to make us “appear” to be violent, and be prepared for the lying national media to beat the drums of “something has to be done about these protesters.” We have to be prepared for all of that, and still to patiently continue to press our case peacefully, no matter what happens.


    1. Colonel Mosby I hope your above sentiments and ideas are passed onto many, many people. Peaceful resistance and protest are the only way to go forward. It will take a great deal of focus and determination by lots of people all over the world.
      I hope I live long enough to see some real positive change in the world.


      1. It’s easy to TALK about peaceful resistance, but it isn’t easy to DO it, especially under the current circumstances! Even the most peaceful, placid dog, if one continues to hit it it and kick it, will eventually fight back. What would you, or I, or anyone, do, for instance, if you were marching peacefully, or standing peacefully, and the cops approached someone close to you and started beating the **** out of them? Would you just stand there and watch, or would you attack those cops and try to prevent them from seriously injuring or killing someone? Most people would attack the cops! This is what the “government” is counting on. They think that if they just keep pushing us, pushing, pushing, beating, beating us, that eventually we’ll snap and start fighting back. If Americans were all HIndus with a strong tradition of meditative non-violence, like Mohandas Ghandi and his followers, we might count on being able to bear up under even the strongest, most violent abuse, but we’re not! Americans are RAISED on violence! We ingest it with our mother’s milk!

        All we can reasonably hope for, I think, is to hold out without fighting back long enough for the tide of public opinion to turn in our favor and against the government.


  2. Colonel Mosby I sincerely hope you are wrong about the events unfolding in the U.S. and Europe. Perhaps it’s naive of me to say I consider I belong to the 99% and believe the protests are the best thing I’ve seen for a long time in the West.
    I realise there is much going on uinderneath the surface of what is reported in main stream media and International politics are very murky and complex but I live in hope that ordinary people everywhere can demand justice and peace, and win, eventually.
    One question I will ask is it always inevitable some super power or another, banks, multi national companies will dominate the world and make ordinary people’s lives unbearable?


  3. sand49J, I, unfortunately, CAN imagine living in a situation like that depicted in the film, and I think that events in the United States and Europe, especially, are heading in that direction.


  4. I can’t imagine living in a situation like this. People have the right to demonstrate against injustice and shouldn’t be hunted down like criminals.
    Surely it’s not too much to ask to be able to live in your own country where people are able to live in peace with dignity. There must be some very serious problems with the integrity of a government which thinks raiding houses, hospitals, killing patients in their beds and arresting doctors is going to stop its citizens from protesting. Once an army of a country fires on its own people its all over for the existing rulers…people will never forget such acts…


  5. I don’t doubt the sincerity and bravery of activists and journalists caught up in the turmoil in Syria, but it is quite evident that the al-Assad government is facing much more than a domestic yearning for freedom and a home-grown insurgency. There is ample evidence that U.S. and NATO preparations for the “revolution” in Syria have been in train since before the “Arab Spring” began, and that U.S. and NATO Special Forces are now operating in Syria, and have been for many months. There is little doubt that this U.S,/NATO effort is intended to bring about “regime change” in Syria, destroy Hisbullah in order to benefit Israel, and prepare for the broader assault against Iran, and later Russia and China. “Regime change” in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria are all moves on this chessboard intended to capture the “kings” of Russia and China. The imperialist madmen (and women) of Europe and the United States are “going for broke.” They intend to take on both Russia and China in a bid for world dominion and control, and they will almost certainly fail, but not before involving the whole world in a thermonuclear conflagration that will probably result in their near annihilation, along with much of the world.


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